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1.William M. Orr III Papers (Manuscript Collection #156) 5 hits
Papers (1969, undated) consisting of correspondence, letter, selling of cigarettes, red tape.
2.Vietnam War Collection (Manuscript Collection #103) 2 hits
Papers (1968, undated) consisting newspapers - The American Traveler, monthly magazine - TET Forward, TET, photographs of aftermath of a battle, leaflets.
3.Hugh B. Hester Papers (Manuscript Collection #222) 2 hits
Papers (1945-1977) consisting of correspondence, letters, clippings, newsletters, issues of U.S. Farm news and miscellaneous.
4.Paul Webb Chapman Papers (Manuscript Collection #259) 2 hits
Papers (1969-1974) of a Marine officer in Vietnam, including a diary, photograph album, correspondence, reports, and miscellaneous materials.

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