The true Protestant mercury: or, Occurrences foreign and domestick. From Wednesday, March 15 to Saturday, March 18, 1681/2

Numb. 125

The True
Protestant Mercury:


Occurrences Foreign and Domestick.

From Wednesday, March 15. to Saturday, March 18, 1684.

Rome, Febr. 24.

The Priests here have been very merry of late, and joaking upon one another, as appears by a Comedy lately Acted, by the Fathers, of the Order of St. Clement; in which they bring a person representing a Jesuite, with several Ladies abusing him, but at last they make the Jesuite to be revenged of them.

Venice, Feb. 28. We are advised by three English Ships, that an English Ship named the Venice, was attacked between Sicily and Sardigna, by three Pirates of Algiers, but after the English had maintained a Fight of twenty four hours against them, they Escaped to Malta, with the loss of their Captain and 3 Seamen, but they say they had first Sunk one of the Algerines.

Madrid, Febr. 20. This Court issues out daily Orders, for the putting all our Frontiers into a posture of Defence, not only towards Navar, as Biscay, but likewise towards Catalonia: we hear that the French at Mount Lewis had taken several Spaniards and that his Majesties Subjects of Pusurdy, had by way of Reprizal taken several of the French, without any farther mischief: We do no longer dread the threatning of the French against Frontarabia, by reason the place is very well appointed with all things necessary for its Defence, and we also hear that the Commander of the French, has received Orders, to make no attempt on that place.

Leige, March 10. The French Letters advise us, that his Majesty has ordered the Chamber of Metz, to make their pretence to the Marquisate of Frachmount, and to make ready some Troops to march towards this Province. There was a certain Gentleman living about four Miles from this place that was cited by the French to do Homage for his Estate, which he neglecting, the King gave his Estate to a French Reformade, but the Gentleman without delay hearing of it, repaired to Monsieur Lovis, and humbly kneeling before him, by his submission got his Estate again, and it was told him, That the King in a very short space would be Master of the whole Country on this side the Maine.

Norwich, March 15. We doubt not but you have heard of the splendid Entertainment of his Royal Highness at this City, but the place of his Lodging, being not yet assertained in Print, we have thought fit to tell you, That first being Treated at the New Hall, as well with learned Discourse, as a sumptuous Banquet, he was thence conducted to the Bishops Palace, where he lodged the 10 Instant. Here is a Discourse of two Doughty Ruffians, who assaulting one Mr. R.S. of B. (ten miles distant from this City) under pretence of a Warrant (in which there was no particular Crime mentioned) from a Reverent Magistrate (tho surrulously called by the Observator short sighted Pug) would needs force him the said Mr. S. to go along with them, upon which he told them, that he being the sole material Witness for a person of Quality, in a Tryal to be had at Cumbridge A[??], to which he was Supaened under a great Penalty, and being shortned in time, desired with all perswasive Arguments, that he might not be hindred of his Journy, and that he (being a substantial Freeholder) would with all submission wait upon his Worship (being some miles distant) at his return; to which they replyed, No, no, that would not do the business, but he must make his persent personal appearance, and that no Excuses or Arguments whatsoever were to be admitted; and they going to seize him, he was forced to exercise the Observators Cat Discipline, to acquit himself.

London, March 17. We have advice from Bristol, That the great number of Dissenters, daily Committed there, grow numberous, filling the Prisons, insomuch that Newgate is not able to contain them, there being 86 Quakers, and 52 Presbyterians lately Committed, so that they are almost stifled in Prison, being so many together in a Room, for they are necessitated to lay one upon another, being at least 26 or 30 in a small room, where they pray for a deliverance from this severe Persecution.

Our last Letters from Edenburgh tell us,

6k there

there will be made suddenly this alteration following, viz. The Bishop of Dunkel in that Kingdom is to be made Bishop of Aberdeen, and the Bishop of Dunblain is to be the Bishop of Dunkel, and the Dean of Edenburgh is to be the Bishop of Dunblain.

The last week was published a Book, Treating of Carolina in America, but that giving only a Description of the place, and not of the Constituted Government, by reason of the great number of persons, who do continually resort to that hopeful Plantation; we think it is not impertinent to give you some Heads thereof, which are as followeth.

I. That no person above 17 yeares of Age shall have any Benefit in that place, either of the Law or Government, unless he belonged to some particular Church, or place; And that this might not be a Falacy, his name is to be registered in one Office only, and when he intends to leave that place, he is to put out his name himself.

II. No person shall make any disturbance in any of the Religious Congregations.

III. No person shall speak reproachfully of the Government, nor preach any Sedition, or any matter of State in any divine Assembly.

IV. No person shall write against the Government, nor against the persons of any particular Churches, thereby disturbing the civil Peace and creating Feuds and Animosities among one another.

V. A large Book of the Fundamentals of the Government shall be continually kept in the Registry.

VI. No person shall have any benefit of the Law there, nor any place whatsoever, nore Trade nor Merchandize in that place, unless he shall subscribe the Oath or Declaration following.

I A.B. do promise and declare, that I will continue steadfast in my Obedience to, and in the Defence of Charles the II our present King, against all oppositions whatsoever, as also his Heirs and Successors: And I do also declare, that I will defend the Palatine Lords and proprietors of this Place and Government, as it is now Constituted, against all their Enemies.

VII. All Aliens, by the aforesaid Subscription shall be Naturalized.

We are informed, that his Royal Highness will come to London, to the Feast of the Artillery Company, and that his Majesty will come with him, and that during his stay, his Majesty will keep his Court at Sommerset House, his Lodgings at Whitehall being already pulled down, in order to their being re-built.

We have advice from Salisbury, That at the Assizes held there the 13. Instant, there were 3 sentenced to dye, one for Burglary, one for Horse Stealing, and a notorious Pick-Pocket, whose name is Woolf, said to be the greatest Rogue in England at that slight of hand. Also at the said Affizes one Mr. Erbury and Mr. Warren were Indicted for speaking words against the D. of T. one Parson Lathom being the chief Witness against them: the night before his taking Journy to Salisbury, his Horse had his Ears cut off, leaving a paper, expressing, That the Horse should suffer for perjury before his Master.

We cannot but take Notice, That the busy and indefatigable Observator Numb. 110. following his old Road of LYING, which he has now so long practiced, That few of Sence do believe him, being so often and so notoriously convicted of his Untruths and Shams, which he is still putting upon any that are not of his Kidney. Langley Curtiss therefore in Vindication of Himself, from his Aspersion there concerning Tong's Narrative: Wherein he Declares, That 'tis a Cheat and none of Tong's Writing, doth Testify, That to his Knowledge it is False, and that all the rest of that Paragraph is Untrue, as may be proved by several Witnesses, notwithstanding the Calumny and Aspersion cast upon Langley Curtiss, by the most notorious Lying Observator.


The Tryal and Condemnation of George Boresky alias Borotzi, Christopher Uratz, and John Stern; for the barbarous Murther of Thomas Thin, Esq; together with the Tryal of Charles John Count Coningsmark, as Accessary before the Fact to the same Murder, who was Acquitted of the said Offence. At the Sessions in the Old Bayly, Tuesday, Feb. 28. 1681. Sold by T. Baffet at the George near St. Dunftans Church in Fleetstreet.

Megalopsychy, being a particular and exact Account of the last seventeen years of Qu. Elizabeth, both Military and Civil. Wherein is a full Relation of all the Sea fights and Expeditions in her Reign, with the Names of all Ships and Commanders that were set out in her time, being above 20 Fleets, with all their Attempts, Designs, Successes, and Errors. Written by Sir William Monson, who was Commander in most of her Fleets, (and left by him to his Son Sir John) and never before Printed. Also the Parliamentary Proceedings of the same time, Written by H. Townsend, Esq; a Member in several Parliaments, in which Book you may find the Wise and Learned Speeches, and the valiant and Heroick Actions, in as great Subjects as ever England had, such as Cumberland, Suffolk, Essex, Sheffield, Drake, Rawleigh, Forbisher, Egerton, Burleigh, Buckhurst, Cecil, Walsingham, Hatton, Bacon, Cook, Crook, Wentworth, Spellman, Fortescue, Sackvile, Seymour, Digby, &c. To which is added, a Declaration and Tryal of D.P's. for Treason against the Queen, all in folio, Price bound 10 s. Sold by W. Davis in Amen Corner, at the End of Pater Noster Roe.

The last Confession Prayers and Meditations of Lieutenant John Stern, delivered by him on the Cart immediately before his Execution, to Dr. Burnet: Together with the last Confession of George Borisky, signed by him in the Prison, and Sealed up in the Lieutenants Pacquet, with which an Account is given of their Deportment both in the Prison, and at the place of their Execution, which was in the Pall-Mall, on the 10 of March, in the same place in which they had Murthered Thinn Esq; the 12. of Febr. before. Written by Galbert Burnet, D.D. and Anthony Hornrel; D.D. Printed for Richard Chiswel, at the Role and Crown in St. Pauls Church Yard, and will be published on Munday next.

L O N D O N, Printed for Langley Curtiss, at the Sign of Sir Edmund.

Bury Godfrey, near Fleet-Bridge. MDCLXXXI.

The true Protestant mercury: or, Occurrences foreign and domestick. From Wednesday, March 15 to Saturday, March 18, 1681/2
The true Protestant mercury: or, Occurrences foreign and domestick. From Wednesday March 15 to Saturday, March 18, 1681/2. London: Printed for Langley Curtiss ..., 1681. 1 sheet ([2] p.). Date in roman numerals. Single issue of a single-sheet biweekly (W, S) newspaper which ran 1-188 ([28 Dec] 1680-25 Oct 1682. -- Caption title. "Numb. 125" at head of title, right. -- Imprint from colophon at foot of p.[2]. Includes a description of the constituted government of Carolina in America, extracted from the Fundamental constitutions of Carolina, written by John Locke in 1669.
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