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Dunn Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #7)

Papers (1859-1898) of Johnston County family, including correspondence relating to the election of 1860, conditions in Petersburg and Richmond, Va., in December 1862, the Battle of Fredricksburg and the Union raid on Mount Olive, N.C., agricultural conditions in North Carolina and Indiana; a crop lien, etc.

Roswell S. Ripley Paper (Manuscript Collection #49)

Letter (1862) consisting of a report sent to Maj. J. W. Ratchford on the actions of Ripley's Brigade during the Seven Days' Battles (Peninsula Campaign).

F. M. McMillen Diary (Manuscript Collection #290)

Diary (1 January - 25 March 1865) of a sergeant in Company C, 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 6th Corps during the Petersburg - Appomattox, VA campaign.

Joseph Kinsey Papers (Manuscript Collection #63)

Papers (1860-1928, undated) including correspondence, clippings, diary, account of Kinsey's service before being captured near Charleston, weather conditions, deaths, morale problems, and battle, etc.

Cyrus A. Powers Letters (Manuscript Collection #835)

Cyrus A. Powers letter on Pamlico operations; digital reproduction of letters; transcriptions of letters, 2/1 and 3/28/1862.

5th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Collection (Manuscript Collection #874)

Partial casualty report (7/6/1863) for the 5th North Carolina Infantry at the Battle of Gettysburg 1 - 3 July 1863, missing pages 1 - 4, but recording the wounded of part of Company G, all of companies H, and K, and including a complete recapitulation of the regiment's losses: killed (39), wounded (235), and missing (55), signed by 2d Lt. Edward S. Smedes who was later killed in action at Spotsylvania Court House, VA.