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Gilbert Smith Galbraith Notebook (Manuscript Collection #1172)

This collection contains a journal (November 21, 1894 – February 28, 1896) kept by Gilbert Smith Galbraith while he was serving as a U.S. Naval Cadet on board the USS Columbia. The USS Columbia was a Second Line Cruiser first commissioned on April 23, 1894, serving in the U.S. Navy until it was sold for scrap on January 23, 1922. Galbraith includes detailed technical descriptions of the ship and its com...

U.S. Navy Department. Bureau of Ships Publications Collection (Manuscript Collection #830)

Collection (1939-1970) of handbooks and manuals relating to operation and maintenance of radar, radio, oscilloscopes and electronics navigation equipment; Polaris fleet ballistic missile weapons systems; World War II vessels, naval operations and battle damage; sonar; loran; Navy chaplains; and the Chaplain Corps in the Vietnamese Conflict.

Barbour Boat Works, Inc. Records (Manuscript Collection #758)

Correspondence, contracts, ship plan drawings, manuals, photographs, brochures, and other files pertaining to the construction, repair, and marketing of vessels, both military and civilian.