S. R. Fowle & Son Company Records, 1783-1956

Manuscript Collection #460

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Title: S. R. Fowle & Son Company Records
Creator: S. R. Fowle & Son Company
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: Records (1783-1956) including correspondence, ledgers, financial records, legal records, clippings, photographs, publications.
Extent: 37.7 Cubic feet, 5250 items , 5,250 items, consisting of correspondence, ledgers, financial records, legal records, clippings, photographs, and publications.

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November 15, 1982, 10 cu. ft. and 240 volumes; Records (1797-1939) of Washington, N.C., merchant and shipper (along with ledgers of prior firms), including correspondence, ledgers, daybooks, letterpress books, accounts, and other business records. Gift of Mr. S. R. Fowle and Mrs. Elizabeth Fowle Carter, Washington, N.C.

June 11, 2003 (unprocessed addition 1.0), 148 items; Letter book (12/19/1846 - 7/28/1849) containing copies of business letters sent by S. R. [Samuel Richardson] Fowle, owner of a Washington, NC general store, with Naval stores, timber, and shipping interests, to his customers, suppliers and other business associates. Donor: Phillips, Robert L., M.D.

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S. R. Fowle & Son Company Records (#460), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

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  • Gift of Mr. S. R. Fowle and Mrs. Elizabeth Fowle Carter
  • Gift of Phillips, Robert L., M.D.

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  • Processed by M. Boccaccio, May 1989

  • Encoded by Apex Data Services

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Samuel Richardson Fowle moved to Washington, N.C., with his wife Martha in 1815. The Fowle family operated a general store, later becoming involved in naval stores, timber, and shipping in Beaufort County. S. R. Fowle II (b. 1856), grandson of the company founder, married Mary Payne of Norfolk, Va., in 1881. He took over the family business and expanded it, operating a fleet of sailing ships in commerce to the West Indies.

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While there is some correspondence and a number of ledgers from the era of the elder S. R. Fowle, the major portion of the collection focuses on the business activities and family of S. R. Fowle II.

The major portion of the collection is concerned with the Fowle family business interests. An early ledger (1797-1801) for an antecedent firm indicates the beginning of a long-time interest in general merchandise and timber. Flour, clothing, farm supplies, tobacco, pork, rails, material, and tools were regularly bought and sold through the general store (1797-1942). Business correspondence from the 1900s through the 1930s indicates a continuing expansion and development of the inventory. By the 1920s, the Fowle logo advertised "sash, doors, blinds, and building materials." Fowle and Son Company served as a comprehensive retail outlet in that they marketed their own timber and farm products through the store and at the same time sold food, clothing, equipment, and other merchandise purchased from various companies.

Timber was a major concern throughout the Fowle business activities. Timber deeds exist for the period 1886-1920. An early daybook records timber inspections (1850-1854) and notes tree type, sizes, amounts, number of stocks, price, and seller. A shipping invoice book shows that logs were transported during 1880. Prices are given in both invoice books and ledgers as well as rate sheets from a number of lumber companies. The family also owned a sawmill in the county. Mill and timber ledgers (1878-1915) provide the name of the schooner, destination, date, load, cost, and the name of the purchaser. Some ledgers include mill accounts with the Fowle store while others note contracts with an estimate of standing timber, payroll, supplies, log sizes, amount rafted, stump size, and summaries (1896-1898) of expenses for cutting, hauling, and rafting. One ledger (1900) notes logs and planks bought for the Blounts Creek Road and another (1910-1917) lists activity involving the Bear Creek Road. A considerable amount of the business correspondence is concerned with all aspects of the lumber trade. Mill equipment and engines (1914), rights of way (1914), loading of barges with lumber from the mill, a claim of illegal cutting (1909), prices and market conditions, the difficulty of securing barges (1916), the use of locomotives at the mill (1911-1913), a reciprocity treaty with Canada (1911), the purchase of land for timber rights, and timber disputes are all areas of concern. The production and marketing of naval stores, i.e., tar and turpentine, are noted in financial records from 1840 through 1901.

From the mid 1830s through the end of the century, the Fowle businesses in Beaufort County were engaged in a shipping enterprise with the major market areas along the East Coast and in the West Indies. Schooners were the main vessel used in the early period and ledgers reflect their provisioning between 1835 and 1887. A logbook (1849-1850) for the brig EDWARD TILLETT gives weather, latitude and longitude, remarks, and destination for trips between Washington, N.C., and the West Indies, New York, Barbados, Martinique, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Philadelphia, Boston, and Guadeloupe. Towards the end of the century, steamers and barges are noted much more frequently.

Most of the timber coming from the mill at the end of the century was shipped by tug, barge, or steamer. Towing records for 1915-1916 provide the name of the tug and the amount towed. The location of Washington, N.C., and the relationship of water transportation to the development of commerce there led to an interest in the creation and improvement of canals. Monthly statistics are given for 1910 and 1911 for the Lake Drummond Canal (Dismal Swamp), which connects the Albemarle Sound and the Chesapeake Bay, noting the number of vessels through the canal and the time they took to make the trip. Destinations north and south are also indicated. Maps on the verso side of the correspondence from the canal and water company show the progress on the development of this route.

Agriculture was also a major focus for the Fowles who owned farmland in Beaufort County and rented land to tenants. Land records exist for 1783 through 1947.Cotton and tobacco were the primary crops. Correspondence with commission merchants (1912-1920) discusses the cotton situation. Tobacco warehouse sales are included from the early 1930s through the 1940s. Warehouses were discussed in 1913 and tobacco is a regular daybook entry. Agriculture financial records detail the basic expenses and the operation of Clifton Farm (1935-1939), Wildwood Farm (1920-1925), and Morgan Farm (1924-1925). Other farm records note tenant purchases, crop allowances (1946), insurance for tenant dwellings (1940), soil conservation (1937), miscellaneous tenant expenses (1920s), and acres per crop (undated drawing). Farm ledgers provide information from 1830 through 1947.

Economic conditions in Beaufort County (1913-1934) were discussed in correspondence and are inferred through price lists and sales records of the Fowle store. Among the economic issues discussed are the decline in timber prices (1914-1915), bank failures (1934), family finances (1934), and family rental properties.

W. M. Orr, son-in-law of S. R. Fowle II, was a distributor for the Indian Refining Company during 1920-1922. Records reflect his marketing of petroleum products in the eastern part of the state, distribution of these products to mills, and the sale of gas, kerosene, lubricating oil, and grease. The records also indicate a difficult relationship between Orr and the parent company due to wide differences in accounting practices and discrepancies in the accounts at both ends.

Storms and fires were a fairly regular problem for the farms and the mill (1913, 1914, 1916). References in the collection concern storm damage (1913) including uprooted trees, an overturned windmill, houses blown apart, flattened crops, a flooded store, substantial damage to merchandise in the warehouse, and lost lumber at the mill. Other disasters reported in the records include the sinking of the ORION (1914) with a full cargo, and the burning of standing timber (1913). A damage estimate by L. E. Everett and correspondence with Ward and Grimes indicate the cause of the fire was connected to railroad cars in the mill area. Correspondence with the locomotive companies discusses anthracite as a safer engine fuel than wood or soft coal. Crops were not immune from damage either and it was noted that a worm damaged an alfalfa crop in 1920.

Land was central to the Fowle farming and timber interests. The firm of Ward and Grimes conducted much of the family's legal business and materials in the collection pertain to the preparation of timber deeds, negotiation of rights of way to clear timber, and the problems of illegal or wrongful cutting (1909).

James L. Fowle, son of S. R. Fowle II, attended Randolph Macon Academy in 1911 and then Davidson College. Robert Fowle and S. R. Fowle III also attended Davidson. Correspondence from college concerns the Glee Club, Kappa Alpha Fraternitypledges, the YMCA (1914-1918), the Student Friendship War Fund (1917-1918), race relations in the South (1918), and missionary preparation at Vanderbilt University (1918). A notebook on Y activities includes mention of the Y's purpose, an article on prisoners of war, information on war fund campaigns, and a portion of a debate on internment of German nationals (1917). Davidson material also includes a church census with map for an area near Cornelius, N.C., and a list of KA alumnae in World War I and a history of the Sigma chapter.

After graduation, James attended Union Theological Seminary in Richmond and writes home about his participation in church activities in Huntington, West Virginia (1920), and Sinks Grove and Milton, West Virginia (1922). As pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri (1923-1932), and later the First Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee (1933-), he describes his life and pastoral duties in letters to his family. He also discusses the reasons for changing churches in terms of religious growth and awareness to issues.

World War I is discussed in the letters of S. R. Fowle III to his family. At an Army base in South Carolina (1918) he describes epidemics of measles and scarlet fever, joining the Military Police, the battle readiness of the camp, and studying for a commission.

Both of the sons (Mac, Jr., and Lewis) of W. M. and Ethel Fowle Orr were in the Navy during World War II. Mac Orr, Jr., was in Washington, D.C., in an administrative capacity in 1942 and assigned in 1943 to the USS RAVEN. Letters from both brothers comment on the Canal Zone, the American settlement on the west side of the canal, and the possibility of a prisoner of war labor camp to help farmers in Fairfax, Virginia.

Other family papers contain a variety of references to business, crime, politics, and education. Mining for feldspar in Lexington, N.C., is discussed (1916), as is the election for mayor in Washington (1909, 1911). Letters written in 1916 request support of the Wilson-Marshall presidential campaign and seek subscriptions for the construction of a three-room graded school in the county. A second school-related request (1920) seeks a subscription for playground equipment.

Commentary on crime in the area concerns timber theft and/or illegal removal (1909), gun duels involving and the eventual death of one Baxter Shemwell (1922), a murder/suicide in Washington, and the sentence of young men for stealing tires (1922).

A variety of papers belonging to Mary Payne Fowle, S. R. Fowle II's wife, reflects the life style and activities of an affluent wife and mother during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. A ledger volume converted into a journal (1892-1918) recordsthe impressions of a young mother in dealing with her children and the horror and emotional turmoil resulting from the drowning (1896) of her thirteen-year old son. Also recorded is the family's birth and death information. Correspondence (1904) documents her travels in western North Carolina seeking a healthier climate and hot springs treatment for another son. In 1921 she undertook a cruise to the Holy Land and her letters home describe her visits to Jerusalem, Calvary, Beirut, and Cairo. In addition, there are longer diary notes about the places on her tour and a number of photographs of the trip. Mrs. Fowle's activities in the Washington community are also documented. Speeches, writings, and correspondence document her leadership in women's clubs, the Presbyterian church, and various civic organizations. Her notebook (1881-1904) for the Ladies Benevolent Society details money paid to help the needy with rent, wood, provisions, and medicine. Also, materials on the United Daughters of the Confederacy document their support of needy veterans of the Civil War.

An undated list of slaves owned by the Payne family in Virginia is included as is a description of a colored baptism (1909). A receipt and indenture for a black Missionary Baptist church (1894-1895) and correspondence with an AME church (1906-1908) concerning their balance of payments toward the Capehart Chapel in Washington reflect activities within the black community.

Family and genealogical information is provided for both the Paine-Payne family of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia, and the Fowle family. A clipping notes important people and events in the history of the Paine-Payne family. Estate records (1913-1919) for W. T. Payne of Lexington, N.C., reflect property owned by the family and its eventual disposal. Membership records for the Daughters of the American Revolution and the United Daughters of the Confederacy contain genealogical information for the Fowle family. Correspondence notes more recent portions of family history. Family correspondence (1902-1910) reflects family illnesses, medical expenses, trips to resorts and hot springs for treatment, and a visit to the mountain community around Turnpike, N.C. (Buncombe County). Family photographs also are included.

An undated mimeographed letter describes opportunities in Sanford, N.C., and gives a street plan of the town on the verso side of the letter. Publications include a pamphlet on Washington, N.C., with photographs and city statistics (1941) and a Preliminary Report on Land Use in Albemarle-Pamlico Peninsula (1938). Other publications include a booklet on the Jamestown Exposition (1907), a booklet on camping in the Rockies and Yellowstone Park (1911), an issue of Confederate Veteran (1909), and a report on Adult Illiteracy in North Carolina and Plans for Its Elimination (1915).

Oversize items include land plats, a photograph, blueprints of a single saw edger and a saw slab slasher (1904), deeds, and issues of The Davidsonian (1916-1918).

For related material see Fowle Family Papers, Collection #MF. 29.

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Box 13a#0460.13a
Mary Payne Fowle Journal, 1893-1918
Box 22#0460.22
Letterpress Book, March - September 1888
Box 23#0460.23
Store Records: Daybook, 1797-1801
Box 27#0460.27
Store Records: Daybook, 1834-1835
Box 28#0460.28
Store Records: Daybook, 1836-1837
Box 29#0460.29
Store Records: Daybook, 1838-1839
Box 30#0460.30
Store Records: Daybook, 1839-1840
Box 31#0460.31
Store Records: Ledger, 1833-1835
Box 32#0460.32
Store Records: Ledger, 1835-1839
Box 33#0460.33
Store Records: Ledger, 1839-1843
Box 35#0460.35
Store Records: Daybook, 1841-1842
Box 36#0460.36
Store Records: Daybook, 1841-1843
Box 37#0460.37
Store Records: Daybook, 1842-1844
Box 38#0460.38
Store Records: Daybook, 1844-1847
Box 40#0460.40
Store Records: Daybook, 1847 - January 1850
Box 43#0460.43
Store Records: Daybook, 1856-1858
Box 44#0460.44
Store Records: Journal, 1858-1867
Box 45#0460.45
Store Records: Ledger, 1865-1873
Box 46#0460.46
Store Records: Daybook, 1870-1872
Box 48#0460.48
Store Records: Ledger, 1874-1876
Box 49#0460.49
Store Records: Daybook, 1876-1878
Box 51#0460.51
Store Records: Ledger, 1880-1888
Box 52#0460.52
Store Records: Cashbook, 1880-1882
Box 53#0460.53
Store Records: Ledger, 1881
Box 54#0460.54
Store Records: Ledger, 1882-1883
Box 55#0460.55
Store Records: Daybook, 1880-1881
Box 56#0460.56
Store Records: Daybook, 1882-1883
Box 57#0460.57
Store Records: Ledger, 1882-1884
Box 58#0460.58
Store Records: Cashbook, 1883-1884
Box 59#0460.59
Store Records: Ledger, 1883
Box 60#0460.60
Store Records: Ledger, 1883-1885
Box 61#0460.61
Store Records: Daybook, 1884-1886
Box 62#0460.62
Store Records: Daybook, 1885-1886
Box 63#0460.63
Store Records: Ledger, 1885-1888
Box 64#0460.64
Store Records: Daybook, 1886-1887
Box 65#0460.65
Store Records: Cashbook, 1887-1889
Box 66#0460.66
Store Records: Orderbook, 1888
Box 67#0460.67
Store Records: Daybook, 1887-1888
Box 68#0460.68
Store Records: Ledger, 1888-1889
Box 69#0460.69
Store Records: Daybook, 1888-1889
Box 70#0460.70
Store Records: Daybook, 1889-1890
Box 71#0460.71
Store Records: Daybook, 1889-1890
Box 72#0460.72
Store Records: Ledger, 1890
Box 73#0460.73
Store Records: Orderbook, 1890-1891
Box 74#0460.74
Store Records: Ledger, 1891
Box 75#0460.75
Store Records: Daybook, 1890-1891
Box 76#0460.76
Store Records: Ledger, 1890-1891
Box 77#0460.77
Store Records: Daybook, 1891-1892
Box 78#0460.78
Store Records: Ledger, 1892
Box 79#0460.79
Store Records: Orderbook, 1892-1893
Box 80#0460.80
Store Records: Ledger, 1893
Box 81#0460.81
Store Records: Daybook, 1894
Box 82#0460.82
Store Records: Ledger, 1894
Box 83#0460.83
Store Records: Orderbook, 1895
Box 84#0460.84
Store Records: Orderbook, 1893
Box 85#0460.85
Store Records: Ledger, 1893-1894
Box 86#0460.86
Store Records: Daybook, 1894
Box 87#0460.87
Store Records: Orderbook, 1894-1896
Box 88#0460.88
Store Records: Orderbook, 1895
Box 89#0460.89
Store Records: Ledger, 1895
Box 90#0460.90
Store Records: Ledger, 1895-1898
Box 91#0460.91
Store Records: Daybook, 1895
Box 92#0460.92
Store Records: Ledger, 1896
Box 93#0460.93
Store Records: Ledger, 1897
Box 94#0460.94
Store Records: Orderbook, 1898
Box 95#0460.95
Store Records: Ledger, 1898
Box 96#0460.96
Store Records: Orderbook, 1899-1900
Box 97#0460.97
Store Records: Daybook, 1899-1900
Box 98#0460.98
Store Records: Ledger, 1899-1900
Box 99#0460.99
Store Records: Ledger, 1899-1902
Box 100#0460.100
Store Records: Orderbook, 1901
Box 101#0460.101
Store Records: Ledger, 1901
Box 102#0460.102
Store Records: Inventory, 1900-1902
Box 103#0460.103
Store Records: Ledger, 1902-1903
Box 104#0460.104
Store Records: Orderbook, 1903
Box 105#0460.105
Store Records: Orderbook, 1903
Box 106#0460.106
Store Records: Cash/Bills Receivable, 1901-1902
Box 107#0460.107
Store Records: Orderbook, 1902-1905
Box 108#0460.108
Store Records: Bankbook, 1903-1907
Box 109#0460.109
Store Records: Cashbook, 1903-1904
Box 110#0460.110
Store Records: Cashbook, 1906
Box 111#0460.111
Store Records: Daybook, 1907
Box 112#0460.112
Store Records: Orderbook, 1907
Box 113#0460.113
Store Records: Daily Statement, 1907-1908
Box 114#0460.114
Store Records: Cashbook, 1908
Box 115#0460.115
Store Records: Cashbook, 1907-1911
Box 116#0460.116
Store Records: Daybook, 1908
Box 117#0460.117
Store Records: Cashbook, 1908-1909
Box 118#0460.118
Store Records: Cashbook, 1909-1911
Box 119#0460.119
Store Records: Daybook, 1909
Box 120#0460.120
Store Records: Daybook, 1909-1910
Box 121#0460.121
Store Records: Daily Statements, 1909-1910
Box 122#0460.122
Store Records: Daily Statements, 1912
Box 123#0460.123
Store Records: Ledger, 1912
Box 124#0460.124
Store Records: Ledger, 1912-1914
Box 125#0460.125
Store Records: Cashbook, 1911-1913
Box 126#0460.126
Store Records: Cashbook, 1913
Box 127#0460.127
Store Records: Cashbook, 1913
Box 128#0460.128
Store Records: Daybook, 1914-1915
Box 129#0460.129
Store Records: Ledger, 1913-1917
Box 130#0460.130
Store Records: Ledger, 1913-1916
Box 131#0460.131
Store Records: Cashbook, 1920
Box 132#0460.132
Store Records: Cashbook, 1921-1922
Box 133#0460.133
Store Records: Cashbook, 1922-1923
Box 134#0460.134
Store Records: Daybook, 1921-1925
Box 135#0460.135
Store Records: Cashbook, 1923
Box 136#0460.136
Store Records: Cashbook, 1923-1924
Box 137#0460.137
Store Records: Cashbook, 1924-1925
Box 138#0460.138
Store Records: Cashbook, 1925
Box 139#0460.139
Store Records: Cashbook, 1925-1926
Box 140#0460.140
Store Records: Cashbook, 1926
Box 141#0460.141
Store Records: Cashbook, 1926-1927
Box 142#0460.142
Store Records: Cashbook, 1928
Box 143#0460.143
Store Records: Cashbook, 1928-1929
Box 144#0460.144
Store Records: Cashbook, 1929-1930
Box 145#0460.145
Store Records: Cashbook, 1933-1934
Box 146#0460.146
Store Records: Cashbook, 1934-1935
Box 147#0460.147
Store Records: Cashbook, 1934-1936
Box 148#0460.148
Store Records: Daybook, 1934
Box 149#0460.149
Store Records: Daybook, 1934-1936
Box 150#0460.150
Store Records: Cashbook, 1935-1937
Box 151#0460.151
Store Records: Daybook, 1936-1938
Box 152#0460.152
Store Records: Cashbook, 1937-1938
Box 153#0460.153
Store Records: Cashbook, 1938-1939
Box 154#0460.154
Store Records: Daybook, 1938-1939
Box 155#0460.155
Store Records: Letterbook, 1900
Box 156#0460.156
Store Records: Letterbook, 1905
Box 157#0460.157
Store Records: Ledger, 1902-1904
Box 158#0460.158
Store Records: Cashbook, 1905
Box 159#0460.159
Store Records: Daybook, 1910-1912
Box 160#0460.160
Store Records: Orderbook, 1913-1914
Box 161#0460.161
Store Records: Daybook, 1914-1917
Box 162#0460.162
Store Records: Orderbook, 1917-1919
Box 163#0460.163
Store Records: Savings and Trust, 1918
Box 164#0460.164
Store Records: Cashbook, 1939-1941
Box 165#0460.165
Store Records: Cashbook, 1941-1942
Box 166#0460.166
Store Records: Inventory, 1860-1882
Box 167#0460.167
Store Records: Inventory, 1885
Box 168#0460.168
Indian Refining Co.: Cashbook, 1912-1913
Box 169#0460.169
Indian Refining Co.: Ledger, 1920-1921
Box 170#0460.170
Indian Refining Co.: Ledger, 1922
Box 171#0460.171
Indian Refining Co.: Daybook, 1922
Box 172#0460.172
Indian Refining Co.: Daybook, 1930-1934
Box 175#0460.175
Shipping Records: Invoices, 1835-1850
Box 176#0460.176
Shipping Records: Brig EDWARD TILLETT Log, 1849-1852
Box 177#0460.177
Farm Records: Ledger, 1890-1891
Box 178#0460.178
Farm Records: Farm/Mill/Order Ledger, 1893-1895
Box 179#0460.179
Farm Records: Cashbook, 1901-1902
Box 180#0460.180
Farm Records: Orderbook, 1902
Box 181#0460.181
Farm Records: Cashbook, 1902-1903
Box 182#0460.182
Farm Records: Orderbook, 1903
Box 183#0460.183
Farm Records: Farm/Mill/Store Shipments Ledger, 1903-1909
Box 184#0460.184
Farm Records: Orderbook, 1905
Box 185#0460.185
Farm Records: Orderbook, 1905
Box 186#0460.186
Farm Records: Ledger, 1908-1910
Box 187#0460.187
Farm Records: Ledger, 1911
Box 188#0460.188
Farm Records: Ledger, 1911
Box 189#0460.189
Farm Records: Ledger, 1910-1911
Box 190#0460.190
Farm Records: Cashbook, 1914-1915
Box 191#0460.191
Farm Records: Ledger, 1914-1917
Box 192#0460.192
Farm Records: Cashbook, 1915-1917
Box 193#0460.193
Farm Records: Cashbook, 1917-1918
Box 194#0460.194
Farm Records: Cashbook, 1918
Box 195#0460.195
Farm Records: Ledger, 1926-1927
Box 196#0460.196
Farm Records: Cashbook, 1929-1930
Box 197#0460.197
Farm Records: Tobacco Sales, 1928-1930
Box 198#0460.198
Farm Records: Daybook/Cashbook, 1931-1933
Box 199#0460.199
Farm Records: Daybook/Cashbook, 1933
Box 200#0460.200
Farm Records: Ledger, 1931-1938
Box 201#0460.201
Farm Records: Ledger, 1935-1941
Box 202#0460.202
Farm Records: Cashbook, 1936-1937
Box 203#0460.203
Farm Records: Daybook, 1939-1942
Box 204#0460.204
Farm Records: Ledger, 1940-1943
Box 205#0460.205
Farm Records: Tobacco Book, 1946
Box 206#0460.206
Farm Records: Cashbook, 1946-1947
Box 207#0460.207
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1878-1883
Box 208#0460.208
Mill/Timber Records: Timber/Schooner Ledger, 1878-1913
Box 209#0460.209
Mill/Timber Records: Timberland Contracts, 1889-1911
Box 210#0460.210
Mill/Timber Records: Timberland Contracts, 1890-1903
Box 211#0460.211
Mill/Timber Records: Timberbook, 1893-1895
Box 212#0460.212
Mill/Timber Records: Mill Ledger/Log Accounts, 1892-1895
Box 213#0460.213
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1892-1897
Box 214#0460.214
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1892-1895
Box 215#0460.215
Mill/Timber Records: Mill/Logbook, 1895
Box 216#0460.216
Mill/Timber Records: Mill/Log Daybook, 1895-1897
Box 217#0460.217
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1896
Box 218#0460.218
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1897-1898
Box 219#0460.219
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1897-1898
Box 220#0460.220
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1896-1899
Box 220#0460.220
Mill/Timber Records: Timberbook, 1898-1899
Box 221#0460.221
Mill/Timber Records: Logbook, 1899
Box 222#0460.222
Mill/Timber Records: Timberbook, 1898-1899
Box 223#0460.223
Mill/Timber Records: Orderbook, 1899-1900
Box 224#0460.224
Mill/Timber Records: Rental Book, 1884-1914
Box 225#0460.225
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1900-1902
Box 226#0460.226
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1900-1901
Box 227#0460.227
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1901-1902
Box 228#0460.228
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1901
Box 229#0460.229
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1902
Box 230#0460.230
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1902-1905
Box 231#0460.231
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1902-1910
Box 232#0460.232
Mill/Timber Records: Timberbook, 1902-1904
Box 233#0460.233
Mill/Timber Records: Timberbook, 1904-1906
Box 234#0460.234
Mill/Timber Records: Timberbook, 1907-1908
Box 235#0460.235
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1907
Box 236#0460.236
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1906-1910
Box 237#0460.237
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1909
Box 238#0460.238
Mill/Timber Records: Timberbook, 1910
Box 239#0460.239
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1910
Box 240#0460.240
Mill/Timber Records: Timberbook, 1910-1917
Box 241#0460.241
Mill/Timber Records: Logbook, 1912-1915
Box 242#0460.242
Mill/Timber Records: Woodbook, 1913-1914
Box 243#0460.243
Mill/Timber Records: Daybook, 1914-1915
Box 244#0460.244
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1915
Box 245#0460.245
Mill/Timber Records: Ledger, 1917-1919
Box 246#0460.246
Miscellaneous: Naval Stores Daybook, 1842-1848
Box 247#0460.247
Miscellaneous: Naval Stores Cashbook, 1878-1879
Box 248#0460.248
Miscellaneous: Naval Stores, 1894-1901
Box 249#0460.249
Miscellaneous: Coal, 1885
Box 250#0460.250
Miscellaneous: Coal, 1903-1907
Box 251#0460.251
Miscellaneous: Store Construction Ledger, 1915
Box 252#0460.252
Miscellaneous: Collections, 1917-1918
Box 253#0460.253
Miscellaneous: Suppliers
Box 254#0460.254
Miscellaneous: Tickets, 1898-1901
Box 255#0460.255
Miscellaneous: Tickets, 1907-1909
Box 256#0460.256
Payroll: Timber, 1890
Box 257#0460.257
Payroll: Mill, 1892-1897
Box 258#0460.258
Payroll: Mill, 1896-1898
Box 259#0460.259
Payroll: Mill, 1897-1899
Box 260#0460.260
Payroll: Mill, 1901-1903
Box 261#0460.261
Payroll: Mill, 1904
Box 262#0460.262
Payroll: Mill, 1905-1906
Box 263#0460.263
Payroll: Mill Ledger and Payroll, 1907-1908
Box 264#0460.264
Payroll: Mill, 1907-1908
Box 265#0460.265
Payroll: Mill, 1908-1909
Box 266#0460.266
Payroll: Mill, 1909-1910
Box 267#0460.267
Payroll: 1909-1910
Box 268#0460.268
Payroll: Mill, 1910-1911
Box 269#0460.269
Payroll: Mill, 1913-1915
Box 270#0460.270
Payroll: 1915
Box 271#0460.271
Payroll: 1915-1916
Box 272#0460.272
Payroll: Farm, 1917-1918
Oversize Folder os1#0460.os1
Land Plats; Photographs; Blueprints; Deeds; and Issues of The Davidsonian,1916-1918

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