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Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Salvatore J. DiMilla Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-016)

History of USS Fogg (DE-57) (undated) by Salvatore J. DiMilla and an account of the torpedoing of the Fogg, entitled "December 20, 1944" by Everett N. Schrader with Leslie Goodwin.

Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: A. Wayne Arrington Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-015)

Papers (undated) of crewmembers of USS Currier (DE-700), including correspondence, reminiscences, photographs, picture post cards, reunion material, VHS tapes, and miscellany.

Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: T. Nash Broaddus Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-011)

Personal files (1941–1945), including correspondence, reports, orders notes, fitness reports, and miscellaneous ships' records, dealing primary with command of the USS Cates (DE-176) (undated)185 items.

George M. Hagerman Papers (Manuscript Collection #575)

Papers (1941-1970) of member of U. S. Naval Academy Class of 1941, including correspondence, orders, citations, an informal log of his naval service, 1941-1947, a photographs, and miscellany relating to his service aboard the destroyers USS LEA and the USS WADSWORTH during World War II and his postwar naval career.

Edward C. Svendsen Papers (Manuscript Collection #574)

Publications (undated) pertaining to Navy computer technology developments by members of USNA class of 1941. Printed materials.

William J. Henning Papers (Manuscript Collection #572)

Official file (1941-1961) of member of USNA class of 1941, including orders, biographical date, citations, and certificates.

John L. Landreth Collection (Manuscript Collection #590)

Collection (1943-1945) of member of U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1941, including correspondence, typescript diary relating to the cruise of the USS BORUM (DE-790).

John D. Riggs Papers (Manuscript Collection #516)

Papers (1934-1957, 1981-1985) including correspondence, service file, photographs, photo albums, and certificate.

Dallas B. Long, Jr., Collection (Manuscript Collection #636)

Collection (1942-1988) including correspondence, oral reminiscences, logbooks, technical data, veteran's information, and newsletters, newspaper clippings.

Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Richard B. Hillyer Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-013)

Copy of The Greatest Anti-Submarine Action of All wars (an account of the World War II action of the USS George (DE-697) and copies of supporting documents, including the USS George war diary for May 1944.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Lee D. Teal Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-007)

Collection includes World War II U.S. Naval-related items the History of USS KITKUN BAY (CVE- 71) covering the years 1943-1945, a photograph of the USS Ronald Reagan, and the Divine Worship Service program for the commissioning of the Uss Hollandia (1944).

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Kenneth E. McAbee Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-066)

Correspondence a typescript history of the USS Kitkun Bay, CVE-71, published cruise book (1944-45) for Composite Squadron 63, typescript biographical account entitled "Cruising the Pacific, 1941-1945," photographs, citations, certificates, and miscellany. 15 items.