Richardson Preyer Papers, 1964-1980

Manuscript Collection #102

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Title: Richardson Preyer Papers
Creators: Pinnix, John Lawrence
Preyer, Richardson
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: This collection contains about 363 cubic feet of material documenting the Congressional career of Lunsford Richardson Preyer. Mr. Preyer (January 11, 1919-April 3, 2001) of Greensboro, North Carolina, served in the U.S. House of Representatives for twelve years (January 1969-January 1981).
Extent: 323.005 Cubic feet, consisting of correspondence, speeches, financial records, legislative bills, invitations, reports, press releases, and video recordings.

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Accessions Information

December 4, 1969, (unprocessed), 6 items; 1968 congressional election campaign literature and a statistical analysis of 2nd primary for 1964 gubernatorial election. Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

May 6, 1970, (unprocessed addition 1), 33 items; Copies (1969-1970) correspondence, speeches, and news releases. Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

January 9, 1975, (unprocessed addition 2), ca. 100 items; Campaign literature and press releases. Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

February 3, 1975, (unprocessed addition 3), 26 cubic feet; Congressional files (1969 - 1971), containing correspondence, reports, legislative bills, campaign materials, memorandums, and clippings. Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

March 25, 1976, (unprocessed addition 4), 12 items; Speeches (1975 - 1976) Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

July 19, 1976, (unprocessed addition 5), 21 cubic feet; Congressional Files (1970-1972) Donor: Preyer, Richardson (Hon.).

January 13, 1977, (unprocessed addition 6), 1 cubic foot; Miscellaneous Correspondence (1971-1974), Questionnaires (1973) and Congressional mailing lists. Donor: Preyer, Richardson (Hon.).

August 24, 1977, (unprocessed addition 7), .5 cubic feet; Congressional files (1971 - 1973), including Calley Letters, High Point Housing, Guilford College Law Enforcement Program, Federal Home Loan Bank, Questionaires, and Miscellaneous. Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

September 14, 1977, (unprocessed addition 8), .5 cubic feet; Correspondence (1970 - 1972) Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

December 1, 1977, (unprocessed addition 9), 38 cubic feet; Congressional files (1973 - 1974). Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

January 6, 1978, (unprocessed addition 10), 1 cubic foot; Congressional files (1973 - 1974). Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

March 26, 1979, (unprocessed addition 11), .5 cubic feet; Congressional files (1970 - 1976). Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

July 31, 1979, (unprocessed addition 12), 1 cubic foot; Congressional files, including Education file (1972 - 1978), Subcommittee on Conservation, Energy and Natural Resources (1976), Naval Matters (1969 - 1970), Internal Security Committee (1971 - 1973), and hand notes (1975). Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

October 10, 1979, (unprocessed addition 13), 46 cubic feet; Congressional files (1975 - 1976). Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

March 4, 1980, (unprocessed addition 14), 2 cubic feet; Files (1977 - 1978) of Subcommittee on Government Information and Individual Rights. Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

December 22, 1980, (unprocessed addition 15), 78 cubic feet; Congressional files (1977 - 1979), including Committee material, Legislation, Constituent Correspondence, Press Releases, Speeches, and Miscelleneous. Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

September 18, 1989, (unprocessed addition 16), 54 cubic feet; Congressional files (1979 - 1980). Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer.

May 29, 2012, (unprocessed addition 17), .005 cubic feet; 1 compact disc containing 26 scanned images of U.S. Congressman Richardson Preyer of North Carolina taken during the years 1964 through 1972. The images were the property of John L. Pinnix and most were taken by Mr. Pinnix. Gift of John Lawrence Pinnix.

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Richardson Preyer Papers (#102), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

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  • Gift of Honorable L. Richardson Preyer Gift of John Lawrence Pinnix

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Lunsford Richardson Preyer (called "Richardson") was born January 11, 1919, and died April 3, 2001, in Greensboro, North Carolina. He served in the U.S. Navy (1941-1946), received a law degree from Harvard in 1949, served as a city judge (1953-1954) and a N.C. State Superior Court judge (1956-1961) and as a U.S. District Court judge (1961-1963), ran unsuccessfully for N.C. governor in 1964, was a senior vice president and held other posititions at NCNB (1964-1966), and was elected as a Democrat to the U.S. House of Representatives in the fall of 1968. He served in the U.S. House for six terms until he lost his seventh bid for office in the fall of 1980. During his fifth U.S. House term he served as the chair of the Select Committee on Ethics.

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Below is material taken from a preliminary inventory and represents content from the collection that is unprocessed.

Box 1#0102.1
91st Congress--Greens: Outgoing Corr. Jan-Mar 1969
Box 2#0102.2
91st Congress--Greens: Outgoing Corr. Apr-June 1969
Box 3#0102.3
91st Congress--Greens: Outgoing Corr. July-Sept. 1969
Box 4#0102.4
91st Congress--Greens: Outgoing Corr. Oct.-Dec. 1969
Box 5#0102.5
91st Congress--Greens: Outgoing Corr. Jan-Mar 1970
Box 6#0102.6
91st Congress--Greens: Outgoing Corr. Apr-June 1970
Box 7#0102.7
91st Congress--Greens: Outgoing Corr. July-Sept. 1970
Box 8#0102.8
91st Congress--Greens: Outgoing Corr. Oct.-Dec. 1970
Box 10#0102.10
91st Congress--General: Armed Services; Army-Navy Football; Civil Service Commission.
Box 11#0102.11
91st Congress--General: Corps of Engineers.
Box 12#0102.12
91st Congress--General: Commerce Dept; Communism; Congratulations.
Box 13#0102.13
91st Congress--General: Congratulations; Congressional Directory; Contracts; Democratic Caucus; Democratic National Committee; "DURA" Letters.
Box 14#0102.14
91st Congress--General: Education; Environment; Farmers' Bulletins; Farmers Home Administration.
Box 15#0102.15
91st Congress--General: FAA & Cab; FCC; Federal Grants (Alamance Co., Caswell Co., Greensboro).
Box 16#0102.16
91st Congress--General: Federal Grants (Guilford Co.)
Box 17#0102.17
91st Congress--General: Federal Grants (Rockingham Co., Sixth District, State of N.C.)
Box 18#0102.18
91st Congress--General: FHA; Federal Power Commission; FTC; FDA; Foreign Affairs (Misc. & Cambodia).
Box 19#0102.19
91st Congress--General: Foreign Affairs (Cambodia; Moratorium Letters).
Box 20#0102.20
91st Congress--General: Foreign Affairs.
Box 21#0102.21
91st Congress--General: Greensboro--Chamber of Commerce; High Point Airport.
Box 22#0102.22
91st Congress--General: HEW; Immigration. Jan-69
Box 23#0102.23
91st Congress--General: Immigration; Information from Depts; IRS; Interior
Box 24#0102.24
91st Congress--General: Letters Referred; LOC; Library Fund Cut; Loans-Charters; Material Sent Out; Misc. Depts(General); Misc. Depts.(Labor Dept).
Box 25#0102.25
91st Congress--General: Misc. Depts. (Justice, State, HUD).
Box 26#0102.26
91st Congress--General: National Affairs.
Box 27#0102.27
91st Congress--General: National Affairs (A.C. Powell); NPS; N.C. Delegation.
Box 28#0102.28
91st Congress--General: North Carolina (Busing; Civil Rights; General).
Box 29#0102.29
91st Congress--General: North Carolina (General; Burlington Case).
Box 30#0102.30
91st Congress--General: North Carolina (Burlington Schools; Guilford Co. Schools; Poverty; Sue Richardson).
Box 31#0102.31
91st Congress--General: North Carolina (Greensboro Schools); OEO; OEO-Chilton; Old Age & Public Welfare.
Box 32#0102.32
91st Congress--General: Patronage; Passports-Customs; Peace Corps; Questionaire Requests; Questionaire (A-Letter, B-Letter).
Box 33#0102.33
91st Congress--General: Questionaires (Special Letters; 1970)
Box 34#0102.34
91st Congress--General: Questionaires (Polls); Recommendations & Applications. 1969
Box 35#0102.35
91st Congress--General: Recommendations & Applications; Requests (Agriculture Yearbooks). 1969-1970
Box 36#0102.36
91st Congress--General: Requests (Simple, Complex) 1969-1970
Box 37#0102.37
91st Congress--General: Requests (Simple) 1969-1970
Box 38#0102.38
91st Congress--General: Retirement; Resolutions; ROBO & DURA Letters; Sixth District (General). 1969-1970
Box 39#0102.39
91st Congress--General: Small Business Agency; SS.
Box 40#0102.40
91st Congress--General: Surplus Property; Corr. (Sympathy; Thank You).
Box 41#0102.41
91st Congress--General: Transportation; Treasury; VA; Visitors to Washington.
Box 42#0102.42
91st Congress--General: Thank You; Tobacco; Visas; Visitors to Washington; Upward Bound; Washington-Greensboro Office Mail.
Box 43#0102.43
91st Congress--Legislation: Agriculture (General); Appropriations & Budget (Jan-Dec 1969).
Box 44#0102.44
91st Congress--Legislation: Appropriations & Budget (Jan-Dec 1970); Appropriations (President's Veto); Armed Services.
Box 45#0102.45
91st Congress--Legislation: Banking and Currency; Civil Rights.
Box 46#0102.46
91st Congress--Legislation: Commerce Committee. Jan-Sept. 1969
Box 47#0102.47
91st Congress--Legislation: Commerce Committee. 1969-1970
Box 48#0102.48
91st Congress--Legislation: Commerce Committee (Corr.). 1970
Box 49#0102.49
91st Congress--Legislation: Commerce Committee (Sub Committee; Hill Burton; Pay TV; CATV; United Parcel Service).
Box 50#0102.50
91st Congress--Legislation: Commerce Committee (Public Health Subcommittee; FDA; Sub Committee).
Box 51#0102.51
91st Congress--Legislation: Commerce Committee (Health; Airport & Airways; Crime Legislation; National Service Act; Tobacco File).
Box 52#0102.52
91st Congress--Legislation: Congressional Reform; Federal Aid to Education; Federal Highway System; Foreign Aid; Government Operations; IIA.
Box 53#0102.53
91st Congress--Legislation: Internal Security.
Box 54#0102.54
91st Congress--Legislation: Internal Security (Defense Facilities and Industrial Security Act; Loyalty- Security Subcommittee).
Box 55#0102.55
91st Congress--Legislation: Judiciary Committee.
Box 56#0102.56
91st Congress--Legislation: Labor(General); Merchant Marines & Fisheries; Misc.(General).
Box 57#0102.57
91st Congress--Legislation: National Federation of Independent Business; Office of Economic Opportunity; Postal and Civil Service Committee.
Box 58#0102.58
91st Congress--Legislation: Postal and Civil Service; Postal and Federal Employees Pay.
Box 59#0102.59
91st Congress--Legislation: Public Works Committee; Rules Committee; Science & Astronautics Committee.
Box 60#0102.60
91st Congress--Legislation: SS and Public Welfare.
Box 61#0102.61
91st Congress--Legislation: Supreme Court; Tariff & Trade (General Jan.-Jul.1969).
Box 62#0102.62
91st Congress--Legislation: Tariff & Trade (General Aug.-Dec. 1969); Tariff & Trade Textiles; Tax Justice Committee; Tax.
Box 63#0102.63
91st Congress--Legislation: Veterans Affairs Committee; Ways and Means Committee; Welfare Reform & Work Incentive.
Box 64#0102.64
91st Congress--Personal: Appointments; Birthdays; Board of Christian Education.
Box 65#0102.65
91st Congress--Personal: Colleagues' Corr..
Box 66#0102.66
91st Congress--Personal: Colleagues' Corr.; Committee Testimony; Educational Programs; European Trip.
Box 67#0102.67
91st Congress--Personal: Extension of Remarks; Flags sent out; Hayes/Taylor; House Administration.
Box 68#0102.68
91st Congress--Personal: Invitations. Jan-June 1969
Box 69#0102.69
91st Congress--Personal: Invitations. Apr-Aug 1969
Box 70#0102.70
91st Congress--Personal: Invitations. Sept. 1969
Box 71#0102.71
91st Congress--Personal: Invitations. 1970
Box 72#0102.72
91st Congress--Personal: Invitations. 1970
Box 73#0102.73
91st Congress--Personal: Korean Trip; Nat File; Personal (Personnel); Press Relations.
Box 74#0102.74
91st Congress--Personal: Press Releases; Speech Material (Electoral Reform); Speeches; Stationery Room; Telephone-Telegraph.
Box 75#0102.75
91st Congress--Personal: Thank You; Voting Record.
Box 76#0102.76
91st Congress--Political: 1969 Inauguration; 1969 Political Lists; General 1969; NSA Newsletters; Political Recommendations (Jan 1969); "Freedom to Run" Task Force Members; Congratulations; 1970 Election.
Box 77#0102.77
91st Congress--Political: 1970 Election.
Box 78#0102.78
Service Academy: Air Force Academy (1972-1973); West Point (1972-1973); Naval Academy (1969-1973).
Box 79#0102.79
Miscellaneous: Misc. Corr. (1970-1972); Questionnaires (1973); Mailing List.
Box 80#0102.80
Miscellaneous: Personal Corr. (1970-1972); Guest Register (1972-1976); 1976 File Directory.
Box 81#0102.81
91st Congress--Post Offices: Colfax-High Point.
Box 82#0102.82
91st Congress--Post Offices: High Point- Summerfield.
Box 83#0102.83
91st Congress--Bills: H.R. 4845; H.R. 7213; H.J. Res.337; H.R. 334; H. Res. 466; H.Res. 457; H.Res. 566; H.Con.Res. 703; H.Con.Res. 756; H.Res. 907; H.J.Res. 930; H.Res. 976; H.J.Res.1069; H.Res. 1088; H.Res. 1123; H.R. Res. 1198; H.R. 7177; H.R. 6543.
Box 84#0102.84
91st Congress--Bills: H.R. 7177; H.R. 6543; H.R. 11102; H.R. 11114; H.R. 11902; h.R. 12276; H.R. 12513; H.R. 12699; H.R. 12779
Box 85#0102.85
91st Congress--Bills: H.R. 13025; H.R. 13054; H.R. 13977; H.R. 14070; H.R. 14016; H.R. 15585; H.R. 15933; H.R. 16938.
Box 86#0102.86
91st Congress--Bills: H.R. 1698; H.R. 14070; H.R. 14086; H.R. 14237; H.R. 14661; H.R. 14733; H.R. 14864; H.R. 15014; H.R. 15197; H.R. 15656.
Box 87#0102.87
91st Congress--Bills: H.R. 15656; H.R. 16544; H.R. 17255; H.R. 18110; H.R. 18583; H.R. 18568; H.R. 18691; H.R. 19310; H.R. 19318; H.R. 19578; H.R. 19599; H.R. 19860.
Box 88#0102.88
91st Congress--Bills: H.R. 14863; H.R. 19860; H.R. 19029; H.R. 11913; H.R. 18583; H.R. 13270; H.R. 18582; H.R. 19130; H.R. 959; H.Res. 17; Eckhardt Bill.
Box 89#0102.89
91st Congress--H.R. 17255; Federal Grants (6th Dist.); H.J.Res. 969; Drug Abuse; C.3.2 (Naval).
Box 90#0102.90
91st Congress--Reports concerning campus violence, unrest.
Box 91#0102.91
92nd Congress--A-1; A-2; A-4.
Box 92#0102.92
92nd Congress--B-1; C-1-1.
Box 93#0102.93
92nd Congress--C-1.
Box 94#0102.94
92nd Congress--C-1-1; C-1-2; C-1-3; C-1-4; C-2-3; C-2.
Box 95#0102.95
92nd Congress--C-2-1; C-3; C-3-1; C-3-1a.
Box 96#0102.96
92nd Congress--C-3-1b; C-3-1c; C-3-2; C-3-2a; C-3-3.
Box 97#0102.97
92nd Congress--C-3-1.
Box 98#0102.98
92nd Congress--C-4; C-4-1; C-4-2.
Box 99#0102.99
92nd Congress--C-4-3; C-6; C-6-1.
Box 100#0102.100
92nd Congress--C-7; C-7-1; C-7-2; C-7-3.
Box 101#0102.101
92nd Congress--C-7-4; C-7-5; C-8; C-8-1; C-9.
Box 102#0102.102
92nd Congress--C-10; C-10-1; C-10-z.
Box 103#0102.103
92nd Congress--C-10-2; C-10-z.
Box 104#0102.104
92nd Congress--C-10-3; C-10-4; C-10-5; C-10-5a; C-11.
Box 105#0102.105
92nd Congress--C-11-1; C-11-2; C-11-3; C-12; D-1.
Box 106#0102.106
92nd Congress--C-14; F-5.
Box 107#0102.107
92nd Congress--C-10-3; D-5; D-9.
Box 108#0102.108
92nd Congress--D-2; D-3; D-4; D-5; D-7; D-8.
Box 109#0102.109
92nd Congress--D-9; D-10; D-11; D-12; D-13; D-14; D-15.
Box 110#0102.110
92nd Congress--D-15.
Box 111#0102.111
92nd Congress--D-16; D-17; D-18-19.
Box 112#0102.112
92nd Congress--D-16.
Box 113#0102.113
92nd Congress--D-20; E-1-1; E-1-2; E-1-3; E-1-4; E-1-5; E-1-7; E-1-8; E-1-9; E-1-11; E-1-11a; E-1-11c; E-1-12; E-2-1; E-2-2.
Box 114#0102.114
92nd Congress--E-2-2; E-2-2a; E-2-3; F-1; F-2; F-3; F-4.
Box 115#0102.115
92nd Congress--F-5.
Box 116#0102.116
92nd Congress--F-6; F-7; F-8.
Box 117#0102.117
92nd Congress--F-8-1; F-8-2.
Box 118#0102.118
92nd Congress--F-8-2; F-8-3; F-9.
Box 119#0102.119
92nd Congress--F-9-1; G-1; G-1-1.
Box 120#0102.120
92nd Congress--G-1-1.
Box 121#0102.121
92nd Congress--G-1-1.
Box 122#0102.122
92nd Congress--G-1-2.
Box 123#0102.123
92nd Congress--G-1-2.
Box 124#0102.124
92nd Congress--G-1-2; G-1-3; G-1-4.
Box 125#0102.125
92nd Congress--G-2; G-2-1; G-2-1.
Box 126#0102.126
92nd Congress--G-2-1; G-2-2; G-2-3.
Box 127#0102.127
92nd Congress--G-2-3; G-2-4.
Box 128#0102.128
92nd Congress--G-2-4; G-2-5; G-2-6; G-2-7; G-2-8; G-6-1; G-6-2.
Box 129#0102.129
92nd Congress--G-6-3; G-6-4; G-6-6; G-7; G-8; G-9; G-10.
Box 130#0102.130
92nd Congress--H-1.
Box 131#0102.131
92nd Congress--H-2-1; H-2.
Box 132#0102.132
92nd Congress--H-2-1; H-4.
Box 133#0102.133
92nd Congress--J-1-4; J-4; J-1-1; K-1-1; K-2-1; K-3; K-3-1.
Box 134#0102.134
92nd Congress--K-1; K-3-1.
Box 135#0102.135
92nd Congress--K-3-1; K-4-1; K-5-1; K-6-1; K-7-1.
Box 136#0102.136
92nd Congress--K-5; K-7-4; K-3.
Box 137#0102.137
92nd Congress--K-7-2; K-7-3; K-7-4; K-7-5; K-7-6.
Box 138#0102.138
92nd Congress--K-7-7; K-7-8; K-7-9; K-7-10; K-8; L-6.
Box 139#0102.139
92nd Congress--L-6; L-7.
Box 140#0102.140
92nd Congress--L-1; L-2; L-3; L-4.
Box 141#0102.141
92nd Congress--L-5; L-6.
Box 142#0102.142
92nd Congress--L-6; L-8; L-9.
Box 143#0102.143
92nd Congress--L-7.
Box 144#0102.144
92nd Congress--L-7; L-10; L-11.
Box 145#0102.145
92nd Congress--L-11.
Box 146#0102.146
92nd Congress--L-11.
Box 147#0102.147
92nd Congress--L-11.
Box 148#0102.148
92nd Congress--L-11.
Box 149#0102.149
92nd Congress--L-11.
Box 150#0102.150
92nd Congress--L-11; L-20.
Box 151#0102.151
92nd Congress--L-11; L-12.
Box 152#0102.152
92nd Congress--L-12.
Box 153#0102.153
92nd Congress--L-12; L-13; L-15; L-16; L-17.
Box 154#0102.154
92nd Congress--L-18.
Box 155#0102.155
92nd Congress--L-19; L-20.
Box 156#0102.156
92nd Congress--L-20; L-21.
Box 157#0102.157
92nd Congress--L-21.
Box 158#0102.158
92nd Congress--L-21.
Box 158#0102.158
92nd Congress--L-21.
Box 159#0102.159
92nd Congress--L-21; L-22; L-23; L-24.
Box 160#0102.160
92nd Congress--L-21; L-22; L-25; M-1.
Box 161#0102.161
92nd Congress--M-2; M-3.
Box 162#0102.162
92nd Congress--M-3-1; M-3-2; M-3-3; M-3-4; Davidson; M-3-7; M-3-12; N-4-2; N-4-2a; O; N-3; N-5.
Box 163#0102.163
92nd Congress--O; P.
Box 164#0102.164
92nd Congress--P; P-1; P-4; Q.
Box 165#0102.165
92nd Congress--Q.
Box 166#0102.166
92nd Congress--H.Con.Res. 116-H; H.Con.Res. 455; H.Con.Res 498; H.J.Res. 1289; H.J.Res. 886; H.J.Res. 969; H.R. 1120; H.R. 819; H.R. 2569; H.R. 5087; Campaign Spending.
Box 167#0102.167
92nd Congress--H.R. 3653; H.R. 5087-5089; H.R. 5093-5095; H.R. 6485; H.R. 4145.
Box 167a#0102.167a
92nd Congress--H.R. 7785; H.R. 11066; H.R. 11728.
Box 168#0102.168
92nd Congress--H.R. 11053; H.R. 11174; H.R. 11192; H.R. 11414; H.R. 11628; H.R. 12020
Box 169#0102.169
92nd Congress--H.R. 12551; H.R. 13481; H.R. 12380.
Box 170#0102.170
92nd Congress--H.R. 13591(Roy Rogers Bill); H.R. 13782; H.R. 14770; H.R. 14899; H.R. 15457; H.R. 15003; H.R. 15734; H.R. 16676.
Box 171#0102.171
92nd Congress--H.R. 16484; H.R. 16742; H.R. 16750; H. Con. Res. 28; S. 2507(Bayh Bill, Gun Control).
Box 172#0102.172
92nd Congress--Video and Sound recordings.
Box 173#0102.173
92nd Congress--Video recording urging 18-year-olds to register and vote, 1971.
Box 174#0102.174
93rd Congress--A-1; A-2 (Office of Management and Budget).
Box 175#0102.175
93rd Congress--A-2; A-4.
Box 176#0102.176
93rd Congress--A-4 (OEP--Rockingham Flood Disaster); B-1; C-1.
Box 177#0102.177
93rd Congress--C-1-1; C-1-2; C-1-B.
Box 178#0102.178
93rd Congress--C-1-4; C-2; C-2-1.
Box 179#0102.179
93rd Congress--C-2-1; C-2-2.
Box 180#0102.180
93rd Congress--C-2-2; C-3; C-3-1.
Box 181#0102.181
93rd Congress--C-3a; C-3-1b.
Box 182#0102.182
93rd Congress--C-3-1b; C-3-2; C-3-2a; C-3-3AF; C-4; C-4-1; C-4-2.
Box 183#0102.183
93rd Congress--C-4-2; *C-5 (*1971-1972).
Box 184#0102.184
93rd Congress--C-5; C-5-1; (1971-1972); C-5-1 (1970); C-5-1 (1970-1972); C-5-1(1971-1972); C-5-1(1950, 1961, 1964-1969, 1971); C-5-1(1971-1972).
Box 185#0102.185
93rd C-5-1(1970-1972); C-5-1(1972); C-5-1(1972).
Box 186#0102.186
93rd Congress--C-6.
Box 187#0102.187
93rd Congress--C-6-1; C-7.
Box 188#0102.188
93rd Congress--C-7.
Box 189#0102.189
93rd Congress--C-7; C-7-1; C-7-2; C-7-3; C-7-4; C-7-5.
Box 190#0102.190
93rd Congress--C-8; C-8-1.
Box 191#0102.191
93rd Congress--C-9.
Box 192#0102.192
93rd Congress--C-9; C-10.
Box 193#0102.193
93rd Congress--C-10.
Box 194#0102.194
93rd Congress--C-10-2; C-10-3.
Box 195#0102.195
93rd Congress--C-10-4; C-10-5.
Box 196#0102.196
93rd Congress--C-10-6; C-10-8; C-11.
Box 197#0102.197
93rd Congress--C-11; C-11-1; C-11-2; C-11-3; C-12.
Box 198#0102.198
93rd Congress--C-12.
Box 199#0102.199
93rd Congress--D-1; D-2; D-3; D-4; D-5.
Box 200#0102.200
93rd Congress--D-5; D-6; D-7; D-8.
Box 201#0102.201
93rd Congress--D-9; D-10; D-11; D-12.
Box 202#0102.202
93rd Congress--D-13; D-14.
Box 203#0102.203
93rd Congress--D-15; D-16.
Box 204#0102.204
93rd Congress--D-16; D-17.
Box 205#0102.205
93rd Congress--D-18; D-19.
Box 206#0102.206
93rd Congress--D-19; D-20.
Box 207#0102.207
93rd Congress--D-21.
Box 208#0102.208
93rd Congress--D-21.
Box 209#0102.209
93rd Congress--E-1-2; E-1-3; E-1-4; E-1-5; E-1-6; E-1-7; E-1-8; E-1-9; E-1-10; E-1-11a; E-1-11c; E-1-11d.
Box 210#0102.210
93rd Congress--E-1-12; E-2-1; E-2-2; E-2-3; F-1; F-2; F-3.
Box 211#0102.211
93rd Congress--F-4; F-4(1972); F-3.
Box 212#0102.212
93rd Congress--F-6.
Box 213#0102.213
93rd Congress--F-7; F-8-1.
Box 214#0102.214
93rd Congress--F-8-2.
Box 215#0102.215
93rd Congress--F-8-2; F-8-3.
Box 216#0102.216
93rd Congress--F-9-1; F-9-2; F-9-3.
Box 217#0102.217
93rd Congress--F-9-4; F-10.
Box 218#0102.218
93rd Congress--G-1; G-1-1.
Box 219#0102.219
93rd Congress--G-1-1.
Box 220#0102.220
93rd Congress--G-1-1.
Box 221#0102.221
93rd Congress--G-1-1; G-1-2.
Box 222#0102.222
93rd Congress--G-1-2.
Box 223#0102.223
93rd Congress--G-1-2; G-1-3.
Box 224#0102.224
93rd Congress--G-2-1.
Box 225#0102.225
93rd Congress--G-2-2; G-2-3; G-2-4.
Box 226#0102.226
93rd Congress--G-2-4.
Box 227#0102.227
93rd Congress--G-2-5.
Box 228#0102.228
93rd Congress--G-2-5; G-2-6; G-6-6.
Box 229#0102.229
93rd Congress--G-2-6.
Box 230#0102.230
93rd Congress--G-2-7.
Box 231#0102.231
93rd Congress--G-2-7.
Box 232#0102.232
93rd Congress--G-3; G-6-1; G-6-2; G-6-3; G-6-4; G-6-5; G-6-6; G-9; G-10; J-1-1; J-1-3; K-1; K-3.
Box 233#0102.233
93rd Congress--K-3; K-4; K-5; K-6.
Box 234#0102.234
93rd Congress--K-7-1; K-7-2; K-7-3; K-7-4; K-7-5.
Box 235#0102.235
93rd Congress--K-7-6; K-7-7; K-7-8; K-7-8; K-7-10; K-7-11; K-8; L-1.
Box 236#0102.236
93rd Congress--L-2; L-3.
Box 237#0102.237
93rd Congress--L-4.
Box 238#0102.238
93rd Congress--L-4.
Box 239#0102.239
93rd Congress--L-4; L-5; L-6.
Box 240#0102.240
93rd Congress--L-6.
Box 241#0102.241
93rd Congress--L-6; L-7.
Box 242#0102.242
93rd Congress--L-7.
Box 243#0102.243
93rd Congress--L-8; L-9; L-10.
Box 244#0102.244
93rd Congress--L-10.
Box 245#0102.245
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 246#0102.246
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 247#0102.247
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 248#0102.248
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 249#0102.249
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 250#0102.250
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 251#0102.251
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 252#0102.252
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 253#0102.253
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 254#0102.254
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 255#0102.255
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 256#0102.256
93rd Congress--L-11; H.R. 9681.
Box 257#0102.257
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 258#0102.258
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 259#0102.259
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 260#0102.260
93rd Congress--L-11.
Box 261#0102.261
93rd Congress--H.R. 13995; :-11; L-12.
Box 262#0102.262
93rd Congress--L-12.
Box 263#0102.263
93rd Congress--L-12.
Box 264#0102.264
93rd Congress--L-12.
Box 265#0102.265
93rd Congress--L-12.
Box 266#0102.266
93rd Congress--L-12.
Box 267#0102.267
93rd Congress--L-13; L-14.
Box 268#0102.268
93rd Congress--L-15; L-16; L-17; L-18.
Box 269#0102.269
93rd Congress--L-18.
Box 270#0102.270
93rd Congress--L-18; L-19.
Box 271#0102.271
93rd Congress--L-19; L-20.
Box 272#0102.272
93rd Congress--L-20.
Box 273#0102.273
93rd Congress--L-20.
Box 274#0102.274
93rd Congress--L-20.
Box 275#0102.275
93rd Congress--L-20; L-21.
Box 276#0102.276
93rd Congress--L-22; L-23; L-25.
Box 277#0102.277
93rd Congress--M-1; M-2; M-3.
Box 278#0102.278
93rd Congress--M-3; N-1.
Box 279#0102.279
93rd Congress--N; N-1; N-2; N-2-1; N-3.
Box 280#0102.280
93rd Congress--N-3; O; O-1; P-1; P-1a; P-2.
Box 281#0102.281
93rd Congress--P-2; P-6; P-7; P-8.
Box 282#0102.282
93rd Congress--P-8; P-9; P-10; P-11.
Box 283#0102.283
93rd Congress--P-11; P-12; P-14.
Box 284#0102.284
93rd Congress--P-14; North Carolina Outward Bound School; Q; Q-1.
Box 285#0102.285
93rd Congress--Q-Misc.; Q-1974; Middle East Crisis; CPT Questionnaire; Pres. Nixon Watergate Speech CPT; Anti-Impeach CPT; Pro-Impeach CPT; CPT Smoking in Public Transportation (American Legion Magazine).
Box 286#0102.286
93rd Congress--Q-North Vietnam Aid Letter; Highway Trust Fund CPT, Impoundment; Reply to Pro-Nixon Letters CPT; Economic Stabilization Act, CPT written after April 16, 1973; CPT Spending Ceiling; Cambodia bombing, Fund transfer written after May 10, 1973 vote; Bombing of Cambodia, Stop transfer of funds (CPT); Budget Letters, CPT-1973 questionnaire with attached comments; CPT-Public Employees Timber Export; S. 1033 (Packwood Bill) CPT; Support Pres. American Security Council; CPT Nursing Letter; CPT Soviet Jews; OBW Bill; Vietnam-End war; CPT Letters Vietnam; Abortion; Abortion (conscience clause CPT); CPT voluntary religious services letter; Apple Growers - OSHA Standards - CPT.
Box 287#0102.287
93rd Congress--Q-4th of July Speech Material; Anti-trust Sub-comm. Morgan comments on oil industry; Energy Conservation; Natural Gas; Energy Conservation; Alaskan Pipeline; Oil Company Media Campaign; Oil to Independent Dealers; Press Energy Message; Motor Vehicle Fuel Economy Act.
Box 288#0102.288
93rd Congress--Q-Letters from Holshouser Admin.; Tax Reform Bills- H.R. 39, H.R. 65, H.R. 74, H.J. 123, J.R. 179, H.J. 213, H.J.Res. 396, H.R. 424, H.R. 471, H.R. 567, H.R. 606, H.J.Res. 611, H.R. 620, H.R. 643.
Box 289#0102.289
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 643, H.J.Res. 712, H.J.Res. 794, H.J.Res. 799, H.J.Res. 913, H.R. 937, H.R. 961, H.J.Res. 988, H.J.Res. 1050, H.R. 1058, H.R. 1059, H.J.Res. 1068, H.R. 1125, H.R. 1220, H.R. 1339, H.R. 1417, H.R. 1488, H.R. 1595, H.R. 1688, H.R. 1758, H.R. 1800, H.R. 1845, H.R. 2049, H.R. 2246, H.R. 2560, H.R. 2647.
Box 290#0102.290
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 2677, H.R. 2693, H.R. 2728, H.R. 2919, H.R. 2972, H.R. 2973, H.R. 3008, H.R. 3166, H.R. 3290, H.R. 3342, H.R. 3585, H.R. 3655, H.R. 3657, H.R. 3829.
Box 291#0102.291
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 3854, H.R. 4129, H.R. 4200.
Box 292#0102.292
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 4200.
Box 293#0102.293
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 4200.
Box 294#0102.294
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 4200.
Box 295#0102.295
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 4264, H.R. 4291, H.R. 4292, H.R. 4624, H.R. 4638, H.R. 4689, H.R. 4690, H.R. 4764, H.R. 4818, H.R. 4844, H.R. 4880, H.R. 4932, H.R. 5353, H.R. 5366, H.R. 5367, H.R. 5535, H.R. 5608, H.R. 5640.
Box 296#0102.296
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 5640, H.R. 5813, H.R. 6031, H.R. 6175, H.R. 6239, H.R. 6391, H.R. 6241, H.R. 6458, H.R. 6818, H.R. 7274, H.R. 7360, H.R. 7508, H.R. 7200, H.R. 7713, H.R. 7724, H.R. 7806, H.R. 7902, H.R. 7973.
Box 297#0102.297
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 7974, H.R. 7981, H.R. 8005, H.R. 8019.
Box 298#0102.298
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 8023, H.R. 8103, H.R. 8204, H.R. 8865, H.R. 9341, H.R. 9371, H.R. 9498, H.R. 9585, H.R. 9611, H.R. 9639, H.R. 9810, H.R. 9821, H.R. 9849, H.R. 10014, H.R. 10019, H.R. 10211, H.R. 10272, H.R. 10316.
Box 299#0102.299
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 10365, H.R. 10394, H.R. 10455, H.R. 10454, H.R. 10573, H.R. 10601, H.R. 10663, H.R. 10906, H.R. 10956, H.R. 10957, H.R. 11044, H.R. 11189, H.R. 11323, H.R. 11337, H.R. 11382.
Box 300#0102.300
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 11385, H.R. 11386, H.R. 11387, H.R. 11409, H.R. 11435, H.R. 11447, H.R. 11448, H.R. 11496, H.R. 11511, H.R. 11535, H.R. 11617, H.R. 11747, H.R. 11845, H.R. 11875, H.R. 11876, H.R. 12005, H.R. 12254, H.R. 12314, H.R. 12417, H.R. 12487, H.R. 12503, H.R. 12951, H.R. 12962, H.R. 12992.
Box 301#0102.301
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 13002, H.R. 13053, H.R. 13176, H.R. 13223, H.R. 13403, H.R. 13405, H.R. 13469.
Box 302#0102.302
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 13603, H.R. 13670, H.R. 13705, H.R. 13708, H.R. 13733, H.R. 13947, H.R. 13972, H.R. 14009, H.R. 14181, H.R. 14197, H.R. 14213, H.R. 14214, H.R. 14215, H.R. 14231, H.R. 14258.
Box 303#0102.303
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 14261, H.R. 14670, H.R. 14681, H.R. 14698, H.R. 14699, H.R. 14722, H.R. 14783, H.R. 14827, H.R. 15027, H.R. 15090, H.R. 15191, H.R. 15200, H.R. 15309, H.R. 15519, H.R. 15881, H.R. 15907, H.R. 15908, H.R. 15950.
Box 304#0102.304
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 15950, H.R. 16045, H.R. 16056, H.R. 16064, H.R. 16077, H.R. 16204.
Box 305#0102.305
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 16204, H.R. 16552, H.R. 16723, H.R. 16735, H.R. 16890, H.R. 16914, H.R. 17014, H.R. 17084.
Box 306#0102.306
93rd Congress--Bills: H.R. 17084, H.R. 17085, H.R. 17214, H.R. 17290, H.R. 17377, H.R. 17582; National Day of Prayer & Preyer Bills; 93rd Congress-unfiled.
Box 307#0102.307
95th Congress--C-8 (Dept. of Commerce); C-8-1 (Bureau of Census); C-9 (Dept. of Labor)
Box 308#0102.308
95th Congress--C-8 (Dept. of Commerce, Public Works Jobs Projects); C-9 (Dept. of Labor)
Box 309#0102.309
95th Congress--C-2 (ATF-Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms); C-2-1 (IRS)
Box 310#0102.310
95th Congress--C-2-2 (Revenue Sharing, Antirecession Revenue Sharing); C-3 (Defense Department); C-3-1(a) (Mayo River, Civil Defense); C-3-1(b) (Corps of Engineers)
Box 311#0102.311
94th, 95th and 96th Congress--C-3-1(c) (National Guard); C-3-2 (Department of Navy); C-3-3 (Department of Air Force); C-4 (Department of Justice); F-9-1 (Constituent Personal Problem)
Box 312#0102.312
95th Congress--F-9-1 (Constituent Personal Problems); F-8 (Employment Application)
Box 313#0102.313
94th Congress--A-1 (The White House); A-2 (OMB)
Box 314#0102.314
94th Congress--A-2 (OMB); A-2-1 (Gas Rationing); A-3 (CIA); B,B-1 (Supreme Court, US); C-1 (State Department); C-1-1 (Foreign Relations)
Box 315#0102.315
94th Congress--C-1-2 (Passports and Visas); C-1-3 (Aid); C-1-4 (State Department Cases)
Box 316#0102.316
95th Congress--L-8 (Customs Mail Openings, Federal Advisory Committee Act Amendments of 1977, Advisory Committees, Security Classification, Justice Department Inquiry, FBI Hearings)
Box 317#0102.317
93rd and 94th Congress (possibly previous congresses as well)-- K-4 (Reidsville Housing); Internal Security Committee 1971-1973; Hand Notes 1975; Internal Security; Drug Abuse in SE Asia; Symbionese Liberation Army
Box 318#0102.318
94th and 95th Congress--L-8 (Department of Justice Oversight, Full Committee; Organizational Writing (3-24-1977), Mr. Preyer, General Organization); L-26 (Assassination Committee News Clippings)
Box 319#0102.319
95th Congress--Justice Department Hearing; Mr. Preyer; WEISS Corr.; Justice Department Hearings (7/12/1977); Internal Justice Dept. Policy for Investigations, FBI Hearing (8/27/1977); L-8 (FOIA/Privacy Booklet Request); Government Operation Committee; Presidential Papers Legislation; Postal Service/Customs Service; Customs Service (9/15/1977); Government Information Hearing; Customs Service; Customs Service/DOD (9/19/1977)
Box 320#0102.320
94th Congress--L-6 (Education Desegregation Corr. (1972-1978)); L-8 (Subcommittee on C, E & NRs (1976), Disposal of Low Level Radioactive Waste (3/12/1976, 2/23/1976), Natural Gas)
Box 321#0102.321
95th Congress--L-8 (Privacy, General)
Box 322#0102.322
95th Congress--L-8 (Privacy Commission Report, Federal Paperwork Commission, Freedom of Information)
Box 323#0102.323
94th, 95th Congress--Speeches 1977; City County News Column (10/1976 Federal Government & Taxes, 10/27/1976 Energy, 11/3/1976 Clean Air, 11/8/1976 New President & More Effective Congress, 11/17/1976 Government to Make Life Better, 11/24/1976 Investigation of Kennedy Death, 12/1/1976 SS, 12/8/1976 New Congressmen Speech, 12/15/1976 Unemployment, 1/5/1977 Welfare System, 1/19/1977 Office of Ombudsman, 1/26/1977 Postal Service, 2/2/1977 Energy Crisis, 2/9/1977 Inspector General Office, 2/16/1977 Items Available to Constituents, 2/23/1977 Reorganization of Government, 3/7/1977 National Health Insurance, 3/16/1977 FDA Ban of Saccharin and Relief of Problems by Legislation, 3/30/1977 Crime, 4/13/1977 Federal Budget, 4/27/1977 Human Rights, 5/11/1977 Health Care Costs, 5/25/1977 Health Care Costs, 6/8/1977 CPA, 6/22/1977 Tobacco, 7/6/1977 Compromise, 7/20/1977 Privacy Protection, 8/1/1977 Health Care - Rural Clinics, 8/17/1977 Natural Gas Deregulation; 9/14/1977 OSHA, 10/12/1977 National Educational Opportunities Act Part I, 10/26/1977 National Educational Opportunities Act Part II, 11/9/1977 SS Merging with Federal, 11/23/1977 Procedure for New Rules - Presidents Proposal, 12/7/1977 Mandatory Retirement, 12/21/1977 Town Meetings, 1/11/1978 Energy, 1/25/1978 Tribute to Humphrey, 2/8/1978 Educational Opportunities, 2/17/1978 CPA, 3/8/1978 Testimony on National Educational Opportunities Act, 3/22/1978 National Defense, 4/5/1978 Inflation, 4/19/1978 Tuition Tax Credit, 5/3/1978 Misconceptions on Special Priviledges, 5/17/1978 Attack on Doctors, 5/31/1978 Office of Inspector General, 6/14/1978 Proposition 13, 6/29/1978 Mood of America - Proposition 13, 7/12/1978 Yearbooks Available, 8/8/1978 Tobacco, 8/21/1978 CETA, 9/6/1978 Civil Service System Changes, 9/20/1978 Airline Deregulation, 10/3/1978 Energy Plan, 10/17/1978 End of Congress 95th Session, 11/1/1978 Inflation, 11/15/1978 Less Government, 11/29/1978 Strategic Arms; 12/14/1978 Holiday Season, 12/27/1978 Motor Carrier Deregulation, 1/10/1979 Budget)
Box 324#0102.324
Speeches and Press Releases (Reference List 1969-1976, Speeches and Press Releases (1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980) )
Box 325#0102.325
Speeches (1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980)
Box 326#0102.326
Speeches and Press Releases (Reference List 1969-1976, Speeches (1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974))
Box 327#0102.327
94th Congress--L-4 (Legislation, Legislation NYC (aid bill))
Box 328#0102.328
94th Congress--L-6 (Labor)
Box 329#0102.329
94th Congress--L-4 (Housing Credit Crunch, Financial Institutions Reform Act); L-6 (Labor); L-5 (Firearms Control Act)
Box 330#0102.330
94th Congress--C-6 (Bureau of Land Management: Oil and Gas Lease Rights to Private Citizens on Federally Owned Land); C-7 (Agriculture, Aerial Photographic Laboratory, Food Shortages, Tobacco, Tobacco Farmers Marketing Designation); C-7-2 ( Farmers Home Administration); C-7-3 (Rural Electrification Administration); C-7-4 (Soil Conservation Service); C-7-5 (Food Stamp Program)
Box 331#0102.331
94th Congress--C-6-1 (6th District-Guilford Courthouse National Militarly Park, NPS); C-7 (Dept. of Agriculture)
Box 332#0102.332
94th Congress--G-2-4 (Educational Recommendations); G-2-5 (National Affairs); G-2-5(a) (Common Cause); C-6 (Dept. of Interior)
Box 333#0102.333
94th Congress--G-2-4 (Reccomendations); C-7 (Department of Agriculture)
Box 334#0102.334
96th Congress--L-11 (Telecommunications); Child Health Assurance; FAA
Box 335#0102.335
94th & 96th Congress--Department of Interior; C-12 (Transportation); P-Bill - Capitol Cost; CLIA; G-2-5 (National Affairs)
Box 336#0102.336
94th & 96th Congress--C-13 (EPA-Grant Bill); G-2-5 (National Affairs)
Box 337#0102.337
94th Congress--G-2-5 (National Affairs); G-2-4 (Recommendations)
Box 338#0102.338
96th Congress--C-7 (Lynglas Project - food); L-11 (Telecommunucations, Superfund ); Preyer Bill - Campaign Reform; C-13 (EA Grant Bill)
Box 339#0102.339
94th Congress--C-3 (Department of Defense, Defense Fund); C-3-1(b) (Programed Techniques - Contract Case); C-3-2 (Department of Navy); C-3-3 (Department of Air Force); E-2-2(a) (Student Interns & Pages, Phillips - Exeter Intern, Letters but no Applications, Blank Applications); C-2-2 (Revenue Sharing); C-3-1 (Department of Army)
Box 340#0102.340
94th Congress--E-1-3 (Copyrights); E-1-4 (Postage); E-1-5 (Telephone Records); E-1-6 (Vouchers); E-1-1 (Supply/Sale Receipts); E-1-2 (Equipment Account); E-1-7 (AT & T Today)
Box 341#0102.341
94th Congress--E-1-12 (Office General); E-1-11 (Office of the Clerk); E-1-11(a) (Members Travel Vouchers); E-1-1(c) (Quarterly Allowance Vouchers); E-1-8 (LOC); E-1-10 (Invoice, Voucher); E-1-11(b) (Voucher); E-2-1 (Patronage); E-2-2 (General Info - Intern); C-1-1 (Letters P (P-R)); C-1-2 (Letters - Academies (P (S-Z)); C-9 (Letters Q); Letters (R-(A-D), R-(E-G))
Box 342#0102.342
94th Congress--Letters (R-(H-M), R-(N-R), R-(S-Z), P-(N-O), S-(A-B), S-(C-D), S-(E-G))
Box 343#0102.343
94th Congress--Letters (S-(HA-HH), S-(HI-HZ), S-(T), S-(U-Z), T-(A-D), T-(E-H), T-(I-M), T-(N-R), T-(S-Z), U-(A-H), U-(I-N), U-(O-Z), V-(A-G), V-(H-M), V-(N-Z))
Box 344#0102.344
94th Congress--Letters (W-(A-D), W-(E-G), W-(O), W-(I-Illiamson), W-(Illiard-N), W-(H), XYZ, W-(P-Z))
Box 345#0102.345
94th Congress--L-21-1 (SBA); L-20 (Charitable Contributions), H.R. 4925 (Public Health Service Act)
Box 346#0102.346
93rd Congress--Graduation Speech; Senator Sam Ervin; Scouting; General Speeches; News Clippings; Random Notes; The New Federalism - a Conference
Box 347#0102.347
94th Congress--C-3-1(b) (Letters); C-2 (Treasury Department); Department of Natural and Economic Resourses
Box 348#0102.348
94th Congress--C-2-1 (IRS)
Box 349#0102.349
93rd & 94th Congress--Developmental Disabilities Conference Committee; Speeches; Miscellaneous; H.R. 6241 (Amendment to the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950); H.R. 16742 (Jane Fonda Bill) and H.R. 1549 (Restricts Travel); C-2 (Treasury Department)
Box 350#0102.350
94th Congress--L-21 (Select and Special Committees); L-22 (Senate); Learning Disabilities Packet; H.R. 4114 (National Health Service Corps); H.R. 4115 (Amends Public Health Service Act - Nurse Training); H.R. 4161 (Federal Sewage Funding); H.R. 4327 (Ozone Protection Act); H.R. 4368 (Amend Internal Revenue Code); H.R. 4436 (Repeal of the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973); H.R. 4509 (Emergency Health Benefits Protection Act); H.R. 4742 (Establish an Americal Folk-Life Center in the LOC); H.R. 4914 (Amend SS Act)
Box 351#0102.351
92nd, 93rd & 94th Congress--D-21 (FEA);C-5-1 (Miscellaneous District Post Offices, Haw River Post Office, High Point Post Office); C-5 (Post Office Employment)
Box 352#0102.352
93rd & 94th Congress--C-4-3 (Bureau of Prisons); C-5 (Greensboro Post Office 1976)
Box 353#0102.353
94th Congress--C-5 (Post Office Miscellaneous); D-21-FEA (Equitable Pricing); C-4 (Department of Justice)
Box 354#0102.354
94th Congress--D-21 (FEA); D-9 (GOA Reports); L-20 (Tax Legislation)
Box 355#0102.355
94th Congress--H.R. 6860 (Energy Bill); L-20 (Tax Legislation, SS Legislation); H.R. 10612 (L-20 Tax Bill - Ways & Means)
Box 356#0102.356
94th Congress--L-20 (Corporate Dividend tax, Unemployment Compensation, General); L-23 (Joint Committees)
Box 357#0102.357
95th Congress--C-9 (Pensions); C-10-2 (Student Loans, School Children Responses); H.R. 10909 (Public Health Sevice Act - Clinical Labs)
Box 358#0102.358
95th Congress--C-10 (HEW); C-10-1 (FDA -Perscription Drug Letters, Hair Dye Letters)
Box 359#0102.359
95th Congress--Ethics; H.R. 7401 (Disclosure); Regulatory Reform
Box 360#0102.360
95th Congress--L-6 (Labor, Mandatory Retirement); L-5 (District of Columbia); Anti-Union Petition (postcards); H.R. 50 (Humphrey-Hawkins, Union Proposal); Report No. 95-1817 (Korean Influence Investigation - Report on Offical Conduct); Report No. 95-1741 (Rep. Charles H. Wilson (CA) - Report on Official Conduct); Report No. 95-1740 (Rep. Edward J. Patten - Report on Official Conduct); Report No. 95-1743 (Rep. Edward R. Roybal - Report on Offical Conduct); Report No. 95-1742 (Rep. John J. McFall - Report on Offical Conduct); Korean Influence Investigation Part I (Hearings before the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct House of Representatives)
Box 361#0102.361
95th Congress--L-6 (Labor - Minimum Wage, CETA, Black Lung Benefits Reform Act, OSHA, Mine Safety)
Box 362#0102.362
95th Congress--L-6 (Labor); H.R. 10998 (Freedom of Information Act); H.R. 11169 (Use of Records Transferred to the Administrator of General Services); H.R. 11170 (Restricted Records to the National Archives); H.R. 11171 (Disposal of Federal Register Documents); H.R. 11239 (Title XX); H.R. 11394 (Tax Treatment, Deferred Compensation); H.R. 10909 (Clinical Labs); H.R. 6221 (Clinical Labs); H.R. 11488 (Health Planning and Health Resources Development); H.R. 10460 (Health Planning)
Box 363#0102.363
94th Congress--C-4-1 (FBI); C-5-2 (Mebane Post Office, Jamestown Post Office); C-10 (Vacation for the Elderly); C-10-2 (Office of Education)
Box 364#0102.364
94th Congress--L-11 (Energy); H.R. 7014 (Energy Bill); K-3 (Guilford County); K-1 (Alamance County Federal Grants)
Box 365#0102.365
94th Congress--L-11 (General, Pesticides, Middle Distillates, Off-Track Betting, Morton Contempt Citation); D-21 (FEA)
Box 366#0102.366
94th Congress--C-10-2 (Education); L-11 (Energy Bill)
Box 367#0102.367
94th Congress--L-11 (Energy - General); C-10-2 (Education); C-10-6 (National Institute of Education); C-10 (HEW)
Box 368#0102.368
94th Congress--L-11 (Energy - General); D-21 (FEA); D-19-1 (Bicentennial); C-4-2 (Customs/Immigration)
Box 369#0102.369
94th Congress--L-6 (Child & Family Services, Education)
Box 370#0102.370
94th Congress--L-6 (Education, Labor, CPT-Secondary Boycotts)
Box 371#0102.371
94th Congress--L-6 (Labor Compulsory Unionism); C-5 (Post Office Misc.); C-10-1 (FDA)
Box 372#0102.372
94th Congress--C-10 (HEW); C-10-2 (Elon College)
Box 373#0102.373
94th Congress--C-10 (HEW, Recording for the Blind); L-11 (Price Energy Bill); C-5-1 (Graham Post Office, Reidsville Post Office, Greensboro Post Office 1975)
Box 374#0102.374
94th Congress--L-11 (Energy); L-6 (Labor)
Box 375#0102.375
95th Congress--L-25-1 (National Federation of Independent Business); L-28 (Small Business); G-2-5 (Cults); G-2-6 (Thankyou Letters - General)
Box 376#0102.376
94th & 95th Congress--G-2-5 (Cults); G-2-6 (Thankyou Letters - General); H.R. 12677 (Extend Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Prevention, Teatment and Rehabilitation Act of 1970); H.R. 12234 (Land & Water Conservation Fund, Historic Preservation); H.R. 12524 (Amendment to the Housing Act - Rural Definition); H.R. 12558 (School Desegregation); H.R. 12661 (Historic Preservation); H.R. 12664 (EMS revisions to the Public Health Service Act); H.R. 12678 (Public Health Service Act revisions)
Box 377#0102.377
94th Congress--H.R. 12022 (Establishes the National Diabetes Advisory Board); H.R. 10602 (Establishes the Young Adult Conservation Corps); H.J. Res. 1070 (Establishes "National Volunteer Firemen Week"); H.R. 11091 (Establishes an Energy Extension Service as Part of the Energy Research and Development Administration); D-21 (FEA)
Box 378#0102.378
94th Congress--K-6 (State of NC Federal Grants); K-7-1 (UNC Greensboro); K-7-2 (A & T State University); K-7-3 (Greensboro College); K-7-4 (Guilford College); K-7-5 (Bennett College); K-7-6 (Guiford Technical Institute); K-7-7 (Elon College); K-7-8 (Rockingham Community College); K-7-9 (Technical Institute of Alamance); K-7-10 (High Point College); K-7-11 (Jefferson College)
Box 379#0102.379
94th Congress--K-8 (General Contracts); K-9 (Non-Government Grants); K-4 (Rockingham County, Airport); K-5 (6th District); K-3 (Cone Hospital Grant, East Side Project (Greensboro))
Box 380#0102.380
94th Congress--K-7 (Federal Grants Universities of NC)
Box 381#0102.381
94th Congress--L-19 (Form Letter, VA Benefits); L-24 or L-19 (Disabled Veterans); L-17 (Energy, Thankyou Letters); G-2-5 (Cults, Prayer in Schools, Misc.)
Box 382#0102.382
94th Congress--H.R. 10216 (Executive Departments, Administrative Procedure); H.R. 11087 (Temporart Authority for Secretary of Agriculture to sell timber from United States Forest Service Lands); L-16 (National Guard, Political Assassinations)
Box 383#0102.383
94th & 95th Congress--L-25 (Misc., Taxes, Energy); L-11 (School Bus Safety Standards); H.R. 11124 (Medical Device Amendments); H.R. 11260 (Collection of National Employment and Unemployment Statistics)
Box 384#0102.384
94th Congress--L-11 (No-Fault, General)
Box 385#0102.385
95th Congress--L-29 (Edward J. Patten); L-25 (Labor Misc.); G-2-5 (Cults); G-2-6 (Thankyou Letters)
Box 386#0102.386
94th & 95th Congress--G-2-5 (Cults); G-2-6 (Thankyou Letters - General); L-25-1 (Opinion Ballot)
Box 387#0102.387
96th Congress--G-6-6 (IPU Meeting, Memberships, Aspen Institute)
Box 388#0102.388
94th Congress--L-11 (Toxic Substances); H.R. 14289 (Drug Labelling)
Box 389#0102.389
93rd & 94th Congress--L-11 (Toxic Substances, No-Fault Insurance)
Box 390a#0102.390a
94th Congress--H.R. 14029 (National Educational Opportunities Act 1976); H.R. 10714 (Equal Opportunity Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools); H.R. 10957 (Equal Opportunity Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools); H.R. 14601 (Equal Opportunity Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools); H.R. 14336 (Congressional Cemetery); H.J.Res. 1018 (National Cancer Day); H.R. 14451 (Federal Surplus Personal Property to State and Local Orgs. for Public Use); H.R. 13711 (Horse Protection Act); Eliminate Federal Sanctions from Flood Control Act; H.R. 13792 (Structure of the Common Carrier Telecommunications Industry); H.R. 12679 (Public Health Service Act); H.R. 12917 (Farm Management); H.R. 13141 (Historic Sites); H.R. 13299 (Public Health Service Act - Development of Schools for Veterinary Medicine); H.R. 13595 (Equal Opportunity Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools); H.R. 14825 (Equal Opportunity Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools); H.R. 13372 (Wild and Scenic Rivers Act);
Box 390b#0102.390b
94th Congress--H.R. 13490 (1980 Olympic Winter Games - Lake Placid); H.R. 13769 (Create a Joint Committee on Intelligence Operations); H.R. 14115 (Estate and Gift Tax Reform); H.R. 14069 (Natural Gas); H.R. 13672 (Common Carrier Telecommunications); L-19 (Veterens Affairs); L-20 (SS, Misc.)
Box 391#0102.391
94th Congress--L-20 (Taxes, Gasoline)
Box 392#0102.392
93rd, 94th, 95th & 96th Congress--G-6-6 (IPU Meeting); Committee of Foreign Affairs; G-7 (Congressional Records Remarks - 1974, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1979, 1980)
Box 393#0102.393
94th & 96th Congress-- L-18 (Budget); News Release (1979, 1980); Speeches (1980)
Box 394#0102.394
94th, 95th & 96th Congress--G-6-4 (Press Relations); G-6-6 (National Historical Public and Records Commission); City County News Column; L-7 (Panama Canal Treaty)
Box 395#0102.395
95th & 96th Congress--G-6-1 (Questionaires); G-6-4 (Press Release); G-6-5 (Charitable Contributions 1978, 1979)
Box 396#0102.396
94th Congress--L-13 (Marine Mammals); L-14 (Postal Employees, Postage Rate)
Box 397#0102.397
94th & 95th Congress--L-19 (Veterans, Misc.); L-25-1 (Opinion Ballot - IRS Deduction); L-11 (General)
Box 398#0102.398
94th Congress--L-14 (1% Kicker, Raise for Federal Employees); L-15 (Federal Express, Public Works Employment Bill)
Box 399#0102.399
94th Congress--L-15 (Misc. Letters)
Box 400#0102.400
94th & 95th Congress--P-14 (The Folger Shakespeare Library); Newspaper Clippings; Memorial Day; Q-1 (Referral Letters); Random Notes
Box 401#0102.401
94th & 96th Congress--L-14 (Hatch Act); Speeches (1976, 1979)
Box 402#0102.402
94th & 95th Congress--L-20 (Taxes - Misc); N-4 (6th District Politics); O (Preyer Questionaire); News Releases (1976, 1978)
Box 403#0102.403
94th Congress--P-12 (Richardson Foundation); Misc.; P-14 (Folger Library)
Box 404#0102.404
93rd & 94th Congress--Air Force Academy (Christopher K. Schroeder 1976, Jeffrey Michael Ashby 1975, Douglas Glenn Becker 1975, Michael Bryant Bennett 1975, Dale Bryce Goltare, Geoffrey William Hilliard 1975, Averett Wade Nelson Thompson 1975, Marty Dale Vestal 1975, William Farel Warlick III 1975, Kim Howard White 1975, Stephen M. Alston 1974, Timothy Aaron Brewer 1974, Christopher Collins 1974, Henry B. Gaither Jr. 1974, David Scott Hale 1974, James Douglas Hanson 1974, Anthony Hairston 1974, Daniel Keith Jones 1974, Lyndon D. Long 1974, Randal Hunter McBride 1974, Dalen Erle Nixon 1974, Howard Donald Swaim Jr. 1974, Henricus Wilhelmus Van Zee 1974, Kenneth Glenn Yoakum 1974, Paul Ryskiewich 1974, Vance Holbrook 1974, Israel Springs 1974, David Knox Barrett 1973, Ronald Keith Conklin 1973, Robert N. Eagle 1973, James Morrison Milligan Jr. 1973); West Point (General Info, Status Reports 1975, James T. Garvin 1976); Army (Ann S. Ashworth 1976)
Box 405#0102.405
92nd & 94th Congress--H (Academy Athletic Tickets, Nominating and Pre-Candidate Procedures); H-76 (Academy General - Principal Application Deadlines, Non-resident Applicants - letters referred); Academy (Charles Alton Pearson Jr. 1974); Coast Guard (H-77 (General and Application Forms), Interested Applicants, General Info 1976); Merchant Marine (Information for Applicants, General Information and Nominating Forms, Potential Nominees, Ann S. Ashworth 1976, David Brent Messenheimer 1973); Air Force (General Information, Non Nominations, Status Reports for 1976 Nominees, Ann S. Ashworth 1976, Dorothy Lyn Thompson 1976, Robert J. Fricke 1976, Raymond C. Hopkins 1976, Clifton T. Griffin 1976, Johnny Kip Rose 1976)
Box 406#0102.406
94th Congress--Congressional Rural Caucus; Ad Hoc Committee on Taxation
Box 407#0102.407
95th Congress--Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy - Appendix to Hearings Before the Select Committee on Assassination of the US House of Representatives Volume XII (Conspiracy Witnesses in Dealey Plaza, Oswald-Tippit Associates, George DeMohrenschildt, Depositions of Marina Oswald Porter, The Defector Study, Oswald in the Soviet Union: An Investigation of Yuri Nosenko), Volume XI (The Warren Commission, CIA Support to theWarren Commission, The Motorcade, Military Investigation of the Assassination), Volume X (Anti-Castro Activities and Organizations, Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans, CIA Plots Against Castro, Rose Cheramie)
Box 408-409#0102.408-409
96th Congress--C-13 (DOE)
Box 410#0102.410
95th & 96th Congress--M-2 (State Department)
Box 411#0102.411
95th & 96th Congress--M-2-1 (NC Education); N-1 (National Policy - Democratic Platform); N-2 (State Politics); N-3 (Local Politics)
Box 412#0102.412
C-13 (DOE)
Box 413#0102.413
96th Congress--C-13 (DOE); M.L. Copeland Energy Proposal
Box 414#0102.414
96th Congress--M-2 (State Department)
Box 415#0102.415
96th Congress--M-2-2 (NC Health Issues)
Box 416#0102.416
95th Congress--C-8 (Department of Commerce)
Box 417#0102.417
95th Congress--Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy - Appendix to Hearings Before the Select Committee on Assassination of the US House of Representatives (Volume IX (Staff and Consultant's Reports on Organized Crime))
Box 418#0102.418
95th Congress--C-7-1 (Agricultural Conservation and Stabilization Service); C-7-5 (Food Stamps); G-2-6 (Thankyou Letters - General)
Box 419#0102.419
96th Congress--C-14 (Department of Education); C-13 (DOE)
Box 420#0102.420
95th & 96th Congress--F-6 (Letters (12/1976, 1/1978, 5/1978-12/1978), Letters); F-7 (Legislative Bill Requests Any House Document from Document Room)
Box 421#0102.421
95th Congress--F-6 (Letters (2/1978-4/1978)); G-2-5 (National Affairs); C-7 (Meat Inspection); C-6-1 (NPS); C-7 (Department of Agriculture)
Box 422#0102.422
95th Congress--F-7 (Legislative Bill Requests - Any House Document from Document Room)
Box 423#0102.423
95th Congress--C-7 (Department of Agriculture, Tobacco)
Box 424#0102.424
95th Congress--F-6 (Letters (6/1977-12/1977); C-13 (Energy Books)
Box 425#0102.425
94th & 95th Congress--Garrison Diversion (C,E,NR 2247 Rayburn, 9am, June 10); Pesticide Control (C,E & NR Subcommittee); L-8 (C, E & NRs Subcommittee); C-8 (Department of Commerce, Mayoden Stoneville Water Project)
Box 426#0102.426
94th Congress--GAT (FAA Deviciencies, Hearing (10/8/1975 - Transportation of Hazardous Materials), General); FAA Problem Goldsboro Tower; Concorde---SST; FAA Hearings (3/25/1975); L-8 (C, E & NR Subcommittee)
Box 427#0102.427
94th Congress--L-8 (Record Managment Act - Federal Paper Work Relief, FAA, Transportation Subcommittee); Material for Full Committee Meeting (10/9/1975); GAT Hearing (5/13/1976 - H.R. 12339 & H.R. 11347 - Midair Collision Report); H.R. 9152 (Federal Surplus Property); H.R. 2532 (Surplus Property Hearings - 10/22/1975); SST
Box 428#0102.428
95th Congress--C-12 (DOT); Government Operations (Full Committee 9/28/1977)
Box 429#0102.429
95th Congress--H.R. 7275 (Administrative Rule Making Reform Act of 1977); H.R. 5723 (Temporary SS ALJ's); H.R. 5166 (Saccharin); H.R. 5105 (Assistance to Schools of Vetrinary Medicine); H.R. 6161 (Auto Emissions Clean Air); C-12 (DOT)
Box 430#0102.430
95th Congress--C-13 (DOE)
Box 431#0102.431
95th Congress--C-13 (DOE); H.R. 6161 (Clean Air); H.R. 5166 (Saccharin); H.R. 5073 (SS Adverse Decision Claim); H.R. 5116 (Saccharin)
Box 432#0102.432
95th Congress---F-8 (Employment Applications & Inquiries); C-13 (DOE, Gasahal)
Box 433#0102.433
94th Congress--L-8 (General Government Operations); Comptroller General Supply; Full Government Operations Committee (3/25/1976, 1/22/1976, Press Releases & Committee Notices, To Be Filed, General Organization, Revenue Sharing, Letters); Freedom of Information; Comptroller of the Currency Information for Request of Subpeona
Box 434#0102.434
94th & 95th Congress--Consumer Protection Bill; L-8 (General Government Operations, Lou Harris Consumer Study); DOT; Van Pool Hearing Material
Box 435#0102.435
95th Congress--Government Operations (General); Oil Pollution Hearing (3/21/1977); C-12 (DOT); C-11 (Urban Development); C-11-1 (Housing Assistance Administration)
Box 436-438#0102.436-438
95th Congress--Government Operations (General, 6/28/1977); Government Reorganization; L-8 (GAT - Deregulation Safety); Smithsonian Institution
Box 439-441#0102.439-441
95th Congress--P-11 (National Cathedral School); P-4 (Business Affairs); P-6 (Cane River); P-8 (Piedmont Management); P-1 (Family Corr.); P-1(a) (Insurance Policy); P-2 (Bills Paid); P-3 (Tax by Year); P (Preyor Personal)
Box 442#0102.442
94th & 95th Congress--L-7 (Panama); Q (Miscellaneous); Q-75 (Miscellaneous Reply Letters); Q-1 (Letters Referred); G-6-6 (IPU Meeting)
Box 443#0102.443
94th Congress--L-11 (Health, Malpractice, Medicaid, Little Cigar Act H.R. 7482, Swine Flu); L-17 (Multiple Sclerosis)
Box 444-445#0102.444-445
94th & 95th Congress--L-11 (Health, Drug Abuse); P-11 (National Cathedral School)
Box 446#0102.446
95th & 96th Congress--L-15 (Public Works & Transportation); L-20 (Ways & Means)
Box 447#0102.447
95th Congress--L-18 (Budget); L-19 (Veterans Affairs); G-6-6 (Memberships)
Box 448#0102.448
95th Congress--G-6-6 (Memberships); L-20 (Capitol Gaines)
Box 449#0102.449
95th Congress--L-20 (Misc. Law Letter Responses); F-1 (Office Services, Agricultural Yearbook)
Box 450#0102.450
95th Congress--F-10 (General Information Requests); M-2-2 (NC Health Issues)
Box 451#0102.451
95th Congress--M-2-2 (NC Health Issues); G-3 (Preyer Biographies); G-4 (Preyer Pictures); G-6-1 (Questionaires); M-2 (Dr Ivey); S (Nut File)
Box 452#0102.452
95th Congress--M (Letters, I-M, E-H, N-R, S-Z); N (Letters, A-D, E-H)
Box 453#0102.453
95th Congress--P (Letters, E-H, N-O, P-R,S-Z); S (Letters, A-B, J-L); R (Letters, A-D, E-G, H-M, N-R, S-Z ); Q (Letters)
Box 454#0102.454
95th Congress--S (Letters, C-D, E-G, HA-HH, HI-HZ, M, N-S, T); H.R. 5590 (Trade Commission Act Amendment); H.R. 3510 (Conservation of Natural Resources); H.R. 5633 (Conservation of Natural Resources); H.R. 6002 (Military Pensions); H.R. 6191 (Petroleum); H.R. 6290 (Internal Revenue Code of 1954); H.R. 6416 (Intergovernmental Counter-Cyclical Assistance Act); H.R. 6624 (Shenandoah National Park, VI); H.R. 6549 (National Health Education and Promotion Act); H.R. 6666 (Federal Water Pollution Control Act)
Box 455#0102.455
96th Congress--L-8 (Revenue Sharing, Government Operations)
Box 456#0102.456
96th Congress--L-7 (Exports-Leather Hides, Panama Canal); L-8 (Patent Policy)
Box 457#0102.457
96th Congress--L-7 (General Letters, International Relations, Oil to Iran-CPT); L-6 (labor)
Box 458#0102.458
94th Congress--L-8 (Revenue Sharing, CPT-CPA)
Box 459#0102.459
94th Congress--L-11 (Medical Care Cost Commission, National Health Insurance, Air Pollution, Federal Drug Administration - Kyros/Proxnire)
Box 460#0102.460
94th Congress-- Q (Questionare); O-1 (Preyer Questionaire - Letters Attached); Q-75 (Crime - Letters); G-6-1 (Questionaires); G-6-2 (Newsletter); G-5-1 (Congressional Record Mailing); G-5-2 (Press Release Mailing Lists)
Box 461#0102.461
95th & 96th Congress--L-25 (Business); L-6 (Labor, Situs Congratulations)
Box 462#0102.462
95th & 96th Congress--H.R. 65 (Federal Program Oversights); H.J. Res. 69 (Square Dance); H. Constitution Res. 69 (Army Airborne); H. Con. Res. 158 (Mazzei Stamp); H.R. 167 (IR Code); H. Con. Res. 182 (Interstates & Highways); H.R. 220 (National Energy Education Day); H.J. Res 230 (Independence Day); H. Con. Res. 265 (Human Rights - Andrei Sakharov); L-6 (Tuition Tax Credit Act, Tuition Assistance, Corr.)
Box 463#0102.463
95th Congress--H.R. 6161 (Clean Air Act, Corr.); H.R. 5171 (Recognize Women's Air Force Pilots); H.R. 5723 (Administrative Law Judges); H.R. 5742 (Controlled Substances Act)
Box 464#0102.464
96th Congress--G-1-1 (Accepts); C-13 (Energy); H.R. 7747 (Telecommunications)
Box 465#0102.465
96th Congress--C-13 (Energy); L-11 (Communications)
Box 466#0102.466
94th Congress--G-2-1 (Congratulations); F-10 (General Information Requests)
Box 467#0102.467
94th Congress--F-10 (General Information Requests)
Box 468#0102.468
94th Congress--F-10 (General Information Requests); G-2-3 (Thankyou Letters); G-2-1 (Congratulations); G-2-2 (Condolences)
Box 469#0102.469
94th Congress--G-2-3 (Thankyou Notes); C, E & NR (Solid Waste Disposal/Management 3/1976)
Box 470#0102.470
96th Congress--G-1-2 (Receptions, Open House)
Box 471#0102.471
96th Congress--G-1-2 (Receptions, Open House); L-6 (Labor, H.R. 777 CPT)
Box 472#0102.472
94th Congress--H.R. 5545 (Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act); H.R. 5340 (Trade Regulation); H.R. 5250 (Financial Disclosure Act); H.R. 7039 (Public Health - Heart and Lung Association); H.R. 6087 (Food Law and Legislation); G-1-2 (Receptions, Open House)
Box 473#0102.473
96th Congress--C-7 (NPS); C-12 (DOT); CHAP
Box 474#0102.474
96th Congress--C-12 (DOT); L-11 (Telecommunications, Antitrust-Railroads)
Box 475#0102.475
96th Congress--C-6 (Land Acquisition, Cape Lookout); L-11 (Steel Traps); C-6-1, C-7 (NPS); C-12 (DOT)
Box 476#0102.476
93rd, 94th & 95th Congress--G-5-3 (Congressional Directory - 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977); Q-1 (Letters Referred); R (Advisors); O-1 (Questionaire)
Box 477#0102.477
95th Congress--L (Letters - E-H, I-M, N-R, S-Z); M (Letters - Mac, McA-McC, McD-McK, McL-McZ); N (Letters - I-M, N-R, S-Z); O (Letters - A-D, E-H, I-M, N-R, S-Z); P (Letters - A-D)
Box 478#0102.478
95th Congress--F (Letters - N-R, S-Z); G (Letters - A-D, E-H, I-M, N-R, S-Z); H (Letters - A-Aq); L (Letters - A-D)
Box 479#0102.479
95th Congress--J (Letters - A-D, E-H, I-M, S-Z); K (Letters - A-D); H (Letters - AR, AS-D, E-H, N-R, I-M); I (Letters - A-D, E-H, I-M, N-Z)
Box 480#0102.480
95th Congress--L-29 (Ethics); K (Letters - E-H, I-MN-R, S-Z); J (Letters - N-R)
Box 481#0102.481
96th Congress--G-1-2 (Receptions, Open House)
Box 482#0102.482
92nd & 94th Congress--L-8 (Revenue Sharing, H.R. 7575 ACP Broadcast Renewal, Press Reports - Weekly Government Operations); C, E & NR (NPS (Budget 1976, Deterioration Hearings 1976, Concessions), Subcommittee on Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal)
Box 483#0102.483
94th Congress--L-8 (C,E & NR Subcommittee, General Revenue Sharing)
Box 484#0102.484
96th Congress--C-10 (HEW)
Box 485#0102.485
96th Congress--C-10 (HEW - General, UNC, Cutoff)
Box 486#0102.486
96th Congress--C-10-1 (FDA); C-10-4 (Health Care Financing Administration 9HCFA)); C-10-3 (Public Health); C-10-2 (Office of Education)
Box 487#0102.487
95th Congress--N-4-2a (Financial Reports); O-1 (Preyer Questionaires); L-29 (Standards of Official Conduct); M-1 (Governors Office); M-3 (Universities and Colleges); N-1 (National Politics); N-2 (State Politics)
Box 488#0102.488
94th & 96th Congress--H.R.10240 (Administrative Law); H.R. 10280 (Trails); H.R. 5546 (Health Manpower Act); CPT (Radiologic Technology); L-1 (Agriculture)
Box 489#0102.489
94th Congress-- H.R. 10498 (Clean Air Act); H.R. 5546 (Health Manpower Act)
Box 490#0102.490
94th & 95th Congress--C-5 (USPS, Employment); C-6 (Outward Bound); H.R. 10498 (Clean Air Act);
Box 491-500#0102.491-500
95th Congress--C-5 (USPS); C-6 (Department of Interior)
Box 501#0102.501
95th Congress--C-5 (USPS, Letters, Small Post Office Closings, Speech Material); G-6-5 (Contributions)
Box 502#0102.502
95th Congress--H.R. 11192 (DNA); C-5 (Draper Post Office)
Box 503#0102.503
94th Congress--F-1 (Agricultural Year Book); H.R. 5445 (Clean Air Act)
Box 504#0102.504
95th & 96th Congress--F-5 (Government Publication); F-3 (School Flags); F-2 ( Farmers Bulletin)
Box 505#0102.505
96th Congress--L-11 (Railroad Deregulation, Superfund, Consumer Protection)
Box 506#0102.506
96th Congress--L-11 (General, Superfund, Consumer Protection, Railroad Retirement, Railroad Deregulation)
Box 507#0102.507
96th Congress--L-11 (General, Consumer Protection)
Box 508#0102.508
96th Congress--C-13 (DOE, Presidential Temperature Regulations); L-11 (National Highway Traffic)
Box 509#0102.509
95th Congress--H.R. 6706 (CHAP); H.R. 6161 (Clean Air Act); H.R. 4758 (Clean Air Act)
Box 510#0102.510
94th & 95th Congress--H.R. 6827 (Safe Drinking Water); H.R. 6706 (CHAP); H.R. 6397 (Medicare Chiropractic Reimbursments); H.R. 6486 (Broadcast License Renewal); H.R. 6691 (Disability Pay for Employees)
Box 511#0102.511
94th Congress--L-11 (Health)
Box 512#0102.512
95th & 96th Congress--H.R. 12303 (Nurse Training); L-20 (Taxes)
Box 513#0102.513
96th Congress--L-20 (Taxes, Deductions, Windfall, Tax-Free Interest on Savings)
Box 514#0102.514
96th Congress--Equal Educational Opportunities (H.R. 3227, H.R. 10146, H.R. 9416, H.R. 12558, H.R. 16484 (Desegregation of Schools), H.R. 13552, H.R. 10991, H.R. 13341, H.R. 10884, H.R. 10957, H.R. 13595, S. 3469); L-20 (Taxes)
Box 515#0102.515
96th Congress--D-6 (US International Trade Commission); D-3 (Office of Personnel Management (File A, B & C)); D-4 (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission);
Box 516#0102.516
95th & 96th Congress--D-1 (Nuclear Regulatory Commission); D-2 (CAB); L-17 (Science and Technology); L-14 (Hatch Act); L-15 (Water Pollution Control)
Box 517#0102.517
93rd & 94th Congress--L-11 (Health, Morton Contempt Citation, Recycling/Recovery of Materials, Consumer Product Safety)
Box 518#0102.518
93rd & 94th Congress--L-11 (Tobacco, Vitamins, Health Associations)
Box 519#0102.519
95th Congress--L-20 (Taxes, SS); L-11 (Tobacco, Professional Standards Review Organizations (PSRO))
Box 520#0102.520
95th Congress--L-20 (Taxes, Tax Reform, SS)
Box 521#0102.521
95th Congress--L-20 (Taxes); L-23 (Joint Committees); L-22 (Senate); L-21 (Select & Special Committees)
Box 522#0102.522
94th Congress--D-5 (Religious Broadcast, Mebane Home Telephone Company); D-1 (Atomic Energy Commission); C-12 (DOT)
Box 523#0102.523
94th Congress--D-3 (Civil Service); D-5 (FCC); D-4 (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)
Box 524#0102.524
94th Congress--Clean Air Act; C-12 (DOT, Aircraft Retrofitting)
Box 525#0102.525
94th Congress--H.R. 10498 (Clean Air Act); D-2 (CAB)
Box 526#0102.526
94th Congress--H.R. 10498 (Clean Air Act)
Box 527#0102.527
96th Congress--L-12 (Fair Housing/Economy); Gasohol of Greensboro, NC; C-13 (DOE, Energy Conservation Rationing)
Box 528#0102.528
96th Congress--L-12 (ERA, Balanced Budget Amendment)
Box 529#0102.529
96th Congress--L-12 (Anti-Trust, Lanham Trademark, General, Internal Security, Fair Housing)
Box 530#0102.530
96th Congress--L-12 (Fair Housing/Economy)
Box 531#0102.531
92nd, 93rd & 94th Congress--Naval Academy (Could not be Nominated Applicants, Miscellaneous Information for 74 Nominees, Status Reports, Randal A. Neustel 1973, Anthony Dupree Harrison 1975, Michael Leigh Jones 1975, William Ryon Silkworth 1975, Michael Stewart Willen 1975, Russell E. Blackburn 1973, Craig A. Corry 1973, Wendel H. Grogan 1973, Richard G. Lane 1973, Conrad A. Nagle 1973, Byron Paul Tropp 1976, Thomas P. Delaine 1976, Drew Franklin Brower 1976, John K. Gibson 1976, James Noll Herring 1976, Brian Keith Herron 1976, Mark W. Lewis 1976, John Martin Link 1976, Fred H. Moore Jr. 1976, Blair Swedo 1976); West Point (Earl Dean Harrison 1976, Vernon S. Jones Jr. 1976, Wesley B. Griffin 1975, Wendell Dean Dillard 1975, Mahatha Marshall Oliver 1975, Howard Huey Sheperd III 1975, William Kellet Atkinson 1973, Samuel W. Bays 1972, David J. Marcone 1972); USMA & USNA (Michael Edward Sykes 1975)
Box 532#0102.532
95th Congress--L-6 (Education, Labor, Situs Picketing)
Box 533#0102.533
96th Congress--D-7 (FCC); D-5 (FCC - Religious Broadcasting, Grand Ole Opry, Praise the Lord Organization)
Box 534#0102.534
95th & 96th Congress--L-17 (Science and Technology); K-1 (Alamance County Federal Grants); D-7 (FCC); D-5 (FCC)
Box 535#0102.535
94th Congress--L-11 (Transportation and Communications, Final Rail System Plan)
Box 536#0102.536
94th Congress--L-11 (Morton Contempt Citation, Railroads, General, Daylight Savings Time)
Box 537#0102.537
96th Congress--K-5 (HEW); K (Rockingham County Federal Grants); K-3 (General, Consortium Grant, Guilford County Grants)
Box 538#0102.538
96th Congress--K-7 (Universities and College Grants); K-9 (Carolina Wilderness Institute, State Grants)
Box 539#0102.539
96th Congress--F-5 (Government Publications); F-3 (Flag Requests)
Box 540#0102.540
96th Congress--F-3 (Flag Requests); F-1 (Agricultural Yearbooks); F-2 (Agricultural Bulletin)
Box 541#0102.541
94th Congress--H.R. 15412 (Fire Departments Transmit Non-Emergency Communications); H.Res. 1484 (Condemning Treacherous Acts of North Korea); H.R. 15543 (Public Health Servise Act - National Commission); H.R. 2694 (Tax Exempt Status for Co-op Housing Corporations and Condominium Housing Associations); H.R. 7244 (Tax Exempt Status for Co-op Housing Corporations and Condominium Housing Associations); H.R. 7060 (Federal Water Pollution Tax); H.R. 7216 (Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Affairs Act); H.R. 7448 (Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations); H.R. 7419 (Federal Water Pollution Control Act - "Navigable Waters"); H.R. 7483 (Disclosure of Financial Information); H.R. 7547 (Drug Abuse); H.R. 7948 (Communications Act); H.R. 7988 (Health Services Administration); H.R. 8072 (SS Act - Insurance); H.R. 8150 (Drug Abuse); H.R. 8287 (Public Health); H.R. 8428 (Health Maintenance Organization (HMO))
Box 542#0102.542
94th Congress--M-2 (State Department & Commissions); H.R. 8278 (National Health Information and Promotion Act); H.R. 15475 (Public Health Service Act); H.R. 9118 (Narcotics & Crime); H.R. 9138 (Prohibit Congressional Records as Tax Deduction); H.R. 9182 (Food); H.R. 9191 (Small Business Investment Tax Act); H.R. 9593 (Federal Property and Administrative Sevices Act); H.R. 9549 (Old Ninety Six National Historic Site in SC); H.R. 2175 (EPA); H.R. 9634 (Medical Care); H.R. 9588 (SS Act - Aid to Families with Dependent Children); H.R. 9730 (Salaries of Senators); H.R. 9914 (Crime & Criminals); H.R. 10030 (Internal Revenue Code); H.R. 10119 (Anti-Trust Enforcement, Market Structure & Competition in the Food Industry); H.R. 8573 (Seperation Pay for Regular Enlisted Members of the Armed Forces); H.R. 8644 (Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge); H.R. 8995 (National Center for Health Education and Promotion); H.R. 9060 (SS Act - Aid to Families); H.R. 9100 (Congressional Public Financing Act); H.R. 9107 (Subtitle H of the Internal Revenue Code); H.R. 8189 (Home Telephone Act); H.R. 8199 (Home Telephone Act)
Box 543#0102.543
96th Congress--L-2 (Appropriations); Health Budget (1980); F-5 (Government Publications)
Box 544#0102.544
96th Congress--L-2 (Appropriations, Labor, HEW)
Box 545#0102.545
95th Congress--L-9 (Campaign Financing, Voter Registration); L-7 (International Relations)
Box 546#0102.546
95th Congress--F-8 (Employment Applications); L-10 (Interior & Insular Affairs)
Box 547#0102.547
95th Congress--L-7 (General, Middle East, Panama Canal Treaty); L-9 (House Administration); L-8 (GAT Subcommittee)
Box 548#0102.548
94th & 95th Congress--G-6-4 (Press Relations); G-10 (6th District Supreme Court Admissions); Ralph Nader Questionaires; G-6-6 (Memberships); G-4 (Pictures); G-3 (Preyer Biographies); G-2-6 (Thankyou Notes - General)
Box 549#0102.549
94th & 95th Congress--L-11 (Health -General, Swine Flu)
Box 550#0102.550
95th Congress--L-6 (Labor); H.R. 11488 (Public Health Service Act); H.R. 10909 (Clinical Labs); H.R. 14319 (Clinical Labs)
Box 551#0102.551
95th & 96th Congress--L-20 (Foreign Earned Income CPT); H.R. 11941 (Financial Disclosure of Legislative Members); H.R. 12008 (Drug Abuse Prevention); H.R. 9796 (Drug Abuse Prevention); H.R. 12091 (Internal Revenue Code - Charitable Deduction); School Bills; Preyer Statements/Speechs
Box 552#0102.552
94th & 95th Congress--F-5 (Government Publications)
Box 553#0102.553
95th Congress--H.R. 12148 (Internal Revenue Code - Charitible Deduction); H.R. 12242 (Trade Act); L-1 (General - Timber, Meat Packing)
Box 554#0102.554
95th Congress--H.R. 12323 (Consumer Communications); H.R. 12460 (Health Centers); H.R. 13344 (Museum of African Art); H.R. 13611 (Child Health Assurance Act); H.R. 13222 (Internal Revenue Code - Relief for Small Business); H.R. 13372 (Migratory Bird Hunting); H.R. 13492 (National Agricultural Cost of Production Board); H.R.13584 (Boy Scouts Charter)
Box 555#0102.555
95th Congress--H.R. 12370 (Public Health Service Act); H.R. 12326 (Developmental Disabilities Law); H.R. 12347 (Biomedical Research); H.R. 12348 (Drug Abuse)
Box 556#0102.556
95th Congress--L-6 (Labor, H.R. 8410 (Labor Reform)); L-3 (Armed Services); Q (Digesting Disease Amendments)
Box 557#0102.557
95th Congress--F-8-3 (Overseas Employment Information); F-9 (Sixth District General); F-8-1 (Summer Jobs); L-11 (General, Health Cost Containment); H.R. 14761 (Inspector General); H.R. 5236 (Establish Office of Rural Health in HEW); Family Planning
Box 558#0102.558
95th & 96th Congress--L-3 (Armed Services); F-9-2 (Sixth District Stats)
Box 559#0102.559
95th Congress--F-10 (General Information Requests); L-3 (Armed Services, Draft); L-4 (Banking, DIDC)
Box 560#0102.560
95th & 96th Congress--L-6 (Labor); L-4 (Banks Operate Mutual Funds)
Box 561#0102.561
95th Congress--F-8-2 (Job Recommendations); Anti-Busing
Box 562#0102.562
95th Congress--L-6 (Labor Reform, H.R. 8410); Health Manpower; National Health Insurance Form Letters; G-2-4 (Invitations - White House: Mrs. Mondale, Miscellaneous)
Box 563#0102.563
93rd, 94th & 96th Congress--L-21 (Select Committee on Aging); L-22 (General); L-23 (Joint Economic Committee); Naval Academy (James E. Toler Jr. 1976, Tommy Brett Andrews 1976, Douglas Melvyn Clabough 1976, Randy Odell Parrish 1976, Edward Joseph Roger Jr. 1976, Jonathan Knowles Gray 1975, James Edward Sheldon 1973, Paul C. Walker III 1973, Duane Welborn 1973, Richard Earl Self 1973, Michael R. Flinn 1974, Raymond Stanley Fry Jr. 1974, Craig Alfred Corry 1974, Carey P. Harrow Meadows 1974, Ronald Lee Phillips 1974, Ronald Scott Smith 1974); L-20 (ERISA - Church Plans, CPT - Windfall Projects)
Box 564#0102.564
96th Congress--L-11 (General)
Box 565#0102.565
96th Congress--L-11 (CPT - Gas, General, Interstate and Foreign Commerce)
Box 566#0102.566
95th & 96th Congress--L-11 (Subcommittee on Health & the Environment, General, Communications); C-8 (Public Works Employment)
Box 567#0102.567
94th & 95th Congress--C-9 (Department of Labor); C-8 (Department of Commerce); C-2 (BATF)
Box 568#0102.568
95th Congress--L-27 (Ethics); Logistic Requirements; S-555 (Legislation - Senate); H.R. 7401 (Financial Disclosure); Interpretive Regulations; Ethics Report - Obey Commission, Interpretations of Resolution; Corr. - Members; Gas Rationing & Contingency)
Box 569#0102.569
96th Congress--L-20 (General, Ways & Means Health, Social Services & Child Welfare)
Box 570#0102.570
96th Congress--L-20 (SS, Tax, General)
Box 571#0102.571
96th Congress--L-20 (Tax)
Box 572#0102.572
96th Congress--C-1 (Department of State); C-1-1 (Refugees); A-1 (The White House)
Box 573#0102.573
96th Congress--A-1 (National Consumer Buying Alert); B-1 (Supreme Court of the US); A-2 (Office of Management & Budget); C-1-1 (Foreign Relations (United Nations))
Box 574#0102.574
96th Congress--L-11 (Nuclear Waste, Consumer Protection, FTC); A-1 (General)
Box 575#0102.575
96th Congress--G-2-6 (Thankyou Notes General); L-4 (General)
Box 576#0102.576
96th Congress--L-25 (General, Miscellaneous)
Box 577#0102.577
96th Congress--L-25 (General); L-25-1 (General Corr.)
Box 578#0102.578
96th Congress--H.R. 1 (CPT Corr., Congressional Campaign Financing); L-10 (Indians)
Box 579#0102.579
96th Congress--H.R. 13 (Carryover); H.R. 12830 (Acknowledgement of Indian Tribes); H.R. 1 (Congressional Campaign Financing); L-25 (General)
Box 580#0102.580
96th Congress--H.J. Res. 422 (National High School Activities Week); H.J. Res. 458 (National Unity Day); H.J. Res. 445 (National Cystic Fibrosis Week); H.R. 51 (Natural Gas Pipeline); H.J. Res. 280 (Home Health); H.J. Res. 262 (American Association of Museums); H.J. Res 303 (National Port Week); H.R. 333 (Correct Discrimination Against Self-Employed Life Insurance Agents); H.R. 336 (Life Insurance Agents); H.J. Res. 353 (United States Space Observance); H.J. Res. 357 (National Sport Aviation Month); H.J. Res. 367 (Meals on Wheels); H.J. Res. 374 (National Mime Week); H.J. Res. 389 (National Rehabilitation Month); H.J. Res. 391 (Boy Scouts); H.J. Res. 392 (Junior Achievement Week); H.J. Res. 417 (Porcelain Act); H. Con. Res. 417 (Religion in Schools); H.R. 15 (Martin Luther King); H.J. Res. 19 (National Lupus Week); H.R. 39 (Alaska); H.J. Res. 3 (Will Rogers Day); H.R. 10 (Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons)
Box 581#0102.581
95th & 96th Congress--C-10 (Health Provessional Requirements); H-1-1 Airforce Academy (Status Reports, David T. Williams 1978, Craig Knapp 1978, Lili Karen Johnson 1978, Thomas Leonard Jones 1978, David Snyder 1978, Jill Welker 1978, William A. Bizzell 1978, Donna R. Dickens 1978, Richard L. Gilbert Jr. 1978, David M. Moon 1978, Bette L. Tidwell 1978, Mark D. Bryan 1978); US Military Academy - West Pointe (Status Reports, General Information, David Thomas Williams 1978, Laurie Gene Willets Jr. 1978, Gregory Cordell 1978, Robert Carl Flaming III 1978, Timothy R. Cox 1978, Joseph Lee King 1978, Wendell Dean Dillard 1978, Benjamin F. Cox 1978, Douglas James Bullock 1978)
Box 582#0102.582
96th Congress--C-8-1 (Census); C-10 (HEW)
Box 583#0102.583
96th Congress--C-9 (Labor, CETA); C-8 (Textiles)
Box 584#0102.584
92nd & 96th Congress--Health Insurance; Foreign Countries & Policy; C-9 (Labor); C-9-1 (Black Lung); C-9-2 (Workman's Comp)
Box 585#0102.585
91st & 92nd Congress--Urban Problems; Loan Guarantee for Railroands: PENN Central; Position on Issues; Cancer; Family Life; Cities, Crime & Authority; North Carolina; Space Exploration; Drugs
Box 586#0102.586
92nd, 95th & 96th Congress--L-11 (Health, Safe Drinking Water ); H.R. 8117 (Public Health Service Act); Subcommittee on Public Health & Environment (Shortage of Doctors); National Issues
Box 587#0102.587
96th Congress--W (Letters - A-D, E-G, H, I-Illard, Illare-N, O, P-Z); XYZ (Letters)
Box 588#0102.588
96th Congress--S (Letters - T, U-Z); V (Letters - A-G, H-M, N-Z); W (Letters - A-D); T (Letters - A-D, E-H, N-R, S-Z); U (Letters - A-H, I-N, O-Z)
Box 589#0102.589
96th Congress--L-6 (Labor); S (Letters - T)
Box 590#0102.590
96th Congress--L-4 (Housing/Economy); L-5 (District of Columbia); L-6 (Labor, Education); H.R. 2222 (Nation Labor Relations Act - Housestaff)
Box 591#0102.591
96th Congress--L-4 (Energy Audit of Houses); L-6 (Education)
Box 592#0102.592
96th Congress--H.R. 3642 (Public Health Services Act - EMS); H.R. 4194 (Saccharin); H.R. 4178 (Motor Vehicles Theft Prevention Act); H.R. 4156 (Mental Health); H.R. 4121(Office of Professional Responsibility of Department of Justice); L-4 (Chrysler)
Box 593#0102.593
96th Congress--H.R. 3777 (Frank); H.R. 3633 (Nurse Training); H.R. 3986 (Rape Victims); H.R. 3923 (National Historical Publications & Records); H.R. 3633 (Nurse Training); H.R. 3916 (Appropriations for Alcohol Abuse & Prevention); H.R. 3917 (Planning); H.R. 3917 (Conditioning); H.R. 3717 (National Historical Publications & Records Commission); H.R. 3764 (Fair Labor Standards Act - Blind)
Box 594#0102.594
96th Congress--Child Health; H.R. 3917 (Health Planning); H.R. 3991 (Securities Act); H.R. 3987 (Controlled Substances Act); H.R. 3633 (Nurse Training)
Box 595#0102.595
96th Congress--D-16 (EPA - Stage II Vapor Recovery); D-15 (EPA); Digestive Diseases
Box 596#0102.596
96th Congress--D-13 (SBA News, Set Aside (8-A)); Women in Small Business; D-14 (VA); D-15 (Communication Services Administration); D-16 (EPA)
Box 597#0102.597
96th Congress--D-8 (New for Consumers, General Services Administration); D-9 (ICC), Ex-Parte Ruling, Trucking); D-10 (NASA); D-11 (NSF); D-13 (SBA)
Box 598#0102.598
96th Congress--C-1 (General); C-1-1 (SALT Treaty); D-8 (General Services)
Box 599#0102.599
96th Congress--L-20 (Trade, SS, General)
Box 600#0102.600
96th Congress--L-20 (Windfall); L-20 (Tax)
Box 601#0102.601
94th, 95th & 96th Congress--Comments on Preyer Bill; H.R. 6695 (School Bill); CPT Work to be Done; H.R. 3227 (School Bill)
Box 602#0102.602
96th Congress--L-20 (Ways & Means); H.R. 12534 (Independent Newspapers Act); H.R. 12584 (Establish National Center for Health Care Technology); H.R. 12744 (Federal Information Centers Act); H.R. 12987 (Drugs); H.R. 13408 (Peace Corps); H.R. 12806 (Peace Corps)
Box 603#0102.603
94th Congress--L-1 (General); L-2 (General)
Box 604#0102.604
95th Congress--K-7-9 (Technical Institute of Alamance); L-2 (General); L-3 (General)
Box 605#0102.605
96th Congress--L-11 (Health Manpower/Nurse Training, Hospital Cost Containment)
Box 606#0102.606
96th Congress--L-11 (Health Manpower, Proffesional Standards Review Organization (PSRO), AHEC); M-2-2 (Area Health Education Centers (AHEC))
Box 607#0102.607
96th Congress--L-11 (PA Reimbursement, National Health Insurance (NHI))
Box 608#0102.608
95th Congress--G-2-5 (National Affairs); G-2-4 (North Carolina Non-Political - Notary Public, Miscellaneous, School Recommendations)
Box 609#0102.609
95th Congress--G-2-5 (National Affairs - General, The Elderly, Inflation & Budget)
Box 610#0102.610
95th Congress--G-2-4 (Invitations, Miscellaneous, ASC Director, 3rd Middle District Judge, Washington, 4th Circuit Judge, HUD Director, FHA Director, U.S. Marshall, U.S. Attorney (Middle District)
Box 611#0102.611
96th Congress--L-11 (NHTSA, Product Liability, EPA, Research Modernization Act)
Box 612#0102.612
96th Congress--L-11 (NHTSA, Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC))
Box 613#0102.613
93rd, 94th, 95th & 96th Congress--G-9 (Constitution Week, Extensions of Remarks 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980); G-10 (Sixth District Court Admissions); J-2 (VA); L-11 (EPA, Air Bag, Consumer Protection, Clean Air Act)
Box 614#0102.614
93rd, 95th & 96th Congress--L-12 (Bankrupt, Miscellaneous); G-8 (Speech Material)
Box 615#0102.615
94th & 95th Congress--H-2 (Army); H-2-1 (West Point - General Information, Status Reports, Guy Kent Troy 1977, Avery Norwood Trollinger Jr. 1977); H-3 (Merchant Marine - General Infromation, Status Reports, Nomination Forms, Catalogues & Application Forms); H-4-1 (Naval Academy - Non-Residents, Early Requests, Status Reports, General Information, Randy Odell Parrish 1976, Kenneth L. Weddington 1977, Michael A. Smith 1977, Bobby Jean Craig 1977, Robert J. Freer 1977, Stephen Richard Furr 1977, Douglas W. Griffin 1976, David C. Myers 1977); L-12 (Gun Control Bills)
Box 616#0102.616
93rd & 95th Congress--H-3-1 (Coast Guard - General); H-3-2 (Merchant Marine Academy - General); H-4-1 (Naval Academy - Status Reports, General Information, Bruce Lindsey 1978, Francis Lee Hudnor IV 1978, Jeffery L. Jobe 1978, Mark Morris 1978, Ray Rider 1978, Terry Ernest Sowers 1978, Eric Kelly Williams 1978, Benjamin Edward Miller 1978, Donald Reed Kernodle Jr. 1978, Matthew P. Stewart 1978, Timothy Fickling 1978, William Pantelakis 1978); Miscellaneous Academies (Non-Resident Letters, Michael L. McKinney, Catherine Corbett); H-1-1 (Air Force - Status Reports, General Information, Parker 1977, Hall 1977, Alexander Martin Rankin IV 1974, Rankin 1977)
Box 617#0102.617
95th Congress--Ethics File; Rule 43 (Gifts); Rule 44 (Financial Disclosure); Rule 45 (Unofficial Office Accounts); Rule 47 (Outside Income); Rules Committee & House; Senate Ethics; L-27 (Ethics); Legislation Administration; Members & Staff; Franking Legislation; Personnel Referrals; Press
Box 618#0102.618
95th Congress--L-4 (Banking, Housing, Currency); Budget; H.R. 287 (Ethics - Code of Conduct); H.Res. 383 (Committee on Rules - Ethics); Certificates of Official Fact Finding Tour; Committee Meetings; Time Table; Witness Statement; Committee on Standards & Official Conduct (Flynt, Korean Investigation); Advisory Opinions
Box 619#0102.619
95th Congress--L-3 (Armed Services - Neutron Bomb, Double Dipping); L-2 (Civil Affairs - HEW, West Front of Capitol, Tobacco Appropriations); L-4 (General)
Box 620#0102.620
95th Congress--K-7-10 (High Point College); K-8 (General Contracts); K-9 (Non-Government Grants); L-1 (Agriculture); L-2 (NC Agriculture Extension Service, Appropriations)
  • Box 621#0102.621
    • Folder a#0102.621.a
      96th Congress--H.R. 4000 (SS Act)
    • Folder b#0102.621.b
      96th Congress--H.R. 1821 (Teaching Physicians); H.R. 2426 (Teaching Physicians); H.R. 2445 (Philanthropic Support); H.R. 3531 (Services of Nurse Midwives); H.R. 3854 (Second Opinions); H.R. 5544 (Disabled)
    • Folder c#0102.621.c
      96th Congress--Other Legislative Issues (Increased Match for Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, Selected Issues from Finance Committee Bill, Other)
  • Box 625#0102.625
    • Folder a#0102.625.a
      96th Congress--Corr. regarding L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce], specifically nuclear power and energy. 1979-1980
    • Folder b#0102.625.b
      96th Congress--Corr. regarding L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce], specifically energy (nuclear, gas). 1980
    • Folder c#0102.625.c
      96th Congress--Corr. regarding L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce], specifically energy (nuclear, gas). 1980
    • Folder d#0102.625.d
      96th Congress--Corr. regarding L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce], specifically energy (nuclear, gas). 1979-1980
    • Folder e#0102.625.e
      96th Congress--Corr. regarding L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce], specifically energy (nuclear, gas). 1979-1980
  • Box 627#0102.627
    • Folder a#0102.627.a
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Health: H.R. 6057- Consumer-Patient Radiation Health and Safety Act. 1980
    • Folder b#0102.627.b
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Health: H.R. 7285- Antibiotics Preservation Act. 1980
    • Folder c#0102.627.c
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Health: H.R. 7285- Antibiotics Preservation Act. 1980
    • Folder d#0102.627.d
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Symposium on Risk/Benefit Decisions and the Public Health. Proceedings of the Third FDA Science Symposium. 1978
    • Folder e#0102.627.e
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Health Corr.. 1980
    • Folder f#0102.627.f
      96th Congress--G-2-6 [Thank You Notes-General]. 1979
    • Folder g#0102.627.g
      96th Congress--G-2-6 [Thank You Notes-General]. 1980
    • Folder h#0102.627.h
      96th Congress--G-2-6 [Thank You Notes-General]. 1980
  • Box 630#0102.630
    • Folder a#0102.630.a
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Health: Misc. 1980
    • Folder b#0102.630.b
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Manpower. 1978-1979
    • Folder c#0102.630.c
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Long Term Care. 1979
    • Folder d#0102.630.d
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. National Health Service Corps. 1978-1979
    • Folder e#0102.630.e
      94th & 96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Studies/Reports: "Recruiting and Retaining Federal Physicians and Dentists: Problems, Progress, and Actions Needed for the Future", "Federal Capitation Support and Its Role in the Operation of Medical Schools", "Physicians and New Health Practitioners: Issues for the 1980s. 1976, 1978, 1979
    • Folder f#0102.630.f
      94th Congress--Preyer Bills. 1975-1976
    • Folder g#0102.630.g
      94th Congress--Preyer Bills: National Learning Disabilities Month. 1975
  • Box 634#0102.634
    • Folder a#0102.634.a
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Medicare/Medicaid Amendments. 1979
    • Folder b#0102.634.b
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Medicare/Medicaid: HR 4000. 1980
    • Folder c#0102.634.c
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Medicare/Medicaid Reconciliation. 1980
    • Folder d#0102.634.d
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Health: Dextropropoxyphene/Propoxyphene (Darvon) & Misc. 1979-1980
    • Folder e#0102.634.e
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Health: Misc. 1979-1980
    • Folder f#0102.634.f
      96th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce]. Health: Diabetes, Antibiotic Preservation, Heroin (as painkiller for terminally ill), Misc. 1980
  • Box 642#0102.642
    • Folder a#0102.642.a
      95th Congress--L-26 [Select Committee on Assassinations].Documents and Corr. dealing with the Congressional Committee investigation and hearings for President John F. Kennedy's assassination. 1978
    • Folder b#0102.642.b
      95th Congress--L-26 [Select Committee on Assassinations].Documents and Corr. dealing with the Congressional Committee investigation and hearings for President John F. Kennedy's assassination. 1978
    • Folder c#0102.642.c
      95th Congress--L-26 [Select Committee on Assassinations].Documents and Corr. dealing with the Congressional Committee investigation and hearings for President John F. Kennedy's assassination. 1978
  • Box 643#0102.643
    • Folder a#0102.643.a
      95th Congress--L-26 [Select Committee on Assassinations].Documents and Corr. dealing with the Congressional Committee investigation and hearings for President John F. Kennedy's assassination. 1978
    • Folder b#0102.643.b
      95th Congress--L-26 [Select Committee on Assassinations].Documents and Corr. dealing with the Congressional Committee investigation and hearings for President John F. Kennedy's assassination. 1978
    • Folder c#0102.643.c
      95th Congress--L-26 [Select Committee on Assassinations].Documents and Corr. dealing with the Congressional Committee investigation and hearings for President John F. Kennedy's assassination. 1978
  • Box 644#0102.644
    • Folder a#0102.644.a
      95th Congress--L-26 [Select Committee on Assassinations].Documents and Corr. dealing with the Congressional Committee investigation and hearings for President John F. Kennedy's assassination. 1977-1978
    • Folder b#0102.644.b
      95th Congress--James Hebburn's Farewell America [hardback]. 1968
    • Folder c#0102.644.c
      95th Congress--Jacob Karmin's Myth, Fantasy, or Fact: The Story of Lee Harvey Oswald. 1977
    • Folder d#0102.644.d
      95th Congress--Mikhail Lebedev's Treason--For My Daily Bread. 1977
    • Folder e#0102.644.e
      95th Congress--William Hanson's The Shooting of John F. Kennedy: One Assassin--Three Shots, Three Hits, No Misses. 1969
    • Folder f#0102.644.f
      95th Congress--R. B. Cutler's Evidence of Conspiracy: a 30 Year Overview. 1978
Box 646#0102.646
95th Congress--Copies of Hearings before the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities: Watergate and Related Activities, Books 1, 3, 4, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15; copy of Selected Impeachment Materials; copy of Ethics in Government Act of 1977.
  • Box 648#0102.648
    • Folder a#0102.648.a
      94th & 95th Congress--D-19 [Miscellaneous Agencies: General Accounting Office, Smithsonian, Federal Elections Commission, National Endowment for the Arts] Corr.. 1976-1978
    • Folder b#0102.648.b
      94th & 95th Congress--D-19 [Miscellaneous Agencies: General Accounting Office, Smithsonian, Federal Elections Commission, National Endowment for the Arts] Corr.. 1976-1978
    • Folder c#0102.648.c
      94th & 95th Congress--D-19 [Miscellaneous Agencies: General Accounting Office, Smithsonian, Federal Elections Commission, National Endowment for the Arts] Corr.. 1976-1978
    • Folder d#0102.648.d
      95th Congress--D-19 [Miscellaneous Agencies: General Accounting Office, Smithsonian, Federal Elections Commission, National Endowment for the Arts] Corr.. 1977-1978
  • Box 649#0102.649
    • Folder a#0102.649.a
      95th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies] Corr. (General Accounting Office reports). 1977-1978
    • Folder b#0102.649.b
      95th Congress--D-19 [Miscellaneous Agencies: General Accounting Office, Smithsonian, Federal Elections Commission, National Endowment for the Arts] Corr.. 1977-1978
    • Folder c#0102.649.c
      95th Congress--D-19 [Miscellaneous Agencies: General Accounting Office, Smithsonian, Federal Elections Commission, National Endowment for the Arts] Corr.. 1977-1978
    • Folder d#0102.649.d
      95th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies] Corr. (Federal Paperwork Commission). 1977-1978
    • Folder e#0102.649.e
      94th & 95th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies] Corr.. 1975-1977
  • Box 659#0102.659
    • Folder a#0102.659.a
      94th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce] Corr. (Recycling, Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974) 1976
    • Folder b#0102.659.b
      94th-Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce] Corr. (Natural Gas) 1975-1976
    • Folder c#0102.659.c
      94th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce] Corr. (Natural Gas) 1975-1976
    • Folder d#0102.659.d
      94th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce] Corr. (Natural Gas) 1975-1976
    • Folder e#0102.659.e
      94th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce] Corr. (Natural Gas) 1975-1976
Box 661#0102.661
94rd Congress--Report of Committee of the Judiciary, House of Representatives, on the Impeachment Hearings of President Richard Nixon, Impeachment--Selected Materials, Debate on Articles of Impeachment, Hearings of the Committee of the Judiciary, Transcripts of Eight Recorded Presidential Conversations, Hearings of the Committee of the Judiciary, typed transcripts for Impeachment hearings of meetings held by Nixon, Brief on Behalf of the President of the United States, Richard Nixon, to the Committee of the Judiciary. 1974
  • Box 679#0102.679
    • Folder a#0102.679.a
      95th Congress--HR 912612- Hospital Cost Containment Act of 1977 (documents and Corr.) 1977-1978
    • Folder b#0102.679.b
      95th Congress--HR 912612- Hospital Cost Containment Act of 1977 (documents and Corr.) 1977-1978
    • Folder c#0102.679.c
      95th Congress--HR 912612- Hospital Cost Containment Act of 1977 (documents and Corr.) 1977-1978
    • Folder d#0102.679.d
      95th Congress--HR 125525- Hopital Cost Containment Proposal (documents and Corr.) 1977-1978
    • Folder e#0102.679.e
      95th Congress--HR 912612- Hospital Cost Containment Act of 1977 (documents and Corr.) 1977-1978
Box 680#0102.680
95th Congress--Copies of Legislative and Administrative Reform[Select Committee on Assassinations] Vols. I, II; Investigation of the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Vols. X-XII; Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations--Findings and Recommendations; 4 copies of the Final Report of the SCA. 1978
Box 681#0102.681
95th Congress--Copies of the Investigation of the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Hearings before the Select Committee on Assassinations. Vols. II- IX.1978
Box 682#0102.682
95th Congress--Copies of the Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Hearings before the Select Committee on Assassinations. Vols. I-III, V-VII, IX-XII. 1978
  • Box 684#0102.684
    • Folder a#0102.684.a
      96th Congress--Corr. and statements regarding the Indianapolis hearings of HR2979 (Federal Privacy of Medical Records Act). 1979
    • Folder b#0102.684.b
      96th Congress--Statements on the Indianapolis hearings of HR2979 (Federal Privacy of Medical Records Act). 1979
    • Folder c#0102.684.c
      96th Congress--Draft questions and statements of witnesses in hearings of HR2979 (Federal Privacy of Medical Records Act). 1979
    • Folder d#0102.684.d
      95th & 96th Congress--Draft questions and statements from hearings on the Nitrate Film Fire at the National Archives in Suitland, Maryland. 1978-1979
    • Folder e#0102.684.e
      95th & 96th Congress--Report of the Ad Hoc Committee for Film Fire hearings. 1978-1979
    • Folder f#0102.684.f
      95th & 96th Congress--Draft questions and statements from Nitrate Film Fire hearings. 1978-1979
  • Box 685#0102.685
    • Folder a#0102.685.a
      94th Congress--L-11 [Interstate and Foreign Commerce] Alaskan Gas Project Proposals: Northwest Pipeline Corporation, Artic Gas, and El Paso Alaska Company. 1976
    • Folder b#0102.685.b
      94th Congress--L-7 [International Relations] Corr.. Re: Angola, Africa. 1976
    • Folder c#0102.685.c
      94th Congress--L-7 [International Relations] Corr.. Re: Foreign embargos and boycotts. 1976
    • Folder d#0102.685.d
      94th Congress--L-7 [International Relations] Corr.. Re: Foreign embargos and boycotts. 1975
    • Folder e#0102.685.e
      94th Congress--L-7 [International Relations] Corr.. Re: Refugees, foreign embargos (Rhodesian chrome) and boycotts. 1975
    • Folder f#0102.685.f
      94th Congress--L-7 [International Relations] Corr.. Re: Refugees, foreign embargos (Rhodesian chrome) and boycotts. 1975
  • Box 694#0102.694
    • Folder a#0102.694.a
      96th Congress--C-13 [DOE]. Standby Gasoline Rationing Plan. Docket No. ERA-R-79-54. 1980
    • Folder b#0102.694.b
      96th Congress--C-13 [DOE]. Statements on Docket No. ERA-R-79-32E, Sun Gas Oil Company Petition for Rulemaking--Docket No. RM, proposal, and article "The Right to Federally Generated Power". 1980
    • Folder c#0102.694.c
      96th Congress--C-13 [DOE] Corr.. Re: Gas Rationing, ERA, Anti-layering. 1980
    • Folder d#0102.694.d
      96th Congress--C-13 [DOE]. News releases, Corr., Petroleum Market Shares Report. 1979
    • Folder e#0102.694.e
      96th Congress--C-13 [DOE]. Docket No. RM79-54; Docket No. RM79-55. 1979
    • Folder f#0102.694.f
      96th Congress--Q-1 [Letters Referred]. Misc. Corr.. 1980
  • Box 700#0102.700
    • Folder a#0102.700.a
      96th Congress--S. 423; HR 6152 1979
    • Folder b#0102.700.b
      96th Congress--Copies of Preyer Bills: HR 8443; HR 2465; HJ 238; HR 2979; HR 3227; HR 3444; HR 3409; HR 4121; HR 4213; HJ 367; HR 5571; HR 512532; HR 512541; HR 5582; HR 5862 1979-1980
    • Folder c#0102.700.c
      96th Congress--Copies of Preyer Bills: HR 5820; HR 5861; HR 5935; HR 6152; HR 125284; HR 125285; HR 125468; HR 125645; HR 125950; HR 126005; HR 126006; HR 7224; HR 12607522; HR 12607523; HR 7747; HR 7836; HR 7921; H. Con. Res. 417; HR 8219; H. Con. Res. 446; HR 8443 1979-1980
    • Folder d#0102.700.d
      95th & 96th Congress--HR 912523: Nitrocellulose Bill. 1977-1979
    • Folder e#0102.700.e
      95th & 96th Congress--HR 912523: Nitrocellulose Bill. 1977-1979
    • Folder f#0102.700.f
      95th Congress--HR 10818: Legislative Oversight Act 1978; HR 912523: Suspension of Duty on Imported Nitrocellulose. 1978
  • Box 704#0102.704
    • Folder a#0102.704.a
      96th Congress--D-17 [CPSC]. 1980 Annual Report. 1980
    • Folder b#0102.704.b
      96th Congress--D-17 [CPSC]. Executive Summary of the Upholstered Furniture Action Council (regarding mandatory flammability standards); News Releases. 1979
    • Folder c#0102.704.c
      96th Congress--D-17 [CPSC]. News releases and Corr. regarding mandatory flammability standards. 1979
    • Folder d#0102.704.d
      96th Congress--D-17 [CPSC]. Corr. related to proposed regulations of small parts in toys. 1979
  • Box 706#0102.706
    • Folder a#0102.706.a
      96th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. Corr.. 1979-1980
    • Folder b#0102.706.b
      96th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. Report to the Congress--Arson: The Federal Role in Arson Prevention and Control. 1979
    • Folder c#0102.706.c
      96th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. General/Corr.. 1979
    • Folder d#0102.706.d
      96th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. Export Administration Report; National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity. 1980
    • Folder e#0102.706.e
      96th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. General/Corr.. 1979
    • Folder f#0102.706.f
      95th & 96th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. National Transportation Safety Board Annual Report to Congress; Calendar of Federal Regulations. 1978; 1979
  • Box 707#0102.707
    • Folder a#0102.707.a
      96th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. National Endowment for the Humanities; National Endowment for the Arts; United States Commission on Civil Rights; World Bank; NSF; National Labor Relations Board; misc. 1979
    • Folder b#0102.707.b
      96th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. National Transportation Safety Board: Safety Information Releases; Aircraft Accident Report (Alleghany Airlines, Inc.); Railroad Accident Report (Derailment of Louisville & Nashville RR Co. Train No. 584); Marine Accident Report (Collision of Argentine Freighter M/V Santa Cruz II and USCG Cutter Cuyahoga; Highway Accident Report (Overturn of Ross Ambulance Service Ambulance on State Route 116, Littleton, New Hampshire). 1978-1979
    • Folder c#0102.707.c
      96th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. National Transportation Safety Board: Special Study (Single Engine, Fixed-Wing General Aviation Accidents 1972-1976); Aircraft Accident Report ( Pacific SW Airlines, Inc. Boeing 727-214, N533PS, Flight 182 & Gibbs Flight Center, Inc. Cessna 172, N12607606C); Safety Effectiveness Evaluation of the Federal Railroad Administration's HazMat and Track Safety Programs. 1979
    • Folder d#0102.707.d
      95th Congress--D-19 [Misc. Agencies]. O'Henry's Historic Preservation Issue. 1977-1978

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