Hallett S. Ward Papers, 1921-1925

Manuscript Collection #53

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Title: Hallett S. Ward Papers
Creator: Ward, Hallett S. (Hallett Sydney), 1870-1956
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: Papers (1921-1925) including correspondence, speeches, government pamphlets, congressional records, official reports, etc. concerning service as a member of the US Congress (D-NC). C.
Extent: 6.51 Cubic feet, 9,000 items , consisting of correspondence, speeches, government pamphlets, Congressional records, official reports, bills, lists, clippings, and personal commentaries.

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March 20, 1968, 4 cubic feet; official files (1921-1925) of Congressman Hallett S. Ward. Material includes correspondence, reports, bills and resolutions, and printed material. Gift of Mrs. Ida W. Grimes, Washington, N. C.

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Hallett S. Ward Papers (#53), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

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  • Gift of Mrs. Ida W. Grimes

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  • Processed by A. Sabrosky

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All of the material relates to the four years (1921-1925) during which Ward was serving in the U.S. House of Representatives. The greater part of the papers concerns the handling of routine requests from Ward's constituents in the 1st Congressional District of North Carolina and minor correspondence relative to the conduct of his law practice in Washington, North Carolina.

The collection includes extensive correspondence concerning the status of numerous postmasterships in eastern North Carolina, with comments on the merits of the system and of individuals holding office during that period. Additional voluminous information pertains to the screening of applicants for the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Military Academy, a list of applicants (1923-1924), and an example of the general entrance examination for applicants. Other significant quantities of correspondence pertain to pensions for veterans and their families and routine legislation considered by the U.S. House of Representatives (1921-1925).

Specific items of some interest include discussions on cooperative marketing (1923-1924) and a bulletin published by the State of North Carolina presenting the agricultural state of affairs in this area (1920). Business correspondence concerns animal husbandry, botanic gardens, and the effects of the boll weevil on rural economies.

Several aspects of education are considered within the collection. Among these are the status of Negro education in North Carolina (1924), the educational system within the District of Columbia (1922-1923), and two bills proposing the establishment of a cabinet-level Department of Education: the Towner-Sterling Bill (1921) and the Smith-Towner Bill (1922).

During Mr. Ward's tenure of office, the question of judicial reapportionment in North Carolina was particularly important. This collection includes detailed lists and extensive correspondence relative to the creation of a third Federal Judicial District in this state, and includes an examination of the Overman Bill (1924-1925) which was designed to achieve that reapportionment.

Interesting personal narratives by Ward present his views on the state of affairs and overall conditions in Haiti and the Panama Canal Zone.

Surveys of coastal waterways and the condition of rivers, bridges, and roads within North Carolina are often discussed. In addition to the major groups of papers on this subject, passing references are frequently made to the topics in Ward's personal correspondence.

Additional legislation of some significance includes proposals for, and correspondence on, the subject of child labor (1921, 1924), the creation of a national police bureau (1923), the status of the civil governments in Puerto Rico and the Philippine Islands, the tariff proposals of 1921 and 1922, the Soldier's Adjusted Compensation Bill (1922), the need for a reorganization of the national defense structure, and the establishment of an air mail service (1921).

Perhaps the two most interesting items are a list of those members of Congress who made up the so-called "Farm Bloc"(1924) and a purported "Oath of the Knights of Columbus" submitted in testimony of a Congressional committee (1924). This "Oath," while later proven to be a forgery, presents the image of an armed, militant, Catholicism preparing to do battle for the Church.

Numerous lists of schoolteachers, registrars, ministers, newspapers, schools, and voters appear in the collection.

For additional information see Junius D. Grimes Papers (#571).

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Box 2#0053.2
Personal Correspondence, E-H
Box 3#0053.3
Personal Correspondence, I-M
Box 4#0053.4
Personal Correspondence, N-S
Box 5#0053.5
Personal Correspondence, T-Z
  • Box 6#0053.6
    Miscellaneous Notes (1920-1924)
    • Folder a#0053.6.a
      Purported "Oath of the Knights of Columbus" and correspondence concerning U.S. Coast Guard matters, the Wheat Growers Association and postal service routes and employees
    • Folder b#0053.6.b
      Speeches concerning the 1920 general election, Farmer Loan Bank legislation, an Army bill, the Child Labor Constitutional Amendment, and Hallett Ward's observations on life in Haiti, Panama Canal Zone and Cuba
    • Folder c#0053.6.c
      Claims cases correspondence concerning many topics and the explosion, fire, and sinking of the steamship MARNE in Cristobal Harbor, Panama Canal Zone (January 22, 1920)
Box 7#0053.7
Requests for Debate Materials, Maps, Digests, Manuals
Box 8#0053.8
Department of Agriculture: Correspondence and Information
Box 9#0053.9
Department of Agriculture: Correspondence and Information
Box 10#0053.10
Department of Agriculture: Correspondence and Information
Box 11#0053.11
Department of Commerce: Correspondence and Information
Box 12#0053.12
Department of the Interior: Correspondence and Information
Box 13#0053.13
Bureau of Fisheries and Lighthouses: Correspondence and Information
Box 14#0053.14
Civil Service: Correspondence and Information
Box 15#0053.15
Department of the Navy: Correspondence and Information
Box 16#0053.16
Post Office: General Notes
Box 17#0053.17
Post Office: Postmasterships Correspondence (Towns A-F)
Box 18#0053.18
Post Office: Postmasterships Correspondence (Towns G-O)
Box 19#0053.19
Post Office: Postmasterships Correspondence (Towns P-Z)
Box 20#0053.20
Post Office: Postmasterships Correspondence
Box 24#0053.24
War Department--Chief of Engineers: Correspondence and Information Related to River and Bridge Projects in Eastern North Carolina
Box 25#0053.25
War Department: Correspondence and Information Related to Requests for Discharges and Miscellaneous Topics
Box 26#0053.26
War Department: Correspondence and Information Related to the Survey of Waterways in Eastern North Carolina, and the Bonus Bill
  • Box 29#0053.29
    Legislation: Correspondence and Information
    • Folder a#0053.29.a
      (Soldiers') Adjusted Compensation Bill through Bursum Pension Bill (emphasis on the WWI Soldiers Bonus Bill and the Soldier's Adjusted Compensation Bill)
    • Folder b#0053.29.b
      Bill for Relief of E. A. Beals for compensation in the loss of his schooner CARRIE BELL
    • Folder c#0053.29.c
      Calcium Arsenate Industry through District of Columbia (includes Calder Bill to create a National Police Bureau, Child Labor Amendment, Cooperative Marketing, and Coast Guard topics, etc.)
    • Folder d#0053.29.d
      Education Bills (create a Cabinet level Dept. of Education; regulate District of Columbia education system) and the Edmonds Bill
Box 35#0053.35
U.S. Military Academy: General Data; Applicants Files
Box 36#0053.36
U.S. Military Academy: Applicants Files
Box 37#0053.37
U.S. Military Academy: Miscellaneous Items; U.S. Naval Academy: Applications, Nominations (1923-1924)
Box 38#0053.38
U.S. Naval Academy: Applicants Files
Box 39#0053.39
Lists: Registrars of 1st Congressional District, Teachers, Schools
Box 40#0053.40
Lists: Miscellaneous, Photographs

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