Tapp-Jenkins Papers, 1895-1956

Manuscript Collection #312

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Box 1
Correspondence (Tapp— personal, Caswell School, telegrams, political)
Box 2
Correspondence (Tapp— constituents, business)
Box 3
Correspondence (Tapp— business; Jenkins— local business, personal, foreign A-B)
Box 4
Correspondence (Jenkins— foreign B)
Box 5
Correspondence (Jenkins— foreign B)
Box 6
Correspondence (Jenkins— foreign B-C)
Box 7
Correspondence (Jenkins— foreign C-K)
Box 8
Correspondence (Jenkins— foreign J-M)
Box 9
Correspondence (Jenkins— foreign L-W, bills and receipts)
Box 10
Bills, receipts, inventory and invoices (Jenkins co.)
Box 11
Invoices and shipping papers (Jenkins Co.
Box 12
Shipping papers (Jenkins Co.)
Box 13
Shipping papers (Jenkins Co.) and miscellaneous tobacco papers (Jenkins and Tapp)
Box 14
Flue-cured Stabilization Corporation papers, New Carolina Warehouse papers, Growers Tobacco Warehouse papers, Tapp's Warehouse accounts, and Independent Tobacco Export Co. papers
Box 15
Independent Tobacco Export Co. papers
Box 16
Independent tobacco Export Co. papers and miscellaneous papers
Box 17
Pamphlets, publications, newspaper articles, N.C. Senate bills and reports and miscellaneous papers
Box 18
N.C. Senate bills and reports and miscellaneous papers, L.P. Tapp and unidentified ledgers (1895-1897)
Box 19
Ledgers (L.P. Tapp; unidentified), 1896-1898
Box 20
Ledgers (Carolina Warehouse; L.B. Jenkins; unidentified) 1899-1921
Box 21
Ledgers (L.B. Jenkins; unidentified) 1920-1922
Box 22
Ledgers (L.B. Jenkins; unidentified) 1921-1924
Box 23
Ledgers (L.B. Jenkins; unidentified) 1924-1928
Box 24
Ledgers (L.B. Jenkins; unidentified) 1925-1931
Box 25
Ledgers (Independent Tobacco Export Co.; Tapp's Warehouse; unidentified) 1948-1956
Box 26
Ledger (L.P. Tapp) 1896
Box 27
Ledger (L.P. Tapp) 1898-1899
Box 28
Ledger, 1909-1912
Box 29
Ledger, 1916
Box 30
Ledger, 1916-1924
Box 31
Ledger, 1916-1925
Box 32
Ledger, 1917-1919
Box 33
Ledger, 1919-1922
Box 34
Ledger (L.B. Jenkins) 1919-1921
Box 35
Ledger, 1920-1925
Box 36
Ledger, 1922-1925
Box 37
Ledger, 1923
Box 38
Ledger, 1923-1924
Box 39
Ledger, 1924-1925
Box 40
Ledger, 1924-1929
Box 41
Ledger, 1925
Box 42
Ledger, 1925-1926
Box 43
Ledger, (Tapp's Warehouse) 1925-1927
Box 44
Ledger, 1926-1929
Box 45
Ledger, (Tapp's Warehouse) 1927-1929
Box 46
Ledger, 1928-1929
Box 47
Ledger, 1929
Box 48
Ledger, 1929
Box 49
Ledger (Tapp's Warehouse) 1929-1931
Box 50
Ledger (Tapp's Warehouse) 1931-1948
Box 51
Ledger (Tapp's Warehouse) 1932-1934
Box 52
Ledger (Tapp's Warehouse) 1939-1946
Box 53
Ledger (Bowling Green Broadcasting Co.) 1942-1950
Box 54
Ledger, 1947-1950
Box 55
Ledger (Independent Tobacco Export Co.) 1948-1956
Box 56
Appraisal of L.B. Jenkins Tobacco Co., Inc., 1954
Box 57
Ledger, undated
Oversize Folder os1
Newspapers, miscellaneous, 1923-1931

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