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11.Jacob S. Kiester Papers (Manuscript Collection #72) 4 hits
Papers (1854-1865) including typescripts, correspondence, photocopies of army muster rolls, enlistment contract and discharge, letters comment on destruction of standing crops of Virginia, the demolition of Hampton, etc.
12.Sylvanus M. Hankins Papers (Manuscript Collection #297) 4 hits
Papers (1811-1958) of A. D. Peace and Samuel Peace, and Matt Hankins, relating to Trinity College, North Carolina, Civil War battles at Washington, NC, Rappahannock Bridge, and Kelly's Ford, VA, including of copies, a memoir, clippings, genealogical notes, financial account, Bible records, amateur verse, contract, account of medical services.
13.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableFrederick C. Douglass Papers (Manuscript Collection #323) 4 hits
Papers (1873-[1887-1896]-1958) of a Black lawyer, minister and teacher, in New Bern, NC, who handled pension applications for many Negroes who served in the Union Army and Navy during the Civil War, consisting of pension affidavit ledgers, pension certificate ledgers, correspondence, pamphlets, daybooks, photographs, poetry, essays, application forms, tax receipts, etc.
14.A. F. Williams Diary (Manuscript Collection #246) 4 hits
Diary (1862) consisting of photocopies, typescript, general store account record.
15.John C. Fennell Papers (Manuscript Collection #247) 4 hits
Papers (1790, 1837-1864) consisting of correspondence, financial papers, poem, letters, fever epidemic, harassment.
16.Oliver C. Spoor Papers (Manuscript Collection #308) 4 hits
Papers (1847-[1861-1865]-1900) of a Civil War soldier who served in the 3d Regiment NY Cavalry Volunteers, consisting of correspondence, newspapers clippings, camp life, murder, robbery, marriage.
17.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableHunter-Wills Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #237) 4 hits
Papers (1858-1921) consisting of copies and originals, consisting of correspondence, equipment catalogues, and miscellaneous.
18.Charles W. Read Papers (Manuscript Collection #424) 4 hits
Papers (1863-1970, undated) including typewritten transcripts, correspondence, newspaper and periodical articles and miscellany.
19.William Howard Hooker Collection: Martha Gregory Brown Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #472-004) 4 hits
Letters and letter fragments (1862 - 1865) of George H. Brown family, written primarily from Washington, Greenville, Tarboro and the surrounding area.
20.William L. Horner Collection: Frederick C. Douglass Papers (Manuscript Collection #265-001) 4 hits
Collection (1889-1890, 1893-1894) including Civil War Negro soldiers pension and compensation applications compiled by Frederick C. Douglass, a black lawyer, minister, and teacher in New Bern, NC who served as a government pension agent, 1889-1897.

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