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1.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableWilliam Howard Hooker Collection: H.M.S. DESPERATE Logbook (Manuscript Collection #472-002) 2 hits
Logbook, (1862 -1863) of H.M.S. Desperate headquartered in Bermuda.
2.William Howard Hooker Collection: East Indiaman THETIS Logbook (Manuscript Collection #472-003) 2 hits
Logbook (1792 - 1793) for East India cargo ship THETIS and folders of supporting evidence.
3.Ship Trafalgar Collection (Manuscript Collection #1063) 2 hits
A collection including a logbook (9/11/1854-7/11/1863) for the Ship Trafalgar, a packet ship with the City of Dublin Line, written by Captain Alfred William Harrison during its many voyages primarily between London,England, and Madras, India, and other ports of call, a handwritten letter, a Mariner's Register Ticket, and other papers describing his voyages and medical illnesses, and a carte de visite of Capt. Harrison.

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