John A. Lang, Jr., Papers, 1890-1974

Manuscript Collection #271

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Title: John A. Lang, Jr., Papers
Creator: Lang, John A., 1910-1974
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: Papers (1890-1974) consisting of correspondence, reports, pamphlets, speeches, conference records, minutes, publications, newspapers, agenda, photographs, tapes and miscellaneous.
Extent: 30.38 Cubic feet, consisting of correspondence, reports, pamphlets, speeches, conference records, minutes, publications, newspaper clippings, photographs, bulletins, notes, calendars, memoranda, agenda vouchers, orders, awards, programs, thesis tapes.

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September 26, 1974,42 cubic feet; Papers (1932-1974), consisting of correspondence, speeches, reports, clippings, photographs, etc., pertaining to the national Youth Administration; The Civilian Conservation Corps, state and national politics, Congressmen Charles B. Deane and Robert E. Jones, U.S. Air Force, East Carolina University, and the N.C. Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs.

October 12, 1978,(addition) ca. 300 items; Papers (1890-1947), consisting of correspondence, reports, clippings, appointment calendars, and miscellaneous. Gift of Mrs. John A. Lang, Jr., Greenville, North Carolina.

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John A. Lang, Jr., Papers (#271), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

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  • Gift of Mrs. John A. Lang, Jr

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John Albert Lang, Jr. (1910-1974) was born in Carthage, N.C., the son of John A. Lang and Laura Kelly Lang, and was married to Catherine Gibson (who died June 10, 2006, at the age of 83). After taking the B. A. and M. A. degrees from the University of North Carolina, Lang chaired the Department of English at Georgia Military Academy (1931-1932). Subsequently, he served as president of the National Student Federation of America (1933-1935), Assistant Director of Education Programs, Civilian Conservation Corps (1935-1938), and director of the N.C. National Youth Administration (1938-1942). After World War II, during which Lang rose from the rank of private to major, he became assistant to Congressman Charles Bennett Deane (1947-1956) and subsequently to Congressman Robert E. Jones (1957-1961). In 1961 Lang accepted the position of Deputy for Reserve at ROTC Affairs in the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force (OSAF), and ultimately became the highest ranking civilian official in the Pentagon as administrative assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force (SAFAA) (1964-1972). Lang rose to the rank of major general in the Air Force Reserves before retiring from OSAF to join East Carolina University as Vice President for External Affairs. While holding this position, Lang was appointed by Governor Robert W. Scott as the first secretary of the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs. For detailed biographic information, see Who's Who In America, 1972-1973, II, 1817.

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National Student Federation of America (NSFA) files (1931-1936) reflects primarily the administration of Lang who served as NSFA president (1933-1935). Letters reflect Lang's efforts to strengthen the influence of the NSFA, problems of youth and ideas on how to stimulate student interest in NSFA. Topics of interest pertain to proposals, endorsement, and criticism of the proposed Federal Youth Service, for which Lang struggled. Letters (1935-1936) concern a proposed meeting between Lang and FDR, interest by Eleanor Roosevelt in the Federal Youth Service, employment problems of college graduates, and means of pressuring FDR for the Federal Youth Service Division. Mentioned are student efforts in Kentucky Coal Fields (1932), restoration of confidence in the national financial fiasco, banks, and FDR; and efforts to induce the administration to provide vocational, educational, and recreational programs in youth work camps (1933). A letter (1935) describes the efforts of Huey Long to align himself with youth while attempting to influence Louisiana State University to exclude blacks. Related NFSA material includes reports, proposals, speeches, bulletins, and issues of the NSFA bulletin, the National Student Mirror.

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) material reflects Lang's duties as research assistant to the Director of CCC. The files reflect problems of youth, Lang's speaking engagements, efforts to implement the federal youth service, coordination of the efforts of the NYA and the CCC. Other topics include dissatisfaction of the administration of the CCC by the War Department and accusations of subversive activity among CCC administrators. Letters and a pamphlet concern the radio program "America's Town Meeting on the Air," on which Lang and Eleanor Roosevelt spoke. Proposals (1937-1938) pertain to the youth guidance, and speeches deal with a variety of youth-related topics.

National Youth Administration files (1931-1942) reflect Lang's tenure as the North Carolina director. Topics include administration of the NYA, aid to college applicants, cooperation between NYA and CCC, youth guidance, visit of Eleanor Roosevelt to Carthage, relationship of NYA to the military for purposes of defense, and defense activity of NYA. Other items of interest include comments on party politics in Wilkes County (May, 1938) and "off-record" discussion of Yadkin County politics (July, 1939).

Charles Bennett Deane files concern Lang's activities as administrative assistant to Eighth District congressman Deane. Eighth District counties were Anson, Davidson, Davie, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, Scotland, Union, Wilkes, and Yadkin. The papers contain a wealth of information on state the Eighth District politics, since they document the biennial elections from 1946 to 1956. Election of 1946 files consist largely of outgoing correspondence of Deane soliciting support and funds for his Democratic Party race. Campaign records list expenses, receipts, donations, and Democratic Party organization. Many letters comment on local aspects of the campaign and offer ideas on strategy.

Non-political letters in the 1946 election file discuss the proposition of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation to relocate Wake Forest College to Winston-Salem (April, 1946), John L. Lewis' labor demands as a cause of socialism (June, 1946), national parks in the eighth district and their contribution to the war effort (Sept., 1946), and the World Federalist Movement (Sept., 1946). Clarence Poe discusses Deane's appointment as a trustee of Wake Forest College (June, 1946).

Similar files pertain to the eighth district elections of 1948 and 1950. A file relating to the 1950 District Rally concerns plans, organizations, and invitations and contains evaluations of local political trends. Labor correspondence includes a labor evaluation of the 81st Congress (Mar., 1950), and comments on danger of Senator Robert Taft to labor, Joseph McCarthy, and international affairs (1950). Files also relate to political contributions, progress of the Scott administration, and the senatorial election of 1950.

Deane congressional correspondence (1946-1956) reflects the multiplicity of duties of a congressman and his administrative assistant, administrative matters, and constituent requests. Letters of particular note concern the threatened exportation of textile mill machinery in order to retaliate against a strike (Aug., 1946), ineffectiveness of Greek Prime Minister Souphoupolis, and the need for U.S. pressure to halt hostilities in Greece (May, 1948).

Election of 1952 material reflects support of Deane by the Democratic National Committee, political pulse-taking, local advice, and support of Deane by interest groups. Of particular interest are letters setting forth the platform of the Nonpartisan Political League (Feb., 1952), an analysis of the national election by Lang that comments on a Nixon-Stevenson imbroglio, and the ability of Eisenhower to make political decisions (Sept., 1952). Also of note is a county-by-county analysis of the campaign in the eighth district (Oct., 1952).

The 1954 election file pertains to campaign advertising, coordination of the Deane campaign with county executive committees and Young Democratic clubs, as well as the eighth district Democratic rally. Correspondence between Deane and N.C. Democratic Executive Committee chairman John D. Larkins, concerns campaign details. Other letters discuss alleged unethical Veterans' Administration loans practices in Union County (July, 1953) and the appointment of Alton A. Lennon to the Senate (July, 1953, April, 1954). Deane discusses a planned three-pronged conservation program for Wilkes County and detention dams on the Yadkin River (July, 1954). Clipping files pertain to W. Kerr Scott and Luther Hodges (1954). Pamphlets pertain to the equal rights amendment (1952), gubernatorial and senatorial primaries (1952, 1954) and proposed amendments to the N.C. constitution (1954).

Deane congressional correspondence (1955) consists of outgoing correspondence. Constituent requests and community problems constitute primarily themes, but comments of interest pertain to international affairs, activities of Congress, and Moral Re-Armament(MRA). Letters of particular note discuss and insurance company's unwillingness to pay for hurricane damage and the need for a policy of adjustment (N.C.- Jan, 1955); proposed charging of tolls on the Blue Ridge Parkway (undated- Jan, 1955); and means by which the N.C. Baptist State Convention yearbook could be published with greater financial savings (Personal, Jan., 1955).

The most significant Deane election material pertains to the Deane-Kitchin campaign of 1956, which revolved around Deane's refusal to sign the Southern Manifesto. Two files of correspondence, an eighth district county and a general file, document the election. Letters discuss the Manifesto, local politics, political organization and strategy, communism, and MRA. Integration/Segregation and its ramifications receive much comment. Letters concern the organization of blacks in Deane's district, civil rights, and the Truman Administration.

Material in the 1956 election file relates to the presidential election and national election issues.

A file relating to the Supreme Court decision of 1954 contains comments on international affairs as they relate to blacks (undated); a speech of Senator Edward Haddock on the interposition Resolution (Feb., 1956); and a speech of editor C. A. McKnight on interposition, desegregation, and the role of the press in the race issue (Mar., 1956).

Material from the Democratic National Committee includes correspondence (1954-1956) pertaining to campaign aid to Deane as well as material from the Research, Publicity, Television-Radio, and Nationalities divisions of the DNC.

Young Democratic Club material pertains to YDC elections and campaign activities. A letter (Aug., 1957) comments on rumored closing of military bases in N.C., a political meeting in Lumberton, N.C., in which Democratic Party dissatisfaction with Gov. Hodges flared up, and the chairmanship of the Democratic Executive Committee by John Larkins.

Robert E. Jones material pertains to the House Subcommittee on Water Resources work, of which a related aspect was the Yadkin Flood Control Project. YDC and local N.C. politics receive much attention. Other topics include comments on N.C. military bases, the Kelly-McLeod family reunion, and the administration of Deane successor, A. Paul Kitchin (1957). Particular items of interest include comments on the paucity of federal conservation appropriations to N.C. (June, 1957), outline of a proposed Democratic Farm Forum (Nov., 1959), comments by Deane on the winning of the Southern Baptist Convention presidency (Nov., 1959), neo-nazism in Germany (Jan., 1960), state and national elections (1960), the U.S. post office, and the closing of Safie Mills in Rockingham County (Jan., 1958).

The Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force (SAF-AA) file (1964-1972) reflects Lang's career as the highest-ranking civilian employee of the AirForce. Filed alphabetically, SAF-AA correspondence covers innumerable topics, but military and reserve matters receive the bulk of attention. (An understanding of organizational structure may be obtained from an organizational chart of OSAF in box 28.I.) Most of the correspondence- the original arrangement of which is retained- reflects services performed by Lang: aid in service academy appointments, hardship discharges, military transfers, compassionate reassignment, Veterans Administration problems, and corrections of individual grievances. Files deal with military organizations, the establishment of an Air Force history program, ROTC, CAP, NCANG, the foundation of the Aerospace Education Center of the Air Force Academy, medicine, especially optometry in the Air Force, student unrest, and the Reserve Officers' Association in N.C.

Other topics include the application of Carthage, N.C., for an OEO Sandhills Community Action grant (1970), need for medical school at ECU (1967), projected biography of C. B. Deane (1967), and an aviation technology program for ECU (1970). Correspondence with Congressman David N. Henderson reflects the aid of Lang in military-related constituent requests. Letters from North Carolinians such as H. Clifton Blue comment on N.C. politics.

The Vietnam War receives some comment. Letters from a platoon leader describe aspects of the war (1969) and a letter (March, 1969) pertains to a MIA Air Force pilot. Another letter comments on the Pike Subcommittee report on tactical air support (Feb. 5, 1966).

Staff-related correspondence (1965-1967, undated) relates to air force personnel, officer overstrength, and consideration of black leaders for advanced education services in the Air Force Academy.

Deputy for Reserve and ROTC Affairs correspondence reflects many aspects of Reserve and ROTC matters, especially efforts to establish on Officer Education Program (1961-1963), pilot requirements, and officer resources for AF reserves. A letter of November 9, 1962, details the health needs and objectives of Recife, Brazilian Medical Reserve Service (Nov., 1962). Other letters comment on Defense Strategy Seminars (1962-1963), Air War College, and ROTC disestablishment (1965). Political letters discuss the low ebb in popularity to which Gov. Terry Sanford had declined (Jan., 1962), and Voit Gilmore discusses reapportionment in N.C. (May, 1967).

The Air Force ROTC file concerns the AF Revitalization Act (1964), the AFROTC Advisory Panel (1961-1964), and other aspects of the ROTC program. Air Force Academy Files (1964-1972) concern AF Association Advisory Committee, plans of ECU in the field of international education, AF Association, AF Historical Office, AF History Advisory Committee, and various other academy related functions. Other files pertain to the Berlin contingency (1961-1962), the Cuban contingency (1963), National Guard merger (1962-1963), Key Project report (1968), and Civil Defense (1962-1963). Files also pertain to budgetary matters (1963), noted Reserves pilot training (1966), and personnel and staff matters (1952-1970).

Correspondence, rosters, programs, addresses, reprints, and syllabi deal with the Air Force Defense Strategy Seminars (1962, 1963, 1967), and the Senior Officers' Orientation Course (1970).

Lang's personal military file (1940-1971) deals largely with routine military matters. Correspondence concerns AF Reserves, personnel affairs, and training programs. Particular topics of interest include comments on Airman Career Promotion Plan (Sept., 1949), recommendations for the improvement of AF legislative programs (Nov., 1949), and recommendations for a military personnel program for the 87th Congress (May, 1961). Many letters pertain to officer promotion as well as promotion reform legislation advocated by the Senate Armed Forces Committee.

East Carolina University files reflect Lang's position as Vice President for External Affairs (1972-1974). Two series of correspondence exist, both of which are filed alphabetically. Comments in the first series concern the effect of Robert Morgan's withdrawal from the 1970 gubernatorial race on Jenkins and Lang. A letter of August 8, 1932 (encl. to June, 1971) discusses the radical views of Senator Robert Rice Reynolds, publication of especially a race between Governor R. B. Russell, Jr., and Congressman Charles E. Crisp. Other letters describe travel through Europe (Jan., 1972), need for a medical school and internal improvements in eastern North Carolina (Dec., 1971), and the gubernatorial campaign of H. Pat Taylor (Feb., 1972). Files relate to OSAF, ROTC and Princeton University, Chung-Ang University, and the AF Academy.

In addition to ECU-related matters, the letters comment on the senatorial campaign of Morgan (1974), Air National Guard (Dec., 1973), Kelly-McLeod reunion (May, 1974), YDC (Aug., 1973), Roanoke Island Historical Association (1973-1974), Air Force (1974), Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Association (July, 1973), and ROA Education Committee (1974). Letters from Professor Hans Indorf concern the ECU international education program and a European study center (1973-1974).

Correspondence files for the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs (DMVA) are filed chronologically, alphabetically, and by subject. Holshouser inaugural correspondence reflects Lang's participation in the planning of the ceremony (1972). Letters in Personal Correspondence (alphabetical) concern the election of 1972, ROTC at Princeton University (June, 1972), advocation of U.S. POW commission (Sept., 1969), and criticism of National Guard promotion policy (Aug., 1972). A Lost Colony file (Roanoke Island Historical Association) contains correspondence, minutes, reports, pamphlets, relating to the production of "The Lost Colony" (1972). Other files relate to Reserve Forces, Maxwell AFB (1972), Lees-McRae College, Ohio State University, ROTC at Princeton University (1972), and ECU.

Speeches delivered before various military and civic groups concern military topics and the reorganization of N.C. state government. Other files concern Hurricane Agnes(1972), Civil Air Patrol, Civil Defense, National Guard, N.C. government reorganization, POW-MIA Commissions, and the Governor's Regional Conference.

Personal correspondence (1895-1972) is arranged chronologically. Early letters (1895-1927) are written in Swedish by Lang relatives in Sweden. Letters from the late 1920's parallel Lang's undergraduate years at UNC-Chapel Hill. A letter (May, 1927) from Lang, Secretary of the Presbyterian Young Peoples Organization, encourages Pace Institute to enlarge and offers aid in waging a campaign. Letters (1928) describe and comment on various military academies. Political topics include campaign material for 1932 candidates William Z. Foster and James W. Ford (Sept., 1932), comments on N.C. Democratic Convention (May, 1944), and FDR (Feb., June, 1944). Letters of 1945, 1946 concern the possibility of Lang's running for Congress and the G.I. Democrats (1947). Politics throughout the eighth district receives much comment as does the appointment of Frank P. Graham to succeed Senator J. Melville Broughton (Mar., 1949).

Other letters concern a city election in Lenoir, N.C., and Caldwell County politics (May, 1947); Deane campaign of 1950; senatorial race, 1950; 5th district congressional race and Thurmond Chatham (1954), and congressional elections (1956). Comments on national politics run throughout the papers. Many letters pertain to N.C. YDC campaigns and activities and also relate to state and national politics (1948-1956). YDC campaigns of H. Clifton Blue, Terry Sanford, and Henry Hall Wilson receive comment.

Military-related topics include comments on promotions, draft legislation and its effect on college (June, 1948). Letters pertain to activities of La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux, an affiliate of the American Legion (1952); tax deductions allowed to reservists (April, 1955); political sentiment at Otis Air Force Base and alleged schism between Johnson and Kennedy (Aug., 1960); recommendations of Lang on a personnel program to be presented to the 87th Congress (May, 1961); information concerning Air National Guard units at Douglas Field, Charlotte, N.C. (Aug., 1961); and delineation of Air Force Reserves structure (Mar., 1963). Other letters comment on NAACP pressure on the Air Force to disallow speeches at segregated gatherings (May, 1963), legal requirements of reserves training and allegations of flagrant violations (Dec., 1963), and Camp Mackall Reservation (April, 1948).

Comments pertain to NYA (1949), Social Hygiene Society (1949), Health Publications Institute (Oct., 1951), and functions of NFSA (Sept., 1953). Letters comment on ocean net fishing at Southport, N.C. (Oct., 1948), sale of the Pinehurst Outlook (Oct., 1948), rumored financial difficulties and imminent foreclosure of the Moore County News (May, 1962), low price of cotton in Laurinburg area and need for Congressional support (Oct., 1949), and discussion of waning peach crop in the Sandhills and advocation of cotton as remedy (1965). Other comments concern Bladen Lake's being made a model forestry program (Feb., 1950), responsibilities on congressional secretaries (July, 1951), and the Southern Manifesto and segregation in N.C. (1956). A letter from C. B. Deane concerns the dangers of Communism (Aug., 1953). Other lettersconcern the selection of the chancellor of the University of N.C. (Chapel Hill) (1964), post offices in the 8th district, and cystic fibrosis.

Speeches material concerns Air Force Reserves, military defense, policy, SALT, technology management, and Vietnamization. Newspaper clippings pertain to higher education (1970-197) and the ROTC.

National Student Association correspondence (1953-1960) pertains to functions of NSA and comments on its preceding organization, the NFSA. Letters reflect attempts of Thomas Fair Neblett to disprove allegations to communist involvement (1954). Other NSA material includes agenda, minutes, bulletins, newsletters, and pamphlets.

Miscellaneous files pertain to the N.C. society of Washington, the Congressional Secretaries Club, N.C. Democratic Club, the Eastern Academy of Management, the National Armed Forces Advisory Committee, the Pitt County (N.C.) Cancer Drive (1973), and other organizations in which Lang was active.

The oversize folder contains photographs taken in Washington, D.C. Included are views of the 11th, 12th, 14th, and 20th annual Congressional Banquets (1947, 1948, 1950, 1956) of the N.C. Democratic Club in Washington.

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  • Carthage, N.C.
  • Greenville, N.C.
  • Raleigh, N.C.
  • Washington, D.C.

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  • [Albright, R.] Mayne (7) (1946-1952)
  • [Alexander], Hugh (2) (1954, 1961)
  • [Andolsek, Ludwig John] Lend (1971)
  • Andrews, Alexander B. (7) (1966-1971)
  • Avery, [William H.] Bill (1960)
  • [Aycock, William Brantley] Bill (undated)
  • Bailey, J[osiah] W[illiam] (6) (1932-1946)
  • [Ballentine, Lynton Yates] Stag (1946)
  • Barnard, Eunice Fuller (2) (1938)
  • [Battle], Laurie [Calvin] (5) (1947-1956)
  • Belk, Henry (2) (1964, 1971)
  • [Bennett, Charles Edward] Charlie (2) (1938)
  • [Berlin], Seymour [Sanford] (1971)
  • Berry, Martha [McChesney] (3) (1937)
  • Bishop, C[ecil] W[illiam] (1954)
  • [Blatnik], John [A.] (4) (1964-1966)
  • Blue, H. Clifton (Cliff) (74) (1944-1973)
  • Bond, Ed[win E.] (1937)
  • Bonner, Herbert C[ovington] (1948)
  • Bowles, Chester (1956)
  • [Bowles, Hargrove, Jr.] Skipper (6) (1964-1972)
  • Boykin, Frank W[illiam] (2) (1956, 1961)
  • [Bray], Bun Benton (8) (1964-1967)
  • Breg, W[illiam] Roy (1935)
  • Brock, Walter E. (1948)
  • Broughton, J[oseph] M[eilville] (7) (1942-1957)
  • Brown, Harold (5) (1965-1971)
  • [Broyhill, James Thomas] Jim (1969)
  • Bryan, Ernest R[owlett] (1935)
  • Bulwinkle, A[lfred] L[ee] (1948)
  • Burgin, W[illiam] O[lin] (2) (1940, 1944)
  • Cannon, C[harles] A. (1949)
  • Carlyle, F. Ertel (1949)
  • Chapman, Oscar L[ettleton] (5) (1934)
  • Chase, H[arry] W[oodburn] (1934)
  • Chatham, Thurmond (4) (1949, 1950, undated)
  • Cherry, R[obert] Gregg (2) (1938, 1946)
  • Clark, David (1948)
  • Clark, J[erome] Bayard (1948)
  • [Clark, Albert Patton] Bub (3) (1971, 1973)
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  • [Clay], L[ucius] D[uBignon, Jr.] (1973)
  • Cobb, Beatrice (3) (1939, 1948, undated)
  • [Crittenden, Charles] Chris[topher] (1950)
  • Cooper, Jere (1957)
  • Cooley, Harold Dunbar (6) (1944-1966)
  • Cordova, Jorge L. (2) (1971)
  • [Daniels], Jonathan (1949)
  • Davis, James J[ohn] (2) (1935)
  • Deane, Charles Bennett (100+) (1947-1968)
  • [Delaney, James Joseph] Jim (1956)
  • Disney, Wesley E[rnest] (2) (1936, undated)
  • Dorn, W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan (1971)
  • Doughton, R[obert] L[ee] (3) (1948, 1949, 1952)
  • [Durham], Carl [Thomas] (3) (1944, 1969, 1971)
  • [Eaker], Ira [C.] (3) (1944, 1969, 1971)
  • Elliott, Carl (1961)
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  • [Fenner], Julian [B.] (1971)
  • [Flynt, John James, Jr.], Jack (4) (1932, 1954-1971)
  • Folger, J[ohn] H[amlin] (4) (1946-1948)
  • [Fountain], L[awrence] H[unt] (6) (1949-1971)
  • [Galifianakis], Nick (9) (1967-1974)
  • [Gardner], Ralph [Webb] (2) (1956)
  • Gauss, Christian (1935)
  • [Gavin, Robert Lee] Bob (1970)
  • [Gettys, Thomas Southwick] Tom (5) (1964-1970)
  • Gill, Edwin (1939)
  • [Glasser], Otto [John] (1970)
  • [Gold, Charles Fortune] Charlie (2) (1952-1962)
  • Golden, Harry L. (1956)
  • [Goldwater], Barry [Morris] (3) (1961-1963)
  • [Gonzales], Henry [B.] (1965)
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  • [Morgan], Robert [Burren] (5) (1968-1972)
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  • [Murrow], Ed[ward] R. (2) (1932)
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  • [Philpott], Jammie [Mendell] (1973)
  • [Pinckney, Francis Douglas] Frank (2) (1964)
  • Poage, W[illiam] R[obert] (1961)
  • Poe, Clarence (1946)
  • Pratt, [Elizabeth] Jane (2) (1946)
  • Ragan, Sam[uel Talmadge] (2) (1952, 1972)
  • [Rains], Albert (1961)
  • Rayburn, Sam (1946)
  • Redden, Monroe Minor (4) (1946-1954)
  • Reuter, Walter P[hilip] (1956)
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  • Richardson, Mary Laurens (1953)
  • [Rogers], Byron [Giles] (1947)
  • Roosevelt, Eleanor (1947)
  • Roosevelt, Franklin D[elano] (1943)
  • Royall, Kenneth C[laiborne] (4) (1946-1950)
  • [Ryan, John Dale], Jack (1967)
  • Sanford, Terry (14) (1949-1966)
  • Scott, Ralph H. (1974)
  • Scott, Ralph J. (9) (1964-1966)
  • S[cott], R[obert] W[alter] (3) (1968-1972)
  • Scott, William Kerr (17) (1949-1958)
  • Seawell, Malcolm B[uie] (1958)
  • Shuford, George [Adams] (1958)
  • Sikes, [Robert L. F.] Bob (1971)
  • Smith, F[rank] E[llis] (1960)
  • [Sorensen, Theodore Chalkin], Ted (1959)
  • Sparkman, John (2) (1961, 1967)
  • Spivack, Robert G. (1937)
  • Stevenson, Adlai E[wing] (2) (1955, 1956)
  • Studebaker, John Ward (15) (1935-1946)
  • Symington, W[illiam] Stuart (1948)
  • Taylor, Hoyt Patrick (16) (1948-1957)
  • [Taylor], Roy [Arthur] (2) (1960, 1962)
  • [Thurmond], Strom (1971)
  • Timmerman, George Bell, Jr. (1956)
  • Tribble, harold W[ayland] (1952)
  • [Trimble, James William], Jim (1958)
  • Truman, [Mary] Margaret (1948)
  • Umstead, William Bradley (27) (1946-1952)
  • Warren, Lindsay C[arter] (1946)
  • Waynick, Capus (25) (1947-1971)
  • [Webb, James Edwin], Jim (2) (1948)
  • Whalen, Charles W[illiam]. Jr. (1971)
  • Whitener, Basil L[ee] (3) (1951-1961)
  • [Williams, Chester Sidney], Chet (2) (1954)
  • Williams, Gerhard Mennen (9) (1932-1966)
  • Wilson, Cha[rle]s E[rwin] (1938)
  • Wilson, Henry Hall (14) (1952-1974)
  • [Younger], Ev[elle Janson] (1971)
  • Wofford, Thomas A[lbert] (1956)
  • Zorbaugh, Harvey (2) (1934, 1936)

Subject Entries :

  • ABERDEEN, N.C.— 1970
  • AGRICULTURE— Cotton— 1949-1965
  • AGRICULTURE— Education— Farm Life School— 1948
  • AGRICULTURE— Marketing— 1947
  • AGRICULTURE— Organizations— Democratic Farm Forum— 1957
  • AGRICULTURE— Organizations— Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers'Association— 1973
  • AGRICULTURE— Organizations— N.C. Farm Bureau Federation— 1941
  • AGRICULTURE— Peach— 1965
  • AGRICULTURE— Tobacco
  • BLUE, H. CLIFTON— 1948, 1970
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Manufacturing— Textiles— 1958
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE— Organizations— Eastern Academy of Management— 1970-1974
  • CARTHAGE, N.C.— 1933
  • CARTHAGE, N.C.— 1939
  • CIVIL UNREST— Demonstrations— 1965
  • CIVIL UNREST— Subversive Activities— 1937
  • CONSERVATION— Agencies— Civilian Conservation Corps
  • CONSERVATION— Flood Control— Cape Fear River— 1957
  • CONSERVATION— Forestry— Bladen Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION— Grants-in-Aid— 1957
  • CONSERVATION— Water-Supply
  • DISASTERS— Hurricanes— 1972
  • ECONOMY— 1933
  • EDUCATION— ADULT— Farm Life School— 1948
  • EDUCATION— ADULT— North Carolina Education Association— 1937
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— East Carolina University— 1967, 1970, 1971
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— East Carolina University— 1972-1974
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— George Washington University— 1968-1971
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— Lees-McRae College— 1971, 1972
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— Louisiana State University— 1935
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— Organizations— National Student Association— 1953-1960
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— Organizations— National Students' Federation of America (NSFA)— 1931-1936, 1953-1954
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— Organizations— National Student League— 1954
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— Princeton University— 1971-1972
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill— 1932
  • EDUCATION— COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES— Wake Forest University— 1946
  • EDUCATION— Religion— 1950
  • EDUCATION— Organizations— National Youth Federation— 1931-1939
  • EDUCATION— PUBLIC SCHOOLS— Integration— 1956
  • ELECTIONS— 1952
  • ELECTIONS— 1956
  • ELECTIONS— 1960
  • ELECTIONS— 1972
  • ELECTIONS— GEORGIA— Gubernatorial— 1932
  • ELECTIONS— Lenoir, N.C.— 1947
  • ELECTIONS— Moore Co., N.C.— 1950
  • ELECTIONS— N.C. General Assembly— 1970
  • ELECTIONS— N.C. Governor— 1972
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. Congress— House— 1939
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. Congress— House— 1946-1956
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. Congress— House— 1967
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. Congress— Senate— 1950
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. Congress— Senate— 1950
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. Congress— Senate— 1954
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. Congress— Senate— 1974
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. President— 1960
  • ELECTIONS— U.S. President— 1972
  • ELLIOTT, CARL— 1966
  • ENERGY— Electricity
  • GEORGIA— Elections— 1932
  • GILMORE, VOIT— 1967
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE— Brazil— 1962
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE— Diseases— Venereal Diseases
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE— Medical Education— East Carolina University
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE— Nurses and Nursing— 1947
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE— Organizations— Health and Publications Institute— 1949
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE— Organizations— National Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE— Organizations— N.C. Social Hygiene Society— 1947-1948
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE— Organizations— Pitt County (N.C.) Cancer Drive— 1973
  • HOEY, BESS GARDNER— undated
  • HOTELS, INNS, TAVERNS— Carthage, N.C.
  • INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS— Communism— U.S.— 1954
  • INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS— Communism— 1962, 1963, 1967
  • INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS— Communism— 1932, 1934
  • INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS— Cuban Missile Crisis
  • INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS— Organizations— Moral Re-Armament (MRA)
  • JONES, ROBERT E.— 1957-1961
  • LABOR— Organizations— Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers' Association— 1973
  • LABOR— Unemployed— 1936
  • LABOR— Youth
  • LABOR— Youth
  • LAURINBURG, N.C.— 1949
  • LAW AND LAWYERS— Legislation— National Youth Act
  • LAW AND LAWYERS— Legislation— National Youth Act
  • LENOIR, N.C.— 1947
  • MEMORIALS— Wright Brothers— 1966-1967
  • MILITIA— Air National Guard
  • MILITIA— Civil Air Patrol— 1971-1972
  • MILITIA— National Guard— 1971-1972
  • MILITIA— 20th Century
  • MINES AND MINING— Kentucky— 1933
  • MONEY AND BANKING— Depressions— 1933
  • MOORE COUNTY, N.C.— 1963, 1969, 1970
  • NEGROES— Integration
  • NEGROES— Integration
  • NEWFOUNDLAND— General Description and History
  • N.C.— MILITARY INSTALLATIONS— Southern Pines Air-Ground School
  • N.C.— STATE DEPARTMENTS— Military & Veterans' Affairs
  • N.C.— STATE GOVERNMENT— 1971-1972
  • N.C.— STATE GOVERNMENT— Civil Defense— 1972
  • N.C.— STATE GOVERNMENT— Governors
  • N.C.— STATE GOVERNMENT— Governors
  • ORGANIZATIONS— Civil Air Patrol— 1971-1972
  • ORGANIZATIONS— Roanoke Island Historical Association— 1972-1974
  • POLITICS— Democratic Party— National Convention— 1948
  • POLITICS— Democratic Party— N.C.— 20th Century
  • POLITICS— Democratic Party— N.C.— 1946-1956
  • POLITICS— Democratic Party— N.C.— 1957
  • POLITICS— Democratic Party— Organizations— G.I. Democrats
  • POLITICS— Democratic Party— Organizations— Young Democratic Club— N.C.— 1946-1957
  • POLITICS— State's Rights Democratic Party— 1948
  • PROHIBITION— Carthage, N.C.
  • PUBLICATIONS— Newspapers— Carthage, N.C
  • PUBLICATIONS— Newspapers— Chapel Hill, N.C.
  • PUBLICATIONS— Newspapers— Pinehurst, N.C.
  • PUBLICATIONS— Newspapers— Troy, N.C.
  • PUBLICATIONS— Periodicals— New East
  • RECREATION— Resorts
  • RELIGION— Education— 1950
  • RELIGION— Judaism
  • RELIGION— Southern Baptist— Southern Baptist Convention
  • ROCKINGHAM CO., N.C.— 1958
  • SANFORD, TERRY— 1949
  • SANFORD, TERRY— 1962
  • SCIENCE— Rocketry
  • SEGREGATION— Louisiana
  • SEGREGATION— Public Schools
  • SEGREGATION— Public Schools— 1956
  • SOCIAL LIFE AND CUSTOMS— Holidays— Fourth of July
  • SOCIAL LIFE AND CUSTOMS— Family Reunions
  • SOCIAL PROBLEMS— Race Relations— 1956
  • SOCIAL PROBLEMS— Youth— 1930s
  • SOUTH, THE— 1951
  • SOUTH, THE— Agriculture— 1939
  • THEATRE AND DRAMATICS— Plays— The Lost Colony
  • TRAVEL— AIR— N.C.— 1948
  • TRAVEL— EUROPE— 1971
  • TRUMAN, HARRY S.— 1948
  • UNITED NATIONS— International Organization
  • UNITED NATIONS— Publications— 1971-1972
  • U.S.— CIVIL SERVICE— 1970
  • U.S.— CONGRESS— 1956
  • U.S.— CONGRESS— Apportionment (Election Law)— 1967
  • U.S.— CONGRESS— House— 1946-1956
  • U.S.— CONGRESS— House— Subcommittee on Water Resources— 1957
  • U.S.— CONGRESS— Organizations— Congressional Secretaries Club
  • U.S.— CONGRESS— Organizations— N.C. Democratic Club
  • U.S.— CONGRESS— Organizations— North Carolina Society
  • U.S.— CONGRESS— Senate— 1954
  • U.S.— CONSTITUTION— Hayden Amendment
  • U.S.— DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES— Civilian Conservation Corps— 1935-1939
  • U.S.— DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES— National Youth Administration— 1938-1943
  • U.S.— DEPARTMENTS. COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES— Post Office— 1947-1948, 1960-1967
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force— 1949
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force— Education— Air Force Academy
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force— Education— Air Force Academy
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force— Education— Air War College
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force— Organizations— Air Force Academy Foundation— 1972-1974
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force— Organizations— Air Force Association— 1972
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force— Organizations— Air Force Historical Officers— 1971-1972
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force— Organizations— Air Force Historical Office— 1971-1972
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force— Organizations— Air Force History Advisory Committee— 1971-1974
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Air Force Reserves
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Civil Air Patrol— 1971-1972
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Cuban Missile Crisis
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Education— Officer Education Program
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Health and Medicine
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Military Bases
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Military Bases
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Military Bases— Wheeler Air Force Base
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Military Preparedness— 1971
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Organizations— G.I. Democrats
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Organizations— La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Organizations— National Armed Forces Museum Advisory Board
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Organizations— Reserve Officers' Association
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Organizations— Reserve Officers' Association
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Organizations— Reserve Officers Education Committee
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Organizations— Retired Military Association
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Organizations— Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Personnel— 1961
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Personnel— 1965-1966, 1969-1971
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Promotions— 1949, 1961, 1972
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Publications— 1945
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Recruiting, Enlistment, etc.
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Reserves
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Reserves
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Reserves
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Reserves— 1962
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Training
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Training
  • U.S.— MILITARY— Veterans
  • U.S.— PRESIDENT— Center for the Study of the Presidency
  • U.S.— PRESIDENT— Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
  • U.S.— PRESIDENT— Truman, Harry S.
  • U.S.— SUPREME COURT— 1967
  • WAR— VIETNAM— Prisoners of War
  • WAR— WORLD WAR II— Homefront
  • WAR— WORLD WAR II— Manpower
  • WELFARE RELIEF— Agencies— Civilian Conservation Corps
  • WELFARE RELIEF— Agencies— National Youth Administration
  • WELFARE RELIEF— Organizations— International Refugee Organization
  • WELFARE RELIEF— Organizations— National Student Federation of America
  • WOMEN— Education— Pamphlets
  • WOMEN— Rights of Women
  • WOMEN— Organizations— Southern Women's Education Alliance

Pamphlet Entries :

Author Entries
  • Baldwin, Alice M
    • College Bound  (1937)
  • Reynolds, Carl V
    • Venereal Diseases in North Carolina: What Will the State Do about it Now? (undated)
  • McMullan, Harry
    • An Explanation of Five (5) Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of North Carolina to be Voted on in the General Election: November 2, 1954 
  • Young Democratic Clubs of N.C.
    • Why The Democratic Party? (1955)
Title Entries
  • Battle Line for American Industry: Addresses by the Hon[orable] Harry S. Truman, U.S. Senator from Missouri and the Hon[orable] James W. Wadsworth from New York and others 
  • On the occasion of a special presentation of the Moral Re-Armament industrial drama "The Forgotten Factor" at the request of representatives of Management and Labor in Philadelphia 
  • Bess Gardner Hoey, "A Radiant Personality 
  • Democratic Platform 1948: A Program of Progressive Liberalism 
  • Equal Rights Amendments to the Constitution of [the] United States 
  • Facts You Should Know— About the Equal Rights Amendment 
  • 52 Facts about Prices 
  • A Governor Sees the Soviet: Letters from Governor Luther H[artwell] Hodges 
  • Gubernatorial Primary 
  • Official Handbook of the North Carolina Democratic Party, 1952, issued by State Democratic Executive Committee, Raleigh, North Carolina 
  • Senatorial Primary Vote,  May 29, 1954
  • Three Panel Discussion on "Equal Rights Amendment" To "Constitution of United States" presented at Mid Year Council Meeting of the North Carolina Federation of Business & Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., Goldsboro, N.C. 

Date Entries :

  • 1930-1939
  • 1940-1949
  • 1950-1959
  • 1960-1969
  • 1970-1974

Images below are listed alphabetically by subject. This list reflects only those portions of the collection for which negatives have been prepared.

AGRICULTURE— Tobacco— Marketing
Description: Tobacco warehouse sale
Call Number: p-271/397

Call Number: p-271/260
Date: 1960s

Call Number: p-271/150, 258
Date: 1960s

Call Number: p-271/15
Date: 1945

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Box 1#0271.1
National Student Federation files
Box 3#0271.3
National Youth Administration files
Box 4#0271.4
National Youth Administration files
Box 6#0271.6
C. B. Deane files: Election, 1946
Box 7#0271.7
C. B. Deane files: Election, 1948 and 1950
Box 11#0271.11
C. B. Deane files: Congressional Correspondence, 1955
Box 12#0271.12
C. B. Deane files: Congressional Correspondence, 1955
Box 13#0271.13
C. B. Deane files: Congressional Correspondence, 1955
Box 14#0271.14
C. B. Deane files: Election, 1956
Box 18#0271.18
Robert E. Jones, Jr. File, 1956-1963
Box 19#0271.19
SAF-AA Files: (Secretary of the Air Force-Administrative Assistant) Correspondence, by Correspondent Names A-C
Box 20#0271.20
SAF-AA Files: Correspondence, by Correspondents Names C-E
Box 21#0271.21
SAF-AA Files: Correspondence, by Correspondents Names E-G
Box 22#0271.22
SAF-AA Files: Correspondence, by Correspondents Names H
Box 23#0271.23
SAF-AA Files: Correspondence, by Correspondents Names H-L
Box 24#0271.24
SAF-AA Files: Correspondence, by Correspondents Names L-M
Box 25#0271.25
SAF-AA Files: Correspondence, by Correspondents Names M-R
Box 26#0271.26
SAF-AA Files: Correspondence, by Correspondents Names R-S
Box 27#0271.27
SAF-AA Files: Correspondence, by Correspondent Names S-W
Box 30#0271.30
SAF-AA Files: Convention/Speech Files, Aug. 1967-Apr. 1968
Box 31#0271.31
SAF-AA Files: Convention/Speech Files, Apr.- Nov. 1968
Box 37#0271.37
Air Force Files: Reserves
Box 39#0271.39
Defense Strategy Seminars
Box 40#0271.40
Personal Military File
Box 41#0271.41
Personal Military File
Box 43#0271.43
East Carolina University File: Correspondence 1971-1972, by Correspondents Names K-Z
Box 44#0271.44
East Carolina University File: Correspondence 1974, by Correspondents Names A-H
Box 45#0271.45
East Carolina University File: Correspondence 1974, by Correspondents Names I-Z
Box 48#0271.48
N.C. Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs: Correspondence 1972
Box 49#0271.49
N.C. Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs: Correspondence 1972-1974
Box 53#0271.53
Personal Correspondence, 1948-1952
Box 54#0271.54
Personal Correspondence, 1953-1961
Box 55#0271.55
Personal Correspondence, 1962-1967
Box 56#0271.56
Personal Correspondence, 1968-1974, undated
Box 61#0271.61
Eastern Academy of Management
Box 68#0271.68
Box 70#0271.70
Reel to reel tapes (7), 1966, 1969, 1971, undated,concerning Award Presentations and Retirement Ceremony for Lang.
Oversize Folder os1#0271.os1
Photographs of Congressional Banquets of the N.C. Democratic Club in Washington, D.C. (1947, 1948, 1950, 1956), of Lang, and of Carthage H.S. groups (1947); Charles B. Deane's Campaign Expenditures Statements (1946, 1948, 1950, 1954).

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