Inglis Fletcher Papers, 1883-1967

Manuscript Collection #21

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Series 1 :
Box 1
Correspondence (professional), 1913-June, 1928
Box 2
Correspondence (professional), July, 1928-1931
Box 3
Correspondence (professional), 1932-July, 1940
Box 4
Correspondence (professional), Aug., 1940-1942
Box 5
Correspondence (professional), 1943-1946
Box 6
Correspondence (professional), 1947-1948
Box 7
Correspondence (professional), 1949-1951
Box 8
Correspondence (professional), 1952-May, 1953
Box 9
Correspondence (professional), June, 1953-Apr., 1955
Box 10
Correspondence (professional), May, 1955-1959
Box 11
Correspondence (professional), 1960-1964
Box 12
Correspondence (philanthropy), 1918-1953
Box 15
Correspondence (personal), 1883-1935
Box 16
Correspondence (personal), 1936-Mar., 1947
  • Box 17
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    Correspondence (personal), Apr., 1947-1952
    • Folder a
      Correspondence (personal) Apr. - Sept., 1947
    • Folder b
      Correspondence, 1947 September
    • Folder c
      Correspondence, 1948 July - August
    • Folder d
      Correspondence (personal) 1949
    • Folder e  (1 item digitized)
      Correspondence (personal) 1950
    • Folder f
      Correspondence (personal) 1951
    • Folder g
      Correspondence (personal) Jan. - July, 1952
    • Folder h
      Correspondence (personal) Aug. - Oct., 1952
    • Folder i
      Correspondence (personal) Nov. - Dec., 1952, undated
Box 18
Correspondence (personal), 1953-1957
Box 19
Correspondence (personal), 1958-1964, undated
Series 2 :
Literary Manuscripts and Published Articles
Box 20
Literary Manuscripts:"The Turquoise Widow""Wa Yao"The White Leopard
Box 21
Literary Manuscripts:Men of AlbemarleQueen's Gift
Box 22
Literary Manuscripts:Toil of the BraveLusty Wind for Carolina
Box 23
Literary Manuscripts:Roanoke HundredBennett's Welcome
Box 24
Literary Manuscript:The Scotswoman
Box 25
Literary Manuscript:The Scotswoman
Box 26
Literary Manuscript:Pay, Pack, and Follow
Box 27
Literary Manuscript:The Wicked Lady
Box 28
Literary Manuscripts:The Wicked LadyRogue's Harbor
Box 29
Literary Manuscript:Rogue's Harbor
Box 30
Literary Manuscript:"Arabian Story"
Box 31
Literary Manuscripts:"El Moro""Monsoon""Portuguese East""There's Always a Prince"Western Gate"The White Arab"
Box 32
Literary Manuscripts:"Aden""The Ivory Bracelet""The Non-Existence of Sergeant Scott""The Nyasaland Experiment""Party Line""PayPackand Follow""The Sea Weed Mitten""Survival""Drum Rhythm"Articles concerning Edenton"For Book Page of the Woman's City Club Magazine""The Great Slave Road""Native Music of Central Africa""Christmas on Roanoke Island""The Private Life of Raleigh's Eden""We Are a Free People""Carl Sandburg""Cormorant's Brood"fragmentsBook reviewsForewardUnidentified manuscriptsFragmentsCriticism and corrections
Box 33
Literary Manuscripts:"Lady in the Moon"Fragments of book by George BistanyPublications
Series 3 :
Box 34
Series 4 :
Financial Papers
Box 35
Financial Papers
Box 36
Financial Papers; Royalty Statements
Series 5 :
Lecture and Speech Material
Box 37
Lecture Material; Clippings, African Experience, 1928-1939
Series 6 :
Book-related Clippings and Printed Miscellany
Box 38
Book-related Clippings and Printed MiscellanyThe Western GateThe White LeopardRed JasmineRaleigh's EdenMen of AlbemarleLusty Wind for Carolina
Box 39
Book-related Clippings and Printed MiscellanyToil of the BraveRoanoke HundredBennett's Welcome
Box 40
Book-related Clippings and Printed MiscellanyBennett's WelcomeQueen's GiftThe ScotswomanLast WorksMiscellaneous
Series 7 :
Clippings and Biographical Material
Box 41
Clippings (Career, Philanthropy, Personal)Miscellaneous Biographical MaterialBandon Plantation MiscellanyJohn Stuart FletcherJohn Stuart Fletcher II
Series 8 :
Box 42
Notes (Near East, Africa, "Nyasaland Experiment")
Box 43
Notes (Carolina Series, The Scotswoman, The Wicked Lady)
Box 44
Notes (Carolina Series, Roanoke Hundred)
Box 45
Notes (Carolina Series)
Box 46
Notes (Carolina Series)
  • Box 47
    • Folder a
      Notes, Miscellaneous
    • Folder b
      Notes, Miscellaneous
Series 9 :
Series 10 :
Personal Material
Box 49
Literary ContractsMiscellaneous ContractsThe Advance (Elizabeth City)Genealogical MaterialMusicCertificates and CommissionsPoetryInvitations and Announcements, [1930?]-1955Invitations and Announcements, 1956-1964, undatedMembership CardsName and Business CardsAddresses
Box 50
Address Books, Day Books
Box 51
Recipe Books, Guest Registers
Series 11 :
Subject Files (Organizations)
Box 52
Subject Files (Organizations)Carolina Charter Tercentenary CommissionEdenton Historical CommissionGarden Club of North CarolinaHistorical Halifax Restoration AssociationNorth Carolina Art SocietyState Literary and Historical AssociationN.C. Society for the Preservation of AntiquitiesNorth Carolina Writers ConferenceRoanoke-Chowan GroupRoanoke Island Historical Association
Box 53
Subject Files (Organizations)Roanoke Island Historical AssociationTryon Palace Commission
Box 54
Subject Files (Organizations)Authors League of AmericaAmerican Writers Association, Inc.Colonial DamesDaughters of the American RevolutionDelta Kappa Gamma SocietyDemocratic National Convention, 1956Junior Red Cross, Spokane, WashingtonNational League of American Pen WomenP.E.N.The Pen and BrushThe Society of Woman Geographers
Series 12 :
Subject Files (Biographical and Geographic)
  • Box 55
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    • Folder a
      Subject Files Carl Ethan Akeley
    • Folder b
      Subject Files George Bistany
    • Folder c
      Subject Files Sir Richard Burton
    • Folder d
      Subject Files Joshua Evans, Jr.
    • Folder e
      Subject Files Flora Macdonald
    • Folder f  (2 items digitized)
    • Folder g
      Subject Files Vilhjalmur Stefansson
    • Folder h
      Subject Files Vilhjalmur Stefansson
    • Folder i
      Subject Files Vilhjalmur Stefansson
    • Folder j
      Subject Files Miscellaneous Biographical Material
    • Folder k
      Subject Files Africa
    • Folder l
      Subject Files Africa
    • Folder m
      Subject Files England
    • Folder n
      Subject Files England
    • Folder o
      Subject Files England
    • Folder p
      Subject Files Europe
Box 56
Subject Files (Geographic)IndiaLatin AmericaNorwaySwedenSwitzerlandU.S.--CaliforniaU.S.--IllinoisU.S.--MissouriU.S.--N.C.--Beaufort CountyU.S.--N.C.--Dare CountyU.S.--N.C.--EdentonU.S.--N.C.--HalifaxU.S.--N.C.--MorgantonU.S.--N.C.--New Bern
Box 57
Subject Files (Geographic)U.S.--N.C.--MiscellaneousU.S.--VirginiaU.S.--Libraries
Series 13 :
Subject Files (Miscellaneous Topics)
Box 58
Subject FilesU.S.--MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
Series 14 :
Anne Fletcher Papers
Box 60
Anne Fletcher Papers: printed material
Series 15 :
Oversize Material
Map Folder m01-m03
Maps (Africa)
Map Folder m04-m13
Maps (Atlantic Islands and Atlantic Ocean)
Map Folder m14-m18
Maps (Asia)
Map Folder m19-m23
Maps (Europe)
Map Folder m24-m39
Maps (United States)
Map Folder m40-m60
Maps (North Carolina)
Map Folder m61-m71
Maps (Pacific Islands)
Map Folder m72-m76
Maps (World)
Map Folder m77(1)-m77(2)
Depictions of Scenes of San Francisco, CA
Oversize Folder os1
Photographs, Drawings
Oversize Folder os2
Newspapers (Africa)
Oversize Folder os3
Newspapers (N.C.)
Oversize Folder os4
Newspapers (Miscellaneous)
Oversize Folder os5
Newspapers (Miscellaneous)
Oversize Folder os6
Newspapers (Miscellaneous)
Oversize Folder os7
Oversized Printed Material

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