Enders P. Huey Papers, 1941-1968, 1992-1997

Manuscript Collection #714

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Below is material taken from a preliminary inventory and represents content from the collection that is unprocessed.

  • Box 3
    • Folder a
      USS RICHMOND scouting flight photograph (1941-1942) 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder b
      Submarine School Graduating Class Photograph (Dec. 1942), New London, CT. 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder c
      Order to report to Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet (12/14/1942) 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder d
      USS PERMIT (SS 178) Scrapbook (Jan. 1943-Nov. 1944), including photographs & printed forms. 1 v. 11 p.
    • Folder e
      USS MAPIRO (SS 376) File (Dec. 1944 - Dec. 1945), including Photographs, manuscripts, brochure. 9 items. 9 p.
    • Folder f
      USS SKATE (SS 305) Operation Crossroads file [Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests] including Photographs, manuscripts, brochure. (March - Dec. 1946) 16 items. 16 p.
    • Folder g
      USS CHOPPER (SS 342) File (Oct. 1949 - Sept. 1951) including photographs, manuscripts, brochures, pamphlets, printed forms. 1 item. 6 p.
    • Folder h
      USS TANG (SS 563) File (Sept. 1951 - May 1953) including clippings, photographs, pamphlets, brochures, postcard. 36 items. 55 p.
    • Folder i
      Com Sub Div 101 File (Aug. 1957 - July 1958) including clippings, photographs, programs. 3 items. 3 p.
    • Folder j
      Training and Tactical Officer, Submarines, Atlantic Fleet [Com Sub Lant] File (Sept. 1958 - June 1960), including photographs, programs, newsletter. 8 items. 11 p.
    • Folder k
      Commander, U. S. Naval Submarine School, New London, CT Album (June 1960 - Aug. 1962) including photographs with captions, clippings, printed form. 40 items. 40 p.
    • Folder l
      USS WACCAMAW (AO 109) Scrapbook (Aug. 1962 - July 1963) including manuscripts, photographs, printed forms. 1 vol. 18 p.
  • Box 4
    • Folder a
      National War College Scrapbook (Aug. 1963 - June 1964), including printed forms, photographs, brochures, programs. 1 vol. 9 p.
    • Folder b
      Commander, Submarine Group, U. S. 7th Fleet, Yokosuka & Sasebo, Japan Scrapbook (July 1964-June 1965) including photographs, clippings, manuscripts. 1 vol. 22 p.
    • Folder c
      Visit to Kure & Eda Jima, Japan Photograph Album (4/19/1965) presented to Cmd. Huey by his host, Tashio Mutoh. 1 vol. 10 p. Spiral bound.
  • Box 5
    • Folder b
      Submarine Division 101 Pennant (1957-1958) signed by officers of the division, New London, CT. Museum objects. 19" x 14". Silk. 2 items. 2 p. (ca. 0.02 cubic feet) Recd. 3/3/2006. Note: "101" on a white field, with 2 red stripes. 44 signatures.
    • Folder c
      ComSubFlot 7 Pennant (1964-1965) flown by Capt. Enders P. Huey, when he commanded the unit in Japan. Museum objects. 19" x 13.75". Silk with brass grommet and swivel lock. 1 item. 1 p. (ca. 0.02 cubic feet) Recd. 3/3/2006. Note: Blue "VII" on field of white, with 2 blue stripes.
    • Folder d
      USS TANG (SS-563) commissioning pennant (ca. Feb. 1980) presented to Capt. Enders P. Huey, the TANG's first commanding officer, by Commander U. D. Hekel, the TANG's last commanding officer on the occasion of her "final underway;" and brass nameplate. Museum objects. 48" x 2". Silk with brass grommet. 2 items. 2 p. (ca. 0.02 cubic feet) Recd. 3/3/2006. Note: 7 white stars on blue field, with 1 red and 1 white stripe. Needs conservation.
  • Box 6
    • Folder a
      Fishing trip (ca March 1959) to Dry Tortugas with Admiral Warder, ca. 1958-1959. Kodak color slides, #1, #3-20, #22-33. 31 items. 31 p.
    • Folder b
      Dave Bell, Walt Welham & Enders P. Huey (ca July 1959) entering miniature submarine, aboard naval vessel, & at Hawaiian Islands hotel swimming pool. Kodak color slides #3-4, #6-10. 7 items. 7 p.
    • Folder c
      USS WACCAMAW AO-AOT-109 and USS JAMES MILLER DD-535 (ca January 1962) in heavy seas, 1961-1962. Color slides #31-33. 3 items. 3 p.
    • Folder d
      Enders P. Huey (ca April 1964) vacation in Japan [?], ca. 1963-1964. Kodachrome color slides, #1, #5-7, #12, #14, #17. 6 items. 6 p.
    • Folder e
      U. S. naval vessels USS NOA DD-841, USS WACCAMAW AT-AOT-109, USS ESSEX CV-9 sailing abreast; Unknown enlisted man; & Enders P. Huey on naval vessel (n.d.). Color slides. 3 items. 3 p.

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