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1.Clark-Spragins Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #440) 2 hits
Papers (1766-1898, undated) including correspondence, financial records, legal papers, political reference, and miscellaneous.
2.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableJohn Herritage Bryan Papers (Manuscript Collection #147) 2 hits
Papers (1766-1869) consisting of correspondence, legal papers, land records, financial papers, reports, newspapers, and miscellaneous items.
3.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableGazette of the United States Collection (Manuscript Collection #873) 2 hits
Newspaper Issue No. LXXIX (1/13/1790) containing the announcement of the Adoption and Ratification of the Constitution of the United States by the State of North Carolina, signed in type by President George Washington, p.313-316, (4 p.) Published by John Fenno, New York. Autographed "[Moses] Ogden"

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