Tobacco hand transplanter

Tobacco hand transplanter
Tobacco hand transplanter. These tools made transplanting tobacco easier, faster, and used less manpower. It allowed two farmers working as a team to press a hole in the furrow, insert the seedling, and add fertilizer all with one step. The museum has several single transplanters and one example of a double transplanter. The video provides a demonstration of the process and anecdotes about planting tobacco. Date approximated.
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Tobacco Farm Life Museum
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Tobacco Farm Life Museum
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John Miller Feb 19 2019

I have one of these transplanters also in very good shape.I used it back in the 60s to set out tobacco plants. We filled the round container with water and when you opened the mouth of the planter it would release a small amount of water to the plant.Lift the transplanter up with a twist and the soil would settle around the roots of the plant.

Sara Hobbs Jan 03 2013

Do you know the price of one of those? We have one we might be interested in selling.

terry mchone Feb 17 2012

i have experience using a transplanter like this as a child. my dad used one to plant vegetables like tomato plants ect. im currently looking for a new version.

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