Maury York Collection, 1870-1981

Manuscript Collection #825

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  • Box 1
    • Folder a
      Original letter from Miss Faye Barnes to Maury York regarding Pitt Community Hospital. 1 item. 3 p. 1987
    • Folder b
      Miss Faye Barnes' notes from Kenly interview of bookeeper at the hospital, niece of Dr. Dickinson. 1 item. 7 p. 1981
    • Folder c
      Two photographic prints of Dr. Dickinson and wife on honeymoon in California. 2 items. 2 p.
    • Folder d
      Interview of Sally and Jake Dixon by Miss Barnes regarding their nursing program experiences and Dr. Dickinson. 1 item. 3 p. 1981
    • Folder e
      Photographic negative of Charles O'Hagan Laughinghouse. 2 items. 2 p.
    • Folder f
      Photographic print and negative of Pitt Community Hospital. 5 items. 3 p.
    • Folder g
      Photographic prints of Pitt Community Hospital demolition. 8x10. Credited to Bolce Daugherty. 9 items. 9 p. 1981
    • Folder h
      Draft of citation regarding Dr. Charles O'Hagan Laughinghouse and the establishment of Pitt Community Hospital in 1924. 22 items. 22 p. 1981
    • Folder i
      Maury York's research notes on the history of Pitt Community Hospital. 2 items. 21 p. 1981
    • Folder j
      Research notes on Joseph John Laughinghouse's residence of Flynn Christian Home, Greenville, N.C. prepared for the Heritage Tour. 1 item. 81 p. 1981
    • Folder k
      Maury York's research notes for article on Dr. Charles O'Hagan Laughinghouse and the establishment of Pitt Community Hospital in 1924. 5 items. 24 p. 1981
    • Folder l
      Revised draft of article on Dr. Charles O' Laughinghouse and the establishment of Pitt Community Hospital in 1924. 2 copies, typescript. 2 items. 16 p. 1981
    • Folder m
      Photograph of an unidentified, mixed group of adults and children. circa 1920

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