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G. P. Stevens Letter (Manuscript Collection #1238)

Letter (May 12, 1909) written by G. P. Stevens, a missionary representing the Mecklenburg, North Carolina, Presbytery, in Suchien, China, describing his experiences in Suchien.

Rebecca T. Jamieson Letter (Manuscript Collection #1275)

A letter written February 17, 1841, by missionary Rebecca Townsend Jamieson, a wife and mother, who was living with her husband and children in Subothro (now Sabathu) in the Himalaya Mountains in Northern India. In it she describes in good detail the experiences and the hardships during the previous two to three years of their missionary work in Shohorunpore and Subothro, India, including being extremely sick at times and giving birth t...

Herbert P. Ramsey Papers (Manuscript Collection #1262)

This collection contains a seventeen-page letter from medical missionary Herbert P. Ramsey writing from Soochow, China, in 1924 about his experiences as surgeon at Soochow Hospital. Also included is a letter written in 1927 by his brother William H. Ramsey describing the recent escape of Herbert Ramsey and his family from Soochow in the face of anti-Western instigators.

Napoleon B. Mariner Papers ( #CD01-35)

Letter from American Medical Association and cards with Napoleon B. Mariner printed on them.

Little-Greenawalt Collection (Manuscript Collection #372)

The bulk of the collection (1841-1979) contains genealogical information about the Hollinger, Greenawalt, Little, and Iseminger families of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Other items include a journal (1855-1959) kept by three generations of the Little family, two very descriptive large paper broadsides announcing public sales of estates in Lemaster, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania (1907), and Upton, Pennsylvania (1904), World War I military Sel...

James Logan Papers (Microfilm Collection #MF0009)

Mallison Papers (Manuscript Collection #30)

Papers (1854-1895) including correspondence and a general store ledger.

Stuart Wright Collection: Walter Sullivan Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-104)

Papers of Walter Sullivan (1987-1989) documenting the life and career of the Nashville, Tennessee-born American novelist, literary critic, and English professor at Vanderbilt University; consisting of loose manuscript items transferred from the Stuart Wright Book Collection volume entitled A Requiem for the Renascence: The State of Fiction in the Modern South, by Walter Sullivan (1976); including Sullivan's letters to S...

Helen G. Moore Papers (Manuscript Collection #1239)

This collection contains three letters (1933, 1940) written by Methodist Episcopal missionary Helen G. Moore who was stationed at Nagasaki, Japan, a Christmas card containing photographs of two unidentified Japanese children, and Japanese stamps. The letters were written as she traveled through Seoul, Korea, and Peking, China, in 1933, and from Nagasaki in 1940 when she described a recent visit to Shanghai, China, during the Second Sino...

James C. Galloway Collection (Manuscript Collection #121)

Collection (1756-1879) consisting correspondence, indentures, financial records, naval store industry, letter, genealogy, marriage certificate, cures, etc.

Stuart Wright Collection: Andre Dubus Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-020)

Papers of Andre Dubus (1967-1984, undated) documenting the literary career of the noted Lake Charles, Louisiana-born American novelist and essayist, consisting mainly of loose manuscript items transferred from the Stuart Wright Book Collection including correspondence, photographic prints, notes, advertising postcards, dust jackets, broadsides, and clippings of reviews, by or about Andre Dubus, Richard Ghormley Eberhart, and others; als...

Stuart Wright Collection: Mark Morrow Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-100)

Papers of Mark Morrow (1981-1998, [Bulk: 1981-1986]) documenting the life and career of the Greer, South Carolina-raised American journalist, editor, photographer, and essayist; consisting of loose manuscript items transferred from the Stuart Wright Book Collection volume entitled Images of the Southern Writer: Photographs (1981-1998), by Mark Morrow, including 17 letters, postcards and bills sent from Morrow to Stuart ...

Stuart Wright Collection: Allen Tate Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-012)

Papers of Allen Tate (1927-1996, undated) documenting the life and literary career of the noted American poet, biographer, editor, essayist, novelist and educator, including manuscripts, proofs of published materials, printed materials & ephemera, loose manuscripts transferred from the Stuart Wright Book Collection, oversized materials, by or about Allen Tate, Ellen Glasgow, John Crowe Ransom, Peter Hillsman Taylor, Robert Penn Warren, ...

Wood Tucker Johnson Papers ( #CD01-30)

The collection contains a group of copied pages from several sources, with the cover page titled "Wood Tucker Johnson, M.D., Medical Lectures - University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine 1820-1823." Within these pages is a copy of a photograph (presumably of Johnson), a letter, copied pages from books, and complete typed versions of two books. Also in the collection are two handwritten books and Johnson's certificate of membership to...

Newsom Jones Pittman Papers ( #CD01-53)

The collection has letters, journals, notes, and transcripts of journals that belonged to Newsom Jones Pittman.