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1.Roswell S. Ripley Paper (Manuscript Collection #49) 2 hits
Letter (1862) consisting of a report sent to Maj. J. W. Ratchford on the actions of Ripley's Brigade during the Seven Days' Battles (Peninsula Campaign).
2.James A. Hartness Papers (Manuscript Collection #81) 2 hits
Papers (1932-1933, undated) including speeches, articles, letter, drafts of articles, commentary on General "Stonewall" Jackson, Battle of Alamance, typescripts, pamphlets.
3.Felix Miller Papers (Manuscript Collection #256) 2 hits
Papers (1797-1865) consisting of xerox copies and typescript of correspondence, letters.
4.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableVictoria Louise Pendleton Memoir (Manuscript Collection #17) 2 hits
Memoir (1852-1924) of the daughter of a prominent Pitt County (NC) farmer, etc.

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