Thomas Benjamin Neely Papers, 1878-1908

Manuscript Collection #709


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Annie (Neely) Alcorn [31 July 1850-2 April 1910] was Thomas Neely's younger sister. She married William Alcorn. On 2 April 1910, Ann (Neely) Alcorn, widow, daughter of Thomas and Frances (Armstrong) Neely died at 60 years, 8 months, and 1 day. Buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia. Martha W Alcorn Wallace [b: May 1880 per 1900 census] was a daughter of William and Annie (Neely) Alcorn. After her divorce, she resided a while with the retired bishop in West Philadelphia and was designated as his niece on the 1920 US census. Her brother William W Alcorn was also William and Annie (Neely) Alcorn's child. Neely's wife Elizabeth Cheney (Hickman) Neely died 26 Feb 1912 at age 60 in New Orleans on which day they had returned from Mexico City.

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