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Kathleen E. Stokes Papers (Manuscript Collection #947)

Stuart Wright Collection: Flannery O'Connor Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-029)

Papers of Flannery O’Connor (1962-1984, undated) documenting the life and literary career of the noted Savannah, Georgia-born American short story writer & novelist in the Southern Gothic style, consisting of a broadside entitled Higher Education [Poem] by Mary Flannery O’Connor. Palaemon Broadside No. 16 (Palaemon Press, Ltd., undated); also mimeographed, photocopied typescripts, clippings, letters, and an audio record...

James H. and Virginia Schlobin Literature of the Fantastic Collection (Manuscript Collection #1029)

Roger C. Schlobin Papers (ca. 1965-2013), including bibliographies, correspondence, clippings, contracts, computer diskettes, compact disk, drafts of published works of fiction and literary criticism, research materials, reviews and other manuscripts related to science fiction and fantasy, and to the literary career of Andre Norton.

Clio Book Club Records (Manuscript Collection #579)

Records (1937-1987) of Greenville, NC book club, including minute books, scrapbooks, and programs.

Stuart Wright Collection: Mark Strand Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-036)

Papers of Mark Strand (1968-1984, undated) documenting the life and literary career of the noted Canadian-born poet, short story writer, translator, and educator at numerous universities, including Columbia University, who served as Poet Laureate of the United States, 1990-1991; consisting of loose manuscript items transferred from the Stuart Wright Book Collection relating to publications by Mark Strand, printed materials, proofs & dus...

Gerda Nischan Papers (Manuscript Collection #1000)

The Gerda Nischan Papers contains letters (1930, 1946-1947), handwritten in German between Otto Baumann and his wife, Barbara Hock, all but one written during the time Baumann was a German soldier in a French prisoner of war camp, 1946-1947, and typescripts in English by Baumann's daughter, Gerda Nischa, including an explanation of the letters, and 7 poems inspired by the letters. In 2010 Gerda Nischan wrote a book based on the letters ...

Stuart Wright Collection: Fred Chappell Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-017)

Papers of Fred Chappell (1952-2016, undated) documenting the life and literary career of the noted Canton, North Carolina-born American educator, short story writer, novelist, and educator, whose writing focus on Southern themes, consisting of correspondence, holographs, typescripts, loose manuscript items transferred from the Stuart Wright Book Collection, photographic prints, proofs of published works, audio recordings, printed materi...

Stuart Wright Collection: Randall Jarrell Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-005)

Papers of Randall Jarrell (1913–1992 [Bulk: 1939-1966], undated) documenting the life and literary career of the noted Nashville, Tennessee-born American poet, literary critic, children’s author, essayist, novelist, and educator; including his childhood and education in Nashville, his education at Vanderbilt University, where he studied under Robert Penn Warren, Allen Tate, and John Crowe Ransom; his career of teaching English Literatur...

Joseph F. & Lala Carr Steelman Papers (Manuscript Collection #924)

Collection (1802-2008) of two East Carolina University history professors, includes their academic works, historical reviews, correspondence with various organizations of educational, historical, political, and philanthropic persuasions. Also includes family files on Steelman and Edmisten families, plus large collection of familial correspondence.

Stuart Wright Collection: Wright Morris Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-008)

Papers of Wright Morris (1950-1985, undated) documenting the life and literary career of the noted Central City, Nebraska-born American novelist, photographer, and essayist, including his correspondence with William Cole, who edited his novel Man and Boy; also uncorrected proofs of the third installment of his autobiography, A Cloak of Light: Writing My Life, photographic prints, printed materials, and ...

Stuart Wright Collection: Allen Wier Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-103)

Papers of Allen Wier (1978-1983 [Bulk: 1978]) documenting the life and career of the noted San Antonio, Texas-born American writer and creative writing educator at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, who was formerly married to the poet, Dara Wier [#1169.089], consisting of loose manuscript items relating to Wier, transferred from Stuart Wright Book Collection volumes, entitled Blanco & Things About to Disappear: A ...

Stuart Wright Collection: Lincoln Fitzell Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-051)

Papers of Lincoln Fitzell (1958) documenting the life and literary career of noted the San Francisco, California-born poet, who also worked as a longshoreman; consisting of manuscript typescripts of his literary essays, short stories, poems, and a novel The Sword and the Dragon (1958).

Stuart Wright Collection: George Core Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-002)

Papers of George Core (1960-1997 [Bulk: 1960-1983]) documenting the life and literary career of the American historian, literary critic, and editor relating to his life and career as editor of The Sewanee Review, 1973-2016, including holographs, typescripts and other manuscript materials; photographic prints; loose manuscript items transferred from the Stuart Wright Book Collection, including correspondence with Donald ...

Inglis Fletcher Papers (Manuscript Collection #21)

Papers (1883-1964) of the noted author Inglis Clark Fletcher of historical novels set during the 17th and 18th century in colonial North Carolina.

Pitt County Historical Society Papers (Manuscript Collection #294)

Records (1955, 1960-2016) of the Pitt County Historical Society (of North Carolina), including minutes, bylaws, correspondence, and clippings, photographs, financial records, programs and photographs. Also included are the records (1949-1950) of the Greenville Music Club.