Olaf M. Hustvedt Oral History Interview, December 31, 1975

Oral History #OH0083


1 Fri Dec 3 04:14 PM

Quote from letter from historian who conducted the interviews, to Vice Admiral Hustvedt, age 88, dated 24 June 1974: "My dear Admiral: It has been a privilege, and what is more, a decided pleasure to have had that series of interviews with you for our oral history project.Few Admirals indeed (or any others for that matter) have your rare facility with words and few derive the obvious joy you have in choosing the right vehicle to convey the particular shade of meaning you have in mind. You are an artist with the language, and this particular student was listening with admiration. And while on the subject of language --- in my lexicon of experience I can think of nothing more startling and more pleasing than your recital of the Prologue to the Fourth Gospel in the original Koine. What a feat! I had long since forgotten it myself. Ever sincerely, Jack Mason John T. Mason, Jr. Oral History Director United States Naval Institute Annapolis, Maryland 21402" Original in possession of Frederick Hauck, Admiral Hustvedt's grandson

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