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Essay on September 11

Date: Sep. 12 2001 | Identifier: 885.1
Essay written on September 12, 2001, by a student as an assignment in East Carolina University Professor Karin L. Zipf's "Women in American History Class," describing reactions to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings in New York, NY, and the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. more...

Sept. 12, 2001

April Price-Rose

My first reaction to the events yesterday was this cannot be happening. Then I felt very sorry for lives that were lost, and for the families of the victims. It was terrible thing, and I hope that the people responsible for this is found and severely punished.

In all my trips to Manhattan I can always remember going to the underground shops, and eating at the center by the twin towers, and now to know that I will never see these buildings again and more then likely never be able to do the same traditional things that went along with going to NY it want[won't] be the same. A member of our family is from Manhattan whose sister works in one of the underground shops made it out okay, but there were many who did not. It was a tragedy that won't be forgotten and I hope that they will find who did this. I know that they have a good idea of who it was and if so I hope he and his followers pay dearly. It was also disgusting to see that Pakistan was cheering, but I hope they remember and think very hard about the fact that many innocent lives were taken, and how

they feel if it were their wives, brothers, sisters, children, or parents that this happened to.

Sorry for the bad grammar. I just do not have my thoughts completely together. This I know has been a scary event for many, and it has left People with the feelings of this cannot be happening, sorrow for the families, and hate for the people who did this terrible act.

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