Anesthesia mask

Anesthesia mask
During the Civil War, Confederate doctors administered chloroform by folding a towel or napkin into a cone. The chloroform was then dropped onto the cone and the cone held near the patient’s nose so that the anesthetic could be inhaled. If the doctor did not use great care, the chemical would burn the patient. The mask had to be held precisely one half inch from the face. The anesthesia mask helped prevent burning the patient’s skin. The mask could also be used for ether, a different and more expensive anesthetic. The mask is made of metal and is covered with a piece of cloth. The covered mask is placed over the patient’s nose, and the anesthetic is dropped onto the cloth. While breathing normally, the patient slips into a drug-induced sleep.
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Mario Cajar Nov 15 2014

This mask is actually a Yankauer-type mask, invented by New York City ear/nose/throat specialist Dr. Sidney Yankauer about 1904. There were a number of other inhalers used around the time of the Civil War, but the Yankauer mask shown here wasn't invented until almost 50 years later.

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