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Greenville : the hub of eastern North Carolina

Date: 1930 | Identifier: F264.G72 G76 1930
Greenville : the hub of eastern North Carolina. Greenville, N.C. : Retail Merchants Association, 1930. 1 v. (unpaged) : ill., map ; 27 cm. more...


artist rendition of Greenville, N.C. and countryside]


Brief Facts About the Fastest Growing
City of the East

Greenville has a population of over 12,000 and has more than doubled its growth in the last few years.

Greenville is one of the best paved cities of its size in the State, having more than fifteen miles of paved streets and more than twenty miles of paved sidewalks.

Greenville has a modern, up-to-date fire department and fire alarm system, giving the city the benefit of a low insurance rate.

Greenville has fifteen fine churches, and the religious life of the city is an active one.

Greenville has aldermanic form of government, with a mayor and eight aldermen directing the city's affairs.

Greenville has four strong banking institutions, three commercial and one industrial.

Greenville is the county seat of Pitt County, which County produces and sells more bright tobacco than any in the world.

Greenville has one of the finest municipally owned power plants in the South.

Greenville has excellent transportation facilities. Two important railroads, and seven hard surfaced highways radiating in all directions.

Greenville because of its location is recognized as one of the principal distributing centers of the State.

Greenville has an attractive country club with a beautifully planned golf course.

Greenville's educational advantages has gained for it recognition as one of the principal centers of learning of the South.

Greenville's public utilities include a gas plant which is large enough to meet any commercial requirement or in serving in any other way.





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THIS book presents the high spots in the development of and general information pertaining to “Our Greenville, Yours If You Come.” It depicts the various opportunities Greenville has to offer, as well as its position industrially, agriculturally, commercially, and educationally. Greenville stands unparalled as the center of operation of the great eastern region of North Carolina.

This section of which Greenville is the hub, fortune has blessed with a pleasant year around climate, where there is no fear of storm or flood of destructive nature. It is a land of pleasant life and friendly custom where the spirit of progressiveness has no waning.

Greenville and Pitt County with a population of 60,000 people offers numerous advantages, a majority of which have to be experienced to be appreciated.


four photograph collage of the Greenville public school system]

THE public school system is represented in a large number of units located in different parts of the city, all of which are convenient to serve their respective patrons, where the lives of the children are not endangered by them being forced to enter into the busy thoroughfares of the business districts.


THE educational advantages of Greenville, equalled by only a few cities even with a much larger population has developed into one of its greatest assets. Its principal institution of learning is the East Carolina Teachers College, which site and equipment is valued at close to four million dollars, and is conceded to be one of the leading educational institutions of its kind of any state. The college was established for the training of young women to equip themselves to become teachers. Each year hundreds are denied admission, because of inadequate dormitory accommodations.

In the public school system of the city there are seven large buildings, modern in structure. These units are so located to better accommodate the patrons of the various districts, which makes it necessary for only a small per cent of the younger students to have to travel through any of the business districts of the city. The Greenville system is rated by the State Educational Department as A-1, which rank cannot be excelled by any other high school of the State.

The county school system which is closely related to that of the city of Greenville is conducted along the highest planes for the further advancement of education in the rural sections of Pitt County. The County Board of Education is composed of men of vision a majority of whom have served in this capacity for quarter of century, and they believe in progress, and is making an active effort to increase the efficiency of the school system from year to year. As to efficiency and meeting various other requirements of the State Board, the schools of Pitt County rank among the first twenty-five of all the one hundred counties in the State.


six photograph collage of the East Carolina Teachers College]

THE East Carolina Teachers College, one of the leading institutions of its kind in the South offers unexcelled educational advantages to young women who desire to equip themselves to become teachers. The College has but one purpose—that is the training of teachers. It has never lost sight of its mission and ideal—to put a trained teacher in every school room in the State.
The institution was established in 1909, and its origin was due to a growing need for such a college in North Carolina.




FROM a standpoint of agriculture, Greenville, is situated in the heart of one of the greatest agricultural sections of the entire world. And its people of the rural districts are progressive as well as thrifty. The various soils of this section are adapted to the production of any crops grown in any of the Southern States, and the weather conditions seldom interfere with an abundant yield. The soil is so fertile that only a small amount of fertilizer is required to produce a profitable harvest of the scores of products grown in this particular part of the State.

Tobacco, cotton, peanuts and potatoes are the principal money crops with the farmers, while an abundance of grains and other feeds are provided for the live stock. Diversified farming is practiced by many of the largest growers, and because of the unusual climate each month of the year will find various crops under cultivation. The soils are of such richness and working quality that many growers, through intensified methods, are easily producing three and four crops from their acreage each year. The territory, generally, is best adapted to the pursuit of general farming. The County maintains the services of a county agent whose duties are to assist the farmer in his various problems.

Truck farming while in its infancy in this immediate section is growing with favor among the farmers and is developing into one of the most profitable pursuits with the people of the rural districts.

To those who may be attracted, even to the point of seeking further information concerning soil, its crops, its markets, and its other advantages, we want to take this opportunity to assure all that they will receive courteous attention from one and all here. Their individual wishes will be served so far as possible. We will place at your disposal the coordinated helpfulness of our citizenry, help you to solve any problem that may confront you, and see that you are established soundly, honestly, and suitably for whatever branch or branches of agriculture you may desire to pursue. This pledge is made with the realization that your success is ours.


nine photograph collage of farmlands around Pitt County]

ONE of the greatest Agricultural sections of the Southland. The soil is adaptable to most any crop.

Raising of stock, dairying and the poultry business has expanded phenomenally, and has developed as among the most profitable enterprises of the farm.

From a standpoint of Agriculture Pitt County stands out among the first fifty counties of the nation in productiveness and wealth.


THE various industries of Greenville, some of which have been operating here for more than a quarter of a century, have all progressed. Greenville is a progressive city with an approximate population of 12,000. Its industries are growing steadily and the prestige of the city as a favorable manufacturing location is expanding with the day by day progress of those contributing to its industrial life. It is a city of real advantage to industry because of a rare combination of geographical location, ideal climatic conditions, constant plentitude of native labor, splendid transportation facilities, proximity to the great markets of the nation. In addition to two railways, Greenville is webbed by seven hard surfaced highways over which travel some of the largest motor transportation companies of the State.


THERE are other features that should make Greenville attractive, as location for manufacturing enterprises, principally among these is its public utilities. Its water and light plant, which is municipally owned, is one of the city's greatest assets. The plant stands out foremost with the public utility institutions of the State. Its power and water rates for commercial purposes are equal and in many respects less than that of any other such concern, corporation or otherwise operating in North Carolina.

Greenville's gas plant which is privately owned is well equipped and its surplus is sufficient to meet the public demands, and its rate is lower than that of any other plant of the State.


five photograph collage of Greenville's business district]

GREENVILLE'S business district is convenient from any section of the city. And its fine type of business establishments is solely responsible for the recognition it has gained as the principal shopping center of the eastern part of the State. All of the principal highways lead directly into the business area of the city.


three photograph collage of Greenville banks]

THE city's banking institutions of which there are three commercial and one industrial, are sound and safe. They have all experienced splendid steady growth due to the conservative and efficient methods applied by the executives in their operations.

In addition to these there are several other banks in the county, all of which are financially strong.

Among Greenville's financial institutions there are two Building and Loan Associations, one of which ranks with the largest of the State.


GOLFERS find Greenville a place of satisfaction and trial. For here on its splendidly arranged course is their game tested to its utmost and the measure of their mettle marked. This is sporty golf in all that the word implies. The course stretches its flashing fairways through beautiful shadowy woodland. The course lacks none of the sporting features desired by the true lover of the game.

Enthusiasts of the rod and gun have long revelled in the opportunities for fishing and hunting offered by the streams and wooded regions not far distant. Game fish of a wide variety are found in the nearby waters and gunning is made worth while through the presence of large numbers of quail, deer, wild duck and other much sought game.


THE health and climatic conditions compare favorably with any part of the Southland. Pitt County's Health department, which is under the direction of a whole time health officer has been set up as a standard by State and National health authorities. The yearly average temperature is 61 degrees, the winters being mild and the other seasons ideal. The city is not subject to any annual malady of any description, and with the maintenance of a health officer and graduate nurses, diseases which are prevalent in so many other sections are corrected locally in their beginning. Clinics are conducted several times each year, especially for the correction of diseases of children, and this has proven one of the most beneficial factors for good health in the city and community.


Greenville The Hub of East Carolina


Greenville The Hub of East Carolina


seven photograph collage of sports enjoyed in Greenville]

VARIOUS sports are popular in Greenville every season of the year.

An attractive golf course provides pleasant past time for lovers of the game.

Numerous streams and wooded regions closely adjacent to the city, furnishes plenty of sport for the enthusiasts of the rod and gun.


eight photograph collage of churches in Greenville]

THAT living conditions in Greenville are attractive can readily be seen from a brief survey of its civic development. It is a community of well developed home areas, with all modern improvements throughout, including light, water, sewerage, paved streets, permanent sidewalks, recreational centers, numerous churches representing about fifteen different religious communions, unexcelled public educational facilities and unsurpassed health conditions. Its business life spreads over a comparatively large area and is substantially sound and progressive.

The religious life of Greenville is an active one. The citizenship is a church going people. And the ministers serving the fifteen or more congregations are outstanding with their respective communions in the State.



tobacco factory]

PITT County, of which Greenville is the capital grows and sells more bright tobacco than any county in the world. Each selling season which begins the latter part of August and extending over a period of about four months there is offered on the floors of the mammoth warehouses approximately seventy-five million pounds of the “golden weed.” Every buying interest both large and small is represented with each sales force on the market and these operate scores of factory plants, furnishing labor for many thousands each tobacco season. And while the tobacco grown in this particular belt is used in various manufactured products, it is recognized and used principally as choice quality for the manufacture of cigarettes and best brands of chewing and smoking tobacco.

Being in the heart of one of the best cotton growing sections of the Carolinas, Greenville cotton brokers buy approximately 25,000 bales of the “fleecy” product each year.


tobacco warehouse]


six photograph collage of houses residences in Greenville]

THE residential area in the city of Greenville presents an atmosphere of contentment. Its people believe in home-owning and a large majority of them have acquired the habit of thrift and with the aid of financial institutions own their home.


five photograph collage of tobacco warehouses and auction houses]

ONE of the largest markets for the sale of bright tobacco at auction in the world. And Pitt County not only produces but sells more bright tobacco than any county of the world.

No market of any state is better equipped to serve the farmers in the offering of their crop than is Greenville. The warehouses provide every courtesy and convenience for their patrons.


THERE is no city of the East which has developed as rapidly as has Greenville as a shopping center. The wonderful highway system of Eastern Carolina with the city's high standard mercantile establishments, ranking second to none in their respective businesses, has contributed much in directing the buying public from twenty-five counties to Greenville, covering a radius of seventy-five miles. The city is worthy of the distinction it has attained of being “East Carolina's Shopping Center.”


WITH the building of the great highway system of the eastern section of the State, by which Greenville is webbed, the city has gained recognition among many of the large manufacturers as the most logical distributing point, and as a result scores of such enterprises have taken advantage of these economical conveniences and placed their units and warehouses for district and State distribution in Greenville. There are seven hard surfaced highways leading from the city radiating in every direction which enables salesmen to serve a large territory within a short period of time.


six photograph collage of paved hard surface roads]

THE great hard surfaced highway system of Eastern Carolina radiates in every direction from Greenville. And furnishes transportation facilities that are adequate to meet every requirement. Possibilities of better water transportation to and from the city is being given serious consideration.


THE various civic organizations of Greenville have as one of the principal objectives of their activities the continued progress of the city. And in all matters pertaining to the further advancement of Greenville these organized bodies have always functioned as one unit, and their efforts have not only been brought to a beneficial conclusion for the city, but have created an unequalled spirit of coöperation among the citizenship.


photograph of Greenville Public Library]

ANOTHER important feature which contributes much to the living conditions of Greenville is its fine public library which represents an investment of approximately \$100,000. The building which is modern in every detail is the gift of Mr. Harper D. Sheppard of Hanover, Pa., a former resident of Pitt County, who is making this contribution dedicating same to the memory of his father, William Henry Haywood Sheppard.


five photograph collage of public buildings]

THE public buildings and institutions will excell those of a majority of like cities.

The Rotary Club is the only such organization in the world that owns its own home.

Delightful hotels. They offer the most pleasant of home-like environment, together with the satisfying element of superior service and cuisine.

The Pitt Community Hospital is a medical institution of high rank, modernly equipped where the needs of the sick are well provided.


photograph of Greenville Woman's Club building]

ONE of the most active organizations of Greenville is the Woman's Club. They own and maintain an attractive home building in the heart of the city. The various committees of the Club keep constantly in touch with the civic, religious, social and educational life of the community and their contribution of service cannot be exceeded by any other organized body.


The welcome that awaits your arrival is but the preface to a new book of life that will be written from your happy days here. We say in all sincerity, “Our Greenville, Yours If You Come.”


Greenville NC The Hub of Eastern North Carolina


"Our Greenville Yours if you come" The Hub of Eastern North Carolina

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