John Davis Larkins, Jr., Papers, 1934-1969

Manuscript Collection #78

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Title: John Davis Larkins, Jr., Papers
Creator: Larkins, John Davis, 1909-1990
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: Papers (1934-1969) of N.C. State Senator and U.S. District Court Judge John Davis Larkins, Jr., including correspondence, speeches, judge's notes, case files, clippings, photographs, leaflets, scrapbooks, concerns of state fishery industry, information of osteopathic profession, etc.
Extent: 53.87 Cubic feet, correspondence, speeches, judge's notes, case files, clippings, photographs, leaflets, pamphlets, campaign literature, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous.

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Accessions Information

January 24, 1969, 4 cubic feet; Papers (1950-1961) of John D. Larkins, Jr., containing correspondence, speeches, clippings, photographs, leaflets, and miscellaneous.

February 5, 1969, 4 cubic feet; Correspondence files for Democratic Executive Committee, (1956-1959) and Larkins gubernatorial campaign (1958-1960), clippings, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous.

June 18, 1969, 3 1/2 cubic feet; Judge's notes (1961-1967) for U.S. District Court, Criminal Term; judge's notes (1965) for a Civil Term; judge's notes (1965) for U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals; and correspondence.

January 18, 1970, 30 items; Speeches, press releases, card files and campaign literature.

January 21, 1976, 2788 pp.; Transcript of proceedings of U.S. vs. Abbott Laboratories, U.S. District Court (1975).

January 30, 1978, 8 cubic feet; U.S. District Court case files.

April 10, 1978, 2 cubic feet; U.S. District Court case files. Gift of the Honorable John D. Larkins, Jr., Trenton, N.C.

May 2, 1990, 21 cubic feet; U.S. District Court judge's case files on school desegregation, tobacco and environmental issues. Gift of estate of the Honorable John D. Larkins, Jr., Trenton, N.C.

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John Davis Larkins, Jr., Papers (#78), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

Acquisition Information

  • Gift of the Honorable John D. Larkins, Jr.

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  • Processed by Lennon; Huggins; Boccaccio; McWatters; Elmore, August 1995

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John Davis Larkins, Jr., the son of Charles H. and Mamie Dorsett Larkins, was born in Morristown, Tennessee, on June 8, 1909. After the death of Mrs. Larkins, he was reared by his uncle and namesake Rev. John Davis Larkins. He received the B.A. degree from Wake Forest College in 1929 and passed the state bar exam in 1930 at the age of 20. During the same year he married Miss Pauline Murrill of Jacksonville, N.C., and opened a law office in Trenton, N.C.

Judge Larkins was a member of the N.C. State Senate (1936-1944, 1948-1954) and President Protempore (1941-1942), a soldier in the U.S. Army (1945), chairman of annual N.C. Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners (1937, 1939-1943, 1949, 1951, 1952, 1953), secretary of the N.C. Democratic Executive Committee (1952-1954) and its chairman (1954-1958), chairman of the Governor's Advisory Budget Commission (1951-1953), member of the Democratic National Committee (1958-1960), delegate-at-large to the Democratic National Convention (1940, 1944, 1948, 1956, 1960), and an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor of North Carolina (1960). In 1961 he was appointed by President John F. Kennedy as U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of N.C.

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The collection is very strongly politically oriented and gives an in-depth view of North Carolina Democratic Party activities for the decade of the 1950's. The material is divided into general files (1944-1969), consisting of personal and professional correspondence, campaign material, memorandums, published material, etc.; Democratic Executive Committee files (1949-1959); American Cancer Society correspondence (1957); U.S. District Court judge's notes (1961-1967); speeches (1949-1969, undated); clippings (1959-1969); campaign material; photographs; William B. Umstead material; miscellaneous items; scrapbooks; and case files (1960s-1970s).

General files constitute the largest single unit and cover a variety of Larkins related activities. Earliest correspondence concerns the 1944 Democratic National Convention and the notification of then Senator Harry Truman of his selection as vice-presidential nominee. Other papers prior to 1952 touch upon the U.S. Army service of Larkins, American Legion activities, and personal and financial matters.

Beginning in 1952 the general files are concerned primarily with political activities including plans for the Jefferson-Jackson Day banquets (1952, 1953), election campaigns of William B. Umstead for governor and R. Hunt Parker for State Supreme Court (1952), and Lenoir County election returns (1952).

Material of interest for 1953 concerns the state fisheries industry, American Legion activities, Veterans Commission, the Republican administration in Washington, D.C., political appointments, activities of the State Department of Conservation and Development and the State Highway Commission, the prospect of a U.S. Senate seat for Larkins, biographical information on Dr. Charles F. Carroll, and gambling and temperance.

During 1954 and 1955 information pertains to the osteopathic profession; Jones County history; fund raising for Wake Forest College; natural gas legislation; genealogical information on the Warren family of Sampson County; highways, toll roads, bridges, including bridges over Cape Fear and Alligator rivers, and a road through the Croatan Forest; and appointments to state offices.

Of particular interest for 1956 and 1958 are personal accounts of the much publicized conspiracy case against Truman administration official T. Lamar Caudle of Wadesboro and correspondence expressing support of Larkins for lieutenant governor, congressman and governor. Correspondence during 1957 and 1958 concerns the purchase of art treasures for Tryon Palace at New Bern and problems surrounding the giving of art objects to the N.C. Museum of Art in Raleigh. Also of interest is a letter (October, 1957) commenting on the school situation in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the Pearsall Plan for schools in N.C.

By late in 1958 correspondence is primarily concerned with support of Larkins for governor in 1960. In addition to encouraging his candidacy, letters discuss other prospective candidates, the campaigns of Terry Sanford and Addison Hewlett, fund raising, and possible opposition to Larkins by key political figures. Regrettably there are no papers for January through May of 1960, the period of greatest importance and activity in the election campaign. Other topics of interest for 1959 include the state's wildlife restoration program and Federal Reserve System legislation before Congress (August, 1959).

Correspondence for 1961 through 1968 concerns state political activities past and present, the Kennedy administration in Washington, appointment of Larkins to a federal judgeship, World Federation (December, 1967), and Larkins' selection as Wake Forest University alumnus of the year (1968).

Democratic Executive Committee files are concerned primarily with fund raising and election campaign activities of the party. These papers dwell upon Jefferson-Jackson Day plans (1949-1959), Democratic National Convention (1956), "Dollars for Democrats" fund raising campaigns (1956-1959), and Democratic campaign strategy. Specific information of note includes the depressed condition of small business under the Eisenhower administration (1956), state government under Hodges' administration (1957), discontent among local party faithful, and the effect of the segregation issue upon national Democratic politics (1958).

Reports and speeches in these files include Governor Hodges' speech at the Southern Governors' Conference "Southern Point of View" ; a subcommittee report on Armed Services Preparedness; auditors' reports; and copies of John F. Kennedy speeches "Who Killed the Kennedy-Ives Labor Reform Bill" and "United States Military and Diplomatic Policies - Preparing for the Gap."

The American Cancer Society correspondence files (1957) are concerned solely with the awarding of a Distinguished Service Medal to Larkins by the National American Cancer Society.

U.S. District Court judge's notes in the collection consist of hand written notes made by Judge Larkins and his staff while court proceedings were in progress. These files cover all criminal cases over which Judge Larkins has presided between 1961 and1967. In addition, notes are included for one session of U.S. District Civil Court (1965) and a session of U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (1965).

Included in the speech section are addresses by Larkins and other political figures along with several of an unidentified nature. These cover a wide range of topics such as good government, industrial development, Democratic fund raising, mental health, politics, personal liberty, road building, education, and cancer research. Of particular note are speeches by Adlai E. Stevenson on education (1957), Malcom B. Seawell on wine and liquor control and legislation (1959), John Harden concerning Governor Gregg Cherry (1959), and Frank W. Abrams entitled Education is Everybody's Business.

Other material in the collection includes financial papers and campaign workers lists from the William B. Umstead gubernatorial campaign of 1952, a large collection of photographs of Larkins and various political leaders, campaign literature and financial papers from the Larkins gubernatorial campaign (1959-1960), two undated card files of supporters filed by county, certificates and awards, Larkins family papers (1834-1881), personal financial and legal papers (1920-1947), military service records (1944-1945), and various published pamphlets and booklets. Items of a published nature include N.C. General Assembly membership guides (1941, 1943, 1947, 1949, 1959), handbooks of the Democratic Party in N.C., plans of organization of the N.C. Democratic Party, Thad Eure's Parliamentary Aid At A Glance (1949), The Democratic Book (1936, 1940), Duplin County Leads North Carolina in Agriculture (undated, 1959?), and North Carolina Piedmont Hardwood Forest Research Project (January, 1958).

Scrapbooks in the collection cover the Larkins career from 1936 through 1966 and contain clippings, programs, photographs, correspondence, and other material. One book for 1940 is devoted to the Jackson Day Dinner of that year and the visit to the state of presidential hopeful Paul V. McNutt. There are also scrapbooks devoted entirely to the Democratic election campaign of 1956 and the N.C. gubernatorial campaign of 1960.

Court case files (1962-1979) are concerned with conservation and land use, public school integration, labor, drug manufacturing and health issues, arbitration, tobacco, and laws and legislation and jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court, Eastern N.C.

The oversize files contain a 1939 poster picturing members of the N.C. State Senate; a Morehead City bridge aerial photograph; highway maps of Sampson, Carteret, and Edgecombe Cos. and Raleigh, N.C.; certificates of appointment, appreciation, and graduation; newspapers ( Jones County Journal, June 23, July 14 and 21, 1966; Pender Chronicle, June 1, 1933); a campaign poster; and school attendance area maps (Raleigh 1968, 1969).

For additional information see O.H. 21 and Mf. 24.

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Geographic Entry :

  • North Carolina, Trenton (Jones County)

Autograph Entries :

  • Alexander, Hugh [Quincy] (2) 1961
  • Barden, Graham A[rthur] (3) 1954, 1959
  • Belk, Henry (5) 1958, 1959
  • Bonner, Herbert [Lovington] (4) 1956-1961
  • Bowles, Chester 1958
  • Broughton, J[oseph] M[elville] 1944
  • Butler, Paul M[ulholland] (3) 1956-1959
  • Butler, Algernon L. 1961
  • Caudle, Theron Lamar (3) 1956-1961
  • Chandler, Albert Benjamin (2) 1939, 1959
  • Cherry, R[obert] Gregg 1945
  • Clements, Earle C. (4) 1957, 1958
  • Coltrane, D[avid] S[tanton] 1961
  • Cooley, Harold D[unbar] (2) 1959, 1961
  • Daniels, Jonathan (5) 1949-1960
  • Durham, Carl T[homas] (2) 1959, 1961
  • Eure, Thad[deus] [Armie] (2) 1961
  • Erwin, Sam[uel] J[ames], Jr. (12) 1957-1967
  • Farley, James A. 1939
  • Fountain, L[awrence] H. (4) 1954-1961
  • Friday, William C[lyde] (4) 1958-1961
  • Gore, Albert [Arnold] 1956
  • Graham, Frank P[orter] 1956
  • Gray, Gordon (2) 1938, 1959
  • Henderson, David N[ewton] 1961
  • Hodges, Luther H[artwell] (23) 1952-1961
  • Hoey, Clyde R[oark] (2) 1945, 1954
  • Huggins, M[allory] A[lton] (3) 1959, 1961
  • Humber, Robert Lee 1967
  • Jenkins, Leo W[arren] (2) 1961, 1965
  • Johnson, Lyndon B[aines] (3) 1956, 1957, 1959
  • Jonas, Charles Raper 1961
  • Jones, Walter B[eaman] 1968
  • Jordan, B[enjamin] Everett (18) 1952-1968
  • Kefauver, [Carey] Estes 1956
  • Kennedy, John F[itzgerald] (2) 1958
  • Kitchin, A[lvin] Paul 1961
  • Kornegay, Horace R[obinson] 1961
  • Lake, I[saac] Beverly 1967
  • Lennon, Alton [Asa] (5) 1954-1961
  • McCloskey, Matthew H. (8) 1956-1958
  • Messick, J[ohn] D[ecatur] (6) 1951-1961
  • Parker, R[obert] Hunt (2) 1951, 1952
  • Philpott, H. Cloyd 1961
  • Preyer, L. Richardson (2) 1955, 1961
  • Robinson, Blackwell P. 1953
  • Rodman, William B[lount], Jr. (2) 1961
  • Royall, Kenneth C[laiborne] (4) 1958-1961
  • Sanford, Terry (6) 1952-1961
  • Scott, Ralph J[ames] (2) 1958, 1961
  • Scott, W[illiam] Kerr (5) 1952-1957
  • Sharp, Susie [Marshall] 1955
  • Shuford, George A. 1957
  • Stanley, Edwin M. 1961
  • Stevenson, Adlai E[wing] (4) 1956, 1959
  • Symington, [William] Stuart 1959
  • Taylor, Roy A[rthur] 1961
  • Timmerman, George Bell, Jr. (2) 1956
  • Truman, Harry (2) 1948, 1957
  • Umstead, William B[radley] (6) 1951-1954
  • Waynick, Capus 1949
  • White, Tho[ma]s J[ackson] (2) 1953, 1957
  • Whitener, Basil L[ee] 1961

Subject Entries :

  • AGRICULTURE--Insurance
  • AGRICULTURE--Inventions--Equipment
  • AGRICULTURE--Inventions--Tobacco
  • AGRICULTURE--Tobacco
  • AGRICULTURE--Tobacco--Marketing--20th Century
  • AGRICULTURE--Tobacco--Wilson, N.C.
  • ART AND ARTISTS--Galleries and Museums--N.C. Museum of Art
  • BEAUFORT CO., N.C.--Conservation
  • BEAUFORT CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • BERTIE CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • BOGUE BANKS, N.C.--Conservation
  • BUILDING AND ARCHITECTURE--Business and Commerce
  • BUILDING AND ARCHITECTURE--U.S. Government--Trenton, N.C.
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Arbitration and Award
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Building and Architecture
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Construction Industry
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Grocery Trade--Law and Legislation
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Inventions--Equipment
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Labor and Laboring Classes--Labor Unions
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Labor and Laboring Classes--Railroads
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Law and Lawyers
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Manufacturing--Textiles
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Mines and Mining
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Moving-Picture Industry--Monopolies
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Pharmaceutical Industry--Abbott Laboratories
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Pharmaceutical Industry--Charles Pfizer and Co.
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Pharmaceutical Industry--Drugs
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Pharmaceutical Industry--Richardson-Merrell, Inc.
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Taxation--Law and Legislation
  • BUSINESS AND COMMERCE--Tobacco Industry
  • CAPE HATTERAS, N.C.--Conservation
  • CAPE LOOKOUT, N.C.--Conservation
  • CARTERET CO., N.C.--Conservation
  • CHOWAN CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • CONSERVATION--Beaufort Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Bogue Banks, N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Brunswick Co., N.C.--Bald Head Island
  • CONSERVATION--Cape Hatteras National Seashore, N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Cape Lookout National Seashore, N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Carteret Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Craven Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Cumberland Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Currituck Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Dare Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Forestry--Croatan National Forest
  • CONSERVATION--Fort Raleigh National Historic Site
  • CONSERVATION--Hatteras Island, N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Hyde Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Organizations--Conservation Council of N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Organizations--Natural Resources Defense Council
  • CONSERVATION--Pasquotank Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Pitt Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Rocky Mount, N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Shackleford Banks, N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--South Carolina--Clarendon Co.
  • CONSERVATION--Tyrrell Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Washington Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Wayne Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Wildlife
  • CONSERVATION--Wildlife--Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge--Carteret Co., N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Wildlife--Mackey Island National Wildlife Refuge
  • CONSERVATION--Wildlife--Pungo National Wildlife Refuge, N.C.
  • CONSERVATION--Wright Brothers National Monument
  • COURTS--Jurisdiction
  • COURTS--Law and Lawyers
  • COURTS--Law and Legislation
  • COURTS--U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit
  • COURTS--U.S. District Court, Eastern N.C.
  • CRAVEN CO., N.C.--Land--Conservation
  • CRAVEN CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • CRIME AND PUNISHMENT--Distilling, Illicit-1960s
  • CRIME AND PUNISHMENT--Law and Lawyers
  • CRIME AND PUNISHMENT--Murder--1968
  • CRIME AND PUNISHMENT--Women--Prisons
  • CUMBERLAND CO., N.C.--Land--Conservation
  • CUMBERLAND CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • CURRITUCK CO., N.C.--Land--Conservation
  • DARE CO., N.C.--Land--Conservation
  • DUPLIN CO., N.C.
  • EDUCATION--COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES--East Carolina University--Professors
  • EDUCATION--PUBLIC SCHOOLS--N.C. State Board of Education
  • EDUCATION--PUBLIC SCHOOLS--Northampton Co., N.C.
  • EDUCATION--PUBLIC SCHOOLS--School Buildings--Craven Co., N.C.
  • ELECTIONS--Law and Legislation--Carteret Co., N.C.
  • ELECTIONS--N.C. Governor--1960
  • ETHNIC GROUPS--Indians of North America--Cherokees
  • FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • GREENE CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • GREENVILLE, N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • HALIFAX CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • HATTERAS ISLAND, N.C.--Land--Conservation
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Drugs--Arbitration and Award
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Law and Legislation
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Organizations--American Cancer Society
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Organizations--American Medical Association (AMA)
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Pharmaceutical Industry--Abbott Laboratories
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Pharmaceutical Industry--Charles Pfizer and Co.
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Pharmaceutical Industry--Richardson-Merrell, Inc.
  • HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Women--Surgery--Sterilization
  • HYDE CO.--Land--Conservation
  • INSURANCE--Arbitration and Award--1960s
  • INSURANCE--Automobile Insurance--1960s
  • INSURANCE--Life Insurance--1960s
  • INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS--Drainage Districts--Pitt Co., N.C.
  • INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS--International Organization
  • KINSTON, N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • LABOR--Arbitration and Award--1960s
  • LABOR--Arbitration and Award--Education
  • LABOR--Labor Unions--Arbitration and Award
  • LABOR--Labor Unions--Mines and Mining
  • LABOR--Labor Unions--Textiles
  • LABOR--National Labor Relations Board
  • LABOR--Railroads
  • LAND--Bogue Banks, N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Bald Head Island, N.C.--1970s
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Beaufort Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Bodie Island, N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Carteret Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Craven Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Cumberland Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Currituck Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Dare Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Edgecombe Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Elizabeth City, N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Fontana Dam, N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Goldsboro, N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Harnett Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Hatteras Island, N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Hyde Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Pasquotank Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Rocky Mount, N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--South Carolina--Clarendon Co.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Swain Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Tyrrell Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Washington Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Deeds and Sales--Wayne Co., N.C.
  • LAND--Mines and Mining
  • LAND--Pitt Co., N.C.
  • LAW AND LAWYERS--Arbitration and Award
  • LAW AND LAWYERS--Arbitration and Award--Automobiles
  • LAW AND LAWYERS--Arbitration and Award--Railroads
  • LAW AND LAWYERS--Discrimination--New Bern, N.C.
  • LAW AND LAWYERS--Law and Legislation
  • MEMORIALS--Wright Brothers
  • MONEY AND BANKING--Taxation--Income Tax
  • MUSEUMS--N.C. Museum of Art
  • MUSEUMS--Tryon Palace
  • N.C.--GENERAL ASSEMBLY--1941-1959
  • N.C.--GENERAL ASSEMBLY--Law and Legislation
  • N.C.--STATE GOVERNMENT--Governors
  • NEGROES--Integration
  • NORTHAMPTON CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • ORGANIZATIONS--American Legion
  • PASQUOTANK CO., N.C.--Conservation
  • PITT CO., N.C.--Conservation
  • PITT CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • POLITICS--Democratic Party--1936-1961
  • POLITICS--Democratic Party--National Convention
  • POLITICS--Republican Party--1953-1958
  • POSTAL SERVICE--Crime and Punishment
  • PROHIBITION--Law and Legislation
  • PUBLICATIONS--Newspapers--East Carolina University--Censorship
  • RALEIGH, N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • ROANOKE ISLAND, N.C.--Fort Raleigh--Conservation
  • ROBESON CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • ROCKY MOUNT, N.C.--Conservation
  • SAMPSON CO., N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • SEGREGATION--Business and Commerce--1960s
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Beaufort Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Bertie Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Chowan Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Craven Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Cumberland Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Fayetteville, N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Greene Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Greenville, N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Halifax Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Kinston, N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--N.C. State Board of Education
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Northampton Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Pitt Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Raleigh, N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Robeson Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Sampson Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Warren Co., N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Washington, N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Weldon, N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Public Schools--Wilson, N.C.
  • SEGREGATION--Williamston, N.C.--1964
  • TRANSPORTATION--Automobiles
  • TRANSPORTATION--Railroads--1968
  • TRANSPORTATION--Ships and Shipping
  • TYRRELL CO., N.C.--Land--Conservation
  • U.S.--DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES--Department of Agriculture
  • U.S.--DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES--Department of Commerce--Weather Bureau
  • U.S.--DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES--Department of Heath, Education, and Welfare (HEW)
  • U.S.--DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES--Department of Interior
  • U.S.--DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES--Department of Transportation
  • U.S.--DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES--Internal Revenue Service
  • U.S.--DEPARTMENTS, COMMISSIONS, AGENCIES--Tennessee Valley Authority
  • U.S.--MILITARY--Air Force--Law and Legislation
  • U.S.--MILITARY--Coast Guard
  • U.S.--MILITARY--Discharges
  • U.S.--MILITARY--Navy--Law and Legislation
  • WASHINGTON CO., N.C.--Land--Conservation
  • WASHINGTON, N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • WAYNE CO., N.C.--Land--Conservation
  • WELDON, N.C.--Public Schools--Integration
  • WILLIAMSTON, N.C.--Law and Legislation--1960s
  • WILLIAMSTON, N.C.--Segregation--1964
  • WILSON, N.C.--Public Schools--Integration

Genealogy Entry :

  • WARREN FAMILY--Sampson County, N.C.

Newspaper Entries:

Burgaw, North Carolina
  • The Pender Chronicle
    • June 1, 1933
Trenton, North Carolina
  • The Jones County Journal
    • June 23, 1966
    • July 14, 1966
    • July 21, 1966

Pamphlet Entries :

Author Entries
  • Abrams, Frank W.
    • Education is Everybody's Business (undated)
  • Bailey, Stephen K.
    • The Condition of Our National Political Parties (undated)
  • Baker, Lenox D.
    • An Address by Lenox D. Baker, M.D (Jan. 10, 1959)
  • Doyle, Howard F. and Olsen, David F., Jr.
    • North Carolina Piedmont Hardwood Forest Research Project (Jan., 1958)
  • Goodrich, Robert E., Jr.
    • Take It to the Light (1959)
  • Olsen, David F., Jr. and Doyle, Howard F.
    • North Carolina Piedmont Hardwood Forest Research Project (Jan., 1958)
Title Entries
  • The Bankruptcy Act of 1898 (1923)
  • Closing the Tragic Gap Between Civil Rights Law and Its Enforcement 
  • The Democratic Book of 1936 
  • The Democratic Book of 1940 
  • Duplin County Leads North Carolina in Agriculture (1959)
  • Intercollegiate Law Fraternity of Sigma Delta Kappa (1930)
  • North Carolina General Assembly House of Representatives-Members, Committees, Rules, Directory, Memoranda, House Officers (1949, 1959)
  • North Carolina General Assembly Senate-Members, Rules, Committees (1941, 1943, 1947, 1949)
  • Official Handbook, North Carolina Democratic Party (1948, 1952, 1956)
  • Plan of Organization, Democratic Party of North Carolina (1946, 1949, 1952)
  • Thad Eure's Parliamentary Aid-at a glance (1949)
  • Young Democratic Clubs of North Carolina: Official Handbook and Directory (1955)
  • Why the Democratic Party? (1955)

Map Entries :


Date Entries :

  • 1940-1949
  • 1950-1959
  • 1960-1969

Images below are listed alphabetically by subject. This list reflects only those portions of the collection for which negatives have been prepared.

BUILDING AND ARCHITECTURE--Automobiles p- Craven Motor Co.
Location: New Bern, NC
Call Number: p-78/16(707)

Description: Storefront
Location: New Bern, NC?
Call Number: p-78/12(703)

Description: Car in front of theater
Location: New Bern, NC
Call Number: p-78/13(704)

Location: New Bern, NC
Call Number: p-78/14(705)

Description: J.C. Penny Co.
Location: New Bern, NC
Call Number: p-78/17(708)

Location: New Bern, NC
Call Number: p-78/18(709)

Description: W.O. Haygood Sales and Service
Location: New Bern, NC
Call Number: p-78/20(711)

Location: New Bern, NC
Call Number: p-78/15(706)

Location: New Bern, NC
Call Number: p-78/19(710)

Description: Ottis Fishing Fleet
Location: Morehead City, NC
Call Number: p-78/94(1051)

Description: Cherry, R. Gregg
Call Number: p-78/43

Description: Cherry, R. Gregg
Call Number: p-78/48

NC--GENERAL ASSEMBLY--Law & Legislation
Description: Hoey, Clyde; Eure, Thad
Location: Raleigh, NC
Date: 1938
Call Number: p-78/64

POLITICS--NC--Democratic Party
Description: Jordan, Everett B. Larkins, John D. Richardson, Mrs. John Everett, Mrs. B. B. Crane, Frank Reed, Lorrie C. Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
Date: 1954
Call Number: p-78/72(1050)

Location: District of Columbia
Call Number: p-78/63(1049)

Date: 1949
Call Number: p-78/74

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Series 1:
General Files
Box 1#0078.1
General files, 1944-1951
Box 2#0078.2
General Files, 1952
Box 3#0078.3
General Files, 1953
Box 4#0078.4
General Files, 1954
Box 5#0078.5
General Files, 1955
Box 6#0078.6
General Files, 1956
Box 7#0078.7
General Files, 1957
Box 8#0078.8
General Files, 1958 (January-October)
Box 9#0078.9
General Files, 1958, (November)
Box 10#0078.10
General Files, 1958 (December)
Box 11#0078.11
General Files, 1959 (January-February)
Box 12#0078.12
General Files, 1959 (March-May)
Box 13#0078.13
General Files, 1959 (June-July 14)
Box 14#0078.14
General Files, 1959 (July 15-July 31)
Box 15#0078.15
General Files, 1959 (August)
Box 16#0078.16
General Files, 1959 (September-December)
Box 17#0078.17
General Files, 1960 (January-June)
Box 18#0078.18
General Files, 1960 (July-December)-1961 (January-May 10)
Box 19#0078.19
General Files, 1961 (May 11-August 12)
Box 20#0078.20
General Files, 1961 (August 13-August 31)
Box 21#0078.21
General Files, 1961 (September - December)
Box 22#0078.22
General Files, 1962 -1969
Series 2:
Democratic Executive Committee Files
Box 23#0078.23
Democratic Executive Committee File, 1949-1956
Box 24#0078.24
Democratic Executive Committee File, 1957
Box 25#0078.25
Democratic Executive Committee File, 1958
Box 26#0078.26
Democratic Executive Committee File, 1959
Series 3:
American Cancer Society Correspondence
Box 27#0078.27
American Cancer Society Correspondence, 1957
Series 4:
U.S. District Criminal Court, Eastern District of N.C., Judge’s Notes
Box 28#0078.28
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1961-1962 (March)
Box 29#0078.29
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1962 (April-July)
Box 30#0078.30
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1962 (Aug.-Nov.)
Box 31#0078.31
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1962 (Dec.)- 1963 (Mar.)
Box 32#0078.32
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1963 (Mar. - June.)
Box 33#0078.33
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1963 (July - Dec.)
Box 34#0078.34
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1963 (Dec.) - 1964 (Apr.)
Box 35#0078.35
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1964 (April - Sept.)
Box 36#0078.36
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1964, (Sept.) - 1965 (Jan.)
Box 37#0078.37
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1965 (Feb. - May)
Box 38#0078.38
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1965 (June - Nov.)
Box 39#0078.39
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1965 (Nov.) - 1966 (Apr.)
Box 40#0078.40
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1966 (May-Nov.)
Box 41#0078.41
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1966 (Dec.) - 1967 (May)
Box 42#0078.42
U.S. District Criminal Court, Judge's Notes, 1967 (May - July)
Series 5:
U.S. District Civil Court, Eastern District of N.C., Judge’s Notes
Series 6:
4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge’s Notes
Series 7:
Box 44#0078.44
Speeches, 1949-1959 (August)
Box 45#0078.45
Speeches, 1959 (August) - 1969, undated
Series 8:
Clippings, 1959-1969
Box 46#0078.46
Box 47#0078.47
Box 48#0078.48
Box 49#0078.49
Box 50#0078.50
Box 51#0078.51
Box 52#0078.52
Box 53#0078.53
Box 54#0078.54
Box 55#0078.55
Box 56#0078.56
Box 57#0078.57
Box 58#0078.58
Series 9:
Political Campaigns Material
Box 59#0078.59
Political Campaign Material
Box 61#0078.61
William B. Umstead N.C. Gubernatorial Campaign Material, 1952
Series 10:
Personal Material
Box 64#0078.64
Miscellaneous Publications
Series 11:
Democratic National Committee Material
Box 65#0078.65
The Democratic Book, 1936
Box 66#0078.66
The Democratic Book, 1940
Series 12:
Box 67#0078.67
Scrapbook, 1938-1941
Box 68#0078.68
Scrapbook, 1939-1940
Box 69#0078.69
Scrapbook, 1940-1945
Box 70#0078.70
Scrapbook, 1947
Box 71#0078.71
Scrapbook, 1947-1948
Box 72#0078.72
Scrapbook, 1954
Box 73#0078.73
Scrapbook, Democratic Campaign, 1956
Box 74#0078.74
Scrapbook, N.C. Gubernatorial Primary, 1960
Box 75#0078.75
Scrapbook, 1961
Box 76a#0078.76a
Scrapbook, 1961-1965
Series 13:
Card Files of Campaign Supporters
Box 76b#0078.76b
Card Files (undated) of supporters by county (A-L)
Box 76c#0078.76c
Card Files (undated) of supporters by county (M-Z)
Series 14:
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of N.C., Case Files
Box 81#0078.81
Conservation Council of North Carolina v. Col. Albert C. Costanzo
Box 82#0078.82
Conservation Council of North Carolina v. Col. Albert C. Costanzo
Box 83#0078.83
Conservation Council of North Carolina v. Col. Albert C. Costanzo
Box 87#0078.87
Eagles, Joseph C. v. Harris Sales Corp.
Box 88#0078.88
Eagles, Joseph C. v. Harris Sales Corp.
Box 89#0078.89
Eagles, Joseph C. v. Harris Sales Corp.
Box 90#0078.90
Eagles, Joseph C. v. Harris Sales Corp.
Box 91#0078.91
Eagles, Joseph C. v. Harris Sales Corp.
Box 92#0078.92
Eagles, Joseph C. v. Harris Sales Corp.
Box 93#0078.93
Eagles, Joseph C. v. Harris Sales Corp.
Box 94#0078.94
Eagles, Joseph C. v. Harris Sales Corp.
Box 96#0078.96
Edwards, Winslow M. v. Southern Railway Company
Box 97#0078.97
Edwards, Winslow M. v. Southern Railway Company
Box 105#0078.105
Johnson, Willa v. Joseph Branch; Halifax County Board of Education
Box 112#0078.112
Natural Resources Defense Council v. Kenneth E. Grant, et. al., U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Box 113#0078.113
Natural Resources Defense Council v. Kenneth E. Grant, et. al., U.S., Dept. of Agriculture
Box 114#0078.114
Natural Resources Defense Council v. Kenneth E. Grant, et. al., U.S., Dept. of Agriculture
Box 115#0078.115
Natural Resources Defense Council v. Kenneth E. Grant, et. al., U.S., Dept. of Agriculture
Box 116#0078.116
Natural Resources Defense Council v. Kenneth E. Grant, et. al., U.S., Dept. of Agriculture
Box 117#0078.117
Natural Resources Defense Council v. Kenneth E. Grant, et. al., U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Box 123#0078.123
Seago, James, v. NC Theatres, Inc., et al.
Box 126#0078.126
Smith, Everett D. Jr., and the USA v. NC Board of Education
Box 127#0078.127
Smith, Everett D. Jr., and the USA v. NC Board of Education
Box 128#0078.128
Smith, Everett D. Jr., and the USA v. NC Board of Education
Box 129#0078.129
Smith, Everett D. Jr., and the USA v. NC Board of Education
Box 135#0078.135
USA v. Abbott Laboratories
Box 136#0078.136
USA v. Abbott Laboratories
Box 137#0078.137
USA v. Abbott Laboratories
Box 138#0078.138
USA v. Abbott Laboratories
Box 139#0078.139
USA v. Abbott Laboratories
Box 140#0078.140
USA v. Abbott Laboratories
Box 141#0078.141
USA v. Abbott Laboratories
Box 144#0078.144
USA v. N.C., Bertie Co., Bd. of Education
Box 145#0078.145
USA v. N.C., Bodie Island, lands in...
Box 146#0078.146
USA v. N.C., Carteret Co., lands in...
Box 147#0078.147
USA v. N.C., Carteret Co., lands in...
Box 148#0078.148
USA v. N.C., Carteret Co., lands in...
Box 151#0078.151
First Colony Farms v. Harold Brown, et al.
Box 152#0078.152
USA v. N.C., Halifax Co., Board of Education
Box 153#0078.153
USA v. N.C., Halifax Co., Board of Education
Box 154#0078.154
USA v. N.C., Halifax Co., Board of Education
Box 155#0078.155
USA v. N.C., Hatteras Island et al., lands in...
Box 156#0078.156
USA v. N.C., Hatteras Island et al., lands in...
Box 157#0078.157
USA v. N.C., Hatteras Island et al., lands in...
Box 158#0078.158
USA v. N.C., Hyde & /or Washington Cos., lands in...
Box 163#0078.163
USA & F. E. Robinson Co. v. Alpha Continental, et al. and Ling Electric, Inc. v. Federal Insurance Co.
Box 165#0078.165
Whitley v. Wilson City Bd. of Education
Series 15:
Oversize Material
Oversize Folder 167os1#0078.167os1
Photographs; Campaign Poster; Highway Map (Sampson Co., N.C., 1949); Certificates; Newspapers
Oversize Folder 167os2#0078.167os2
Highway Maps (Carteret Co., 1975)
Oversize Folder 167os4#0078.167os4
Aerial Survey School Attendance; Area Maps (Raleigh 1968)
Oversize Folder 167os5#0078.167os5
School Attendance Area Maps (Raleigh, 1969)

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