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U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Miscellaneous Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-058)

Collection (1862-1994) containing correspondence, service records, photographic prints, newspapers, newsletters and clippings, scrapbook, publications, pamphlets and other miscellaneous papers relating to the American Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I and World War II; also relating to the U.S. Navy, its ships, stations, and personnel; donated by various individuals to the U. S. Naval Memorial Foundation and transferred t...

Navy Department Administration Survey (Manuscript Collection #637)

Survey (1941-1945) including correspondence, problems and recommendations, surveys, appendix with charts and lists with text, etc.

U.S. Navy B-1 Band Reunion Collection (Manuscript Collection #971)

Collection of documents (especially programs) relating to reunions of members of the first African American band in the U.S. Navy (U.S. Navy B-1 Band), which was founded during World War II. The reunions were held in 1977, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1992, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006-2008, 2012, 2013, and 2014 with the 2003 reunion being held in Greenville, North Carolina, on 16-19 October 2003. Also included are a 1981 p...

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Frank M. Frazitta Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-048)

Papers (1943-1945, 1957, 1990-1995) of USS Wiseman (DE-667) crewmember, including diaries, correspondence, notes, photographs, clippings and miscellany which document his World War II service.

U.S. Navy Department. Bureau of Ships Publications Collection (Manuscript Collection #830)

Collection (1939-1970) of handbooks and manuals relating to operation and maintenance of radar, radio, oscilloscopes and electronics navigation equipment; Polaris fleet ballistic missile weapons systems; World War II vessels, naval operations and battle damage; sonar; loran; Navy chaplains; and the Chaplain Corps in the Vietnamese Conflict.

John W. Baker Papers (Manuscript Collection #788)

Papers (1882-1954, undated [bulk 1882-1920]) of U. S. Navy surgeon, including correspondence, reports, and miscellany.

Joyce M. Shotwell Collection (Manuscript Collection #882)

Collection (ca. 1960 - 1982) of clippings, medals, certificates, citations, and photographic prints, relating to her career as a U.S. Navy medical officer on the hospital ship USS YOSEMITE (AD-19), 7/20/1980 - 8/28/1981, for which she received the Navy Commendation Medal; also her Lamesa, Texas grade school autograph book, ca. 1960

Milton P. Fields Papers (Manuscript Collection #754)

Papers [1945, 1948] including correspondence, photographs, a map, a phase chart, 2 poems, courts martial, etc.

U. S. Navy B-1 Band Group Oral History Interview (Oral History Collection #OH0213)

Interviews with members of the U. S. Navy B-1 Band, the first African-American Navy Band during World War II.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Joseph John Valinsky Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-076)

Diary (Sept. 1943-Dec. 1944) of Joseph John Valinsky, a sailor aboard the USS Monterey, kept during World War II duty in the Pacific, along with correspondence, certificates, and military service identification cards.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Jim Will Spry Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-082)

Photographs, ephemera (identification cards), correspondence, printed materials and forms, U.S. Navy uniform parts, and museum objects pertaining to U.S. Naval Reserve Radioman 3rd Class Jim Will Spry’s training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Chicago, IL and service aboard the destroyer escort USS CATES (DE-763) in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans during and after World War II.

U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Collection: Knefler McGinnis Papers (Manuscript Collection #677-068)

U.S. Navy papers (1934), consisting of photographs of record breaking U.S. Navy flight from mainland to Pearl Harbor.

William S. W. Ruschenberger Papers (Manuscript Collection #629)

Papers (1826-1887, undated) including correspondence, journals, leaflets, diaries, verse, printed material, a drawing and miscellany.

Pemberton Southard Papers (Manuscript Collection #551)

Papers (1942-1945) of a U.S. Naval officer, USNA Class of 1941, consisting of Battle of Vella Gulf battle reports (1943), a history of the USS Lang (DD-399), USS Lang action reports (Feb. 1942-April 1944), naval communiques relating to USS Lang (1942-1944), and after-action reports for the battles of Vella Gulf, Guadalcanal, Wewak, (New Guinea), Morotai, Leyte Gulf, Okinawa, Lingayen Gulf, and other Pacific Ocean operations in which the...

John Wallace Gilpin Papers (Manuscript Collection #833)

Papers (1907–2001) of Lt. Cmndr. John W. Gilpin, U.S. Navy, including materials relating to his family; attendance at the U.S. Naval Academy (Class of 1941); World War II service on the destroyers USS Monaghan, USS Trathen, and USS Evans; his postwar education, business career, and fraternal life.