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21.East Carolina University Campus Newspapers (University Archives #UA50-05) 2 hits
22.Expressions: The Minority Magazine of East Carolina University (University Archives #UA50-09) 2 hits
Expressions magazine includes essays, art, poetry, and previews of upcoming events relevant to minority groups on campus. Expressions defines minority as any person who feels "outside the mainstream or norm."
23.East Carolina Poetry Forum (University Archives #UA50-10) 2 hits
The East Carolina Poetry Forum contains multiple poems from writers associated with East Carolina University. Each issue features the work of 3-5 poets.
24.East Carolina Alumni Directory (University Archives #UA50-13) 2 hits
25.Tar River Poetry (University Archives #UA50-15) 2 hits
26.A Fact Book (University Archives #UA50-19) 2 hits
27.Campus Telephone Directory (University Archives #UA50-20) 2 hits
Campus directories contain listings of positions, locations, and services available to East Carolina faculty, staff, and students during the year represented. Many also include information on campus administrators, board of trustee membership, and special events on campus.
28.Pulse: East Carolina University School of Nursing (University Archives #UA50-21) 2 hits
29.Beta Kappa News (University Archives #UA50-22) 2 hits
The Beta Kappa news chronicles the accomplishment's of East Carolina's School of Business student honor society.
30.Arts and Entertainment Publications (University Archives #UA50-27) 2 hits

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