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Franklin D. Karns Papers (Manuscript Collection #759)

Official transcript of a U.S. Navy Captain's Court-Martial proceedings (1927), photographs, letters, and poetry, along with two scrapbooks (1900-1950) maintained by Capt. Franklin D. Karns's wife, Mrs. Helen Wallace Chew Karns.

Josiah B. Henneberger Papers (Manuscript Collection #531)

Papers (1930–1963) including correspondence, military orders, engineering notes, weather, handbooks, diaries, reports, newsletters, programs, photographs, clippings, citations, certificates and miscellany.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Robert Allen Spurr Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-033)

Papers (1943-1946), including diary entries, newsletters, programs, menus, and other materials reflecting service aboard the USS Wisconsin.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Robert R. Perry Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-015)

Papers (1942-1946) including Navy pre-flight school yearbooks, military manuals, magazines, pamphlets and miscellany.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Joseph A. Mileto Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-040)

Newsletters, menus, and miscellany for the USS Yosemite (AD-19) and Naval receiving and training stations (1944-1946).

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Henry Champ Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-045)

Papers (1939-1959) including photographs, awards, correspondence, orders, propaganda leaflets, and miscellaneous items.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Walter A. Rising Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-077)

Photographs (ca. 1920s) of a U. S. Navy officer on China Station, menus from the USS RAINBOW and a passenger list for the SS WASHINGTON.

Alston Ramsay Papers (Manuscript Collection #332)

Papers (1942-1962) including correspondence, clippings, photographs, copies of an annual, 2 crewbooks, speeches, programs, citations and menus reflecting career.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Louis Wallace LeForge Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-054)

Papers, (1939-1961) of U. S. Naval officer, including clippings, notices, photographs, correspondence, and miscellany, air raid instructions, a Christmas menus (1941) for the USS ARKANSAS

Dr. Louis Carroll English Papers (Manuscript Collection #844)

Papers (1940–1945) of a U.S. Naval Reserve medical officer, including scrapbook of clippings, photographs, correspondence, photographs, original art, and memorabilia compiled while serving in the U.S. Naval Reserve at the Toledo, Ohio naval recruiting station, 1942–1943; And letters sent to his parents Dr. and Mrs. Carroll C. English, in Louisville, Kentucky, while serving aboard USS Trathen (DD-530), 4 April 1943–5 Dec...

USS North Carolina Battleship Collection (Manuscript Collection #292)

Collection (1939-1975) consisting of photocopies of photographs, poetry, letters, personal accounts of battles, menus, diaries, clippings, pamphlets, scrapbook, memoranda, etc., concerning the USS North Carolina Battleship and its crew.

Sarah Wahab Moore Papers (Manuscript Collection #712)

Papers (1942-1965) including correspondence, vaccination records, drawings, personal history, and miscellany.

Alvin Arthur Fahrner Papers (Manuscript Collection #202)

Papers (1939-1952) consisting of correspondence, orders, reports, memos, newsletters, clippings, post cards, financial records, and miscellaneous.

Betty Bonner Higgins Collection (Manuscript Collection #1170)

Collection contains a scrapbook (1943-1945) related to Betty Bonner Higgins’ World War II service in W.A.V.E.S (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service). Included is an assortment of photographs of her family, of herself and her fellow W.A.V.E.S. during training at Indiana University, and of her boyfriend aboard the USS Admiralty Islands and soldiers in the Pacific Theater. Assorted military notices, newspaper cl...

Douglas Moore McMillan Papers (Microfilm Collection #MF0028)