Greene County


By Th. Holliday1

Hawlanding 14th November 1810

Dear Sir

I herewith forward to you such information as I have been able to collect on the different Subjects requested in Your Letter of March last that was deemed of Sufficient importance to require notice Greene County2

Face of the Country &c.

The Land is not so level as to admit of much stagnated water, neither is there to be found many hills or rises that is of ilconveniance to agriculture; about one Sixth part of which is in a State of Cultivation, the balance is a forrest of pine oak hicory dogwood gum elm ash maple and &c interspersed with swamps Glades and rivulets, on Iselands and ridges near Swamps a dark rich soil is to be met with, the more higher Lands are considerably mixt with Sand. the price of Such as is Suitable for cultivation may be estimated at from four to ten dollars and such as is only fit for tar turpentine or timber from one to four dollars per acre

Productions &c

All most all kind of vegetable productions that are needed for domestick use are made in sufficiant quantitey for home consumption

Settlement &c

The first Settlements in Greene County was made About the date of


1710 by emigrants from the North Countys of this State, Virginia and some few from Mereland from which time for several Years they continued to live in a most retched State of poverty possessing few if any of the comforts of Life “But from prudance and industry that never failing source of domestick happiness the inhabitance of Greene County have been well fed and well clothed for many years past, and at this time participates in many Luxurys of Life.

Navigable Streams &c

The only Navigable Stream in Greene County is great Contentny3 a branch of Neuse, which rises in Nash County4 and passes through Edgecombe and Greene Countys and falls in to Neuse about thirty miles above Newbern, and is navigable for flats of one hundred and fifty barrels burden as high as the upper part of Greene County at a freight to Newbern of from 25 to 40 cents per barrel

Articles of Exportation &c

Pork may be considered as the Staple article about one forth part of what is made to Spare is generally drove to Virginia the ballance is either made into bacon or barreled, and generally find a market in Newbern also corn, pees, cotton, flour wax, tallow tar turpentine and Staves are made to Spare and generally find amarket in Newbern

Welth &c

Greene County contains about 500 familys5 and is about equal in Sise to eighteen miles Square which would be about 420 acres to each family, the everage welth would be about equal to $5000 but as in all other places welth is very disproportioned Some possessing fare more and Some a great deal less6

Buildings &c

The inhabitance Generally live in framed houses with chimneys of brick which are comfortable but seldom eligant Horses Cattle and Sheep are raised the two former a sufficiant for home demand and the latter might with proper attention


There is no manufactoreys that deserve the name except of the house hold Kind where the principal part of the clothing of each family is made


Schools &c

The Greene Academy7 is the only incorperated School which was incorperated in the Year 1804 but for want of adequate funds as well as the want of attention of the Trustees, the Institution is not promising, which is much to be lamented as the inhabitance Generally appear to be desireous of procuring for their childred a good English education which most of them have often discovered the want of them Selves8


Episcopalians, Babtists & Methodists the latter are the most numerous, the Babtists and Methodists have each three meeting houses within the County

With high respect I am Sir Your most Obd Th. Holliday


Greene County
Profile of Greene County, N.C., from article: Twelve North Carolina Counties in 1810-1811, in The North Carolina Historical Review, v. 6 (April 1929).
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