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11.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableHunter-Wills Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #237) 4 hits
Papers (1858-1921) consisting of copies and originals, consisting of correspondence, equipment catalogues, and miscellaneous.
12.Richard Commander Papers (Manuscript Collection #157) 4 hits
Papers (1865) consisting of a complaint letter.
13.Cora Warren Beck Memoir (Manuscript Collection #289) 4 hits
Memoir [1855-1867] of the author's childhood in Atlanta, GA, including Civil War and postwar references.
14.Sylvanus M. Hankins Papers (Manuscript Collection #297) 4 hits
Papers (1811-1958) of A. D. Peace and Samuel Peace, and Matt Hankins, relating to Trinity College, North Carolina, Civil War battles at Washington, NC, Rappahannock Bridge, and Kelly's Ford, VA, including of copies, a memoir, clippings, genealogical notes, financial account, Bible records, amateur verse, contract, account of medical services.
15.Oliver C. Spoor Papers (Manuscript Collection #308) 4 hits
Papers (1847-[1861-1865]-1900) of a Civil War soldier who served in the 3d Regiment NY Cavalry Volunteers, consisting of correspondence, newspapers clippings, camp life, murder, robbery, marriage.
16.A. F. Williams Diary (Manuscript Collection #246) 4 hits
Diary (1862) consisting of photocopies, typescript, general store account record.
17.John C. Fennell Papers (Manuscript Collection #247) 4 hits
Papers (1790, 1837-1864) consisting of correspondence, financial papers, poem, letters, fever epidemic, harassment.
18.Charles W. Read Papers (Manuscript Collection #424) 4 hits
Papers (1863-1970, undated) including typewritten transcripts, correspondence, newspaper and periodical articles and miscellany.
19.William L. Horner Collection: Frederick C. Douglass Papers (Manuscript Collection #265-001) 4 hits
Collection (1889-1890, 1893-1894) including Civil War Negro soldiers pension and compensation applications compiled by Frederick C. Douglass, a black lawyer, minister, and teacher in New Bern, NC who served as a government pension agent, 1889-1897.
20.Jacob S. Kiester Papers (Manuscript Collection #72) 4 hits
Papers (1854-1865) including typescripts, correspondence, photocopies of army muster rolls, enlistment contract and discharge, letters comment on destruction of standing crops of Virginia, the demolition of Hampton, etc.

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