Elizabeth Moore Collection, ca. 1933-1990

Manuscript Collection #322

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Title: Elizabeth Moore Collection
Creator: Moore, Elizabeth
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: Genealogical files for Craven County families compiled by Elizabeth Moore of New Bern.
Extent: 5.537 Cubic feet, of genealogical files pertaining mainly to Craven Co., N.C., families.

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December 7, 1976, (unprocessed), 4 cu. ft; Genealogical Files for Craven County families.

July 11, 1977 (unprocessed addition 1), 6 cu. ft.; Genealogical and local history files.

June 4, 1984 (unprocessed addition 2), N/A items; Genealogical files for Craven and Carteret County, N.C., families. Donor: Moore, Elizabeth (Ms.)

June 4, 1986 (unprocessed addition 3), 6 cu. Ft.; Genealogical files for Bell, Hall, Grady, Beasley, Miller, Guion, Haywood, Hollingsworth, Moore, Terry, Comron, Goode, Coward, Taliaferro, Bond, Ward, Rhodes, White, and Jones families.

February 26, 1988 (unprocessed addition 4), 5 cu. ft.; Genealogical records pertaining to Barrow, Oliver, Bryan, Fordham, Koonce, Stringer, Duffy, Kellersberger, Loftin, Moore, LaPierre, Perry, and Foy families and maps of New Bern, N.C.

July 30, 1991 (unprocessed addition 5), 3 cu. ft.; Genealogical files for Loftin, Wade, Foy, Baum, Simmons and related families. Gift of Miss Elizabeth Moore, New Bern N.C.

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Elizabeth Moore Collection (#322), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

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  • Gift of Miss Elizabeth Moore

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Box 1#0322.1
Acreman, Adams, Adamson, Alexander, Allen, Almond, Always, Aman, Ammons, Anderson, Andrews, Antonio, Archer, Ardene, Arnett, Ashe, Ashton, Atherly, Attmore, Austin, Avery, Misc. A, Backhouse, Baker, Barras, Barrow
Box 2#0322.2
Barrow, Battle, Beasley, Beaufort Co., Bell
Box 3#0322.3
Bell, Bellair
Box 4#0322.4
Bellair, Bender, Benjamin, Benners, Biddle, Bishop, Blackledge/Duffield, Blackledge, Blackman, Blackshear, Blades, Blakey, Blanchard/Cole, Blount, Bloodworth, Bond
Box 5#0322.5
Bond, Borden, Bradley, Bragg/Neale, Bray, Breen, Brice, Bright, Brinson, Brown, Brown/Noble, Bryan
Box 8#0322.8
Bryan, Bryant, Brunap
Box 17#0322.17
Buffalo, Burgwin, Burns, Misc. B's, Cabarrus, Campbell, Canaday, Carey, Carmack, Carney, Carraway
Box 18#0322.18
Carraway, Carruthers, Cartwright, Caswell, Chapman, Chappel/Clairborne, Chestnut, Churchill, Clark/Graham/Hollister, Clark/Whitford, Clark, Claypoole, Cleary, Clermont, Clopton, Cloud, Coart, Cogdell, Cohen, Comron, Connerly, Constable/Oliver, Cooke, Coward, Cox
Box 19#0322.19
Cox, Cox/Bloodworth, Cox/Kinsey, Crispin, Crispin/Harris, Croom, Cullen, Misc. C, Daly, Davis, Daw, Dawson, Dean, Debman
Box 20#0322.20
Delamar, Dennis, Dickson, Dolphin, Douberly, Duffy
Box 21#0322.21
Duffy, Dunn, Misc. D, Eaton, Edwards, Eiland, Elliott, Ellis, Emory, Evans/James, Misc. E
Box 22#0322.22
Farrior, Fellows, Fenner, Ferebee, Ferguson, Flynn, Flanner, Fonville, Fordham, Foy
Box 23#0322.23
Frank, French, Freeman, Fulford, Fuller, Fulshire/Fulcher, Misc. F, Gale, Gardner, Gaskins, Gaston, Gatlin, Geoffroy, Gilstrap, Gimbel, Godfrey, Good
Box 24#0322.24
Good, Goodhue, Gooding, Gordon/Duff, Grady, DeGraffenreid, Grant, Graves
Box 25#0322.25
Graves, Gray, Griffin, Griffith, Guion, Gwynn, Misc. G
Box 26#0322.26
Hall, Hardy, Hargett, Harker, Harriett, Harris, Hannis, Harrison, Hartley, Haslen, Hatch, Hathaway, Havens, Hawks
Box 27#0322.27
Hawks, Hayes/Campbell, Haywood, Heath, Henry, Herritage
Box 28#0322.28
Herritage, Herzog, Hill, Hilton, Hoffman, Hollingsworth, Hollister, Holmes, Holloman, Hooper, Horn/Hambleton, Howard, Howe, Howland, Howerton, Hughes, Hutchinson, Hyman
Box 29#0322.29
Hyman, Misc. H, Isler, Ives, Jackson, Jameson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones
Box 30#0322.30
Jones, Jordan, Kean, Kellenberger, Kenan, Kent, Kendrick, Kilpatrick
Box 31#0322.31
King, King, King/Hollister, Kingsey, Kinsey, Koonce, Kornegay, La Pierre, Lamotte, Leech, Lente, Lewis/Horkan
Box 32#0322.32
Linsey, Linton, Lisenbee, Loftin, Lovick, Lowry, Ludlum, Misc. L., Mallison, Malone, Manney, Mares, Mariner, Marmaduke, Marshall, Matthews
Box 33#0322.33
Mayherr, McCoy, McCreary, McLin, McNeill, Mercer, Merrick, Messer, Metts, Miller, Mitchell, Moore
Box 34#0322.34
Moore, Mooring, Morris, Morse, Mulholland, Murphy, Muse, Misc. M
Box 35#0322.35
Misc. M, Nash, Neale, Nelson, Nixon, Norwood
Box 36#0322.36
Misc. N, Oaksmith, Oberholtzer, Oliver
Box 37#0322.37
Oliver, Overbeck, Misc. O
Box 38#0322.38
Palatine, Parke, Parsley, Parsons, Pasteur, Pale, Payne, Pearce, Pearson, Pender, Perry, Peters, Physioc, Pickel, Pigott, Pitchett, Pool, Potter, Pounders, Powell, Poytress, Prevatte, Price, Pritchett, Privett
Box 39#0322.39
Pugh, Purefoy, Misc. P
Box 40#0322.40
Rains, Ream, Resonover, Rhem, Rhodes, Richardson, Rigsbee, Ringold/Sears/Daly, Roberson, Roberts, Robertson, Rogers, Ropp, Royer, Rumley, Rumsey, Russel/Russell, Misc. R, Salter
Box 41#0322.41
Sater, Shaw, Shackelford, Sheets, Shepard/Dill, Shine, Shute, Simpson, Singleton, Sitgraves, Sloan, Slover, Smith
Box 42#0322.42
Smith, Spaight, Sparrow, Spicer, Stafford, Stanley
Box 43#0322.43
Stanley, Stanton, Starkey, Strebeck, Stewart, Stringer, Stokes, Swann, Misc. S
Box 44#0322.44
Misc. S., Taylor, Tench, Terry/Parke/Stokes, Terry/Taliaferro, Thomas, Tignor, Tillman, Tingle, Tinker, Tisdale, Tiovoli, Tooley, Tomlinson, Torrans, Torrence, Train, Trapnell, Misc. T
Box 45#0322.45
Vail, Veal, Vendrick
Box 46#0322.46
Voss, Misc. V, Wadsworth
Box 47#0322.47
Waldron, Walker, Wallace, Ward
Box 48#0322.48
Ward/Rhodes, Washington, Waterman, Watson, Wells, West, Wetmore, Wheeler's Historical Sketches of N.C. abstracts, Whichcote, Whitaker, White
Box 49#0322.49
White, Whitfield, Whitford, Whitley, Wicker/Davis, Wickliff, Wilcox, Wilkerson, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Winnright, Wise, Witherington
Box 50#0322.50
Witherspoon, Wrenford, Misc. W, Young, Yow, Publications
Box 51#0322.51
Publications, Maps, Clippings
Box 52#0322.52
Clippings, Lot information
Box 53#0322.53
Lot information
Box 54#0322.54
Lot information, Ships, Miscellaneous unsorted
Box 55#0322.55
Miscellaneous unsorted
Box 56#0322.56
Miscellaneous unsorted, Correspondence unsorted
Box 57#0322.57
Abstract of Deeds, Books, Carteret County Court Records, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Cemeteries, Court Minutes, Craven County Court Records
Box 58#0322.58
Craven County Court Records, Christ Episcopal Church, Elizabeth City, Duplin County History, Early Settlers, General Information, "Historical Gleanings, Holmsley, Index of Old Papers, National Bank of New Bern, Iredell County Court Records, Kinds of Records, Maps, St. Clair McKelway Articles, Militia Records, Mills and Ponds - Craven County, New Bern Academy, New Bern, New Hanover
Box 59#0322.59
Fanny Nunn, R. A. Nunn, Onslow County Court Records, Pamlico County - History, Pamlico County - Schools, Pamlico County - Settlers, Pensions, Pepsi Cola, Petitions
Box 60#0322.60
Petitions and Court Records, Pitt County Court Records, Ports, Revill's Abstracts, John L. Roger Co. 1901 - 1905, St. Paul's Church, Beaufort, Sampson County Court Records, Schools, Tuscarora Tribe, Photographs
Box 61#0322.61
Card File: Family Names: A - Z
Box 62#0322.62
Card File: Miscellaneous Family Names New Bern Lots

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