William Henry von Eberstein Papers, 1851-1887

Manuscript Collection #148

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  • Box 1
    Von Eberstein Memoir, ca. 1780-1866 (ca. 1866) Photocopies
    • Folder a
      Von Eberstein Memoir, ca. 1780-1866 (ca. 1866) Photocopies, pp. 1-23
    • Folder b
      Von Eberstein Memoir, ca. 1780-1866 (ca. 1866) Photocopies, pp. 24-58
    • Folder c
      Von Eberstein Memoir, ca. 1780-1866 (ca. 1866) Photocopies, pp. 58-93
    • Folder d
      Von Eberstein Memoir, ca. 1780-1866 (ca. 1866) Photocopies, pp. 94-147
    • Folder e
      Von Eberstein Memoir, ca. 1780-1866 (ca. 1866) Photocopies, pp. 148-248
    • Folder f
      I, William Henry [Von Eberstein] Fourth Son of Colonel Ernst Albrecht, Baron von Eberstein (Memoir), 1821-1866 (ca. 1866) Typed / Handwritten transcripts, pp. 1-159. Note: includes duplicate pages; also rosters of Co. K, 10th Regiment NC Artillery; Extracts from Service Record of William Henry von Eberstein; Typescript of letters to his wife, 6 Oct. 1862, 4 Nov. 1863; Births, Deaths, Marriages, etc. of family members.
    • Folder g
      Von Eberstein Biographical Information, 1780-1862 (ca. 1866) Typescript. Note: translation from the French.
    • Folder h
      Der BurgerKrieg zurchen den Nord, und Sud Staaten der vereinigten Staaten der Verwaltung des Preidenten Lincoln vom 4ten Marz 1861 - 4/3 1865 [The Civil War between the North and South States of the United States from the Inauguration of President Lincoln from 4th March 1861 - April 3 1865] (ca. 1866) Die Entdeckung Amerikas durch die Norveger um das Jahr 1000 [The Discovery of America by the Nowegians in about the Year 1000]; Untitled Autobiographical Account (from French) Holograph; German language.
    • Folder i
      Biographie, ca. 1780-1843 (ca. 1843); also L'administration du president Lincoln du 4diem Mars 1861 - 4/3 1865 [Administration of President Lincoln from the 4th of March 1861 - 4/3 1865] by William Henry Von Eberstein (ca. 1866) Holograph; French language
  • Box 2
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    Von Eberstein Memoir (Originals) ACCESS RESTRICTED
    • Folder a
      Von Eberstein Memoir (Originals), pp. 1-23
    • Folder b
      Von Eberstein Memoir (Originals), pp. 24-58
    • Folder c
      Von Eberstein Memoir (Originals), pp. 58-93
    • Folder d
      Von Eberstein Memoir (Originals), pp. 94-147
    • Folder e
      Von Eberstein Memoir (Originals), pp. 148-248
    • Folder f
      Von Eberstein Memoir (Original) Unpaged
    • Folder g
      German Documents; History of Nordic Settlement; History of American Civil War; Translation of Autobiography from French (Originals)
    • Folder h  (1 item digitized)
      German Document; Legal Papers; Military Papers (Originals)
    • Folder i
      Von Eberstein Autobiography in French (Originals)
    • Folder j
      Genealogicial Material; Correspondence (Originals)
    • Folder k
      Urkundliche Nachträge zu den Geschichtlichen Nachrichten von dem reichsritterlichen Geschlechte Eberstein vom Eberstein auf der Rhön. Herausgegehen von Louis Ferdinand Freiherrn von Eberstein. [Additions to the Historical Records of the Knightly Generations of Eberstein by Eberstein of the Rhine] (Dresden: Druck von C. C. Meinhold & Söhne, Königl. Hofbuchdruckerie, 1878); Clipping in German: Familientag derer von Eberstein; Geschichtlicher Vortrag auf dem Tannenfels -- Lichtbilder uber Burgen der Rhon -- Gesellschaftsabend" [Family Days of the Ebersteins -- Historical Points of View from the Tannenfels Lectures -- Illustrations of the Towns of the Rhine -- Society Evening] Fuldaer Zeitung (26 Mai 1962). Note: Clipping includes portraits of Field Marshal Ernst Albrecht von Eberstein (1605 - 1676) and Domherr und Landrichter des Herzogtums Franken (Wurzberg), Engelhard von Eberstein (b. 1420)
    • Folder l
      Typescript of Von Eberstein Biographical Information (Originals)

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