Letter from Mrs. Inglis Fletcher to Ruth Coltrane Cannon

Sept 7 55

Dearest Ruth:

Please thank Charles so much for his letter of Oct 1.

We have just returned from the 250th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the town of Bath. It was very successful - every seat sol and many could not get near the amphitheater. We thought it one of the most successful and beautiful pageants of the many we have seen.

Presumably you are thinking about the annual October letter to the members of the Antiquities. I presume you will wish to include the tentative program in the letter. I feel that it will be a very interesting program indeed, and have no doubt that it will enthuse people to attend the meeting.

The fact that it will include the report of the dedication and blessing of the Elizabethan Garden on Virginia Dare Birthday, will attract many people to the meeting, both from our membership and from the Garden Club members.

A letter from Elizabeth Ives that she will serve. She will be chairman of the evening meeting, with the award of the Cannon cups, with Paul Green to make the presentations as usual.

The Governor and Mrs. Hodges, as honor guests at the luncheon meeting, and the Elizabethan Garden Committee to put on the program; that should be outstanding.

The restoration panel for the morning business meeting, (Mr. Kellenberger, as moderator) will give added interest. Then after the presentation of the awards, Wilmington will take over the rest of the evening meeting.

Enclosed is the tentative program.

With love

Sept 7 55

Antiquities - Tentative program for Dec. meeting.

10 AM
Business meeting . Vice Pres. presiding.
Restoration Panel - Mr. John Kellenberger, Moderator)

Alston House, Moore County. Elizabeth Stephenson Ives.
Gaston Office, New Bern. ?

Tryon Palace, New Bern - May Gordon Kellenberger.

Bath Church (Old St. Thomas) ?

Iredell House, Edenton. Mr. Grayson Harding, President.

Penelope Barker House, Edenton. Miss. Elizabeth Moore, Historian.

Halifax Caol, Halifax, Mrs. ? Gary.

Old Salem Restoration, Winston-Salem, Elizabeth Dillard Reynolds. Or Dr. Rites

(Mrs. Branch will know other restorations which the Antiquities have assisted.) Isn't there a church near Chapel Hill, which Mrs. Cotten reported on?

We could have two or three more.


1 PM
Luncheon, Garden Room, Sir Walter. Introduction of Gov. & Mrs. Hodges, by Mrs. Glenn Long, Chan. Elizabethan Garden. Report on Elizabethan Garden by Mrs. George Little, Pres. of The Garden Club of North Carolina.

Report on the Blessing of the Garden and Dedication, on Aug. 18, at Ft. Raleigh, by members of the Elizabethan Garden Committee - Mrs. Roy Homewood, Mrs. Corbett Howard, and Mrs. Sam Hutaff. *Suggest - Rev. George Hill read the Collect from the Book of Common * 8-30 Evening meeting. Elizabeth Stephenson Ives, Presiding. Prayer Charles A. Cannon Cup, awards by Paul Green. Program by Wilmington, North Carolina,

Benediction Dr. Sylvester Green?

(This is a general outline. Make any changes you suggest)

*Collect from Rogation Day, which he read at the Blessing of The Garden.

Letter from Mrs. Inglis Fletcher to Ruth Coltrane Cannon
Letter from Mrs. Inglis Fletcher to Ruth Coltrane Cannon. In a letter to Ruth Coltrane Cannon, president of the North Carolina Society for the Preservation of Antiquities (now the Historic Preservation Society of North Carolina) misdated September 7th rather than October 7th, 1955, Inglis Fletcher both notes the success of the 250th anniversary celebration. In the tentative program for the North Carolina Society for the Preservation of Antiquities given on the second page, a report on St. Thomas Church is included. Dated Sept 7, 1955, but more likely 10-7-1955 (for opening line mentions returning from the October 1, 1955, Bath celebration.) More about the Elizabethan gardens, but describes the Bath 250th celebration as successful, with every seat for the pageant sold and not everyone able to get into the amphitheater. Tentative schedule for the December meeting of the [North Carolina Society for the Preservation of] Antiquities mentions St. Thomas Church in Bath.
October 07, 1955
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