Herbert Floyd Seawell, Jr., Papers, 1926-1983

Manuscript Collection #496

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Title: Herbert Floyd Seawell, Jr., Papers
Creator: Seawell, H. F. (Herbert Floyd), 1904-1983
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: Papers (1926-1983) including correspondence, land records, legal materials, financial records, photographs, pamphlets, speeches, editorials, and miscellaneous materials.
Extent: 28.86 Cubic feet, consisting of correspondence, land records, legal materials, financial records, photographs, pamphlets, speeches, editorials, and miscellaneous materials.

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November 6, 1984, 18 cubic feet; papers of Moore County, N.C., attorney, including correspondence (1928-1982), legal files, speeches, pamphlets, photographs, and miscellaneous. Gift of Mrs. Betty Jane Freed, Morristown, N.J.

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Herbert Floyd Seawell, Jr., Papers (#496), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

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  • Gift of Mrs. Betty Jane Freed

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  • Processed by M. Boccaccio, May 1987

  • Encoded by Apex Data Services

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Herbert Floyd Seawell, Jr., (1904-1983) was the son of Herbert Floyd Seawell, Sr., and Ella McNeill Seawell of Moore County, N.C. He attended Wake Forest College (1922-1926) and as an attorney joined his father in the firm of Seawell and Seawell in Carthage, N.C. In 1926 he was a candidate for Solicitor in Moore County on the Republican ticket. In 1927 he was appointed Referee in Bankruptcy, a position he held until 1941. Seawell was active in his community, serving as a member of the Board of Commissioners for the town of Carthage (1938-1941) and as town attorney (1943). Politically very active in the Republican party from the mid 1920s, he ran for governor on that ticket in 1952. When he lost and was passed over for the position of district attorney, he disassociated himself from that party and became politically more conservative. During the 1960s and 1970s, Seawell was very active as a dinner speaker, editorial writer, and also in his church and national religious organizations. He published two books, Sir Walter, The Earl of Chatham (1959) and Satire in Solid Skitches (1974), made guest appearances with Jesse Helms on WRAL-TV, and was a trustee of Gospel Chapel Mission from the time of its incorporation in 1957. In the early 1970s, Seawell joined the American party and ran for governor on that ticket in 1976. Professionally, he was associated briefly in the practice of law with Edgar T. Chapman (1931), Allen W. Brown (1951), and Percy H. Wilson (1954). After the mid 1960s, Seawell took fewer and fewer legal cases, and finally in 1971 he formed the firm of Seawell, Pollock, Fullenwider, Van Camp, and Robbins. His final years were devoted to religious activities and conservative politics.

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The majority of the collection concerns Seawell's legal career, specifically his civil cases, and includes wills, loans, deeds, promissory notes, debts, bankruptcies, divorces, drunk driving, paroles, and workman's compensation cases. Since he was a Referee in Bankruptcy, there are a number of files concerning bankruptcy cases, particularly between 1927 and 1929. An increasing number of workmen's compensationcases appear in the files, primarily involving mill workers and silicosis (1931-1938). Among the unusual cases are ones involving the violation of music copyright by the Dunes Club of Pinehurst and payments to I. T. Cohen (1937-1938), the copyright of the Jugtown Ware trademark and the controversy over the health of Juliana Busbee (1959), a case involving contribution to the delinquency of a minor (1927-1928), and a rape trial involving a male student (1956). Numerous files pertain to legal work for the community. These include work on the incorporation of Pinehurst (1932), the Hemp Sanitary District (1934), road repairs to the local school house (1939), and road improvement in Carthage (1946). There is also some information about the District Soil Conservation Agreement for the Upper Cape Fear region (1946). Other records report Seawell's involvement in the name change of the town of Hemp to Robbins (1943), the Hemp Country Fair in 1931, and the Fayetteville Historical Celebration (1939), where he served as judge at the parade and helped with the Scotch Historical Celebration Committee and the Moore County Committee.

Prior to World War II, a former client moved back to Germany and wrote to Seawell describing Germany's war preparations, the bombing of Freiburg, and the takeover of Norway. During the war years Seawell served on a Registrant's Advisory Board and on the Legal Aid Committee to help draftees with business and debt problems. Entertainment of soldiers (1941), rationing (1943-1944), and the organization of a Red Cross chapter in Moore County (1944) are all wartime topics discussed in this correspondence.

Segregation, integration, and civil rights are topics reflected in a variety of contexts throughout the collection. Many of Seawell's civil cases as well as a number of paroles were for black clients. Other correspondence discusses the Negro vote as a factor in the 1952 Republican campaigns, integration in N.C. prisons, and the success of the prison-education program (1963). In 1954, W. E. Debnam wrote thanking Seawell for a copy of his article, "Treatise on Color" ; in 1964 Sam Ervin commented on the Civil Rights Bill; and in 1983 Seawell received information on KKK rallies.

Temperance as a political topic from 1932-1942 appears in the United Dry Forces campaigns in North Carolina, in a variety of drunk driving cases, in the sale of liquor, and then personally in his religious and family correspondence.

Political correspondence documents Seawell's involvement in the Republican Party (1932-1960), as well as detailing events and activities concerning party organization, campaigns, candidates, precinct activity, primaries, financing, debt, patronage, and party friction. Materials reflect Seawell's candidacy for governor in 1952, his involvement in the presidential campaign for Eisenhower in N.C., and his role in a controversy over an appointment as U.S. Attorney for the Middle District (1953-1954). Seawell's good friend, Theron Lamar Caudle, also had difficulty with the Republican administration and their letters discuss both Seawell's non-appointment and Caudle's trial on charges of conspiracy to defraud the federal government (1953). Seawell became more conservative in the 1960s, and materials reflect his support of Jesse Helms, the Congressional Club, and the American Party (1976).Other topics discussed include Seawell's candidacy for governor on the American party ticket (1976), his support of Beverly Lake, Jr., for governor (1980), and the position of Robert Morgan on the Panama Canal controversy (1978).

A religious series pertains to Seawell's increasing involvement in the Gospel Chapel Mission in Carthage, his financial support of the Chapel, and his activities with the Christian Business Mens Committee and the Full Gospel Business Mens International. There is some correspondence with his son-in-law, Dr. Paul Freed, who was instrumental in the Voice of Tangier, which later became Trans World Radio, broadcasting religious programs throughout the world (1955-1983).

A personal series includes a grade card from Wake Forest, correspondence with his family, information on his mother's and brother's estates, a controversy over letters sent to his niece at Bob Jones University by one of her friends, family genealogy, and Seawell and McNeill legal documents. Personal correspondence includes information on his activities with the N. C. Bar Association, bills, memberships, donations, and income tax.

A folder of miscellaneous materials includes biographical information on Lee County people, a funeral oration for Cleveland Cagle, an article on the "New South" by Henry W. Grady, notes on the Fayetteville Historical Celebration and a copy of Seawell's speech at the presentation of the James McNeill Johnson portrait to the Carthage Courthouse.

Publications include some from the N.C. Bar Association, a Fayetteville Women's Club Yearbook for 1956-1957, and a memorial address by Frank Porter Graham at the presentation of the Aaron Ashley Flowers Seawell portrait to the Supreme Court of N.C. (1953).

Clippings include biographical sketches of prominent Chatham County people from the Chatham News.

An oversize folder includes the February 1897 issue of S.A.L.MAGUNDI (a Seaboard Air Line paper), featuring the town of Carthage. There is a survey of McLendon's Creek (1920) and a 1957 map of Moore County. A 1913 photograph of the N.C. Bar Association in Asheville, political posters, and a political cartoon are included as are his certificate to practice law (1925) and one to continue as a Referee (1931). Finally, there are two larger-than-oversize posters from his 1952 and 1976 campaigns for the governorship.

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Geographic Entries :

  • North Carolina, Moore County

Autograph Entries :

  • Adams, Sherman 1956
  • Belk, Henry 1962
  • Blue, H. Clifton 1963
  • Boone, Pat undated
  • Broyhill, James T[homas] 1979
  • Burgin, W[illiam] O[lin] 1943
  • Caudle, Theron Lamar (6) 1945-1946, 1948, 1953, 1957
  • Connor, George W[hitfield] 1929
  • Cooley, Harold D[unbar] (5) 1953-1957
  • Cooper, John Sherman 1954
  • Copeland, J[ames] William (2) 1973
  • Deane, Charles B[ennett] (15) 1949-1956
  • Debnam, W[aldemar] E[ros] 1954
  • DeLapp, Sim (7) 1942-1952
  • Dirksen, Everett McKinley 1953
  • Doak, Mrs. Charles G. [Frances Renfrow] 1934
  • East, John [Porter] 1980
  • Ervin, S[amuel] J[ames], Jr. (9) 1948-1964
  • Eure, Thad[eus] [Armie] (7) 1943-1963
  • Gardner, James C. 1967
  • Golden, Harry 1963
  • Helms, Jesse [Alexander, Jr.] (94) 1963-1980
  • Hodges, Luther H[artwell] 1960
  • Hoey, Clyde R[oark] (3) 1944-1945, 1950
  • Holshouser, James E. (3) 1973, 1979
  • Hoover, J[ohn] Edgar 1953
  • Hunt, James B[axter], Jr. 1978
  • Jackson, Brownlow (6) 1936-1942
  • Jonas, Charles A. (3) 1934, 1938, 1940
  • Jonas, Charles R[aper] (17) 1943, 1953-1961
  • Jones, Bob, Jr. 1948
  • Jones, Bob 1957
  • Kitchin, Thurman [Delna] (4) 1943-1945
  • Kitchin, A[lvin] Paul (2) 1960
  • Lake, I[saac] Beverly 1963
  • Lake, I[saac] Beverly, Jr. (3) 1980
  • Larkins, John D[avis, Jr.] 1960
  • McKeldin, Theodore R. (2) 1952, 1955
  • Meekins, I[saac] M[elson] 1943
  • Mizell, Wilmer D. 1973
  • Moore, Dan[iel] K[illian] (2) 1964-1965
  • Morgan, Robert (2) 1971, 1978
  • Newell, Jake F. (11) 1938-1941
  • Parker, John J[ohnston] (8) 1945-1954
  • Parker, R[obert] Hunt 1966
  • Rogers, William P[ierce] 1953
  • Sanford, Terry (4) 1961-1963
  • Smith, Willis 1951
  • Stanley, Edwin M. (6) 1954-1961
  • Story, T[homas] E. (7) 1953
  • Taft, Robert A[lphonso] (2) 1952
  • Taylor, Hoyt Patrick (3) 1949
  • Taylor, Hoyt Patrick, Jr. 1958
  • Umstead, William B[radley] (3) 1952-1954
  • Wallace, George C[orley] 1964
  • Warlick, Wilson 1953
  • Webb, E[dwin] Y. 1953
  • Willkie, Wendell L[ewis] 1940

Subject Entries :

  • AGRICULTURE— Animal Culture
  • AGRICULTURE— Soil Conservation
  • CRAFTS— Pottery
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. President— 1952
  • HEMP, N.C.
  • KU KLUX KLAN— North Carolina
  • LABOR— Workmen's Compensation
  • LAW AND LAWYERS— Bankruptcy
  • LAW AND LAWYERS— Carthage, N.C.— 1926-1983
  • LAW AND LAWYERS— Copyright
  • LAW AND LAWYERS— Legislation
  • LAW AND LAWYERS— N.C. State Bar Association
  • LAW AND LAWYERS— Workmen's Compensation
  • LEE CO., N.C.
  • NEGROES— Integration
  • NEGROES— Law and Lawyers
  • PANAMA CANAL— 1978
  • POLITICS— American Party— N.C.
  • POLITICS— Cartoons— 1953-1954
  • POLITICS— Prohibition
  • POLITICS— Republican Party— N.C.
  • POLITICS— Republican Party
  • PROHIBITION— Organizations— United Dry Forces
  • RELIGION— Baptist
  • RELIGION— Churches— Gospel Chapel Mission
  • RELIGION— Missionaries— Trans World Radio
  • RELIGION— Organizations— Christian Business Mens Committee
  • RELIGION— Organizations— Full Gospel Business Mens International
  • SEGREGATION— Civil Rights
  • WAR— WORLD WAR II— Germany
  • WAR— WORLD WAR II— Homefront
  • WAR— WORLD WAR II— Red Cross

Genealogy Entries :

  • CROOM FAMILY— Moore County, N.C.
  • MUSE FAMILY— Moore County, N.C.
  • SEAWELL FAMILY— Moore and Duplin Cos., N.C.

Map Entries :


Date Entries :

  • 1926-1929
  • 1930-1939
  • 1940-1949
  • 1950-1959
  • 1960-1969
  • 1970-1979
  • 1980-1983

Images below are listed alphabetically by subject. This list reflects only those portions of the collection for which negatives have been prepared.

AGRICULTURE— Animal Culture
Description: Rocky Bale Farms: French Alpine, Anglo Nubians, Homing Pigeons, New Zealand White Rabbits, Herd Sires
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: 10/2/1946
Call Number: logo-496.20.h

Description: Johnson Cotton Company, Fertilizer Manufacturers, Cotton, Ginners, Cotton Seed/Amazon Cotton Mills
Location: Thomasville, NC
Date: 2/17/1937; 4/1/1952
Call Number: logo-496.7.k; 496.28.a

AGRICULTURE— Cotton— Organizations
Description: North Carolina Cotton Growers Cooperative Association
Location: Raleigh, NC
Date: 11/6/1936
Call Number: logo-496.7.e

Description: John Deere pocket ledger with photographs and descriptions of tractors, mowers, balers and corn pickers
Date: 1950s
Call Number: logo-496.38.g

Description: The Country Fair/Moore County Agricultural Fair
Location: Hemp, NC
Date: 10/5-10/1931; 7/18/1938
Call Number: logo-496.4.e; 496.8.h

Description: East Coast Fertilizer Company, Fish Fertilizer Naco Fertilizer Company
Location: Wilmington, NC
Date: 6/3/1931; 10/1/1942
Call Number: logo-496.4.b; 496.14.d

AGRICULTURE— Fruit Culture
Description: A. Burkett Company, Inc., Distributors of North Carolina's Famous Sandhill Peaches
Location: Pinehurst, NC
Date: 6/8/1935
Call Number: logo-496.6.g

Description: A.P. Troutman, Breeder of Mammoth Bronze Turkeys; Siler City Poultry Exchange/Farm Service-Hatchery, Feed, Seed Cleaning, Seed, Rocks, Leghorns, Reds
Location: Addor, NC/Siler City, NC
Date: 12/7/1936; 9/8/1944; 11/4/1944
Call Number: logo-496.20.

Description: Dr. Hunter's Hatchery, Inc., Poultry Headquarters
Location: Sanford, NC
Date: 1/13/1947
Call Number: logo-496.20.k

Description: View from courthouse cupola
Location: Carthage, NC
Date: 1900s
Call Number: pc-496/60

Description: G.G. Stroud, Contractor and Builder
Location: Southern Pines, NC
Date: 10/6/1931
Call Number: logo-496.4.f

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Textiles
Description: The Pinehurst Silk Mills, Inc./ Asheboro Hosiery Mills
Location: Hemp, NC/Asheboro, NC
Date: 11/18/1931; 9/24/1936
Call Number: logo-496.4.g

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Agriculture— Chemicals
Description: Taylor Chemical Company, Farm and Orchard Chemicals
Location: Aberdeen, NC
Date: 5/20/1935
Call Number: logo-496.6.e

Description: M.H. Folley, lumber, millwork and builders' supplies
Location: Aberdeen, NC
Date: 1/31/1935
Call Number: logo-496.44.f

Description: A. M. Shrago & Sons, Wholesale Dry Goods, Notions and Mill Agents
Location: Goldsboro, NC
Date: 6/21/1929
Call Number: logo-496.3.a

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Commercial Agents/Cotton Textiles
Description: Campbell's Wholesale Jobbers, Mills Agents; W.T. Covington & Co.
Location: Shelby, NC/Rockingham, NC
Date: 5/14/1929; 6/20/1935
Call Number: logo-496.2.j; 496.6.f

Description: J.B. Ivey and Company/The McRae Company, notions and furnishings
Location: Charlotte, NC/Raleigh, NC
Date: 10/24/1928; 11/8/1928
Call Number: logo-496.2.a; 496.2.b

Description: Scott Drug Company
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: 10/8/1928
Call Number: logo-496.2.a

Description: Troy Furniture Company Inc., Home Furnishings, Embalmers, Undertakers
Location: Troy, NC
Date: 8/8/1928
Call Number: logo-496.1.j

Description: High Point Bending and Chair Company, hand and loom fibre furniture, bentwood porch and lawn swings
Location: Siler City, NC
Date: 9/3/1928
Call Number: logo-496.1.j

Description: Dunlap-Waddell Company, Retail Merchants, Hardware and Furniture
Location: Bonlee, NC
Date: 5/18/1935
Call Number: logo-496.6.e

Description: White Furniture Co.
Location: Mebane, NC
Date: 4/1/1952
Call Number: logo-496.28.a

Description: Thomas Brothers, Fresh Meats and Fancy Groceries
Location: Jackson Springs, NC
Date: 2/26/1929
Call Number: logo-496.2.i

Description: Job P. Wyatt & Sons Co., Wholesale Hardware, Farm Implements, Roofing, Fence and Wire
Location: Raleigh, NC
Date: 2/17/1944
Call Number: logo-496.17.b

Description: Imperial Life Insurance Company of North Carolina/Southern-Dixie Life Insurance Company
Location: Greensboro, NC
Date: 2/1/1943; 3/6/1944
Call Number: logo-496.15.c; 496.17.c

Description: Butlers Lumber Company/Colin G. Spencer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer of North Carolina Pine
Location: Butlers, NC/Carthage, NC
Date: 5/10/1935; 3/25/1944
Call Number: logo-496.6.e; 496.17.c

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Carriage Industry
Description: Tyson and Jones Wholesale Furniture Manufacturers
Location: Carthage, NC
Date: 6/19/1929
Call Number: logo-496.3.a

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Cleaning Compounds
Description: Industrial Supply Corporation, Manufacturers an distributors
Location: Durham, NC
Date: 11/3/1928
Call Number: logo-496.2.b

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Commercial Agents
Description: Gray and Creech, Inc., Mill Agents-Distributors, paper, bags, twine, stationery
Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Date: 8/29/1928
Call Number: logo-496.1.j

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Cotton Textiles
Description: Leeward Cotton Mills, Ragan Knitting Co.
Location: Worthville, NC/Thomasville, NC
Date: 5/9/1929; 3/9/1934
Call Number: logo-496.2.j

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Cotton Textiles
Description: New England Waste Company, Cotton Waste and Linters
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: 5/31/1929
Call Number: logo-496.2.j

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Cotton Textiles
Description: Vass Cotton Mill Company, High Grade Hosiery and Underwear Yarns/Pine Hosiery Mills
Location: Vass, NC/Star, NC
Date: 10/1/1936; 11/30/1936
Call Number: logo-496.7.d-e

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Flour Mills- -Animal Culture— Dogs
Description: Siler City Mills, Flour, Corn Meal, Feed, Dog Food
Location: Siler City, NC
Date: 12/23/1975
Call Number: logo-496.59.a

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Flour Mills
Description: Seaboard Mills Inc., Flour, Seed and Meal/Siler City Mills, High Grade Flour, Corn Meal, Feeds
Location: Siler City, NC/Sanford, NC
Date: 7/12/1938; 6/29/1939
Call Number: logo-496.8.h; 496.10.c

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Flour Mills
Description: Statesville Flour Mills Co., High Grade Flour and Feed
Location: Statesville, NC
Date: 4/12/1944
Call Number: logo-496.17.d

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Furniture Industry
Description: Drexel Furniture Company
Location: Drexel, NC
Date: 12/19/1928
Call Number: logo-496.2.b

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Lumber Industry
Description: Jonesboro Sash and Blind Co./Hamlet Manufacturing Company, Sash, Doors, Blinds and Mill Work
Location: Sanford, NC/Hamlet, NC
Date: 10/24/1929; 6/2/1932
Call Number: logo-496.3.b; 496.5.a

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Lumber Industry
Description: Southern Pines Warehouse, Building Materials, Lumber/Peerless Veneer Company, High Grade Plywood
Location: Southern Pines, NC/High Point, NC
Date: 2/21/1934; 1/15/1951
Call Number: logo-496.5.f; 496.26.d

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Textiles
Description: Cetwick Silk Mills, Incorporated/Pine Hosery Mills
Location: Asheboro, NC/Star, NC
Date: 1/1937; 8/11/1942
Call Number: logo-496.7.k; 496.14.b

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Textiles
Description: Bossong Hoisery Mills, Inc.
Location: Asheboro, NC
Date: 11/3/1943
Call Number: logo-496.16.e

Description: Andrews Music Store, Inc.
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: 3/20/1929
Call Number: logo-496.2.j

Description: W.I. Anderson & Company, Distributors and Jobbers/D.S. Hurley, Heavy and Fancy Groceries
Location: Greensboro, NC/Troy, NC
Date: 10/15/1928; 1928
Call Number: logo-496.2.a-b

Description: Bagwell Real Estate Company
Location: Hamlet, NC
Date: 10/4/1928
Call Number: logo-496.2.a

Description: I.L. Sears Tobacco Company; Pepper's Warehouse
Location: Durham, NC/Winston-Salem, NC
Date: 12/12/1928; 2/14/1929
Call Number: logo-584.2.b, i

Location: Carthage, NC
Date: 1910s
Call Number: pc-496.62

CHARITIES— Orphans and Orphan Asylums
Description: Children's Home Society of North Carolina, Inc./Oxford Orphanage
Location: Greensboro, NC/Oxford, NC
Date: 5/30/1938; 9/19/1939
Call Number: logo-496.8.f; 496.10.f

Description: Dixie Manufacturing Company, work pants, wash suits, riding pants, hunting coats
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: 10/5/1928
Call Number: logo-496.2.a

Description: Charlotte Duck Clothing Co./Stein Brothers Clothiers and Furnishers
Location: Charlotte, NC/Durham, NC
Date: 8/27/1928; 11/28/1928
Call Number: logo-496.1.j; 496.2.b

COURTS— Courthouse Square
Location: Carthage, NC
Date: 1907
Call Number: pc-496/61

Description: Caledonia Farm
Location: Halifax, NC
Date: 12/8/1940
Call Number: logo-496.11.e

Description: State Home and Industrial School for Girls/Stonewall Jackson Manual Training and Industrial School
Location: Eagle Springs, NC/Concord, NC
Date: 9/8/1941; 12/22/1945
Call Number: logo-496.12.d; 496.19.g

Description: Sheriff's Office, Richmond County, NC
Location: Richmond County, NC
Date: 3/16/1929
Call Number: logo-496.2.j

ELECTIONS— U.S. President
Description: Theodore Roosevelt on campaign train
Date: 1901-1909?
Call Number: p-496/38

FAYETTEVILLE, NC— Celebrations
Description: Fayetteville Historical Celebration, Inc.
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Date: 10/26/1939
Call Number: logo-496.10.g

Location: Gaston Co., NC
Date: 4/3/1958
Call Number: logo-496.53.b

Description: Logo with picture
Location: Guilford Co., NC
Date: 10/25/1933
Call Number: logo-496.5.d

HEALTH AND MEDICINE— Diseases— Tuberculosis/Sanatoriums
Description: The North Carolina Sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis
Location: Sanitorium, NC
Date: 2/7/1944
Call Number: logo-496.17.b

Description: W.L. Hand Medicine Company
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: 5/13/1927
Call Number: logo-496.43.b

Date: 1950s
Call Number: p-496/29

Description: Cabarrus Hall/The Barringer Hotel
Location: Kannapolis, NC/Charlotte, NC
Date: 9/18/1939; 10/21/1941
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.10.f; 496.12.e

Description: Hotel Joffre/Hotel Monroe/Mecklenberg Hotel
Location: Monroe, NC/Charlotte, NC
Date: 1929; 10/10/1936; 6/23/1950
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.2.h; 496.25.e

Description: Hotel Lafayette/Beautiful Crystal Lake Hotel & Properties
Location: Fayetteville, NC/Lakeville, NC
Date: 12/29/1941; 2/2/1943
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.12.g; 496.15.c

Description: Hotel Wilrick/Armington Hotel
Location: Sanford, NC/Gastonia, NC
Date: 6/2/1943; 11/1/1943
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.15.g; 496.58.b

MONEY AND BANKING— Bank of Wadesboro/Bank of Pinehurst/Fidelity Bank
Location: Wadesboro, NC/Pinehurst, NC/Durham, NC
Date: 12/15/1928; 3/19/1929; 12/20/1946
Call Number: logos w/picture-496.2.b, j; 496.20.j

MONEY AND BANKING— National Farm Loan Association/First National Bank
Location: Sanford, NC/Winston-Salem, NC
Date: 10/4/1939; 4/27/1950
Call Number: logos w/picture-496.10.g; 496.25.c

Location: Montgomery Co., NC
Date: 4/30/1945
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.18.h

Description: Masonic and Eastern Star Home
Location: Greensboro, NC
Date: 10/17/1939
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.10.g

ORGANIZATIONS— Rockingham Merchants Associations, Inc.
Location: Rockingham, NC
Date: 10/19/1945
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.19.e

ORGANIZATIONS— Rotary Club of Carthage
Location: Carthage, NC
Date: 3/17/1941
Call Number: logo-496.11.g

POLITICS— Republican Party
Description: Chub Seawell and Ike (Eisenhower, Dwight David) shaking hands
Date: 1950s
Call Number: p-496/7

Description: Hamlet News Publishing Company
Location: Hamlet, NC
Date: 9/13/1928
Call Number: logo-496.1.j

Description: The Raleigh Times
Location: Raleigh, NC
Date: 1/4/1929
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.2.h

Description: Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Date: 2/20/1943
Call Number: logo-496.15.c

Location: Richmond County, NC
Date: 5/19/1941
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.11.h

Description: Fayetteville Historical Celebration, Inc.
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Date: 10/26/1939
Call Number: logo-496.10.g

Location: Southern Pines, NC
Call Number: logo-496.11.e

Description: Camp Marshall, NC
Location: Camp Marshall, NC
Date: 10/19/1924
Call Number: logo w/picture-496.18.b

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Box 1#0496.1
Legal Files: General, 1926-September 1928
Box 2#0496.2
Legal Files: General, October 1928-May 1929
Box 3#0496.3
Legal Files: General, June 1929-March 1931
Box 4#0496.4
Legal Files: General, April-December 1931
Box 5#0496.5
Legal Files: General, January 1932-December 1934
Box 6#0496.6
Legal Files: General, January 1934-June 1935
Box 7#0496.7
Legal Files: General, July 1935-February 1937
Box 8#0496.8
Legal Files: General, March 1937-July 1938
Box 9#0496.9
Legal Files: General, August 1938-March 1939
Box 10#0496.10
Legal Files: General, April-November 1939
Box 11#0496.11
Legal Files: General, December 1939-May 1941
Box 12#0496.12
Legal Files: General, June-July 1941
Box 13#0496.13
Legal Files: General, August 1941-June 1942
Box 14#0496.14
Legal Files: General, July-September 1942
Box 15#0496.15
Legal Files: General, January-June 1943
Box 16#0496.16
Legal Files: General, August-December 1943
Box 17#0496.17
Legal Files: General, January-August 1944
Box 19#0496.19
Legal Files: General, June 1945-February 1946
Box 20#0496.20
Legal Files: General, March 1946-January 1947
Box 21#0496.21
Legal Files: General, February-December 1947
Box 22#0496.22
Legal Files: General, January-September 1948
Box 23#0496.23
Legal Files: General, October 1948-May 1949
Box 24#0496.24
Legal Files: General, June 1949-January 1950
Box 25#0496.25
Legal Files: General, February-September 1950
Box 26#0496.26
Legal Files: General, October 1950-May 1951
Box 27#0496.27
Legal Files: General, June 1951-March 1952
Box 28#0496.28
Legal Files: General, April 1952-March 1953
Box 29#0496.29
Legal Files: General, April 1953-February 1954
Box 30#0496.30
Legal Files: General, March 1954-January 1955
Box 31#0496.31
Legal Files: General, February 1955-May 1956
Box 32#0496.32
Legal Files: General, June 1956-February 1958
Box 33#0496.33
Legal Files: General, March 1958-May 1959
Box 34#0496.34
Legal Files: General, June 1959-February 1961
Box 35#0496.35
Legal Files: General, March 1961-September 1962
Box 36#0496.36
Legal Files: General, October 1962-February 1964
Box 37#0496.37
Legal Files: General, March 1964-1976
Box 38#0496.38
Legal Files: General, 1977-1983, undated
Box 38#0496.38
Aberdeen Company, 1937
Box 38#0496.38
Allred vs Davis, 1940-1941
Box 38#0496.38
John Anthony, 1941
Box 38#0496.38
H. Baker & Co., 1931-1932
Box 38#0496.38
R. M. Ballard, 1939-1940
Box 38#0496.38
James Barber, 1927
Box 38#0496.38
Bessie Barnum, 1943
Box 38#0496.38
Barrett Admin. vs Parker, 1941-1948
Box 38#0496.38
U.L. Barrett, 1930
Box 38#0496.38
Barrow vs Barrow, 1940-April 1941
Box 39#0496.39
Legal Files: Barrow vs Barrow, May 1941-1942
Box 39#0496.39
Raymond Beasley, 1938-1939
Box 39#0496.39
Beck vs Beck, 1938
Box 39#0496.39
Elizabeth Wade Bell, 1941
Box 39#0496.39
Glenn Benner, 1939
Box 39#0496.39
W. P. Benner, 1935-1937
Box 39#0496.39
Berryman vs Hoyle, 1940-1941
Box 39#0496.39
Kate Biddle, 1937-1938
Box 39#0496.39
L.L. Biddle II, 1935-1937
Box 39#0496.39
John Black, 1937-1941
Box 39#0496.39
Paul Bluchroeder, 1943-1947
Box 39#0496.39
Blue vs Buttry, 1948
Box 39#0496.39
George Blue, 1939
Box 39#0496.39
Bogan vs Addison, 1942-1943
Box 39#0496.39
Louise Brand, 1932-1937
Box 40#0496.40
Legal Files: Mrs. Edgar Brewer, 1940
Box 40#0496.40
Mary Brewer, 1935
Box 40#0496.40
Willie Britt, 1941-1942
Box 40#0496.40
C. B. Brook, 1938
Box 40#0496.40
Lonnie Brower, 1939-1942
Box 40#0496.40
Brower vs Thomas, 1938-1941
Box 40#0496.40
George W. Brown, 1937
Box 40#0496.40
Lessie Graves Brown, 1940
Box 40#0496.40
O.W. Brown, 1942-1944
Box 40#0496.40
R. W. Brown, 1937-1941
Box 40#0496.40
W. C. Brown, 1927-1928
Box 40#0496.40
W. T. Brown, 1936-1938
Box 40#0496.40
Brown-Rogers-Dixon, 1934
Box 40#0496.40
Harry Buckley, 1937
Box 40#0496.40
H.C. Buckminster, 1936-1938
Box 40#0496.40
Tinnie Burden, 1938
Box 40#0496.40
A. Burker & Co., 1935-1938
Box 40#0496.40
G. J. Burney, 1939-1940
Box 40#0496.40
Juliana Busbee, 1959
Box 40#0496.40
A. J. Butler, 1930
Box 41#0496.41
Legal Files: Thomas Caddell, 1940-1941
Box 41#0496.41
A. M. Caddle, 1940-1943
Box 41#0496.41
E. H. Caddle, 1938-1941
Box 41#0496.41
Jonah Cagle, 1930-1931
Box 41#0496.41
E. Fischer Caldwell, 1924-1932
Box 41#0496.41
Margaret Hahn Cameron, 1942
Box 41#0496.41
Cameron vs Cameron, 1937-1939
Box 41#0496.41
Naomi Cameron, 1939-1941
Box 41#0496.41
Candor Furniture, 1939
Box 41#0496.41
A. Benson Cannon, 1940-1942
Box 41#0496.41
Carroll vs Gardner, 1935-1938
Box 41#0496.41
Nannie Carswell, 1945-1946
Box 41#0496.41
George Carter, 1938-1944
Box 41#0496.41
R. C. Carwell, 1940-1941
Box 41#0496.41
Case vs Arnold, 1937-1940
Box 41#0496.41
George W. Case/Cynthia Lamm, 1937-1938
Box 42#0496.42
Legal Files: Central Chemical Co. vs Martin, 1932-1940
Box 42#0496.42
Chriscoe vs State Hospital Assoc., 1941-1942
Box 42#0496.42
W. M. Chriscoe, 1935
Box 42#0496.42
Citizens Bank & Trust vs Highland Park Hotel, 1936-1937
Box 42#0496.42
W. H. Coffey, 1943-1946
Box 42#0496.42
Cole vs Moore County Hospital, 1935-1936
Box 42#0496.42
Mabel Jones Connelly, 1940-1942
Box 42#0496.42
Mrs. Wm. A. Cook, 1937-1938
Box 42#0496.42
Coral Gables vs Nettie Ayres, 1933-1937
Box 42#0496.42
Covington vs James, 1937-1938
Box 42#0496.42
Credit Clearing House, 1929-1930
Box 42#0496.42
Cummings vs Dowd, 1939-1940
Box 42#0496.42
Davis vs Bostic, 1939-1940
Box 42#0496.42
Davis vs Standard Mineral Co., 1937
Box 42#0496.42
Dismukes vs White, 1928
Box 43#0496.43
Legal Files: Leta Dow Estate, 1937-1939
Box 43#0496.43
Jane Sears Dowd, 1927-1931
Box 43#0496.43
Frank Dudgeon, 1933-1936
Box 43#0496.43
Dunes Club of Pinehurst, 1938
Box 43#0496.43
George T. Dunlap, 1939
Box 43#0496.43
Dunn vs Brewer, 1946-1947
Box 43#0496.43
Eby vs Carter, 1941-1947
Box 43#0496.43
Cornelia Evans Will, 1915-1943
Box 44#0496.44
Legal Files: G. W. Felgar, 1924-1927
Box 44#0496.44
Maud Ferguson, 1937-1940
Box 44#0496.44
F. B. Fields, 1931-1937
Box 44#0496.44
First National Bank, 1931
Box 44#0496.44
M. H. Folley, 1930-1936, 1941-1942
Box 44#0496.44
Forbes vs Forbes, 1940-1941
Box 44#0496.44
Eula Foster, 1937
Box 44#0496.44
Sam Fry, 1939-1940
Box 44#0496.44
Fry vs Fry, 1929
Box 44#0496.44
Aggie Furr, 1936-1938
Box 44#0496.44
L. L. Gardner, 1932
Box 44#0496.44
Percy Gardner, 1933
Box 44#0496.44
Ruth W. Gardner, 1938-1941
Box 44#0496.44
Gardner Judgements, 1932-1941
Box 44#0496.44
Gardner vs Bank of Pinehurst, 1940
Box 44#0496.44
Mrs. K. C. Garner, 1928
Box 44#0496.44
Garner vs Maness, 1933
Box 45#0496.45
Legal Files: Ora Gibson, 1939-1940
Box 45#0496.45
Gladys Dunlop Graves, 1939-1940
Box 45#0496.45
J. C. Hammond, 1937-1940
Box 45#0496.45
Elizabeth Harper Hardy, 1944-1948
Box 45#0496.45
Willie Ernest Hatch, 1935
Box 45#0496.45
J. G. Hayer, 1940-1941
Box 45#0496.45
Mattie Henley, 1940
Box 45#0496.45
Home Insurance Co., 1930
Box 45#0496.45
Hood vs Coursey, 1935-1936
Box 45#0496.45
A. H. Hurwitz, 1929-1930
Box 45#0496.45
Hussey vs Caddell, 1945-1946
Box 45#0496.45
W. L. Kennerly, 1929-1930
Box 45#0496.45
Kennerly Estate, 1937-1942
Box 45#0496.45
J. W. Latting, 1925-1929
Box 45#0496.45
Joseph Levy, 1931-1932
Box 45#0496.45
Rachel Levy, 1924-1930
Box 45#0496.45
Lewis Cafe, 1941
Box 46#0496.46
Legal Files: Boyce Littlefield, 1934
Box 46#0496.46
Wilma Lynn, 1933-1936
Box 46#0496.46
Mac Innes, 1936-1938
Box 46#0496.46
Mason & Gardner, 1932-1933
Box 46#0496.46
Thomas vs McLaughlin, 1944
Box 46#0496.46
Margaret McLean, 1930-1935
Box 46#0496.46
McMaster vs McMaster, 1941
Box 46#0496.46
Josie McNeill Woltz, 1932
Box 46#0496.46
Meriden National Bank, 1936-1940
Box 46#0496.46
Mrs. W. M. Milan, 1939
Box 46#0496.46
Mitchum vs James, 1936-1938
Box 47#0496.47
Legal Filles: North Carolina Corp., 1933-1934
Box 47#0496.47
Page Trust Co., 1933-1934
Box 47#0496.47
Amos Palmer, 1941-1944
Box 47#0496.47
Parent Bodies vs Barrett, 1941-1942
Box 47#0496.47
Walter E. Parker, 1929-1939
Box 47#0496.47
O. Tracy Parks, 1937-1940
Box 47#0496.47
Pinehurst Dept. Store vs Davidson, 1937-1938
Box 47#0496.47
Raymond Bros, 1932-1935
Box 47#0496.47
E. M. Ritter, 1933-1936
Box 47#0496.47
Sandon & Co., 1938-1942
Box 47#0496.47
W. Washington Sears, 1927-1931
Box 47#0496.47
Silicosis Cases, 1937-1938
Box 47#0496.47
Robert Skinner, 1936-1938
Box 47#0496.47
Smith vs Litchfield, 1943-1944
Box 47#0496.47
J. C. Steele, 1933-1934
Box 47#0496.47
Ray Stutts, 1939
Box 47#0496.47
G. B. Suggs, 1936
Box 48#0496.48
Legal Files: Demus Taylor, 1932-1933
Box 48#0496.48
U.S. vs 1940 Ford Coach, 1946
Box 48#0496.48
Tayntor Estate, 1933-1934
Box 48#0496.48
P. H. Waddell, 1928-1931
Box 48#0496.48
J. S. Warman, 1938
Box 48#0496.48
Wilson/Connors, 1935
Box 48#0496.48
Joseph Wood, 1940-1941
Box 48#0496.48
Yemasee Naval Stores vs Carroll, 1933-1938
Box 48#0496.48
S. Safford Young, 1938
Box 48#0496.48
Case List, 1942-1952
Box 48#0496.48
Account Book, 1927-1951
Box 49#0496.49
Legal Files: Daily Record, 1953-1966
Box 50#0496.50
Religion: Christian Business Men's Committee, Programs; Correspondence— Christian Business Men's Committee, 1953-1983
Box 50#0496.50
Full Gospel Business Mens International, 1960-1983
Box 50#0496.50
Gospel Chapel, 1945-1982
Box 50#0496.50
General Correspondence, 1939-1954
Box 51#0496.51
Religion: General Correspondence, 1955-1976
Box 52#0496.52
Religion: General Correspondence, 1977-1983, undated
Box 52#0496.52
Trans World Radio Correspondence, 1955-1983
Box 52#0496.52
Religious Publications
Box 52#0496.52
Speaking Engagements: Correspondence, 1947-1955
Box 53#0496.53
Speaking Engagements: Correspondence, 1956-1974
Box 54#0496.54
Speaking Engagements: Correspondence, 1975-1983
Box 54#0496.54
Politics: Correspondence, 1926-1953
Box 55#0496.55
Politics: Correspondence, 1954-1979
Box 56#0496.56
Politics: Correspondence, 1980-1983, undated
Box 56#0496.56
Pamphlets; Printed Materials; Editorials, 1943-1983, undated
Box 57#0496.57
Personal: Family Correspondence, 1926-1983
Box 57#0496.57
Family Genealogy; Family Legal Materials, 1834-1975
Box 57#0496.57
Appointments, 1971-1982
Box 58#0496.58
Personal: Appointments, 1983
Box 58#0496.58
Correspondence, 1927-1974
Box 59#0496.59
Personal: Correspondence, 1975-1983
Box 59#0496.59
Photographs; Carthage, N.C., Views; Biography; Certificates; Sir Walter, The Earl of Chatham; Miscellaneous; Printed Materials
Box 60#0496.60
Personal: Clippings
Box 60#0496.60
Legal Correspondence: P. H. Wilson, 1954-March 1955
Box 61#0496.61
Legal Correspondence: P. H. Wilson, April-December, 1955
Box 61#0496.61
Correspondence: Henry Seawell, 1926-1947
Box 61#0496.61
Ella McNeill Seawell Estate Papers, 1949-1956
Oversize Folder os1#0496.os1
S.A.L.MAGUNDI, Map, Photographs, Posters, Political Cartoon, Certificates
Oversize Folder os2#0496.os2
Oversize Campaign Posters, 1952, 1976

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