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Edwards Family Papers ( #CD01-86)

Includes Luther K. Edwards Sr.’s PhD diploma in pharmacy from Southern College of Pharmacy, Kenneth Edwards Jr.’s North Carolina Board of Pharmacy certificate, and Bachelor of Science diploma in pharmacy from the University of North Carolina.

Gretchen Wait Notebook ( #CD01-68)

Gretchen Wait’s lecture notes from pharmacy class with Dr. Brown at Columbia College of Pharmacy.

Karen Corbett Collection ( #CD01-103)

This collection contains a medicinal herb mail order catalog and a direct marketing almanac. The 1933 medicinal herb catalog was published by J. E. Meyer of the Calumet Herb Co., South Holland, Illinois. The catalog describes ways to make medicine recipes from mixed and unmixed herbs ingredients. The 1934 ladies birthday alamanac was published by The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. The alamanac is an direct marketing catalo...

Edwards Family Papers and Stantonsburg Drug Company ( #LL02-57)

The collection has personal papers, photographs, awards, and letters from Luther K. Edwards Sr. and L. Kenneth Edwards Jr. The letters are primarily from Kenneth’s Louisburg College days between 1933 and 1934. Additionally, the collection has advertisements, licenses, pharmacy regulations, and a day book from the Stantonsburg Drug Company, which was owned and operated by Luther and Kenneth Edwards.

Artwork and Prints ( #CD01-79)

Artwork and prints, primarily oversized, found in Country Doctor Museum items. Includes prints from "A History of Pharmacy in Pictures," "A History of Medicine in Pictures," "Gay Philosopher" by Henry Major, "Pioneers of American Medicine" by Dean Cornwell, and other prints.

Robert A. Vauter Papers ( #CD01-67)

Papers include Vauter’s registration as an apprentice pharmacist, a magazine article about pharmacies of the past, and booklets about first aid, dosage amounts, and emergencies in jungle, desert, or arctic.

Medical Ledgers and Notebooks ( #CD01-23)

Ledgers and notebooks of patient and store accounts and medical school notes.

"History of Medicine in Pictures" Prints ( #LL02-66)

Complete 45 print series of “A History of Medicine in Pictures” produced by Parke, Davis & Company.

Nowell's Drug Store Papers ( #CD01-43)

Collection contains receipts from Nowell’s Drug Store in Wendell, North Carolina. The receipts are from ordering medicinal and general supplies between 1915 and 1937.

Laupus Library—Moldova Exchange ( #LL02-61)

Information and artifacts from the visits to Laupus Library by librarians from the Moldovan Scientific Medical Library in 2007 and by the Moldovan Minister of Health in 2008.

Newsom Jones Pittman Papers ( #CD01-53)

The collection has letters, journals, notes, and transcripts of journals that belonged to Newsom Jones Pittman.

Papers Found in Books ( #LL02-23)

Miscellaneous papers found in books in the Laupus history collection that have been cataloged.

Milton D. Quigless Papers ( #LL02-10)

The collection has papers, photographs, personal items, patient records, and oral history of Milton D. Quigless, along with drafts and related materials to his autobiography, "Looking Back: The Way It Was".

S. Wallace Hoffman Papers (Manuscript Collection #209)

Papers (1912-1969) correspondence, clippings, organization, records, printed materials, photographs and miscellaneous.

Garrenton Family Papers ( #LL02-02)

Lecture notes, business accounts, newspaper articles, military papers, and artifacts of the Garrenton Family. The Garrentons include: James Francis Garrenton (1839-1913), Cecil (1883-1935), and Connell (1910-1985). They established the Bethel Clinic near Greenville, North Carolina.