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1.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableLightfoot Paper (Manuscript Collection #12) 2 hits
Letter (1865) from a pro-Union Southern woman in Georgia to her sister living in the North.
2.Joseph Kinsey Papers (Manuscript Collection #63) 2 hits
Papers (1860-1928, undated) including correspondence, clippings, diary, account of Kinsey's service before being captured near Charleston, weather conditions, deaths, morale problems, and battle, etc.
3.A. F. Williams Diary (Manuscript Collection #246) 2 hits
Diary (1862) consisting of photocopies, typescript, general store account record.
4.Cora Warren Beck Memoir (Manuscript Collection #289) 2 hits
Memoir [1855-1867] of the author's childhood in Atlanta, GA, including Civil War and postwar references.
5.Sylvanus M. Hankins Papers (Manuscript Collection #297) 2 hits
Papers (1811-1958) of A. D. Peace and Samuel Peace, and Matt Hankins, relating to Trinity College, North Carolina, Civil War battles at Washington, NC, Rappahannock Bridge, and Kelly's Ford, VA, including of copies, a memoir, clippings, genealogical notes, financial account, Bible records, amateur verse, contract, account of medical services.
6.Frank Bisel Papers (Manuscript Collection #310) 2 hits
Papers (1861-1865, undated) of Civil War soldier in the 12th Ohio Battery, consisting of diary, copy, comments, transport discomfort, marriage, doggerel rhymes, clothing bills.
7.Charles W. Read Papers (Manuscript Collection #424) 2 hits
Papers (1863-1970, undated) including typewritten transcripts, correspondence, newspaper and periodical articles and miscellany.
8.James Clark Mallison Papers (Manuscript Collection #615) 2 hits
Papers (1861-1865) including signature book of prisoners, arrest descriptions. 1 Volume.
9.Andrew J. P. Giddings [Giddins or Giddens] Papers (Manuscript Collection #1043) 2 hits
Collection (1863-1865) related to the American Civil War and Andrew Giddings of Company E, 3rd North Carolina infantry. Includes Oath of Allegiance to the United States signed by Andrew Giddings on November 6, 1865 [Following the American Civil War, Confederate officials, veterans and prisoners of war were obliged to sign an "oath of allegiance" to regain their civil rights under the U. S. Constitution.]. The collection also includes a note concerning the capture of Washington Rose, a member of Company C, 6
10.William Augustus Parvin Papers (Manuscript Collection #536) 2 hits
Papers (1861-1907) including memoir, copy, rations.

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