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1.Hallett S. Ward Papers (Manuscript Collection #53) 2 hits
Papers (1921-1925) including correspondence, speeches, government pamphlets, congressional records, official reports, etc. concerning service as a member of the US Congress (D-NC). C.
2.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableGeorge Willcox McIver Papers (Manuscript Collection #251) 2 hits
553 pages original typescript of memoir, 147 written/printed letters, 588 pages edited typescript consisting of memoir and letters, a pamphlet, and five biographical books. Memoir relates to the life of Brigadier General George Willcox McIver (1857-1947)
3.Eli A. Helmick Papers (Manuscript Collection #350) 2 hits
Papers (1863-1935) including a photocopy of an autobiography, bound book, of professional papers and articles and copy of a lecture.

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