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Florida et Apalche Map (Map Collection #MC0027)

Map (1597) of Florida and the Southeast by Cornelius Wytfliet, extending from Cuba to North Carolina (21- 41. North Latitude; 287- 308 West Longitude) excised from Descriptionis Ptolemaeici augmentum, the first atlas of America. 9 x 11.25 x .125 inches. Crown watermark on verso. Hand colored, ca. 19th century.

Ira Thomas Wyche Papers (Manuscript Collection #210)

Papers (1941-1962) consisting of correspondence, field orders, clippings, maps, photos, and miscellaneous.

Ola V. Lea Papers (Manuscript Collection #351)

Papers (1893-1973) including of correspondence, notebooks, pamphlets, books, photographs, newsletters, family letters, photographs, slides, maps.

John W. Newsom Papers (Manuscript Collection #634)

Papers (1937-1962) including correspondence, journals, maps, dispatches, orders, educational material, flight log, pilot names, etc.

Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Stuart T. Hotchkiss Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-002)

Papers (1942-1950) including Memoirs with clippings, correspondence, maps and charts, photographs, and miscellaneous.

James Byron Hilliard Collection (Manuscript Collection #182)

Collection (1760-1965) consisting of financial and legal documents, correspondence, genealogical material, a scrapbook, newspapers clippings, photographs, reports.

Orville & Wilbur Wright Collection (Manuscript Collection #931)

Collection (1899-2004) of printed materials compiled for the centennial of the Orville & Wilbur Wright's first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina; including an article written by the Wright brothers on their flight experiments with various airplanes coupled with printed copies of photographs and a printed reproduction of the article; also copies of Monthly Weather Review magazines from August-September 1899; and a copy of the North Ca...

Atkinson - Pitts Collection (Manuscript Collection #1085)

Il Maryland, Il Jersey Meridionale, la Delaware, e la parte orientale della Virginia, e Carolina Settentrionale Map (Map Collection #MC0053)

The Il Maryland, Il Jersey Meridionale, la Delaware, e la parte orientale della Virginia, e Carolina Settentrionale Map was drawn by Antonio Zatta in 1778 and was issued as part of his Atlante Novissimo publication. It documents the Southern British Colonies in what became the United States of America. It was based upon the work of John Mitchell and is one of the sections of the Italian edition of Mitchell's Map of North America.

Map of Charleston Harbor, S.C. (Map Collection #MC0052)

This Map of Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, was lithographed and hand-colored in 1860 by Bowen & Co. Lithographers of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was included in Volume 5 of the American State Papers. The dimensions are 22.5" x 17.5" and the scale is 4" to 1 mile. It covers from Sullivan Island to Charleston and from Lighthouse Island and James Island to Hog Island and Mount Pleasant.

Florida et Regiones Vicinae Map (Map Collection #MC0055)

Florida et Regiones Vicinae is a map of Florida attributed to cartographer Joannes De Laet and produced circa 1630 in Leiden, Netherlands. Hessel Gerritsz was probably the engraver. Joannes de Laet and Hessel Gerritsz were director and chief cartographer, respectively, of the Dutch West Indies Company. This map has been hand-colored.

Der Kriegsschauplatz im Stillen Ozean Map (Map Collection #MC0054)

This ca. 1942 map drawn by Berliner Lokalanzeiger and published in Berlin, Germany, documents the Pacific Theater during World War II. Noted are the regions controlled by the British, United States, and Japanese armed forces, the regions attacked by the Japanese, and distances within the Pacific Theater.

Henry Clark Bridgers, Jr., Papers (Manuscript Collection #558)

Papers (1870-1981) including correspondence, legal documents, ledgers, literary manuscripts, stock certificates, deeds, charters, minutes, photographs, clippings, financial records, orders and publications.

S.B. Taylor Papers (Manuscript Collection #178)

Papers (1870-1923) consisting business ledgers of a general store, a treasurer's report, a map and eight essays.

William Howard Hooker Collection: H.M.S. Desperate Logbook (Manuscript Collection #472-002)

Logbook, (1862 -1863) of H.M.S. Desperate headquartered in Bermuda.