Comments by alumni president John Lennon at installation

Howell speaks of challenges

"In harmony and trust amongst ourselves we can convey to society at large our sense of commitment to the needs of future student generations, our immediate region, and the nation ass whole,..."said Dr. John M. Howell at his formal installation as chancellor on Feb. 2. He old It was challenging goal and "I pledge my wholehearted effort to this end and look forward to our forming a highly rewarding near and far future together."

The veteran academic administrator who has been associated with the University for 25 years took the oath of office before an audience of 11,00 which included Gov. lames Hunt. Jr., University of North CarolinaB. President William C. Friday, and John R. Jordan, r., chairman of the UNC Board of Governors.

It is up to universities to reaffirm the belief in the values of college education. the nation deals with tight money policies. said Chancellor Howell. We most preserve the humane values that are the hallmark of our civilization as our rapidly-changing society deals with the technological age, he continued. "For what will It profit us to encode countless messages on one minute silicon chip, if we have nothing of human value to inscribe thereon?"

The Chancellor also addressed the need for the University to effectively deal with the demographics of college-age people as the present decade indicates a decline in high school students and the 1990% can expect to bung a reversal of that trend. He

said, "The role of a chief executive officer in either period is limited to charting a general course, pointing out the hazards that are discernible from that office, and working with the University community as it marshals its vast and varied skills to devise the details of the plan of action."

He continued by pointing out some of the hazards in the years which lead to the year 2W. One of these hazards concerns the competitive and conflictive processes between elements within the overall higher education structure 01 the state. "Private and public universities are In competition for scarce financial support as well as for students, community colleges are emerging as formidable competitors .re within public higher education. When any part of this education family mod. another for finan- cial gain, the family reputation is likely to suffer," said Dr. Howell.

Gov. Hurt spoke of Chancellor Howell as a gentleman and a scholar who w dedicated to the advancement of the miss sion and well-being of the University and eastern North Carolina. ''He is loved and respected because of what he is," said the governor.

The chancellor's installation ended a two-day symposium sponsored by Phi Kappa Phi honor society on the theme."Toward the New Millennium, Challenges and Dreams." Chancellor Howell, a founder of the annual Phi Kappa Phi event, requested his installation be scheduled as part of the symposium program.

On February 4 in historic Wright 00211060m judge Gerald Arnold. '68, of the North Carolina Cour of 600000. administered in oath of office to John M. Howell, who became the eigth chief administrative of I ice, of the University, Two former leaden of the University who were present were John Met. and Leo W Jenkins, as well as Gov. James B. Hunt, the president of the UNC system, the chairman of the UNC Board of governors, and dignitaries from state government and other institutions of higher

The ECU Report
Comments by alumni president John Lennon at installation

Contrary to what I have led my family and those who work for and with me to believe. I have no supernatural ability to foresee the (mute- I would wonder if any- one can do more than make an educated speculation as to the course that education. or for that matter. any other basic institution in our society might take as we move into the new millennium.

Attempting to define the role of East Carolina University in the 21st century is difficult and it is impossible to determine the forces which will directly or Indirectly cause it to move in one direction or the other. We can, however, predict with some degree of accuracy that the fosses will be many, and they will be significant

Because of the multitude of variables which we cannot predict. we must then focus on those constants which have historically been foundations of our progress. Again, they are many, but we can isolate

in predictable factors which will help stabilize the course of this great University and cause it to attain the same name recog- nition as is now enjoyed by a select few of the most respected American universities. I interpret alumni attitudes as reflecting the belief that the destiny of this University is manifested in this type or national recognition.

feel confident In predicting that our leadership positions will be blessed with educators who are truly outstanding scholars. This Is evidenced by the man who is being formally installed here today. One cannot overestimate the importance of this factor.

I am convinced, however, that one of the most constant and stabilizing factors which will serve to undergird this University as it moves toward and into the new millen- nium, is its alumni family. ew positions in life are as permanent as that of alumni status. Leadership changes, faculty members serve for varying periods of One. students come and go and become alumni; however, once you become an alumnus

you are an alumnus forever; the title can never be shed.

As we move toward the prospects of increasing impersonalization due to the age of high technology, the alumni popula- tion will continue to provide the warmth and a sense of belonging and acceptance that one finds in the family environment. The alumni will be stalwarts of support for the University. If we can refer to students as the life's blood of the University,and faculty as its heart, we might, then, refer to the alumni as its eyes and ears, and in a sense its very sod. The alumni have evolved as a viable influence in the life of the University, and it can be reasonably predicted that alumni impact will grow steadily stronger- No group can be expected to be as caring, as concerned, and, yes, even as objective. the alumni of the University.

I pledge to you. Mr. Chancellor, and to those who might come after you, that the alumni of this University will keep con- stant vigil. We will serve to enhance your efforts whenever we are given the opportunity.

Many of us have partaken of your wisdom and been beneficiaries of your warm, understanding teaching skills. We have known you longer than any other prior to assuming the chancellorship. we trust your integrity, we respect your ability: and feel not form only comfortable but excited that you are ally assuming the leadership of our alma toter. We will be by your side — an army of 10,000 strong as you labor over the issues of each new day,as you dream,as you build, and as you and your staff insure that this great University. which we love and proudly call alma mate, move toward the new millennium serving living humanity well.

Your alumni wishes you Godspeed —

May the roads rise with you.

And the winds be always, at your back And may the Lord hold you in

the hollow of his mighty hand.

Sports Roundup

First-year head basketball coach Charlie Harrison heard all the negatives about the Pirate basketball program a could ad how it could not win in


But he didn't believe that. Now he's proven that it isn't true.

The Pirates ended Me regular season first winning season in three years at ad Carolina. But perhaps more important than the winning mark was the change inanimate and Moans style of the Pirate". season.

Stressing strong defensive play, the Pirates exhibited a never say-die attitude with hustle mike fans have seen in years al ECU basketball games. The results of the change are obvious. Freshmen Johnny Edwards paced the Pirates from start to finish, but win strong help from Charles Green, Barry Wright and Tony Robinson. Edwards. earned to be named ECAC-South rookie of the year, was the team's leading scorer and rebounder, number two in the ECAC-South in both categories and third in the nation at the last reporting of all freshman scorers In the

p. The Pirates were to enter the ECAC-South tournament in Richmond. VA, March 10-12 The winner got an automatic bid Into the NCAA championship tournament.

All-America forward Mary Denkler paced the Lady Pirate basketball team to in sixth consecutive

and season. Finishing as the second all-time scorer In ECU history, the senior led ECU in scoring and rebounding throughout the season. Injuries plagued the filth season for coach Cady Andruzzi, losing two starters midway the year. Despite that, the Lady Pirates finished 14-12 for the year.

In keeping

Cardin University baseball, last year's club, the school's 50th. gained a won-loss record of 33-13. recorded the 30th winning, season in 31 years. earned an NCAA Playoff sweeping the inaugural ECAC-South conference championship in three games, defeated in-state in North Carolina for its first NCAA playoff win in ten years, and had four players signed in the professional ranks.

No sooner than had coach Hal Baird could

say, -for the first time since 1977 we have an identifiable route for participation in the NCAA tournament-- did the third-seeded Pirates welts through Me ECAC-South tournament. But main-


at titles says Baird, looms as an even

larger challenge

"It is always more difficult to defend a championship rather than to win one,says Baird- who had led the Pirates into two NCAA playoffs Is in three years and a 90-36 record. •'We are looking forward to that challenge. Provided everyone has a good year. I don't think it is unrealistic."

Many new laces wig be seen on the sidelines for pal Carolina University football thls season, as all but two assistant coaches have changed. Art Baker, formerly Mad coach at The Citadel and Furman, is now associate head zee. and offensive coordinator. replacing Larry Beckish. who joined the Arizona flub of me 13311. as offensive coordinator.

Tom Throckmorton is the new defensive coordinator. coming from a similar position at VW. He replaces Norm Parker- who moved to Michigan State University as linebacker coach. Other additions include Res Kipps. defensive line. formerly at Clemson: Charlie Elmquist- offenses, Vine with tight ends. moved up from parttime coach at ECU, Phil Elmassian. defensive secondary, formerly with Ferrum Junior College; and Ken Matous, receiver coach, formerly with Wichita State.

The two returning staff members are Bob Sanders. outside linebackers, and John Zernhelt, offensive line.

Editor, Jan Lyons Publisher, East Carolina University

March 1983

Comments by alumni president John Lennon at installation
Article entitled "Comments by alumni president John Lennon at installation" from the front page of the March 1983 ECU Report. The page also features an article about former ECU president John M. Howell and several short articles entitled Sports roundup. The ECU Report was a publication for alumni and friends of East Carolina University. The publication was replaced by East magazine in 2002.
March 1983
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