Maurice G. Burnside Papers, 1928-1931, 1939-1966

Manuscript Collection #468

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Title: Maurice G. Burnside Papers
Creator: Burnside, Maurice G.
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: Papers (1928-1931, 1939-1966) including scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, congressional papers, miscellaneous material.
Extent: 7.82 Cubic feet, including scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, congressional papers, and miscellaneous material.

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Accessions Information

March 1, 1983, 300 items and 12 volumes; Papers (1939-1966) of congressman and tobacco executive, including correspondence, speeches, reports, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous. Donor: Maurice G. Burnside, Treasure Island, FL., and Mrs. Marilyn B. Weaver, Wilson, N. C.

May 19, 2003, (unprocessed addition 1), 186 items, 4.05 cubic feet; Papers (1793-2003) including correspondence, legal documents, financial records, printed forms, and manuscript materials related to the family and career of South Carolina born political scientist, businessman, government official, lobbyist, and congressman (Democrat -West Virginia), 1949-1953, 1955-1957, who later moved to Wilson, NC. See preliminary inventory attached. Donor: Marilyn B. Weaver.

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Preferred Citation

Maurice G. Burnside Papers (#468), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

Acquisition Information

  • Gift of Maurice G. Burnside
  • Gift of Mrs. Marilyn B. Weaver

Processing Information

  • Processed by J. Smith, December 1983

  • Encoded by Apex Data Services

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Maurice Gwinn Burnside (b. 1902), political science professor, West Virginia Democratic congressman, and tobacco warehouse executive, spent a lifetime studying international affairs. As a young man following graduate studies at the University of Texas, he worked and traveled in Europe and Asia for three years and was instrumental in organizing International Clubs at colleges and universities throughout the Southwestern United States. In 1940 he settled in Huntington, West Virginia, and taught political science at Marshall College until 1948, serving as department head from 1941-1945.

Following his tenure at Marshall College, he served three terms in Congress and worked briefly at the National Security Agency in Washington, D. C. He was a member of the committees on Public Works and the Post Office, Civil Service, and Expenditures in the Executive Department, and served on the United States-Philippine War Damage Commission (1949).

His post-congressional years were spent lobbying for various environmental groups, farmers, small businesses, and educational organizations. He also participated in the management of the Tri-State Tobacco Warehouse in Huntington.

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The bulk of the collection pertains to Dr. Burnside's congressional and political activities (1945-1956) and is composed largely of scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, andphotographs. Materials reflect the time and effort Dr. Burnside directed toward environmental issues, unemployment, the problems of small businesses and farmers, and the promotion of tariffs on foreign products that competed with local industries in his district such as textiles, chemicals, pottery, and marble.

The limited correspondence pertains directly to his failure to win re-election in 1956 and expressions of appreciation for his support of various bills in Congress. One letter of interest discusses the appointment of a new governor of the Virgin Islands (Feb. 17, 1961). Two letters from John F. Kennedy express appreciation for Dr. Burnside's support for Kennedy's presidential nomination (Aug. 12, 1960, undated), and one letter from Adlai E. Stevenson (Jan. 23, 1956) seeks Dr. Burnside's counsel and advice for his upcoming presidential campaign (Jan. 23, 1956). Two telegrams of significance pertain to the halting of H-Bomb tests (Oct. 19, 1956) and campaign financing by the Republican and Democratic parties (Nov. 4, 1956).

Most of the scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings and memorabilia concerning life and politics in Washington, D. C. One volume of photographs records his travels through Europe and Asia (1928-1931) while another contains material relating to congressional investigative junkets to Korea and Southeast Asia. Numerous loose photographs include portraits of political figures from the 1940s through the 1960s.

Testimonies to congressional committees, extensions of remarks to the Congressional Record, and reports of congressional investigative junkets compose most of the remainder of the collection. Notable among the reports is that by the U.S.-Philippines War Damage Commission, which provides before and after pictures of numerous buildings repaired and restored after World War II damage. Also of interest is a scrapbook of photos and newspaper clippings pertaining to a congressional investigation (1949) of aid to the Korean Army.

One folder pertains solely to Dr. Burnside's business interests in the Tri-State Tobacco Warehouse in Huntington, W.Va., which includes a lease, business and financial reports, correspondence, photographs, and clippings.

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Geographic Entries :

  • D.C., Washington
  • West Virginia, Huntington

Autograph Entries :

  • Butler, Paul M[ulholland] 1956
  • Deane, Charles B[ennett] (2) 1956, 1957
  • Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (2) 1960, undated
  • McCarthy, Eugene J[oseph] 1960
  • Neely, M[atthew] M[ansfield] 1955
  • Stevenson, Adlai E[wing] (2) 1956

Subject Entries :

  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Tobacco Industry— West Virginia
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. President— 1956
  • ELECTIONS— West Virginia— 1956
  • INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS— Korea— Military Assistance
  • INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS— Southeast Asia— Military Assistance
  • KOREA— 1949
  • LABOR— Unemployed— West Virginia
  • POLITICS— Democratic Party— 1956
  • POLITICS— Democratic Party— 1960
  • POLITICS— Virgin Islands
  • SOCIAL LIFE AND CUSTOMS— Balls— Washington, D.C.
  • TARIFF— 1955-1956
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Weapons Systems
  • WAR— WORLD WAR II— Reparations

Map Entries :

  • PACIFIC OCEAN (1949)

Date Entries :

  • 1945-1949
  • 1950-1959

Images below are listed alphabetically by subject. This list reflects only those portions of the collection for which negatives have been prepared.

Description: Standing with agricultural representatives in front of tractor
Location: West Virginia
Date: 1950s
Call Number: p-468/5

Description: Street scene
Location: China
Date: 1945?
Call Number: p-468/9

Description: Harry Byrd and Burnside holding globe of world
Location: District of Columbia— Washington
Date: 1950s
Call Number: p-468/4

CHINA— Harbors
Description: Ships in harbor; loading barges
Location: China
Date: 1950s
Call Number: p-468/7, 8, 10, 11

ELECTIONS— U.S. Congress— House
Description: Campaign truck, Burnside and Kilgore
Location: West Virginia
Date: 1945?
Call Number: p-468/2, 3

PANAMA— Canal Zone
Description: Map of entire canal with elevations
Location: Panama— Canal Zone
Call Number: p-468/13

Description: Portrait
Date: 1964
Call Number: p-468/6

WAR— WORLD WAR I— Military Intelligence
Description: "Gabrielle," Belgian spy
Location: Europe
Date: 1917
Call Number: p-468/1

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Box 1#0468.1
Political correspondence, campaign material, Tri-State Tobacco Warehouse newspaper clippings and miscellaneous
Box 2#0468.2
Congressional papers, voting, and attendance records, and excerpts from the Congressional Record; 1949 scrapbook of clippings and photographs related to an investigative trip to Korea concerning aid; photographs of political figures (Harry Truman, Robert Byrd, Harold Cooley, Burnside and others) and campaigning, and of China; and books A Digest of Japanese War Conduct by Shuhsi Hsu (1939) and Malayan Problems by Tan Cheng Lock (1947)
Box 3#0468.3
Photographs of political figures and photo album of the Philippines
Box 4#0468.4
Photo album of European and Asian travels (1928-1931)
Box 5#0468.5
Scrapbook, 1945-1946, political and congressional activities
Box 6#0468.6
Scrapbook, 1949, congressional junkets to the Philippines, Korea, and Southeast Asia
Box 7#0468.7
Scrapbook, 1949, congressional activities
Box 8#0468.8
Scrapbook, 1949-1950, congressional activities
Box 9#0468.9
Scrapbook, 1950, congressional activities
Box 10#0468.10
Scrapbook, 1951, congressional activities
Box 11#0468.11
Scrapbook, Jan.-May, 1952, congressional activities
Box 12#0468.12
Scrapbook, June-Dec., 1952, congressional activities
Box 13#0468.13
Scrapbook, 1955, congressional activities
Box 14#0468.14
Scrapbook, 1956-1957, congressional activities
Oversize Folder os1#0468.os1
Map of Pacific Ocean and picture of Sam Rayburn

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Below is material taken from a preliminary inventory and represents content from the collection that is unprocessed.

  • Box 15#0468.15
    • Folder a#0468.15.a
      Barkley, Jane R. (Mrs. Alben W.) Letter to Mrs. Burnside (9/3/1952) TLS. 1 item. 3 p. Note: Wife of Vice President of the United States.
    • Folder b#0468.15.b
      Byrd, Robert C. (Senator D-WV) Letter to M. G. Burnside (8/24/1977) TLS, 1 item. 2 p. Note: Autographed "Best to you and your family Burnie." Signed "Robert."
    • Folder c#0468.15.c
      Burnside, Evelyn Jackson Pell (Mrs. Maurice G.) Letters, Etc. (ca. 1912-1943) 4 items. 5 p.
    • Folder d#0468.15.d
      Burnside, Evelyn Jackson Pell (Mrs. Maurice G.) re: Guilford College (ca. 1906-1961) 3 items. 36 p.
    • Folder e#0468.15.e
      Burnside, Evelyn Jackson Pell (Mrs. Maurice G.) Thomas-Yelverton funeral obituary note (2/10/2003) 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder f#0468.15.f
      Burnside, James W., Charleston, SC Letters received (1886-1889) 2 items. 10 p.
    • Folder g#0468.15.g
      Burnside, James W., Richland, SC Property & Legal records (1883-1903) 14 items. 46 p. Note: James W. Burnside was Maurice G. Burnside's father. Includes plats of property.
    • Folder h#0468.15.h
      Burnside, Maurice G. Biographical sketch & Resumes (ca. 1938-1969) 12 items. 22 p. Notes: Includes printers proof for "Who's Who" edition.
    • Folder i#0468.15.i
      Burnside, Maurice G. Duke University, Durham, NC files (1938-1939) 4 items. 11 p. Notes: Includes abstract of dissertation, diploma.
    • Folder j#0468.15.j
      Burnside, Maurice G. Letters to his mother (1929-1930) 6 items. 23 p. Notes: Sent from aboard SS Hanover when he was a crewmember. The ship sailed from Germany to Hong Kong, Manila & Legaspi, Philippines; also includes an itinerary.
    • Folder k#0468.15.k
      Burnside, Maurice G. Marshall University, Huntington, WV files (1940) 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder l#0468.15.l
      Burnside, Maurice G. World War I leave memorabilia, Le Mans, France (1918) 4 items. 5 p. Note: Burnside was on leave from the 105th Ammunition Train, American Expeditionary Force.
    • Folder m#0468.15.m
      Burnside, Olivia America McCants (Mrs. James W.) Letters received (1883-1917) 9 items. 19 p. Note: Olivia America McCants Burnside was Maurice G. Burnside's mother.
    • Folder n#0468.15.n
      Burnside, Olivia America McCants (Mrs. James W.) Hill Crest, SC Expense book (1907-1932) 1 item. 83 p. Note: Cover torn off. Conservation needed.
    • Folder o#0468.15.o
      Burnside, Olivia America McCants (Mrs. James W.) Property & Legal records (1886-1941) 23 items. 47 p.
    • Folder p#0468.15.p
      Eisenhower, Dwight David (President, US) Autography (ca. 1953-1961) 1 item. 1 p. Note: Written in table place setting with presidential seal.
    • Folder q#0468.15.q
      Flying Fisherman Club, New York, NY. Letter to M. G. Burnside (1/20/1956) TLS. 1 item. 1 p. Note: Congratulations for catching 125 lb. Pacific Sailfish.
    • Folder r#0468.15.r
      McCants, Allen G., Mobile, AL Letters received. (1873-1914) 2 items. 4 p. Note: Olivia America McCants Burnsides' family.
    • Folder s#0468.15.s
      Randolph, Jennings (Senator, D-WV) Letter to "Dear Roxie" (8/13/1974) Holograph. 1 item. 1 p. Note: Written on U. S. Senate stationery. Signed "Jennings."
    • Folder t#0468.15.t
      Rutledge, Archibald, McClellanville, SC. Letter to "Dear Friend" (9/29/n.y.) & Letterhead of American Association of University Women, re: invitation to speak. Holograph, 2 items. 2 p. Note: Rutledge (1883-1973) was the first poet laureate of South Carolina.
    • Folder u#0468.15.u
      U. S. Department of Defense. National Security Agency, Washington, DC. Letter to Maurice G. Burnside (3/26/1953) TLS. Photocopy. 1 item. 1 p. Note: Letter of termination of appointment.
    • Folder v#0468.15.v
      Vaughan, Harry H. (Major General, U. S. A. R. retired) Alexandria, VA, Letter to "Burnie" (8/20/1977) Holograph. 1 item. 3 p. Note: Includes color photographic print of Burnside, Dale Berneking, Harry Vaughan, Stan Brading & Walter Rasmussen.
  • Box 16#0468.16
    • Folder a#0468.16.a
      Clipping "Memorial Chapel - A Lasting Remembrance of Crash Victims," by Mollie Young, Herald Advertiser (8/1/1971) 1 item. 1 p. Note: Memorial on Marshall University campus for victims of plane crash of 11/14/1970 that killed football team.
    • Folder b#0468.16.b
      Clipping "Old Papers tell of Gen. [Francis] Marion: William and Thomas McCants of Revolutionary Fame Scouts for Swamp Fox," Press and Standard, Walterboro, DC (6/17/1931) 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder c#0468.16.c
      Ephemera. American Contract Bridge League Life Master Certificate & Letter of transmittal (1978-1979) 2 items. 2 p.
    • Folder d#0468.16.d
      Ephemera. Maurice G. Burnside congressional campaign advertising (ca. 1950) 4 items. 6 p. Note: Includes brochure & matchbook for campaigns in West Virginia's 4th district.
    • Folder e#0468.16.e
      Ephemera. Maurice G. Burnside Letterhead (n.d.) 5 items. 5 p.
    • Folder f#0468.16.f
      Ephemera. Tri-State Tobacco Whse., Inc., Huntington, WV Advertising key chain & pencil (ca. 1950) 1 item. 1 p. Note: "Burnie Burnside, P. R. Floyd-Joe Floyd,"
    • Folder g#0468.16.g
      Manuscript Volume: My Travels Abroad: Diary of a Crewman Aboard S. S. Effna, from New Orleans to the English Channel (8/2 - 8/20/[1929]) 1 vol. [boxed] & 1 oversized map. 112 p. Note: See oversized folder for map. Probably by Maurice G. Burnside.
    • Folder h#0468.16.h
      Original Art. Pencil sketch of Young Man Reading with caption: "Hand it Back Burnie!" and signed "M/M." (n.d.) 1 item. 1 p. Note: "Burnie" was Maurice G. Burnside's nickname.
    • Folder i#0468.16.i
      Grist Mill, Pilot Mountain, NC Photographic Print (September 1902) Matted. Black & White. 10" x 8" 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder j#0468.16.j
      Heath, Charles (Uncle) and friends. Photographic Print (ca. 1900s) Black & White. 1 item. 1 p. Note: Uncle Charles with two lady friends. Post card photograph.
    • Folder k#0468.16.k
      Lewis, J. P. (Mrs.) Family Portrait, including Mrs. Lewis, Dio, Dalmer, Myrene, Ray, Clonnie Bell & Annie Mae. (ca. 1900s) Black & White. 1 item. 1 p. Note: Post card photograph.
    • Folder l#0468.16.l
      Warehouse Group, Clarkton, NC Photographic Print (ca.1900s) Matted. Black & White. 10" x 8" I item. 1 p.
    • Folder m#0468.16.m
      Plats. Plat showing Block 12, Plat No. 1 Altizer Place, Huntington, WV (12/5/1951) Scale: 1" = 100'. Blueprint. 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder n#0468.16.n
      Scrapbook. Collection (ca. 1949-1953) of photographic prints and clippings documenting M. G. Burnside's congressional career. 1 vol. (loose leaf) 36 p. Notes: Includes photographs of trips to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Raffles Hotel, Singapore; Pearl Harbor, HI; USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT; & Washington, DC.
    • Folder o#0468.16.o
      Printed. Congressional Club Breakfast Honoring Mrs. [John F.] Kennedy (5/18/1961) 2 items. 2 p. Note: Invitation & Table number card.
    • Folder p#0468.16.p
      Printed. Congressional Club Breakfast Honoring Mrs. [Lyndon B.] Johnson (5/5/1966) Clipping & Pamphlet. 2 items. 9 p. Note: Pamphlet autographed by guests: Mrs. Herman R. Alden, Mrs. Martin L. Hecht, Mrs. Jackson C. Davis, Mrs. L. H. Fountain, Mrs. Harry Wilson, Mrs. Ray C. Coates, Mrs. George A. Weaver, Jim Nabors, Lenore Moeler (Mrs. Walter) & Mary Christenson.
    • Folder q#0468.16.q
      Printed. Matthew Anderson Reese memorial service program (12/5/1998) Falls Church, VA 1 item. 2 p. Note: (1927-1998)
    • Folder r#0468.16.r
      Printed. North Carolina's Tribute to President John F. Kennedy . . . . (5/17/1964) Kennan Stadium, Chapel Hill, NC Program. 1 item. 2 p.
    • Folder s#0468.16.s
      Printed. Official [Johnson] Inauguration Program (1/20/1965) Pamphlet, etc. 3 items. 27 p.
    • Folder t#0468.16.t
      Printed. Program of Commemoration Ceremony of the 100th Anniversary of the Second Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, 1865-1965. (3/4/1965) Pamphlet. 1 item. 16 p.
    • Folder u#0468.16.u
      Printed Form. Camp Training Certificate, Reserve Officer Training Corps (7/20/1921), Ft. Monroe, VA 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder v#0468.16.v
      Printed Form. Invitation to Attend and Participate in the Inauguration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon (1/20/1953) & Mailing Envelope. 1 item. 2 p.
  • Box 17#0468.17
    Printed Materials A - C
    • Folder a#0468.17.a
      Abbott, James. Adventures of a Country Boy Retold by Clifton Johnson. (New York: American Book Company, c. 1916), 1 vol. 135 p. Note: Autographed: "To George from Papa Jan. 20, 1920."
    • Folder b#0468.17.b
      Acts and Resolutions of the General Assembly of South Carolina Passed in December 1813. Columbia, D & J.J. Faust, 1814. 1 vol. 287 p. Note: Autographed "Joseph U. Moses, May 1 1856; M. G. Burnside, 3001 Blossom St., Columbia, SC."
    • Folder c#0468.17.c
      Acts and Resolutions of the General Assembly of South Carolina Passed in December 1814, Columbia, D & J.J. Faust, 1815. 1 vol. 138 p. Note: Bookplate "James Louis Petigru"
    • Folder d#0468.17.d
      Acts of the General Assembly of South Carolina from February 1791, to December, 1794, both inclusive. Volume 1. Columbia, SC:, D. & J.J. Faust, 1808. 1 vol. 240 p. Note: Autographed: "M. G. Burnside, Wm. Robertson." Cover torn.
    • Folder e#0468.17.e
      Barrington, Jonah, Sir, Rise and Fall of the Irish Nation. New York, NY: D. & J. Sadlier, 1854. 1 vol. 236 p. Note: Frontispiece, Title page, Table of contents, Dedication, missing. Cover torn, upside down.
    • Folder f#0468.17.f
      Berdoe, Edward, The Browning Cyclopaedia: A Guide to the Study of the Works of Robert Browning. London, George Allen & Unwin, 1920. 1 vol. 289 p. Note: Autographed "Furman University, Spring Term, February 2, 1923, M.G. Burnside."
    • Folder g#0468.17.g
      Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1961. (Washington, DC: GPO, 1961), 1 vol. 932 p. Note: Autographed "Presented to M. G. Burnside by Gen. Roderick."
    • Folder h#0468.17.h
      Block, Herbert. The Herblock Book. (Boston: Beacon Press, 2d Printing, 1952), 1 vol. 124 p. Note: Autographed "December 1952 To Congressman and Mrs. M. G. Burnside -- I'm appreciative of an exceedingly pleasant association, Frances Beckanston."
    • Folder i#0468.17.i
      Brame Drug & Medicine Company. Brame's Family Remedies Consisting of the Best Formulas Known to Medical Science. North Wilkesboro, NC: Press of D. J. Carter [1914 ?]. Pamphlet. Paperback. Note: Sold by Lot Drug Co., Pilot Mountain, NC.
    • Folder j#0468.17.j
      Bunyan, John. The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to that which is to come. . . . Philadelphia: American Baptist Publishing Society, 1852), 1 vol. 180 p. Note: Autographed "M. G. Burnside."
    • Folder k#0468.17.k
      Byrum, Isabel C. Twilight Tales with the Children. Anderson, IN: Gospel Trumpet Co., © 1913. 1 vol. 48 p. Note: Autographed "Evelyn Pell, Xmas 1919."
    • Folder l#0468.17.l
      Comstock, J. L. A System of Natural Philosophy. (New York: Pratt, Woodford & CO., 1846), 1 vol. 180 p. Note: Autographed "C.S. Welch."
    • Folder m#0468.17.m
      Congressional Club Cookbook: A Collection of National and International Recipes, 10th edition. (Washington, DC, 1982), 1 vol. 372 p. Note: Bookplate "Mrs. M. G. Burnside."
    • Folder n#0468.17.n
      Congressional Club Pictorial Directory 1954, Dr. Diosdado M. Yap, publisher & editor. (Washington, DC, 1954), Paperback. 1 vol. 75 p.
    • Folder o#0468.17.o
      Congressional Club Yearbook 1983-1985. (Washington, DC, 1983), Paperback. 1 vol. 42 p.
    • Folder p#0468.17.p
      Congressional Directory, Eighty-Second Congress, First Session, March 1951. (Washington, DC: GPO, 1951), 1 vol. 362 p. Note: Cover engraved "Mrs. M. G. Burnside"
    • Folder q#0468.17.q
      Congressional Directory, Eighty-Second Congress, Second Session, January 1952. (Washington, DC: GPO, 1952), 1 vol. 369 p. Note: Cover engraved "M. G. Burnside"
    • Folder r#0468.17.r
      Crichton, Andrew, History of Revolutions in Europe from the subversion of the Roman Empire in the West, till the Congress of Vienna from the French of Christopher William Koch with a continuation to the year 1815. Middletown, Edwin Hunt, 1834. 1 vol. 196 p. Note: Autographed: "O. A. Burnside. Maurice G. Burnside, Greenville, SC. Translated 1823."
  • Box 18#0468.18
    Printed Materials D - Mi
    • Folder a#0468.18.a
      Davies, Charles. Elements of Algebra on the basis of M. Bourbon. (New York: A. S. Barnes & Co., 1866), 1 vol. 201 p. Note: Autographed "D. C. Rankin, Barracks at Binham's, Oct. 1867."Cover torn.
    • Folder b#0468.18.b
      Dickens, Charles. A Tale of Two Cities & Sketches by Boz. (New York: International Book Company, n.d.) 1 vol. 409 p. Note: Autographed "O. A. Burnside."
    • Folder c#0468.18.c
      Eliot, George. Romola. (New York: E. P. Dutton & Company, 1917), 1 vol. 284 p.
    • Folder d#0468.18.d
      Harper, Robert Goodloe, Esq., Observations on the Orton Dispute between the United States and France. Philadelphia, Philanthropic Press, 1797. 1 vol. 81 p.
    • Folder e#0468.18.e
      Hays, Mary, Female Biography; or, Memoirs of Illustrious and Celebrated Women, of all Ages and Countries, v 2. Philadelphia, Fry & Kammerer, 1807. 1 vol. 256 p. Note: Covers missing.
    • Folder f#0468.18.f
      House Rules and Manual, Eighty-Fourth Congress. (Washington, DC: GPO, 1955), 1 vol. 360 p. Note: Cover engraved "M. G. (Burnie) Burnside." Contains clipping of an article by Mary McGrory "The Twilight of the Presidency (n.p., n.d)"
    • Folder g#0468.18.g
      House Rules and Manual, Eighty-Second Congress. (Washington, DC: GPO, 1951), 1 vol. 380 p. Note: Cover engraved "M. G. Burnside." Autographed: "Dr. M. G. Burnside: Member of U. S. House of Representatives O. H. Office Building 343."
    • Folder h#0468.18.h
      Irving, Washington, Tales of a Traveler. New York, Belford Company, n.d. 1 vol. 438 p.
    • Folder i#0468.18.i
      Journal of the Proceedings of Congress 1775. Facsimile edition. (Philadelphia: Library Company of Philadelphia, 1974), Paperback. 1 vol. 72 p. Note: "Autographed "To Congressman M. G. Burnside."
    • Folder j#0468.18.j
      Koch, Christopher William, History of the Revolutions in Europe
    • Folder k#0468.18.k
      Mansfield, Edward D., Esq., The Life of General Winfield Scott Embracing his campaign in Mexico. New York, A.S. Barnes & Co., 1848. 1 vol. 210 p. Note: Autographed "A. G. McCants, Lafayette, Ala, April 15, 1854."
    • Folder l#0468.18.l
      March, Francis A., History of the World War with an introduction by General Peyton C. March. Philadelphia, the United Publishers of the United States & Canada, 1919. 1 vol. 368 p. Note: Autographed "J. A. Pell."
    • Folder m#0468.18.m
      Mill, John Stuart, Principals of Political Economy with some of their applications to social philosophy. Revised edition. Vol. 1. in Dwight, Timothy, et. al., eds. The World's Great Classics Illustrated with Nearly two hundred photographures, etchings, colored plates and full page portraits of great authors. Clarence Cook, art editor. New York, NY: The Colonial Press, 1896. 1 vol. 230 p. Note: Autographed "Maurice Gwinn Fowles, Columbia, SC, Aug. 23 / [1923]"
    • Folder n#0468.18.n
      Mill, John Stuart, Principals of Political Economy with some of their applications to social philosophy. Revised edition. Vol. 2. in Dwight, Timothy, et. al., eds. The World's Great Classics Illustrated with Nearly two hundred photographures, etchings, colored plates and full page portraits of great authors. Clarence Cook, art editor. New York, NY: Colonial Press, NY, 1899. 1 vol. 242 p. Note: Autographed "Maurice Gwinn Fowles, Columbia, SC, Aug. 23 / [1923]"
  • Box 19#0468.19
    Printed Materials Mo - West
    • Folder a#0468.19.a
      Monteith, James. First Lessons in Geography. (New York: American Book Company, c. 1884, 1889), 1 vol. 34 p. Note: Autographed "Evelyn Pell"
    • Folder b#0468.19.b
      Milton, John. The Poetical Works of John Milton with a Memoir and critical remarks on his genius and writings, Montgomery, James, ed., Vol. 1. (New York: The World Publishing House, 1877), 1 vol. 184 p. Note: Autographed: "Maurice G. Burnside, Columbia, SC."
    • Folder c#0468.19.c
      Peters, Richard, ed., Condensed Reports of Cases of the Supreme Court of the United States..., v.1 from April term 1791 to February term 1806 inclusive. Philadelphia, PA: John Grigg, 1830. 1 vol. 329 p.
    • Folder d#0468.19.d
      Pocket Congressional Directory, Eighty-Fourth Congress, January 1955. (Washington, DC: GPO, 1955), 1 vol. 98 p. Note: Cover engraved "Mrs. M. G. Burnside."
    • Folder e#0468.19.e
      Pocket Congressional Directory, Eighty-Second Congress, January 1951. (Washington, DC: GPO, 1950), 1 vol. 98 p. Note: Cover engraved "Mrs. M. G. Burnside."
    • Folder f#0468.19.f
      Pope, Alexander, ed. Pope's Homer's Iliad. (New York: American Book Company, c. 1896), 1 vol. 62 p. Note: Autographed: "Evelyn J. Pell Books No. 28."
    • Folder g#0468.19.g
      Ramsay, David, History of the American Revolution, A new edition in 2 vols. London, John Stockdale, 1793. 2 vols. 361 p. Note: Vol.1: front & back covers torn. Vol. 2: front cover torn off, back cover nearly torn off. Autographed "M. G. Burnside, 3001 Blossom St., Columbia, SC."
    • Folder h#0468.19.h
      Ramsay, David, History of the United States from their First Settlement as English Colonies, in 1607, to the Year 1808. . . In three volumes. v 2 (of 3). Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1816 1 vol. 225 p. Note: Bookplate & autograph "LeRoy F. Youmans No 33."
    • Folder i#0468.19.i
      Ramsay, David, History of the United States from their First Settlement as English Colonies, in 1607, to the Year 1808. . . In three volumes. v 3 (of 3). Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1817. 1 vol. 214 p. Note: Front & back covers torn off. Bookplate & autograph "LeRoy F. Youmans No 34."
    • Folder j#0468.19.j
      Shaw, Carolyn H. The Social List of Washington, DC 1951: Congressional Supplement (Bethesda, MD, 1951), Paper back. 1 vol. 19 p.
    • Folder k#0468.19.k
      Shaw, Carolyn H. The Social List of Washington, DC 1955: Congressional Supplement (Washington, DC, 1955), Paperback. 1 vol. 20 p.
    • Folder l#0468.19.l
      Shaw, Carolyn H. The Social List of Washington, DC, 1955 (Washington, DC, 1955), Paperback. 1 vol. 202 p.
    • Folder m#0468.19.m
      Sims, Marian. Beyond Surrender: A novel. (Philadelphia: J. P. Lippincott, 1942), 1 vol. 246 p. Note: Autographed "Inscribed to Dr. Maurice G. Burnside, with best wishes, Marian Sims."
    • Folder n#0468.19.n
      Townsend, Calvin, Analysis of Civil Government. New York, NY: Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman & Co., 1869. 1 vol. 172 p. Note: Autographed "A. P. Davies, Davidson College, NC - January 6th 1869, Prof. J. M. Anderson. Maurice G. Burnside, Prof. of Economic Geography, Room 321 Brown Hall, Auburn, Alabama."
    • Folder o#0468.19.o
      Watrous, George A. Three Narrative Poems. (Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 1917), 1 vol. 57 p. Note: Autographed "Maurice G. Burnside, 610 Holly Street, Shandon, Columbia, South Carolina, The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina, at present."
    • Folder p#0468.19.p
      West Virginia Blue Book, Vol. 36, 1952, J. Howard Myers, ed. (Charleston, WV, 1952), 1 vol. 436 p.
  • Oversize Folder os1#0468.os1
    • Folder a#0468.os1.a
      Map. Colton's South Carolina Pocket Map (1867) Published by G. W. & C. B. Colton & Co., New York, NY. 13.75" (h) x 16" (w) 1 item. 1 p. Notes: Shows rivers, railroads, roads, towns, counties; inset Colton's Plan of Charleston, Vicinity & Harbor; decorative birder; folds into 3.5" x 5.8" gilt, blind-stamped, cloth covers; covers torn, conservation needed.
    • Folder b#0468.os1.b
      Map. World on Mercator Projection Map, The (ca. 1926-1929) Published by Samuel Ward Mfg. Co., Boston, MA; © George F. Cram Co., Indianapolis, IN. 26.5" (w) x 18.5" (w) 1 item. 1 p. Note: Removed from "My Travels Abroad" diary folder.
    • Folder c#0468.os1.c
      Newspaper. Wilson Daily Times, The Wilson, NC (10/22/1984) 1 item. 4 p. Note: Contains article "Wilsonians: He Knows the Life of a Politician," by Agnes Stevens, p. A1, A10.
    • Folder d#0468.os1.d
      Photographic Print. Atomic Bomb Explosion (n.d.) U. S. Army Reproduction #901 B. Matted. Color. 14" x 17" 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder e#0468.os1.e
      Photographic Print. Rayburn, Sam Portrait Photographic Print (n.d.) Matted. Black & White. 20" x 24" 1 item. 1 p. Note: Autographed "For my friend M. G. Burnside with best wishes, Sam Rayburn."
    • Folder f#0468.os1.f
      Photographic Print. Retail Hardware Association of North & South Carolina at Raleigh, NC July 7th to 9th 1914 Photographic Print (1914) 26.5" x 9" Black & White. Note: Panoramic portrait of members at stadium. "Photo by Moose, Greensboro, NC." 1 item. 1 p.
    • Folder g#0468.os1.g
      Photographic Print. Truman, Harry S., President, United States, Portrait (1949) Matted. Black & White. 11" x 14" 1 item. 1 p. Note: Water damage. Autographed "To Hon. M. G. Burnside with kindest regards & best wishes. Harry Truman. White House, Jan. 29, 1949."
    • Folder h#0468.os1.h
      Printed Form. West Virginia Certificate (12/12/1950) that M.G. "Burnie" Burnside of Cabell County, was duly elected as a Member of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States. Signed D. Pitt Orbison, Secretary of State. Okey L. Pattison, Governor. 16.5" x 13.5" 1 item. 1 p.

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