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1.Windley Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #328) 3 hits
Papers (1788-1869, 1965) Hoyle J. Windley, of Bath, NC, a teacher, postmaster, and lieutenant in the NC militia, and his children, consisting of correspondence, store accounts, receipts, promissory notes, wills, summonses, bill of sale, special events-major fire, tournaments, coronation Ball, etc.
2.Enos Harrell Papers (Manuscript Collection #46) 2 hits
Papers (1815-1866) including a promissory note, receipts, and a letter from the Freedman's Bureau relating to the payment of wages of a former slave. 8 items.
3.Sara Holt Arthur Collection (Manuscript Collection #52) 2 hits
Collection (1816-1899) including correspondence, legal papers, military papers, etc. relating to William D. Holt and his cotton sales business, local policies, railroad construction, the Farmers Alliance, private debts, his service during the Civil War, and business records.
4.Andrew B. Benedict Papers (Manuscript Collection #68) 2 hits
Papers (1821-1908, undated) including certificates, legal papers, letters, sale of personal property, disbursements by estate, teaching certificates, addresses, and statement of account (1881).
5.Sallie Lightfoot Tarleton Papers (Manuscript Collection #71) 2 hits
Papers (1861-1868) including correspondence, information on defense, wartime letters written to his future wife, assorted incidents.
6.Cornelius Hart Carlton Papers (Manuscript Collection #85) 2 hits
Papers (1801-1883) including photocopies, published article, typed copy of diary, incidents of Civil war, Carlton's views on Reconstruction period, description of execution of will in 1863-1866, music, styles of dress etc.
7.Flavel W. Foster Papers (Manuscript Collection #93) 2 hits
Papers (1752-1914) including correspondence, certificates, clippings, legal papers, scrapbook, postcard signed only "Ex Reb", passport, newspapers.
8.Della Barlow Papers (Manuscript Collection #107) 2 hits
Papers (1866-1872) consisting correspondence to suitor, romantic and personal letters, receipt, bill of scale, difficulty of making train connection, dispute between older and younger, etc.
9.Nathaniel Dunn Papers (Manuscript Collection #158) 2 hits
Papers (1855-1889) consisting of papers, letters of violated contract, contracts, daybooks, financial records and newspapers.
10.McCall-Wade Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #181) 2 hits
Papers (1860-1870s, undated) consisting of memoir, comments, physical plan, scrapbook, advertisements, newspapers clippings.

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