Atlantic Christian College

Atlantic Christian College
Postcard depicting a building in Atlantic Christian College (later Barton College) in Wilson, N.C. Front of postcard printed with: "Greetings from Wilson, N.C." Note signed "Lizzi H." on front. Addressed on verso to Mrs. Sue Allbritton, Farmville, N.C. Date from postmark.
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14cm x 9cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Daniel Brubaker Mar 21 2013

Do you know who was the manufacture of the class rings during the 70's? My mother is an alumni and lost her ring years ago. I'd love to be able to get on re-produced.Thank you for the

josephat Nov 14 2012

thanks for the work that yore doing country wide we need to do reserch according to God swill that is gods blessing please i intend to anted the christian college but bu i lack admission i need assistance in order my dreams to come true ,i hope you will reply my letter via email from josephat nyarambe ,kenya

Summer Brock Nov 02 2011

Rebecca,we unfortunately do not have any contact info for Mr. Willis' family. That's why I suggested our archives to you. I probably didn't make it clear that Atlantic Christian was the name of Barton College prior to it being changed in 1991. We hold all the records from the AC days, and are very proud of our heritage. So sorry to hear of your Dad's passing.    

Rebecca M. Smith Sep 06 2011

    Summer,       Thank you so very much for your efforts to help me in search-ing for the owner of this ring. I'm sad to hear of the passing of Mr. Willis. (I just recently lost my Daddy, as well.) I know you cannot give out any information on him or his family, but is there anyway that you could contact his family and tell them about his ring? Then, if they're interested, they could get in touch with me. My email is Thank you for your kindness in assisting me.  I deeply appreciate it!                     Still Searching,                     Rebecca M. Smith  

Summer Brock Aug 03 2011

Rebecca,I do have the records, and the name I think you're trying to read is Michael M. Willis. He graduated from Atlantic Christian in 1973. Unfortunately, Mr. Willis is deceased. If your father is willing, we would love to have the ring for our archives.

Dale Sauter Jun 23 2011

Hi, As we do not have these records available, we cannot answer your question. I am sorry we could not be of further help. thanks. Dale

Rebecca M. Smith May 25 2011

My father found a class ring, several years ago. I believe he found it on the beach in Panama City, Florida. I have tried to locate the owner, but have just recently been able to figure out the name, or most of it, that's engraved on the inside of the ring. I really would like to find the owner, as my Father is elderly and nearing the end of his life. He's always longed to locate the owner, as he is a retired Baptist minister. The ring is from the Class of 1973, and the name appears to be that of Michael M. Williams. The end of the name Williams isn't real clear. Please contact me and help me locate this individual. Thank you for any assistance! I will be awaiting your answer concerning this ring from Atlantic Christian College. Rebecca M. Smith

Lyn Franks Nov 03 2009

James C Coggins was the first president of this college. He did intensive research on Abraham Lincoln and wrote a book: The Eugenics of Abraham Lincoln

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