Ralph H. Steele Papers, 1960-1990

University Archives #90-01

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  • Box 1
    A Chronology of the Planning and Development of East Carolina Universitys Bachelor of Science Degree in Parks, Recreation, and Conservation, 1967-1970
    • Definitions, Concepts, and Horizontal Matrix, 1967
    • Correspondence with Texas A&M, 1967-1968
    • Curriculum Committees and Procedures, 1968-1969
    • National Recreation and Park Association Challenges and Survey, 1968
    • Support and Suggestions, 1968-1969
    • Cynthia Mendenhall, 1968
    • Drafts of Proposed Curriculum, 1968
    • Approved Draft of Proposed Curriculum, November 1968
    • Job Openings and Salaries, 1968
    • Proposed New Courses,
    • Correspondence and Proposal Abstract, 1968
    • Final Proposal for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Park, Recreation, and Conservation Administration, 1968-1970
    • Initial Dialogue between PRC and NC Outward Bound School, 1969-1970
    • Idealistic Concepts, Dreams, and Reality, 1969-1970
    • ECU Scences of First Earth Day, April 22, 1970
    • The PRC-NCOBS Practicum, 1970
    • US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Recreation Program Leadership, 1969
  • Box 2
    Scrapbook, 1960-1990
    • Introduction, 1960-1990
    • Decade #1, 1960-1969
    • Decade #2, Overview, 1970 - 1979
    • Inquiries Articulation of Education Programs with NCOBS, 1970-1971
    • PRC-NCOBS Study of People and Places, NCOB Board Business, 1971-1972
    • Long Range Plans and the SOLC,
    • SOLC and Interpretive Center, Making One's Own Mistakes, 1972-1973
    • Sustained Application of NCOBS Principles and Philosphy, 1973
    • PRC to SEA Grant and ICMR; Evaluation of Professional and PRC Curriculum, 1974
    • Promotion. WLRA to USSR. "Witt." Transition to Marine Studies., 1975-1976
    • Conflicts in Policies, Etc. Caribgean Slides for WSB Film., 1977
    • PRC Curricular Audit of NCOBS, 1978
    • PRC Society and Status of Curriculum, 1979
    • Notes, Word-Play and Sketches from Scotland, 1979
    • Square-Riggers' Celtic Journey. ICMR Workshop. Thoughts., 1979
    • Decade #3 Overview, 1980-1990
    • Decade #3, 1980-1981
    • Decade #3, 1982-1983
    • Decade #3, 1984-1985
    • Decade #3, 1986-1987
    • Decade #3, 1988-1989
    • Decade #3, 1989-1990

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