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1.Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Richard B. Hillyer Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-013) 2 hits
Copy of The Greatest Anti-Submarine Action of All wars (an account of the World War II action of the USS GEORGE, DE 697) and copies of supporting documents, including the USS George war diary for May 1944.
2.Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Walter Francis Martin, Jr., Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-001) 2 hits
Papers (1911-1912, 1923, 1939-1950) including correspondence, reports, instructions, handbooks, clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous.
3.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableDestroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Stuart T. Hotchkiss Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-002) 2 hits
Papers (1942-1950) including Memoirs with clippings, correspondence, maps and charts, photographs, and miscellaneous.
4.Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Norman C. Hoffman Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-003) 2 hits
Papers (1944-1945, 1966, 1988) including correspondence, citations, newspaper clippings.
5.Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Jack R. Schweizer Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-006) 2 hits
Papers (1943-1945), including an action report, ships history, photographs, and V-mail concerning the USS BEBAS, DE
6.Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Louis F. Loutrel, Jr., Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-008) 2 hits
Papers (1944-1945) of Lieutenant Commander Louis F. Loutrel, Jr., including ship's histories, war diary (September 27-october 4, 1945), roster, and clippings concerning the USS WILLIAMS (DE-372).
7.Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Alvin Chester Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-007) 2 hits
Biographical sketch and special report on American Marine Industries. (undated)
8.Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Carroll F. Sweet, Jr., Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-012) 2 hits
Autobiographical account (undated entitled "Navy Daze, 1939-1945", including narrative service on the USS RANGER (CV-4) and command of the USS SC-738 and the USS KYNE (DE-744).
9.Martha E. Donaldson Papers (Manuscript Collection #517) 2 hits
Papers (1942-1963) including correspondence, orders, service file, pamphlets, a poster, 2 sets of song sheets.
10.Destroyer Escort Commanding Officers Collection: Richard E. Warner Papers (Manuscript Collection #564-009) 2 hits
Papers (1938-1993 [Bulk: 1938-1953]), of U. S. Naval Reserve officer and destroyer escort commander, including official files and service records, and a History of USS SC-631; postwar correspondence relating to the Destroyer Escort Commanders Organization (DECO); a History of the U.S.S. KENDALL C. CAMPBELL (DE 443), by Cdr. Richard E. Warner; a scrapbook, compiled by Cdr. Warner's father, entitled Sub Chaser Navy: World War II, which documented the achievem

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