Milton P. Fields Papers, 1941-1995, undated

Manuscript Collection #754

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Series 1 :
Printed Materials
Series 2 :
Photographic Materials
  • Box 2
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    • Folder a  (1 item digitized)
      Negatives with corresponding positive images. (For reference, see positive image descriptions.) Photo numbers 111-112, 119, 121-122, 124-126, 129-130, 132, 191, 233, 235, 242-243 248-249, 251-252, 254, 256, 258-259, 261, 263-264, 266, 268-272, 276, 278, 281, 329-330, 333- 336, 339-343, 357-359, 360-369, 394-416, 425-430, 432-447.
    • Folder b  (1 item digitized)
      Negatives without corresponding positive images. U.S. Navy Liberty, various seaman, Navy Photo School (photo numbers 373-378), unidentified woman (photo number 379), airplane crash (photo numbers 381-382), ship seaman (photo numbers 383-386), Camp Andrews (photo numbers 387-389), servicing a plane, band on flight deck, M.P. in lab, M.P. and Gilbert playing checkers (photo numbers 390-393), USS Saratoga ski party at Mt. Ranier (photo numbers 394-447, 1945), outdoor scene (photo number 448), man with camera (photo number 449), sailors boarding trolley photo number 450), Milton Fields with movie camera (photo number 451, 1944), harbor scene and unidentified people (photo numbers 453-466), harbor scene (photo numbers 467-468), round building (photo number 469), palm tree (photo number 470), East Carolina Teacher’s College (photo numbers 477-478, 1948).
  • Box 4
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    • Folder a  (1 item digitized)
      Wedding of prominent African American Greenville physician (photo numbers 238-240, 1948)
    • Folder b  (2 items digitized)
    • Folder c  (1 item digitized)
      Photographs. unidentified people (civilians, photo numbers 281-285), Hawaii (?) (photo numbers 286-289), scenes of Clinton, N.C. (photo numbers 290-295, 1947), various items, including a rope, Coke bottles, laundry on clothesline (photo numbers 296-299), crew in Navy photo lab (Goodman film, photo number 300), warplane in sky (photo number 301) construction workers (photo numbers 302-303), Navy crew working around ship (photo numbers 304-307), photographic print washer with lab crew (photo number 308), life raft (photo number 309), more scenes around Navy yard and docked ship, also crew with cameras (photo numbers 310-326)
    • Folder d  (1 item digitized)
      Photographs. staged, excited view of crewmember reaction to Japanese surrender (photo number 327), USS Lexington (?) (photo number 328), oiler (photo numbers 329-330), HMS Illustrations (?) (photo number 331), various scenes of crewmen onboard and off ship (photo numbers 332-348), skiing scene (photo number 349), various scenes of crewmen and ski photo (photo numbers 350-355), various shots of warplanes sinking into water when practicing landing on ship (photo numbers 356-372)
    • Folder e  (1 item digitized)
      Photographs. Navy General Office, two ship crews, ships unnamed, with names of crew members on back, two aerial photographs of USS Saratoga (photo numbers 471-476)
  • Box 5
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    Three oversized photographs (ca. 1948) featuring views of East Carolina Teachers College in Greenville, North Carolina.

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