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Clio Book Club Records (Manuscript Collection #579)

Records (1937-1987) of Greenville, NC book club, including minute books, scrapbooks, and programs.

Salisbury-Rowan Lodge No. 100, Knights of Pythias Records (Manuscript Collection #1176)

These records (1894-2000) pertain to the Salisbury-Rowan Lodge No. 100 of the Knights of Pythias in North Carolina, the Salisbury Lodge No. 24 and the Rowan Lodge No. 100. Included are Minute books, Membership Roll books, semi-annual reports, correspondence, financial papers, applications for membership, withdrawal and transfer cards, dismissal and suspension certificates, rosters, directories, photographs and publications that contain ...

Conoho Primitive Baptist Church Records (Manuscript Collection #1223)

Two minute books (September 1874-January 1949) for the Conoho Primitive Baptist Church that was located near Oak City, Martin County, North Carolina. The church was founded in 1794 by former members of Flat Swamp Church. The church building was torn down ca. 1970, leaving a cemetery still in existence.

William Ernest Evans Papers (Manuscript Collection #375)

Papers (1791, 1846-1941) including correspondence, diaries, visitation books, account books, memoranda books, financial papers, minute books, photographs, land records and miscellaneous.

Edgecombe Lodge No. 50 I.O.O.F. Records (Manuscript Collection #529)

Records (1872-1892) including correspondence, minute book, ledger, social organizations, fraternal organizations, debts and credits, dues, taxes, fines, and miscellaneous.

Whitaker's Chapel Collection (Church Collection #CR0003)

Sans Souci Book Club Records (Manuscript Collection #436)

Records (1913-2002, undated) including correspondence, minute books, loose minutes, scrapbook, manuscript speech, and miscellany.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cole Collection (Manuscript Collection #188)

Collection (1838-1936) including correspondence, Genealogical information, account books, clippings of recipes, Treasurer's book, minute book, etc.

Charles O'Hagan Laughinghouse Papers (Manuscript Collection #267)

Papers (1865-1954, undated) consisting of correspondence, speeches, financial and legal records, a minute book, a guest register, photographs, newspapers, genealogical notes, deeds, etc., related to the career of Dr. Charles O'Hagan Laughinghouse (1871-1930) of Greenville, N.C., and to the Laughinghouse and related Stokes families. Besides having a successful practice in Greenville, Dr. Laughinghouse was a respected member of the North ...

Old Sparta Primitive Baptist Church Records (Manuscript Collection #1219)

This collection consists of four minute books of the Old Sparta Primitive Baptist Church, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, for the period of 1836, and 1899 through 1998.

King's Daughters and Sons, Patient Circle Records (Manuscript Collection #443)

Records (1888-1981) including correspondence, minutes, treasurer's records, membership rolls, records of state conventions, a scrapbook, clippings, photographs, etc.

Henry C. Ferrell, Jr. Papers (Manuscript Collection #1125)

Concord Primitive Baptist Church Records (Manuscript Collection #1230)

This collection contains the records of the Concord Primitive Baptist Church located near Creswell, N.C., including the 1808 deed, and three minute books covering the years 1810 through 1978. The meeting house still stands and is under the care of the Concord Primitive Baptist Church Preservation Society, Inc. The collection also includes a copy of the published minutes which were transcribed by the donor, Shirleyan B. Phelps, twenty-fo...

Elihu A. White Papers (Manuscript Collection #14)

Papers (1830-1931) including correspondence, speeches, property records, deeds, appointments, clippings, financial records, etc. of a Quaker farmer and business leader in Belvedere (NC).