SMS Seeadler

SMS Seeadler
Print of a painting of the SMS Seeadler, the three-masted windjammer commanded by Felix von Luckner during the early 20th century. The artist was the German painter of naval art, Christopher Rave. It is inscribed by von Luckner in the upper left hand corner. Date approximated.
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28cm x 35cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Deborah Camp Dec 19 2020

Hi, I recently discovered a framed print of the painting above. It's signed at the bottom by Felix Luckner. In the top left hand corner in the same handwriting is this odd message: "Don't give up this ship." I have no idea..... It belonged to my husband's mother, who passed away in 2013 at the age of 101. Her husband's family was German, and her husband Charles, died very young. I have no clue what their connection was to the Luckner's.

I have a signed see adler picture very similar dated 32 Sep 04 2020

Any info on this I would like it an beautiful ship angle

john a bisson, md Sep 27 2019

I believe this painting by Rove is based on a photo taken by the ship captain being chased (ship, i believe, was the Antonin) I would very much like to see the original photo -- where is it?Rove's Seeadler, photo source

Thomas Nygren Nov 24 2017

Hi,Is this printing available for me, or to be made by you and possible to send to Sweden?Or is it a file you can send?Kind Regards,Thomas Nygren

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