Pharmacy cabinet

Pharmacy cabinet
Tall row of wood cabinets with glass doors, elaborate cornice with symmetrical, scrolled shell motif and Victorian spindles, 2 sunburst designs at ends and elongated sunburst at center; center double doors slide over base shelf in front of 3 adjustable shelves; rope detail vertical ornament between sections; hinged single door on each side of center with 5 shelves on right, 4 shelves on left, double hinged doors at each end with adjustable shelves; Base below upper cabinets with 10 drawers along top, cup pulls for handles, 3 sets of double door compartments and one single door left of center, scrolled black metal locking handle with keyhole on each door.
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Country Doctor Museum
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Country Doctor Museum
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Richmond S. Frederick, Jr. Dec 05 2018

Ronald Sanford (Rom) RittenburyRonald Sanford (Rom) Rittenbury (1894-1956), born in Nash County, North Carolina, lived for a while and is buried in Leasburg, Caswell County, North Carolina. He was a pharmacist.In 1922, he married Leasburg's Mary Elizabeth Stanfield (1901-1979), daughter of Benjamin Elijah Stanfield (1876-1935) and Josephine Hambrick Stanfield (1869-1945). The couple had one child, Dr. Max Sanford Rittenbury, M.D. (1928-1994).In 1931, Rom Rittenbury purchased Boykin Drug Company, a drug store in Bailey, Nash County, North Carolina (east of Raleigh), where he had been employed as a pharmacist. He operated the business as Rittenbury Pharmacy for a number of years. The business apparently included the apothecary cabinet shown here.Notes: Yes, the nickname is "Rom" and not "Ron." Mary Stanfield Rittenbury served as Leasburg's postmaster 1959-1965 (after Rom's death in 1956).

Margaret Boykin Bailey Apr 26 2018

My grandmother, Neppie Renfrow Boykin, and my father, Roy Thomas Boykin, as well as other family members identified this apothecary cabinet as originally belonged to W. M. Boykin and was in W. M. Boykin's Drug Store in Bailey. His drug store was on Main Street. W. M. "Bill" Boykin was my grandfather. At one time there was a photograph on display in the Country Doctor Museum that included my grandfather, W. M. Boykin, standing with another gentleman in front of the cabinet. I do not know who the photo belonged to or what happened to it? And I do not know the exact provenance of the cabinet but again family members said it was sold with the Drug Store to Rittenbury and eventually became the property of J. B. Bartlett. Again, I have no documentation to prove the provenance of the piece. One of the apothecary bottles and a label from the Boykin Drug Store is still in the family. Boykin Drug Store was incorporated by W. M. Boykin and two others, Patterson and Liles. The corporation notice was published in the April 1912 edition of The Pharmaceutical Era.

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