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1.Windley Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #328) 3 hits
Papers (1788-1869, 1965) Hoyle J. Windley, of Bath, NC, a teacher, postmaster, and lieutenant in the NC militia, and his children, consisting of correspondence, store accounts, receipts, promissory notes, wills, summonses, bill of sale, special events-major fire, tournaments, coronation Ball, etc.
2.Enos Harrell Papers (Manuscript Collection #46) 2 hits
Papers (1815-1866) including a promissory note, receipts, and a letter from the Freedman's Bureau relating to the payment of wages of a former slave. 8 items.
3.Della Barlow Papers (Manuscript Collection #107) 2 hits
Papers (1866-1872) consisting correspondence to suitor, romantic and personal letters, receipt, bill of scale, difficulty of making train connection, dispute between older and younger, etc.
4.Nathaniel Dunn Papers (Manuscript Collection #158) 2 hits
Papers (1855-1889) consisting of papers, letters of violated contract, contracts, daybooks, financial records and newspapers.
5.Abigail Brothers Stanley Memoir (Manuscript Collection #243) 2 hits
Memoir (undated) consisting of typescript memoir, economic activities.
6.Gertrude Evans Fearing Collection (Manuscript Collection #244) 2 hits
Collection (1845-1927, undated) consisting of photocopies, correspondence, financial papers, Civil War correspondence, advertisements, essays.
7.Roach Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #346) 2 hits
Papers (1728-1901) including correspondence, inventories, wills, estates, land records, legal records, slave deeds, financial records, tax receipts, poems, cipher book, account book, and miscellaneous.
8.Nelson M. Ferebee Papers (Manuscript Collection #404) 2 hits
Papers (1822 [1849]-1898) including typewritten transcript, copy, letters, sketches, grade school reports.
9.Myers Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #431) 2 hits
Papers (1978, 1846-1847) including correspondence, financial records, legal papers, newspaper clippings, published speeches, announcements, and government documents.
10.Jacob Gooding Papers (Manuscript Collection #3) 2 hits
Papers (1862-1871) of a New Bern (NC) merchant, including letters and an account of property damages.

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