John Franklin Wooten Papers, 1843-1942 (bulk 1843-1891), undated

Manuscript Collection #789

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Series 1 :
Correspondence, 1843-1933
  • Box 1
    • Folder a
      Correspondence between John Franklin Wooten and Mary Christian Wooten. Includes letters written during courtship (1843 - 1845) and after marriage (1847) and references to the Washington Society, Mr. White School, and wedding plans. (1843-1847) 8 items, 16 pages.
    • Folder b
      Correspondence from Etheline N. Christian Phillips and Richard S. Phillips to John F. and Mary Wooten. Includes references to the effects of the Civil War, the death of Richards S. Phillips' father, plans to build a school in Charlottesville, VA, and business matters. (1852-1858, 186?, undated) 6 items, 12 pages.
    • Folder c
      Correspondence from Richard C. Wooten and John C. Wooten to their parents, John F. and Mary Wooten. Letters written at the University of Virginia and Episcopal High School. Includes references to university life, financial concerns, lectures, and the erection of a monument to Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia. (1867-1868) 4 items, 7 pages.
    • Folder d
      Letter from "Aunt Fannie" (possibly Fannie Thomas). Includes references to hiring servants, the sale of a slave (Arnold), details of a new home in Kinston and the move from Clinton, NC, to Kinston, NC. (1853) 1 item, 2 pages.
    • Folder e
      Letter from Edward Wooten to his cousin, John F. Wooten. Written at a theological seminary in Fairfax, VA. Lists numerous Civil War battlefields and refers to the Confederate Army. Also includes a reference to the Bishop Atkinson. (1867) 1 item, 2 pages.
    • Folder f
      Letter from F. A. Sullivan to John F. Wooten. Discussion of John F. Wooten and Mary Christian's courtship and of the 1844 Presidential race between James K. Polk and Henry Clay. (1844) 1 item, 2 pages.
    • Folder g
      Correspondence from L. L. Page (Possibly Lavinia Christian Page) to John F. Wooten and Mary Wooten. Discusses a lawsuit that forced a slave (Henry) to be sold from her father's estate. Also includes references to her husband (a doctor), her membership in an Episcopal church, and the death of a sister in childbirth. (1851, undated) 4 items, 6 pages.
    • Folder h
      Letters of condolence to John F. and Mary Wooten for the death of a son and of Mary's mother. Includes references to funeral customs, canning of produce for winter use, milking cows, and a description of a county fair. (1853-1867) 5 items. 8 pages.
    • Folder i
      Correspondence to members of the Christian family. Includes letters to Marie Christian and Richard S. Phillips. (1854, 1867, 1886) 3 items, 8 pages.
    • Folder j
      Correspondence to Fannie Moseley. Includes letter from Etheline "Ethie" Tudor of condolence on the death of Fannie's mother (Etheline's sister) Marie Christian Wooten and from the Attorney General of Kentucky concerning Wooten family reunions and genealogy. (1878, 1933) 2 items, 4 pages.
Series 2 :
Legal and Financial Documents, 1855-1925
  • Box 1
    • Folder k
      Wooten family financial and legal records. Includes 1883 deed to John F. Wooten for land in Lenoir County, an I.O.U., a diploma awarded to Richard C. Wooten from UVA, and records concerning the estate of James Christian, including the sale of a slave (Henry). Court documents related to the division of the estate of Council Wooten. Suit between Lafayette Wooten and John F., Marion, and Grissey Wooten. Includes a letter explaining the arrangement of the documents, a report labeled "AB," a report labeled "CD" detailing the division of land and slaves (with first name and approximate age of each slave), an additional court record, and an account of money owed to Lafayette Wooten by John F. Wooten. (1855-1888) 10 items, 19 sheets.
    • Folder l
      Moseley family financial and legal records. Includes record of money owed to J. W. Moseley by F. D. Moseley, I.O.U.s made out to W.O. Moseley by Rob B. Gilliam, legal document signed by Fannie C. Murphy related to W. O. Moseley, deeds for land to W. O. Moseley and W. J. Moseley, and a Certificate of Shares for Chesterfield Manufacturing Company in Chesterfield County, Virginia belonging to Fannie D. Moseley. (1852-1925) 7 items, 9 pages.
    • Folder m
      Land records of John F. Harper. Includes land indenture and a hand drawn land survey. (1878, 1885) 2 items, 3 pages.
    • Folder n
      Draft, "History of Lenoir County." No documented author. 1 item, 12 pages.
    • Folder o
      Draft, "La Grange & Vicinity" by C. S. Wooten. Local history. (1942) 1 item, 4 pages.
    • Folder p
      Pamphlet, "The Name and Family of Moseley." Compiled by the Media Research Bureau in Washington, DC. Includes genealogical information about the Moseley family and a short bibliography. Tri-fold. 1 item, 14 pages.
    • Folder q
      Miscellaneous. Newspaper clippings, Mason booklet titled " Mason on Self - Knowledge" (missing pages), photograph of a woman taken at Campbell C.H., VA, and unsigned poem titled "Spring & Youth." (1886, undated) 7 items, 26 pages.
Series 3 :
Oversized Materials Folder, 1844 - 1891, n.d.
  • Oversize Folder os1
    • Survey (May 1868) of Lands at Monticello (Lenoir County, NC). Lands of Cicero Whitfield, Samuel Mewborn, T. Askew, Curtis Phillips, W. J. Moseley, and Augustus Moseley.  (item #1)
    • Letter (September 21, 1844) from Mary Christian to John Franklin Wooten.  (item #2)
    • Letter (May 18, 1845) from F[annie] A. J. [T.?] to Mary Christian Wooten.  (item #3)
    • Letter (February 10, 1845) from F. A. Sullivan to John Franklin Wooten.  (item #4)
    • Letter (January 29, 1853) from L. L. Page to Mary Christian Wooten.  (item #5)
    • Letter (July 4, 184?) to Mother [Possibly Amy C. Christian] and Sir Ben, care of James Christian, from John F. and Mary Wooten.  (item #6)
    • Letter (July 11, 1845) to Lavinia Christian. Signature unclear.  (item #7)
    • Deed (March 1, 1875) between W. O. Moseley and Wiley J. Moseley for land in Lenoir County, NC.   (item #8)
    • Poem, "Getting Drunk Again." Signature unclear.  (item #9)
    • Deed (August 1891) to W. O. Moseley from Henry and Stella Gray for a parcel of land in Vance Township, Lenoir County, NC.  (item #10)

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